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Name: Marissa
Country: USA
I love MC but I don't pretend that everything she does is perfect.
Article: Mariah on her fans, her feminism and #JusticeForGlitter (91,018) by Marissa from USA
(Wednesday 9 October 2019; 05:41)
I can just tell by Mariah's tone in this article that she will be spilling tea in her book. She's tired of playing nice and ready to be authentic, which is evidenced by her saying that this is a cathartic process. She may not be naming names but she's going to give her all (no pun intended) to this project. I'm so excited to buy it.
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Article: Mariah Carey is "stamping her heels" with frustration (90,073) by Marissa from USA
(Monday 24 June 2019; 19:46)
They really are trying to keep this non-story going. This article was not needed.
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Everyone from the nightmare era is suspect (89,970) by Marissa from USA
(Thursday 13 June 2019; 23:22)
Since the Daily Mail article was essentially about Mariah sexting Tanaka, I just have to say that I do not trust him or think he's innocent. I think he's a glorified sugar baby plain and simple. He was right there when she was mentally unstable and drunk and/or high just like everyone else enabling. He knew she was in a dark place but that didn't stop him from pursuing a relationship with someone who wasn't well or really in touch with reality. A strong man/a man who really loves you will not stand by and laugh and pose for pictures while you're destroying your life, acting foolish and surrounded by vultures. If anyone could find Mariah's behavior attractive from the nightmare era to want to be in a relationship long term without setting major boundaries or limits, they are either codependent or an opportunist. Just because MC kept him around doesn't mean he's healthy for her. Maybe he actually loves her now due to all the time that's passed, but in the beginning no one without an agenda and/or unhealthy self-esteem would have put up with her behavior. Yes, I know Mariah is ultimately responsible for her behavior but that doesn't mean other people are not guilty of enabling.
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Re: Article: Mariah's former assistant reveals singer has fake booty (89,878) (89,882) by Marissa from USA
(Sunday 9 June 2019; 02:21)
I think Mariah was drawn to and flattered by Stella's whole "no one f**** with my clients"/"me and my clients against the world" brand that she sold her on. She was in a very vulnerable place in her life when she met her due to the divorce and I think Stella was ushered in by Ratner, who Mariah trusted. I think Mariah felt protected by Stella's abrasive and combative behavior. She may have even lived vicariously through Stella and used her as a mouthpiece to say things she never could say without backlash (i.e. when Stella called Tommy a relic, blamed DCP for the NYE debacle, etc). It reminds me of women who fantasize about having a man who would be willing to physically fight any other man who so much as looks at her because they think a man being jealous and crazy over them is loving and cute. Little do they know that man is probably going to go upside their head next if he's that unstable and reactive with others. If someone treats everyone around them like trash, you will be next. Mariah thought Stella's ridiculous and unprofessional behavior on her behalf was cute and then Stella used that same venomous energy on Mariah with baseless lawsuits and claims. When people show you who they are, believe them. Don't think that you're so special that you'll be exempt.
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Article: Mariah's former assistant reveals singer has fake booty (89,864) by Marissa from USA
(Friday 7 June 2019; 23:00)
If Lianna thought releasing this would result in public humiliation, I think she failed. Celebrities get work done. Water is wet. Next. Thankfully, Mariah still pretty much looks like herself no matter what she's had done.
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There've been a few memes (89,466) by Marissa from USA
(Monday 6 May 2019; 04:48)
From the "there've been a few memes" comment to her admitting that her focus hadn't been in the right place for the past few years in her Genius interview, to her saying that she wasn't happy with her BBMA performance, the silver lining in all of this is that it has been nice to see Mariah show some self-awareness about her mistakes and mishaps. For the past few years I would watch performances and see her outrageous moments with the nightmare squad and would just think, "Does she genuinely believe that she is putting forward her best effort? Is this how she wants to be known?" It was so painful to watch someone make mistakes and double, triple, and quadruple down on them instead of learning from them and growing. Now it seems like she is finally starting to own her shit, and it is refreshing to watch. It sucked to see the nightmare squad go after her but it definitely gave her the kick in the behind needed to finally take responsibility for her life and poor decisions in the past and move forward as a grown woman (no matter what age she calls herself publicly ).
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Re: Mariah's memoir (89,285) (89,290) by Marissa from USA
(Wednesday 24 April 2019; 03:34)
The good thing about a memoir is the format of it might force her to go into more detail about certain things. Sure, she can pull off being vague in a 5 minute interview, but for a possibly 300+ page book, she's going to have to say something of significance and this gives me some hope lol. I'm hoping that her agreeing to write a book after almost 30 years of not doing anything that in-depth is a sign that she has accepted that she's going to have to open up more for this to be worth people's coins and attention. This isn't like Mariah's World where she could deflect the attention away from herself and have members of her entourage take the spotlight so she could remain semi-private. Memoirs are about one person, so there's nowhere to hide. I'm not expecting an abundance of jaw-dropping revelations that pinpoint and expose specific people, but I want it to be candid, personal and fresh. I also agree that she can talk about her love life without it coming across as scandalous and TMI. I really want to know what she learned, how she grew, and how she felt about her relationships, and if she doesn't want to talk about relationships (Jeter, Miguel, etc.), I think her marriages were too significant to gloss over. I think she can pull that off without having to detail every argument she's had with her lovers or other deeply personal information, so I'm not going to rule out the possibility of it being discussed yet.
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Mariah's memoir (89,278) by Marissa from USA
(Tuesday 23 April 2019; 18:57)
I was just thinking the other day that I am so excited for her memoir to come out. I'm still surprised that she's even doing this because she can be very vague and elusive about her life, so this should be interesting. I want to hear her side of the story regarding her marriage and divorce from Nick and what she learned from that relationship. I also want to know how she felt about the nightmare era and what her mindset was for her to allow herself to get tangled up into such a situation. What stories do you all either want her to tell for the first time, or what stories that she's already told are you hoping that she will expand on in the book?
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Re: Music (88,762) (88,765) by Marissa from USA
(Sunday 24 March 2019; 03:06)
My post was referring to Mariah the brand/business, not Mariah the woman. If Mariah feels that she needs to put out music to feel happy and whole, then by all means she should do it. Like someone on her said, her work in the studio is basically her biggest strength, so recording an album isn't the issue. What I was saying was that from a business return on investment perspective, unless promotion strategy or her genre radically changes where she has a fighting chance, it doesn't make sense to put out and promote albums to the mainstream until she turns 90 if they are selling less and less, charting less and less, getting less and less streams, the label doesn't take her seriously, and the music isn't even being sent to the right radio stations. Even my favorite (and the highest selling American) girl group of all time TLC retired from putting out more albums in 2017, which crushed me personally, but I respect it on a business level because it wasn't worth it anymore to keep putting out great content for it to be ignored. That's why I said previously I would like to know what Mariah's intention is when she puts out music: is it 100% a hobby with no care of its success or failure or is it still business? If it's business, it may be in her best interest to change direction, change strategy or cut her losses at some point in her life. If it's strictly for personal fulfillment then she can put out and promote albums at 98 with a gray wig and no teeth for all I care. I just don't believe that Mariah's at the point where she doesn't care at all about the business of "Mariah Carey" and neither are most lambs or there wouldn't be so many streaming, charting, image or views discussions when her albums come out if it was strictly about the sound of her music, and that's it.
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Re: Why (88,742) (88,752) by Marissa from USA
(Friday 22 March 2019; 18:17)
You, B, and jaker20 have given me a lot of food for thought on why Mariah's success seems to have a ceiling on it. I definitely agree that R&B is dead, but only if an older artist is doing it. If someone like SZA or H.E.R does R&B, people act like they practically invented the genre. If someone over 40 does it, it's seen as an older artist doing the same old shit. I know this is blasphemy to some lambs, but there is a point where Mariah needs to retire from making new music not because she doesn't make good music, but for the sake of her legacy and leaving on the highest note possible. I don't want her to be the artist that doesn't know when to say when and has to be essentially dragged out or crowded out of the industry by new artists. No matter how much lambs endlessly want new music, there's a point where it's not a good look. Especially for an artist who has seen such unfathomable success early on that there is nowhere to go but down, even on her best day. If the label is already putting her out to pasture now, it's not going to get any better as she continues to get older, has lukewarm sales, and continues to stick to R&B unless a miracle happens. I don't want to watch my favorite artist continue to put out great bodies of work and keep getting played and trivialized by the music industry. I'm sure people could argue that as long as she puts out good albums, who cares about its success, but it's just the principle of it that I want people to put some respect on her name. She's accomplished too much to be so dismissed.
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Re: Why (88,719) (88,726) by Marissa from USA
(Thursday 21 March 2019; 01:57)
I think it's confusing for a lot of fans. Mariah has so much potential and has shown it many times. I don't think fans (including myself sometimes) know the line between unrealistic expectations and having great faith in her potential. It's hard to discern if the odds are just against her and everyone needs to lighten up or if she has dropped the ball in some area (which has often been the case). The question is she not doing as well because of her age, our new musical climate, poor promotion, an unrelatable image, or the musical content just isn't what the majority of people want these days? Also, I find it embarrassing seeing lambs begging or even bullying others to make a song chart to make up for the gp's ambivalence towards her career. I want Mariah to have a successful album because she earned the attention of the general public and lambs alike, not because the same 30 lambs are calling in sick from work to stream songs and endlessly refresh videos. It's like stuffing the ballot box because you don't want your friend to get her feelings hurt if she doesn't win for class president. I think the real question is what is Mariah's intention when she puts out music? Is it just a hobby now? Does she care more about chart success or critical acclaim? Is it about having touring opportunities so she can maintain her lifestyle? I think if she was more clear about what she wants out of her efforts the lambs would be able to decide what they should do (adjust expectations or leave the fanbase). Otherwise, it's only natural to believe that an artist's main intention when putting music out is to be commercially successful, hence why every era people come up with suggestions that they think would help attain that.
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Re: The remix (88,636) (88,646) by Marissa from USA
(Saturday 16 March 2019; 17:01)
I think being "too busy" was code for "this opportunity isn't paying enough for me to make time". Cardi is very vocal about trying to make as much money as she can while she's hot because she knows it won't last forever. I think lambs have to accept that Mariah doesn't have as much pull as she used to because her music doesn't chart significantly anymore and this remix hide and go seek situation was a pretty blatant wake up call to that. There is no way I believe Missy, Kim and Cardi all mysteriously "didn't have time". It's a small verse for a remix, not filming a movie together. The money probably just wasn't enough for them compared to other opportunities they had at the time or they may not have had faith that it would chart high enough. Opportunity cost is real, whether you're dealing with a legend or not. Just my 2 cents.
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A No No video review (88,405) by Marissa from USA
(Friday 8 March 2019; 20:03)
Let's start with the positive. This is the most eye-catching video Mariah has had since '09. I liked the colors and thought the vibe of the video matched that of the song. I think this video could actually have a chance of being watched by the general public and not just the lambs. Now, onto the less than positive. I thought she could have found much better, more natural dancers. These seemed corny to me and I was uncomfortable watching them. It seemed like everyone (except Dem Kids) were just trying too hard. Like some of you, I also would have preferred a video with a storyline. Those are always (caps) her most successful videos (Honey, WBT, TMB, etc.) and I don't understand why they are never used anymore. I would have liked a storyline where she is actually telling someone off lol. As much as I like the visual effects of this video, it has nothing to do with the lyrics of the song. This was clearly an upgrade for her, but still a missed opportunity for more creativity in my opinion and I was underwhelmed.
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Re: MC's age? (88,122) (88,125) by Marissa from USA
(Wednesday 20 February 2019; 16:53)
I remember on the episode of Oprah where Pat Carey is on discussing Mariah's race that she said she was born in 1970. Unless she was instructed to lie too lol, I believe the woman who brought her into the world.
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Re: J.Lo (88,027) (88,032) by Marissa from USA
(Wednesday 13 February 2019; 21:12)
Thank you. JLo is in excellent shape, an excellent dancer, consistently puts on high-energy performances and is a hustler. She knows that singing is not her strength so shading that is pointless. She is driven, disciplined, personable and has a great work ethic and that is something that has been hit and miss in Mariah's world from 2008 on. When we point fingers at other artists there are usually three fingers pointing back at Mariah. JLo's management? Mariah let her management burn bridges, tarnish her reputation and she has a history of being unstable without good management in place. Mediocre performing songs on the charts? Mariah's last number one was over a decade ago. Flop vocals? MC's live mic feeds anyone? Yes Mariah's more vocally gifted but for years she didn't take care of it, so the point is? If we're being honest, you can't brag about inherent talent because it is God-given and you didn't do anything to get it. You can only take some credit for your work ethic because that's the result of choices you make to develop your talent. The faltering work ethic was a major contributor to Mariah's career decline and the one thing that Mariah needed is what JLo has, whether people like it or not. Our fave has had her fair share of bad vocals, management debacles and questionable work ethic so coming for other artists is like throwing stones from a glass house. Mariah's career/reputation has taken too many hits for someone of her caliber for so much shit-talking. She doesn't have to be your preferred artist but to trivialize everything she does because Mariah doesn't like her comes across as very high school mean girl-ish. They're two different artists who have different strengths and weaknesses. Let's leave it at that.
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Re: Mariah sues personal assistant (87,621) (87,632) by Marissa from USA
(Saturday 19 January 2019; 05:03)
I don't know. When I saw the words "embarrassing" and "personal activities" I immediately thought of something sexual. I don't know if that would destroy her career but it would definitely be a scandal that she is vigilantly trying to avoid thus the lawsuit. Also, we have to consider the public perception of her to determine the impact that a sex tape would have. For example, if Cardi B had a sex tape leak it would be talked about but it would technically be "on brand" since her image is usually pretty explicit and even vulgar at times. Just like how her career either wasn't affected or was boosted by the Nicki Minaj fight. It was aligned with her brand so it wasn't considered to be that deep. Mariah shows her cleavage but she still has class about her and is considered the Queen of Christmas, so I don't know if she would face the same immunity that another celebrity would if that happened to them. Same thing with her vocal scandals. Any other celebrity could sound a hot mess and it wouldn't make big news, but because the standard for Mariah was so high due to her track record, the New Years and mic feed scandals were pretty damaging to her reputation at the time. I've already prayed that whatever the evidence is that it won't be leaked so I'm going to have faith in that. She is making so much progress and I don't want anything to derail it.
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Article: Mariah Carey sues personal assistant (87,610) by Marissa from USA
(Friday 18 January 2019; 02:47)
Wow, it is so unfortunate that multiple members of Mariah's former team have tried to blackmail her. I'm pretty shocked about Lianna. I always thought she was the least problematic person on Mariah's team. She wasn't outwardly seeking attention like Stella so I guess her alleged corruption flew under my radar. I agree that this team treated everything like a reality show storyline. Sneaking videos? Who does that? What I think is happening is that people are realizing that the odds of them gaining another Mariah-level job opportunity are slim with their attitudes and mindsets, and now they want to milk her because she was the best they've ever had and no one else on Mariah's level would put up with their mess for a quarter as long. I do believe Lianna though about the things she says Stella did and said to her. I remember several Instagram posts where she would call her the "world's worst assistant" and I think I've seen a couple videos of her treating her quite unprofessionally (which she did to seemingly everyone though). Nonetheless, I can't wait until everyone from the past leaves her alone.
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Re: R. Kelly (87,502) (87,521) by Marissa from USA
(Wednesday 9 January 2019; 06:37)
Aww Special K I'm so proud of you for giving up his music. I definitely get it, the man is a musical genius and I think people were relieved that he was acquitted so they could go on listening to the music. I think there's something that happens in people's minds where they see someone never truly being held accountable and they think, "Maybe he's not that bad after all since nothing ever happens to him. I don't want to judge based on rumors" and block it out of their mind. I was never a real fan but It Seems Like You're Ready and Step in the Name of Love were in my library, but are now deleted. I wonder how Mariah feels about all of this.
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Single cover / lukewarm reception to With You (84,457) by Marissa from USA
(Saturday 6 October 2018; 20:55)
Shout out to Mariah for finally having the courage to showcase her so called "bad side" on the With You cover. It's been a long time coming and to me it's evidence that she's growing as a person. Regarding With You, I thought it would have been more appropriate as an album cut than a lead single. I don't understand why anyone would've though it was the best pick for a single. With the proper promotion, GTFO could've done much better in that position. I'm concerned though about how heated a lot of lambs are about the song. I feel like she's made a lot of strides that we had been begging for for years to clean up her emotions, mental state, image and professional life and I don't think it's a good look to go this hard on her for one of the first efforts she's made. I don't want her to see all of the angry feedback, get discouraged and regress back into her dysfunctional ways. I'm not saying pretend to love the song if you don't but I can see a person in her position looking at such venomous criticism and feeling like, why did I even try? Just keep that in mind and remember that this is one song, not the whole album.
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iHeart set (83,947) by Marissa from USA
(Sunday 23 September 2018; 03:35)
I thought she did a wonderful job and I was so excited watching her. I have no interest in over-analyzing her voice and comparing her current self with how she used to sound. Long gone are the 90s. This is a new era 28 years into her career and that includes some limitations whether we want to accept it or not. As long as she has put a sincere effort into her performance and is joyful, that is enough for me. I know she is really trying during this era.
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Image overhaul - is it working? (83,445) by Marissa from USA
(Thursday 23 August 2018; 03:57)
Do you all think the general public is perceiving Mariah more favorably post-Stella/her bipolar admission? In other words, how often are you guys having to defend Mariah to your friends, family and trolls online these days? From what I've seen the difference is noticeable. Every time I go on her Instagram the comments are predominantly nice and encouraging. I haven't heard people trashing her in everyday conversation. I just love this era. She is hardcore in the studio, ignoring Satan - oops - I mean Stella's idle threats, seems happy and grounded, and is spending a lot of time with her kids without distractions. Shoutout to her real (caps) team and everyone at Roc Nation that is actually invested in her reputation and success. Can't wait to hear the new album. She is back into music mode and is not coming to play.
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Happy for her (82,578) by Marissa from USA
(Tuesday 29 May 2018; 18:40)
I'm so happy that Mariah is finally taking responsibility for her life and letting go of the baggage of the past by selling her ring. Although this "Awakened Mariah" era is a lot less eventful, it's just nice to know that she appears to be in a great place mentally and surrounded by people who put her career and positive brand first. So many of our prayers for her have been answered. I'm just happy that she had the opportunity to turn her life around before it was too late.
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Dusty and desperate (81,914) by Marissa from USA
(Tuesday 17 April 2018; 01:08)
"I can't even know what to say." Honestly, I'm surprised it even took this long for Dusty to start lashing out. I feel bad to say it because she can't change the past but Mariah should've known better. Dusty was venomous to anyone who she felt crossed her, but Mariah appeared to believe that she would be the exception. Who knows, Dusty may have a case unfortunately. The thing is that Mariah brought the wrong woman into her boundary-less life. She probably did see Mariah nude or dangerously close but in their "sister wives" world it's likely that she stopped looking at Dusty as an employee but as a "friend" instead. I'm sure when it comes to employment laws, Mariah's arrangement for employees to be substitute friends and family members would probably have her breaking quite a few. We all know that Dusty doesn't really care about this issue, but what I find problematic is why she can't just be grateful for the life that Mariah provided for her. How many employers let you and your children live with them, ignore their fans' misery to keep you around, be late to shows to celebrate your birthday, hire your child who was not competent at her job, etc.? She's just coming across as bitter and ungrateful. She knows that she'll never get an opportunity like that again and doesn't want to accept that.
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God bless her (81,770) by Marissa from USA
(Wednesday 11 April 2018; 21:59)
I decided to check Mariah's Instagram today even though I know she's been kinda MIA lately. I open it up and the first thing I see is the People cover discussing bipolar disorder. I was so shocked that before I clicked on it I thought she was posting it to slam it as gossip or a lie and warn people not to believe it. I just couldn't imagine Mariah being willing to admit that. I'm so proud of her for telling the truth. It was very obvious for years, but I think people just wrote her off as a crazy, unreasonable diva who's always doing the most for no reason. Now so many things make more sense. I really admire her bravery to cut ties with her toxic team, get to a more stable place in life and finally reveal the truth. Hopefully this will open doors for a new blessed, prosperous chapter in her life.
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Mariah's most inspiring song (80,620) by Marissa from USA
(Thursday 25 January 2018; 03:57)
I was listening to Can't Take That Away today and felt so incredibly empowered by the lyrics in that song especially with dealing with negative energy at work. I think they are the most inspiring lyrics she's ever written. I wish that song was more commercially successful and well-known because it could truly help heal and strengthen a lot of people. What do you think is Mariah's most inspiring song?
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