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Name: Terna
Country: Nigeria
Mariah Carey is my favorite artist ever. Fave Era - The Emancipation of Mimi
The Live Debut 1990 (94,640) by Terna from Nigeria
(Friday 17 July 2020; 21:09)
Just purchased the EP and I'm loving every minute of it especially Love Takes Time, there's just something about that song that takes me there. Then the surprise Vanishing performance which is a first listen for me and quite a pleasant surprise. I love the raw unedited, unpolished feel and sound this EP has - the unbalanced sound levels, with the instrumentation sometimes louder than the vocals makes it comes across as authentic and untouched.
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MC 30 every Friday (94,625) by Terna from Nigeria
(Thursday 16 July 2020; 20:14)
This is going to be interesting to see what she's got in store for the Lambs in celebration of her iconic 30 years in the industry. Wow. 30 years should be fun. I predict that a lot of unreleased tracks especially from the debut era are gonna see the light of day, but in hierarchical order starting from the debut era to present day. Songs like "Into The Light", "Here we go round again", as well as other songs like "Alive" and "Reach for the sky" have a very good chance of making it out (recall that compilation album rumor that was floating around circa 2015). However most importantly, the video for "Underneath The Stars", lol won't that be epic? Another 20 plus year old song crashing into number one and tying with The Beatles. Haha. I think Mariah has developed a taste for making older songs hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100. Lol. What a time to be a Lamb.
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The Meaning of Mariah Carey (94,520) by Terna from Nigeria
(Thursday 9 July 2020; 17:03)
I have purposefully in the past avoided reading autobiographies of Mariah, as it wasn't really her speaking but this one I most certainly would be getting. I'm glad she's telling her story, Unfiltered. September 29th, isn't that the anniversary of MOAIA?
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Re: Great documentary (94,417) (94,427) by Terna from Nigeria
(Monday 22 June 2020; 18:21)
At the Oscar's performance, the bridge is where Whitney sang Mariah's part, melodically that is, where they harmonize "But when you're blinded by your pain, can't see your way clear through the rain." Whitney's part is soprano and Mariah's tenor. She kinda ruined the blend there, I guess that's why Mariah paused. And yes for some strange reason, Mariah's microphone was lower in volume than Whitney's.
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Re: Happy 30th anniversary Mariah Carey (94,390) (94,393) by Terna from Nigeria
(Tuesday 16 June 2020; 21:34)
"I too remember my radio taping days." Tell me about [it], I had a "When You Believe “ tape I made. Haha.
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Mariah Alexa (94,392) by Terna from Nigeria
(Tuesday 16 June 2020; 21:27)
This made me chuckle .
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Re: Happy 30th anniversary Mariah Carey (94,369) (94,385) by Terna from Nigeria
(Monday 15 June 2020; 01:04)
That's so cool and yes "Alone in Love" too is one of my favorites from the [debut] and also actually the first song I heard from it when I first heard the whole album play on radio late one night. (I think a Lamb was on air that night programming her music. Lol.) I captured the moment on tape too.
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Happy 30th anniversary Mariah Carey (94,367) by Terna from Nigeria
(Friday 12 June 2020; 21:25)
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Re: Must see video (94,355) (94,366) by Terna from Nigeria
(Friday 12 June 2020; 21:23)
This is beautiful to watch, it also reminds one just how long Mariah's been in this music industry and thrived - did you see those other nominees? Lol. So 90's. One of the main reasons Mariah became so big in the United States and remained relevant was that the black community embraced her right from the beginning, and this was at a time when physical copies sold and radio airplay ruled supreme. She truly is one of the last greats. Love her.
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The songbird supreme (94,102) by Terna from Nigeria
(Friday 15 May 2020; 17:18)
"Treated me kind, sweet destiny." The first phrase we ever heard from Mariah Carey and the rest they say was history. I'm not gonna pretend and act like I experienced this song in real time when it first came out because I didn't, I was 7 then and still too young to fully grasp, but just like my all time favorite songs have in common, when the time was right, this song found me. That was the summer of 1998. I was a budding Lamb, and already knew Mariah Carey, had her "Butterfly" album and was really enjoying it then one day boom while watching MTV, and simultaneously recording favorite music videos (lol the good old VHS days), this song played and boy was I floored, such an other worldly experience. And to make it even better, "Love Takes Time" played shortly after. Haha. Been an avid fan ever since, unapologetically and held her down even when the world turned their backs on her. Much respect to you Mariah and so much more love. You are appreciated much more than you know.
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Celine Dion (93,998) by Terna from Nigeria
(Wednesday 6 May 2020; 02:09)
This wasn't just only fun to watch, but also informative on the recording process and how an album is put together. I loved the behind the scenes of the duet with Barbra Streisand, the recording of "The Reason" and the other duet with the late great Pavarotti.
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Re: Charmbracelet (93,945) (93,996) by Terna from Nigeria
(Tuesday 5 May 2020; 23:59)
Nice write up and interesting read. For me that album isn't a favorite at all. It reminds me of a time when it was hardest to be a Mariah Carey fan as she was basically washed up or burnt out so it seemed everyone had moved on from her. Smh. Except true fans. This was also the era she named her fan-base "lamb" if I recall correctly. In every sense of the word, it is indeed Mariah's weakest offering out of her whole catalogue (weak shot airy vocals, terrible rushed production, hideous song cover, and collaborations thrown together just because), but a pivotal record. This era was where she slowed down, acknowledged she had been written off and where she was at in her career, owned it and began putting in measures in order for the next era. And the rest was mind blowing history. Lol.
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Re: Your Girl should have been a single (93,626) (93,634) by Terna from Nigeria
(Tuesday 14 April 2020; 21:33)
I have a love/hate relationship with "Shake It Off". I too thought exactly the same thing. It's a kissoff song but the vocals aren't fiery enough and seem almost inverted like where she should be singing in chest voice she coos instead and vice versa, so it didn't quite match and gave it this lazy come-up. I would also fault the vocals as the reason it stalled at number two. Well that and Kanye West. Lol.
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Re: Hero (93,623) (93,633) by Terna from Nigeria
(Tuesday 14 April 2020; 21:28)
My mom hates the song and says it gives her a headache. Lol. Then again she dislikes "Through the Rain" and calls it the "Crying Song" Haha. Most of your favorites from TEOM are mine too. Wow "Joy Ride"? Who would've thought you likes that song? I love that song and those types of songs she always includes them on her albums ever since "Daydream" - I call them the "Mermaid Melodies".
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Re: Hero (93,601) (93,613) by Terna from Nigeria
(Monday 13 April 2020; 11:19)
"Your Girl" was an instant favorite of mine too from the very first listen. It kinda reminds me of Aretha Franklin's "Sparkle" but sung with more powerful vocals.
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Re: Emancipation anniversary (93,599) (93,612) by Terna from Nigeria
(Monday 13 April 2020; 11:13)
Taking it personal I can see. Lol. I hated it then, still can't stand it now, don't hate.
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Emancipation anniversary (93,594) by Terna from Nigeria
(Sunday 12 April 2020; 22:28)
In the anniversary spirit, I played the "Emancipation Of Mimi" all through (well not all through, I still skipped that crappy track 12 like I always do ) and I must say the album hasn't aged at all, 15 years later it still sounds fresh and the beats go hard, by far my most favorite Mariah Carey album. The whole universe I would say aligned for Mariah on this one. Lol. And only this era. So many records made and many more broken. Wow. Everything was spot on literally. TEOM was where Mariah forced respect with an undeniably killer album, from the industry that tried to delete her and also crossed into legendary, untouchable queen.
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Re: Hilton (93,302) (93,328) by Terna from Nigeria
(Thursday 19 March 2020; 19:08)
You give Walter too much credit for that sound. That's Mariah's signature ballad sound even when she isn't the performing artist, nor have Walter playing or producing. "Through the Rain" is a very good example (had nothing to do with Walter) and more recently "The Art of Letting Go" and "Portrait". When I heard "Last Chance" by Allure I went "this sounds like a Mariah Carey song" and what do you know I was right.
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Re: What career achievement makes you most proud? (93,067) (93,080) by Terna from Nigeria
(Friday 28 February 2020; 19:33)
For me that would be "The Emancipation Of Mimi" 2005/2006. An era I experienced in real-time, being a new Lamb sorta. The way the stars aligned for that era was mind blowing, everything was perfect, Mariah was everywhere. Getting the CD from the record store, running home to listen to it in its entirety (I used the whole weekend lol). Playing "We Belong Together" for the first time and hearing that final minute - the sudden two octave leap, the sustain to infinity, haha and finding out the song had hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100. There are no words to describe that feeling. The sense of exoneration I felt when it was confirmed TEOM was the biggest selling record of 2005, that culminated with her winning 3 Grammys. Wow. This era I hold very dear to my heart. And I will never forget that time. Ever.
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Humour (93,032) by Terna from Nigeria
(Monday 24 February 2020; 20:44)
"They've robbed me several times." Hahaha What interview was this?
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We Belong Together (92,955) by Terna from Nigeria
(Wednesday 19 February 2020; 23:39)
This song was special and looking back on the time period, even then I always felt like there were "preludes" to this song which were an indication of what was to come - songs like "You Should've Known Better" by Monica, "Burn" by Usher also a hit and "Still" by Tamia another solid song, to name a few all produced by Jermaine around 2003/2004, but that special something was missing in those songs. I guess that was what L.A Reid sensed when he sent Mariah back to Atlanta to work with Jermaine again since he was on a roll and Reid could tell he hadn't gotten the big one yet. Indeed it culminated with Mariah Carey's "We Belong Together" a massive worldwide hit - an undeniable one too. Jermaine's team undoubtedly also played a pivotal role in its top notch production, lyrical word play and how fresh it sounds even today.
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Re: To Webmaster: link is not working (92,895) (92,910) by Terna from Nigeria
(Monday 17 February 2020; 22:15)
Thanks for the link. She sounds better than she did on the Caution tour actually. It was a safe performance because we've all seen her tear up this song live many times. The best part was the end when they improvised with each other's names.
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Re: Rihanna and The Neptunes (92,846) (92,857) by Terna from Nigeria
(Friday 14 February 2020; 18:18)
Just hell no (all caps) Mariah should stay far far away from Pharrell and his dated sound. Those songs they churned out on TEOM were the wackest, weakest, sorry excuse for songs and a waste of space two other much better songs could have occupied.
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Mariah's voice (92,830) by Terna from Nigeria
(Thursday 13 February 2020; 17:37)
To be fair, she has already in a way addressed this issue in stating that she infact has nodules - a singer's Achilles heel. And this admission explains a lot as to why with every era her voice has constantly kept changing especially when she started doing live shows (1993 Music Box era I believe). Its like her voice started losing its "form" so to speak. And no she does not really slay like she used to and I know she knows that too. I would be thrilled if she hires some form of a vocal coach or and speech therapist.
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Re: Superbowl (92,748) (92,752) by Terna from Nigeria
(Thursday 6 February 2020; 22:49)
Oh yeah. I totally forgot about that performance. This was during "The Emancipation of Mimi Era" if I'm not mistaken, dressed as a cheerleader. Damn, where did time fly to? It was just yesterday. Lol. That was a moment.
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