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Name: Kenny
Country: Canada
Fall In Love at Christmas (98,848) by Kenny from Canada
(Friday 5 November 2021; 16:30)
Love, love, love. I was already a fan of Khalid and was super excited for this collab. Loved how their voices blend together and the gospel outro at the end was everything.
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Re: Runaway (86,031) (86,052) by Kenny from Canada
(Friday 16 November 2018; 21:32)
Edward do you have Dropbox? You can upload it there and share it with a link.
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Caution is fire (86,001) by Kenny from Canada
(Friday 16 November 2018; 07:13)
Love. Love. Love. Every. Single. Song. From the first track (GTFO) to the last (Portrait). My top 3 are Caution, Giving me Life and Portrait.
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I do (72,056) by Kenny from Canada
(Friday 3 February 2017; 14:41)
I do like the song especially the sampling of Donnell Jones's song. I grew up listening to him and it brought back memories. I even like YG on it. The only problem I have with the song is she sounds nasally and forced in some parts.
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Shelly re Annie Lennox (49,970) by Kenny from Canada
(Monday 9 February 2015; 18:04)
With all due respect, considering how Mariah has been sounding and performing lately, do you think she could sing and perform as passionately as Annie Lennox did last night? I don't know.
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Andrew (47,258) by Kenny from Canada
(Tuesday 7 October 2014; 16:54)
Get the f of this board and leave it for the the "deluded psychopaths" as you put it. That is all.
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Edward (47,024) by Kenny from Canada
(Tuesday 30 September 2014; 19:39)
You always keep me entertained with your posts. Keep them coming. For anyone to question your loyalty/fandom to Mariah either must be really new to the board or just have problems dismounting from their high horse.
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Luis from Spain (46,864) by Kenny from Canada
(Saturday 20 September 2014; 4:55)
I totally agree. She looks amazing in just a simple top and jeans. This is how she should dress all the time instead of the mermaid gowns she's so fond of.
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Speaking of favourite MC songs (46,837) by Kenny from Canada
(Thursday 18 September 2014; 22:06)
Rich Juzwiak from Gawker posted his ranking of MC's singles.
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Edward (44,871) by Kenny from Canada
(Wednesday 18 June 2014; 17:52)
"Opinions are like the anus, everybody has one." I spat out my coffee when I read this. I'm giving you a standing ovation in front of my computer.
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Elena from the Netherlands (44,810) by Kenny from Canada
(Monday 16 June 2014; 16:29)
I liked your suggestions, especially about the live acoustic/acapella videos like what she did with Love Story. You should be on her PR team. Heck, almost everyone on this board should be on her PR team.
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Anthony Basco (44,172) by Kenny from Canada
(Tuesday 27 May 2014; 21:48)
I lol-ed at your power ranger comment. Yes I hear the old Mariah too, espcially in Cry, Dedicated, Supernatural and Heavenly. I guess Mariah can't please everyone no matter what she does.
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Dem Babies in Supernatural (43,966) by Kenny from Canada
(Wednesday 21 May 2014; 19:53)
I've read a few comments saying they found them annoying. How the f* can someone hear the sweet innocent sounds of children and think of them as annoying is beyond me. Their voices made the song so much sweeter and meaningful and make my heart melt. Really people, you need take a hard long look at yourselves if you can be critical of something so pure and innocent.
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Heavenly (43,951) by Kenny from Canada
(Wednesday 21 May 2014; 15:49)
I grew up Catholic but I'm not religious and I don't even know if there is a God. But when I first listened to this song I was weeping at the end. It touched me spiritually and for a moment I let myself believe in a higher power. Only Mariah's music can let me experience moments transcendent of time and space. The words are simple yet powerful: "I just can't give up now. Come too far from where I started from. Nobody told me that the road would be easy and I don't believe He brought me this far to leave me." Absolutely amazing.
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Today show performances (43,691) by Kenny from Canada
(Friday 16 May 2014; 16:46)
Were pretty rough but I'm glad she got through them without lip synching (TMB and ABMB at least). She actually hit some of the harder parts but was kind of pitchy and I think that's because she can't hear herself over the band and the crowd. Loving the new song You Don't Know What To Do.
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PJW (43,336) by Kenny from Canada
(Thursday 8 May 2014; 5:03)
As a non-American, I disagree with some of the things you said about the global influence of the US. In terms of economy and its reputation for having poor foreign policies, you may be right. But there's no denying that the US plays a major role in influencing modern culture especially in western countries and in every aspect from food, fashion, social media, music and movies to slang/colloquialisms in the English language. Try making your argument again the next time you're posting on facebook, twitter, or instagram or watching a video on YouTube, eating a big mac at a McD's or you're at the movies watching a Disney animation or a Hollywood blockbuster, or when you put on your NY Yankees baseball hat. I agree that putting America The Beautiful on her album is a poor choice, but there's no need to go on an anti-American rant.
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Nina (43,236) by Kenny from Canada
(Friday 2 May 2014; 21:49)
You're right Nina. I loved the song on my first listen. But then again I've always been a huge MJ fan.
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Carlos Jaramillo (42,575) by Kenny from Canada
(Thursday 10 April 2014; 22:13)
Lol I honestly think people just love trolling the thumb down button. You could post the most innocent uncontroversial question and it will get at least 1 thumb down. Your post really didn't deserve to break the record for most thumb downs ever lol.
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Ryan (42,573) by Kenny from Canada
(Thursday 10 April 2014; 22:10)
Hey Ryan, Toronto here. ET is based in Toronto so I just realized that Mariah may have been in town and I not even knew it. Unless of course they flew to her. It was probably part of her international press campaign and they started with Canada because we're right next door.
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Carlos Jaramillo / Gilbert (42,566) by Kenny from Canada
(Thursday 10 April 2014; 16:04)
Wow Carlos, I think you broke the record for the most thumb downs ever. Are people thumbing you down because they disagree that this site isn't the place to link up? Or maybe people here just don't like Kik? So confusing. I will anxiously wait to see how many thumb downs I get on this post.
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Gilbert (42,510) by Kenny from Canada
(Monday 7 April 2014; 19:44)
Yah, I wonder if that's why he got so many thumb ups. Were people thumbing up his pic or his comment? Lol.
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Carlos (42,212) by Kenny from Canada
(Wednesday 19 March 2014; 3:11)
Fair enough. Someone reading your post would interpret it as you saying that you didn't like the Rainbow cover because she looked Chinese, implying that there's something wrong with the way Chinese people look, and then proceeding to mock a physical feature of Chinese people ("I can't see her eyes."). But thank you for explaining what you actually meant.
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Carlos and M (42,195) by Kenny from Canada
(Tuesday 18 March 2014; 17:18)
"Rainbow (she looks like a Chinese girl, I can't see her eyes)." That's actually a racist statement. M, I thumbed down your comment for jokes.
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Ariana (42,086) by Kenny from Canada
(Thursday 13 March 2014; 16:27)
Sorry but if I wanted to listen to someone who sounds like Mariah, I'd rather just listen to Mariah and not a wanna-be. I laugh everytime I hear a new singer being hailed as the "new" Mariah. That's what they said about Jessica Simpson and Leona Lewis - where are they now? It takes more than just an adorable face and nice singing voice to fill Mariah's shoes. Mariah's voice has power, range and soul - Ariana's has maybe one of those things.
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Carlos (42,011) by Kenny from Canada
(Thursday 6 March 2014; 21:59)
Right on. I don't have any hard feelings toward him at all. At the end of the day, we're all here for the same reason and he actually seems like a passionate lamb. So I don't want to turn this into a "pick on Issac" fest. Let's move on.
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