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Name: Steve
Country: USA
36 year old Mariah fan- since 1990!
Re: Songwriters speech (100,530) (100,534) by Steve from USA
(Monday 20 June 2022; 15:37)
Guys. I mean she was very loose and conversational, but let's all settle down. She's not having some sort of breakdown or whatever is being insinuated in various posts. She seems completely fine and happy to me. Some of you are saying she's drunk too - is she? She doesn't seem drunk to me at all. Some of ya'll here just love to be negative. I've noticed the pessimistic slant of this particular message board for a while now. It's hard to read.
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Re: Did Mariah actually write The Roof (100,222) (100,238) by Steve from USA
(Tuesday 3 May 2022; 14:40)
Is this even a serious question or are you trolling? Even the most casual Mariah fan knows that she writes all her own lyrics, and collaborates on the music. She of course wrote The Roof, and produced it with Trackmasters. She always gives writing credits to the songs she samples, so there are other songwriters on there.
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Re: Stella would've gotten her credited (100,115) (100,125) by Steve from USA
(Sunday 10 April 2022; 23:15)
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Re: Don't Look Up (99,309) (99,310) by Steve from USA
(Tuesday 28 December 2021; 19:30)
Haha yes I saw this too. It's a shame Streep plays a ridiculous Trump-like president.
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Re: Never Forget You (99,300) (99,304) by Steve from USA
(Monday 27 December 2021; 14:55)
I don't know about all that. A straightforward ballad or two would be ok, though we aren't going to get that from Mariah. As a lamb and fan since '90, I have zero desire to see her go back and work with Walter again. The general public doesn't want her to work with him again, because they have no idea who Walter A is or that she ever stopped working with him. This persistence by some fans to see her go back and work with Walter again is really dismissive of her talent as a songwriter. She can, and has, worked with many other people and created beautiful ballads. She has no need for a Michael Bolton collaborator from the early 90s.
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Article: Mariah thinks Nick Cannon is "irresponsible and reckless" (98,486) by Steve from USA
(Tuesday 3 August 2021; 13:47)
Well will not, of course, ever hear a word from Mariah about any of this, but I can only imagine she is not too happy with it. Who would be? To have children with that many different women in the space of a year is just... messy messy messy.
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Re: Isn't it ironic (98,402) (98,420) by Steve from USA
(Thursday 22 July 2021; 14:32)
Mariah did not make it through the various rough patches in her career because she was "lucky". She has real grit, and I think it developed at a young age, when she had to live through all of her family drama, followed by her doing whatever it took to make it in the music business. All that gave her the courage to leave TM when it became too toxic to handle, and it's why she survived the Glitter era. It seems clear now that the family was trying to get some of that Mariah money (as they always are) and what better way to do that than to have Mariah committed?

I'm not sure what she was thinking with Stella, as everything about the 2015-2017 period is incredibly misguided. I think nothing about the time period was even real - Packer, all of it. It was all Stella aka Gremlin putting on a real life reality show. But I digress. Maybe Mariah is a little lucky, but that's not why she made it through all of those things. She made it because she's strong, and she's a bad bitch! And I mean that in the most complimentary way.
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Re: Justice for "Emotions" (97,496) (97,498) by Steve from USA
(Saturday 27 February 2021; 14:30)
I agree with this. Everyone should go back and relisten. This came so quickly after the debut, and they moved on so quickly to the promo for MTV Unplugged, that it sort of got lost in the shuffle. It's full of great songs and the vocals are out of this world.
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Article: Mariah Carey's fans are doing it again (94,196) by Steve from USA
(Sunday 24 May 2020; 14:56)
Jeez, I can't imagine why Lambs "hate" him, when he writes an overly snarky and needless article like this.
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Re: Happy birthday, Mariah (93,394) (93,395) by Steve from USA
(Friday 27 March 2020; 13:09)
Andrew, I just have to say this. The only comments I ever see from you are snarky and negative. I mean, it is what it is, if that's how you feel. But why post here? It makes me not even want to look at this board, because there's enough negative stuff going on in the world. Like, I do not understand the point of even visiting here when you're this critical of Mariah, pretty much to the point of seeming to not like her at all. Maybe that isn't the case but it's how you come across IMO.
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Re: Chart manipulation (90,612) (90,654) by Steve from USA
(Monday 19 August 2019; 14:08)
There's a lot that's wrong about that article, and the only single that was ever deep discounted to 49 cents was Loverboy. The author didn't even know that Rainbow wasn't released in 1998, which maybe isn't a big deal, but is indicative of sloppy research, or lack of it.
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Article: Mariah's "GTFO" single fails to chart, sell, or stream (83,963) by Steve from USA
(Sunday 23 September 2018; 16:10)
This actually isn't Mariah's "big comeback single" and they said as much right from the start. It's just a fan track, and I doubt they expected it to do much. It has, however, gotten people to talk about Mariah. Which was the intent.
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Re: My new article about "The Butterfly Returns" (83,320) (83,323) by Steve from USA
(Tuesday 7 August 2018; 16:53)
Great article. I loved reading it.
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Re: Demi Lovato is a complete idiot (83,309) (83,314) by Steve from USA
(Monday 6 August 2018; 19:58)
Wow. First off, I'm not sure why you'd post this on a Mariah message board, since it has nothing to do with her. Secondly, what an insensitive statement. I see what people are saying, that we are compassionate with celebrities like Lovato and condemn other addicts. I think we need to move wholesale toward finding ways to help all of these people, rather than move toward wholesale condemnation.
Did every addict make a choice at some point to try the drug that became their issue? Of course. Does everyone who consumes alcohol, or cocaine, or whatever, become an addict? No. Some people are wired differently than others. Some can handle it, and some become hopelessly addicted. In Demi's case, she's got several conditions going on at once - bipolar, bulimia, and the substance issues. She obviously has some deeper issues that manifest themselves in a variety of ways, but we only know what she and her PR team are sharing, and frankly that side of her life is private and none of the public's business. I went back and watched her doc on YouTube, and I think she comes across as well intentioned, and fragile at once. What I think I'm getting at is that we shouldn't be judging anyone for this type of thing, because if someone isn't an addict, then they don't know what a person like Demi, or Whitney, or any number of these high profile people are going through.
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Article: 23 of Mariah Carey's best hip-hop collaborations (67,246) by Steve from USA
(Friday 14 October 2016; 2:18)
That's almost like... all of them. Lol.
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Article: Mariah Carey "threw a laptop out the window" (65,563) by Steve from USA
(Tuesday 23 August 2016; 18:59)
I call major BS on this one, because Mariah has said many times that she loves Beyonce and they are friends. Silly.
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Article: The time I had lunch with Mariah Carey (61,998) by Steve from USA
(Wednesday 11 May 2016; 2:05)
I am guessing that "Why You Mad" is Infinity. So much for fact checking.
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Article: Mariah Carey's opening a $20million museum (58,532) by Steve from USA
(Friday 18 December 2015; 1:58)
This seems fake to me. One thing that really stands out is "a recreation of her childhood home". Mariah has said many times that they moved all around, so what home would this be? The whole article feels a bit drerogatory as well.
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Article: Did Mariah Carey lip-sync at Thanksgiving Day Parade? (58,197) by Steve from USA
(Friday 4 December 2015; 1:58)
I thought all performers lip synced at parades because of the moving floats and such, so they just play the track. It's silly that people called out Mariah when literally every performer used playback.
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Nostalgia (51,451) by Steve from USA
(Tuesday 7 April 2015; 14:43)
I became a Mariah fan almost from the very beginning. My first memory of her is the Someday video being on MTV. I think I was like 12. I was like "Who is this? She's good." Then she hit the whistle note at the end and I stopped doing whatever I'd been doing because I was in total shock. I was hooked from that point on. Like many other fans my age, the first thing I did was steal my parents' cassette of the debut, which I listened to ad nauseous. Same with Emotions. I actually recall going to the record store (yes kids that was a thing) with my mom to buy Emotions, and playing it in the car on the way home. A few years later, during the Music Box era, my parents split up, and my dad got a new, very unkind, girlfriend (they are married now and she still sucks). I had an extremely unpleasant first meeting with her, and I locked myself in my room, and lay in the dark listening to a mix tape I had made of the first 3 albums. I just kept getting up to flip the tape. If there was any question about life long fan-dom before that, it was history. Mariah music definitely helped me through that moment in my life. No song in particular, all of them.
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Edward (39,359) by Steve from USA
(Monday 30 September 2013; 2:58)
Perhaps you meant a different song when you referred to "rap collaborations a-la Babydoll". Mariah worked with Missy Elliot in writing that song, but there was no rapping on that song.
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