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Name: Weston
Country: United States
Re: Songwriters speech (100,475) (100,477) by Weston from United States
(Friday 17 June 2022; 17:47)
Randy, I have to agree with you It was kind of cringy to watch. She should have left the diva persona at home and kept it serious about her songwriting.
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Re: Why I want another #1 (100,348) (100,349) by Weston from United States
(Sunday 29 May 2022; 00:17)
Sooooo. A true #1 hit song by Mariah (without all of the record label politics) is one that no one sees coming. Not even her diehard fans. No one could have predicted (even Mariah herself) that "Vision of Love" was going to a #1 splash. No one could see "We Belong Together" becoming the monster hit that it became. And even though we all knew that "All I Want for Christmas is You" was her "shoulda been #1" song, no one could have foreseen the mega-success and eventual #1 chart topper it would eventually accomplished. As true Mariah Carey fans, we all know that she is a musical marvel, and if she plays her melodic & lyrical cards just right, that #1 moment will happen again. It can't be forced, though. Her #1 magic will happen when it happens.
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New album buzz (100,049) by Weston from United States
(Tuesday 29 March 2022; 17:23)
Just think, if this Big Energy remix hits the top ten on the Hot 100 (even better if it gives her the elusive 20th #1), it will create amazing and positive buzz for her upcoming studio album. If this is their marketing ploy, it just might work. She's on it this time around.
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Re: Nick Cannon (99,619) (99,620) by Weston from United States
(Thursday 3 February 2022; 22:03)
I kind of feel like he's making babies for the headlines and airtime. One word: thirsty.
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Re: Do you think Mariah has another #1 in her? (96,928) (96,935) by Weston from United States
(Monday 14 December 2020; 00:58)
Never. Ever. Count. Out. Mariah. Queen of everything.
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#1 on iTunes (96,819) by Weston from United States
(Friday 4 December 2020; 19:13)
"Oh Santa!" finally made it up to #1 on iTunes. I'm feeling a #JusticeForOhSanta moment for Mariah. Loving all of this.
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TMOMC - #1 New York Times best seller (96,020) by Weston from United States
(Thursday 8 October 2020; 11:22)
Another #1 for the Queen of Everything. I had a feeling that this would happen. So happy for her and the book.
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TMOMC sales (95,920) by Weston from United States
(Friday 2 October 2020; 17:18)
Love love loved the book (and of course now "The Rarities"), but does anyone have any insight on how TMOMC is selling? I hope that it does well. #1 New York Times Bestseller, for sure.
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Re: Showbizz 411 / Roger Friedman (95,853) (95,856) by Weston from United States
(Tuesday 29 September 2020; 16:12)
This "review" literally made me sick to my stomach. He just needs to GTFO.
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The Rarities - first week sales (95,844) by Weston from United States
(Monday 28 September 2020; 22:07)
So, how many units do we think "The Rarities" will sell in its first week? And do we think it will debut in the top ten (possibly #1) on the Billboard 200? No smash hit single on the airwaves, but Mariah and Sony have been doing a good job promoting it. Plus, the buzz surrounding her book. I'm hopeful, but I just don't want one of those #28 debut and falling quickly albums. Thoughts?
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Loverboy - Firecracker (95,449) by Weston from United States
(Wednesday 9 September 2020; 16:31)
We should start a social media campaign to get the original version of Loverboy to #1. Now that would be a big moment. #JusticeForLoverboy
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Re: JD hate (82,795) (82,797) by Weston from United States
(Wednesday 13 June 2018; 21:26)
Speaking of which, whatever happened to Dave Hall? He and Mariah made some major chart-topping jams together.
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Re: 2018 - Mariah's hit year (81,736) (81,737) by Weston from United States
(Wednesday 11 April 2018; 11:47)
Absolutely. I totally agree with you. And that's the thing, Mariah knows how to write a hit song. She's even said so herself, I believe. But you're right, it's all about timing and the right promotion. She definitely needs the TEOM marketing push for this time around. Maybe even a few degrees more.
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2018 - Mariah's hit year (81,731) by Weston from United States
(Wednesday 11 April 2018; 00:14)
Does anyone else feel like Mariah's team (and her, of course) are shooting for her 19th #1 single this year? Think of it. It's been 10 years since "Touch My Body" went to #1, and it would make huge headlines if she went to #1 this year. 19th #1 and her first in 10 years. It would be massive. If she plays her cards right (like she has been doing), she just might pull it off.
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Emancipation: Part III (80,140) by Weston from United States
(Saturday 30 December 2017; 11:52)
I think that Mimi should market her next album as her 3rd part of her Emancipation. I mean, it would be a new chapter for her career. And it would remind people of the light that shined on her in the 2005 and 2008 years of #1 success. Led by a catchy, uptempo lead single as a firestarter (ILT nostalgia), it just might work in her favor. Especially with all the great press that she has been receiving lately. NYE: Part II, we're all waiting for you.
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Great voice, wrong song (39,726) by Weston from United States
(Monday 11 November 2013; 23:12)
She sounds simply amazinh on this song. None of that "whispery" stuff that we all get so irritated about. But this sounds more like an album cut than an actual smash-hit single. This sounds like something that I would personally like on an album but not on the radio. I really hate to be negative, because I really do love this woman, but I can't help to feel a little disappointed. Boo.
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Where is my Mariah? (39,152) by Weston from United States
(Friday 30 August 2013; 22:32)
I am so ready for the new album, and I hope that the new single is something uptempo that everyone will like. Like a 2013 Fantasy-like song. I mean, she's the queen, so she should know exactly what would make her album take off. Come on, Mariah dah-ling, show us that you still got it, girl. We. Love. You.
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