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Name: Geronimo
Country: USA
Missy Elliot (104,940) by Geronimo from USA
(Monday 15 January 2024; 04:18)
I'm curious: why the comparison? They're on different albums and sound nothing alike.
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This is a reply to message 104,909 by Edward from USA
(Friday 12 January 2024; 17:58)
Griot Award (104,239) by Geronimo from USA
(Sunday 26 November 2023; 22:05)
Congratulations to Mariah for the Griot [sic] Award. It is so refreshing to see her in her element. Jennifer Hudson's tribute was an event to itself as it should be.
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Fandom base (103,550) by Geronimo from USA
(Friday 22 September 2023; 17:36)
The question about straight male fans is an interesting one. The question is not essentially about what MC fans are doing with their genitalia, but, in part, how MC's "brand significance" to gay/queer consumers impacts her straight male fans who love her today like Tupac loved her in the 90s. There is an impact whether or not anyone thinks there should be an impact. Thus, the conversation elicits interest.
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This is a reply to message 103,539 by Andrew from the UK
(Tuesday 19 September 2023; 08:02)
Article: Why Mariah Carey matters (103,549) by Geronimo from USA
(Friday 22 September 2023; 17:25)
Did the article really need to be summarized with an uninformed reference to M.E. Dyson? No. The winsome article was written clearly enough for literate people in the habit of reading about certain intersections of ethnic and queer identities in the 20th and 21st centuries.
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This is a reply to message 103,545 by Andrew from the UK
(Thursday 21 September 2023; 02:38)
Emotionally stiff (103,010) by Geronimo from USA
(Friday 14 July 2023; 01:48)
I agree with you that some people got a pass while Mariah was being disparaged for formulaic and schmaltzy ballads that came off as emotionally flat. But Mariah was definitely guilty of this especially during the Emotions and Music Box era. Some of that material was very catchy, but very cliché at the same time. Some vocal performances from that time period - especially on recordings - focused on frenetic but impressive vocal gymnastics that appeal to people who prefer Hallmark card sentiments and adult contemporary/romantic comedy kitch.

Daydream is when I really started falling in love with Mariah Carey as a creative singer-songwriter. She started making more intelligent musical "choices" as a vocalist then and begin to sound more like a creative person with something other than skill and novelty to offer. In other words, the artist I thought she foreshadow it on her debut album took centerstage by the time Butterfly came out.
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This is a reply to message 102,998 by Andrew from the UK
(Wednesday 12 July 2023; 00:28)
Female singers (102,577) by Geronimo from USA
(Wednesday 19 April 2023; 00:32)
The real question is simply, "Did Tommy Mottola make you think you liked Mariah Carey, or did he make sure you had a chance to discover if you liked Mariah Carey during her vocal rather than artistic prime?"

If we only describe Mariah's success in terms of record sales, then, yes, Tommy's relationship to her success remains a valid topic for conversation. But if you base your understanding of her success on the long and difficult process of transforming her raw talent and creative drive into a form that true fans have loved to experience for the 35 years, then you have to give credit where credit is due.
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This is a reply to message 102,575 by Bill from the UK
(Tuesday 18 April 2023; 20:19)
New picture (102,167) by Geronimo from USA
(Wednesday 1 February 2023; 22:06)
Since she is an American woman over 50 years old who also takes medications with well-known complications, the dynamics of her body weight are not interesting from my point of view.
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This is a reply to message 102,164 by Randy from USA
(Wednesday 1 February 2023; 02:11)
MC's sexiest video (101,966) by Geronimo from USA
(Tuesday 27 December 2022; 14:41)
My All is sexy but I think The Roof is sexier.
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This is a reply to message 101,965 by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Tuesday 27 December 2022; 13:58)
Why repeat and highlight the painfully obvious? (101,861) by Geronimo from USA
(Saturday 17 December 2022; 00:29)
We can all see Mariah Carey is not in a good place. I'd greatly appreciate a thoughtful explanation of the intended function of serializing goats' and lambs' riveting forensic takes on the tragic "farce" of it all ad nauseam when no one knows enough to shed light on what is actually happening with Mariah Carey.
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Re: Full of grace (101,446) (101,454) by Geronimo from USA
(Saturday 15 October 2022; 03:09)
I'm not sure if this is quite accurate, Terna. In the first minute of this song I think her anxiety and insecurity shows through her neurotic melodic phrasing. None of the phrases that she sings in the first minute have an intelligent melodic ending that gives her interpretation of the lines any character or definition. There's a lot of unnecessary and noncommittal melisma that she would probably avoid were she's not so anxious. There is a kind of hackneyed parallelism to the last word of each sentence that gets really annoying and you can tell she's making these decisions at the last minute when there's nowhere else to go vocally. This has always bothering me about some of her performances during that period.
I think with some of the resonance that she used to have - that smooth, buttery and broad vibrato - having vanished into thin air, she just tatters the end of each sentence with a bunch of unnecessary predictable filagree. I think the transition to "somewhere over the rainbow" is quite unique and I think it works really well. But, I also think she planned it in advance - which, of course, is a good thing. Overall, though, I like the texture and flexibility of her voice in this performance, but her judgment about vocal silence and motion is off and completely makes me anxious while watching this performance.
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This is a reply to message 101,446 by Terna from Nigeria
(Thursday 13 October 2022; 20:34)
Re: Just a thought, let's be kind (101,400) (101,405) by Geronimo from USA
(Wednesday 5 October 2022; 13:15)
What a great post. Thank you for this. It is quite mystifying that people over the age of nine need to hear such a simple, common sense message - especially the delusional "no, we just want Mariah to be her best self" crowd who think we don't know the difference between encouragement, nostalgia, and abuse. I agree with you 100%. Let's all do unto Mariah Carey according to what we would want our own supporters to do us - especially on public message-boards.
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Re: Nicki Minaj thanked Mariah (101,091) (101,094) by Geronimo from USA
(Monday 29 August 2022; 19:36)
I don't think your messages sounds negative at all. You're just having a conversation. You do sound a little paranoid to me framing your comments in this way, though. But anyway, I would love to know how you thought that beef was Maria's fault. I don't recall getting much information one way or the other.
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Re: If it was Whitney? (101,070) (101,082) by Geronimo from USA
(Monday 29 August 2022; 03:29)
You expressed my sentiments exactly except on one point - what exactly is it that you're calling experimental R&B? I love R&B and I would love to hear Mariah Carey experiment. I don't feel like I've heard the latter from her.
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Re: Negativity (101,075) (101,080) by Geronimo from USA
(Monday 29 August 2022; 03:26)
Very well said. I completely agree with you about Christmas. I get that she needs to focus on money because, depending on your lifestyle and your location and your other responsibilities, that simply is how life is.

There are some other nuanced things I would like to say about her overall well-being and aesthetic as a maturing lady lately, but I'm gonna wait until I can find the right words because doing so in a sloppy way will simply add to the brutish negativity that needs to disappear.
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Re: Nick Cannon (101,058) (101,059) by Geronimo from USA
(Friday 26 August 2022; 22:55)
Going on and on about Nick Cannon's reproductive habits on Mariah's fan page is weird. How in the world is a black man's family life any of your business to the extent that you need to go on and on about what you imagine his psychological profile must be? It's weird that you don't feel weird doing that.

Having said that, yes. I wish I didn't have to read about his behavior or his thoughts anywhere because what I do know is more than what I would like to know. But my goodness, can we not just look away and whistle - at least out of respect for... oh, yes of course, Mariah Carey?
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Re: Article: Mariah Carey wants to trademark "Queen of Christmas" (101,009) (101,019) by Geronimo from USA
(Tuesday 23 August 2022; 03:04)
Your comments make no sense in reference to a world famous and iconic artist over 30 years in the pop culture business. This whiney exercise in gratuitous negativity is beyond tiresome at this point.
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Re: Collaborations (100,445) (100,447) by Geronimo from USA
(Wednesday 15 June 2022; 02:12)
I agree and disagree with you. Her voice was not in great shape when she recorded Caution. I believe that she has said so herself. But, I don't think the heart and soul of her artistry is reducible to either 1) the current state of her instrument as such or 2) a never-ending balancing act between the preferences of former fans who won't go away but pine for the sounds she made a quarter of a century ago combined, somehow, with whatever is left of she would like to pursue in this actual millennia. I think she should completely ignore everyone's expectations at this point. If a fan in 2022 literally does not want Mariah Carey to do Mariah Carey without any external influence other than what she chooses, then it is not quite clear to me what it means to respect an actual artist. Let us not forget that some fans still think the hip-hop elements from the very beginning of her career are merely race-baiting marketing ploys on her part while our Long Island girl is somehow most truly the grown woman in pigtails running through fields of flowers in cut-off denim shorts. For real. I get the feeling a lot of Mariah Carey fans only appreciate her to the extent that her star shines in someone else's sky and lends her light to retail consumers who want to be vindicated through Mariah Carey's good press in the eyes their own peers. That strikes me as an odd way to be a fan of an artist who's been in the game since the presidency of George H. W Bush. That kind of fan/artist relationship, as far as I can see, is a commodity as fetish relationship that doesn't quite do justice to the kind of artist Mariah Carey has always been becoming. Obviously, Mariah Carey wants to do business. But at this point in her career, it simply makes no sense to try to please anyone but her own creative urges. I'm always going to be down for her-doing-her much more than Mariah straddling the fence on every other track in the hopes that fans of Hero, Always be my Baby, and Forever will grant her enough forbearance to stop painting by numbers. I mean, think about it: if Mariah Carey said, once and for all, "screw it all, I am simply going to make the album that I want to hear," do you think you'd love it and look forward to more, or hate and it and hope a woman in her 50s reverts to being preoccupied with market trends and Billboard stats in the fourth decade of an already world historical career? That how I see it.
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Re: Collaborations (100,438) (100,442) by Geronimo from USA
(Monday 13 June 2022; 23:52)
I completely agree with you. There are a lot of negative neurotic fans who just use "love" for Mariah Carey as an excuse to draw attention to themselves when no one would be paying much attention to them otherwise.

This is the third decade of an entirely new century and there are clowns out there who still believe the 1990s were Mariah Carey's creative peak when, in fact, she was literally just a few years into her 20s and full-time career in general. I am glad she had those early commercial successes, though.

I can acknowledge that being a 21 year old hit maker from a poor and dysfunctional family in sexist America was a dream come true. At the same time, however, those platinum years have become an albatross around the neck of a woman talented enough to be just barely coming into a mature artistic creativity right about now.

Albums like Butterfly, Rainbow, Charmbracelet, Emancipation, and Caution - not to mention utterly unique recordings like the Daydream Interlude and the entire tradition of remixes she introduced - have really brilliant material on them. On every album, her highlights definitely outshine the lesser cuts.

I know it sounds judgmental but it's true. Not everyone has good taste and not all of Mariah Carey's musical choices were her best judgment. There is simply something immature and shallow about fans - almost 30 years late - seriously pining for while being actively disappointed over the ending of the days when Mariah Carey's voice was a technical freak of nature while her lyrical content too often could have been produced by a precocious six grader, and the music itself too often suitable for sexually frustrated soccer moms and their mall-rat kids vacillating between Precious Moments and Christina Aguilera.
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Re: The dress bit (100,087) (100,103) by Geronimo from USA
(Thursday 7 April 2022; 00:22)
You're totally right about a desert full of newbies at the Grammy awards. At the same time, though, I thought it was a combination of clever and cute that two artists I know nothing about and care even less about found Mariah and Whitney's super corny skit interesting enough to emulate. Back in the day I thought that was a pointless demonstration of Mariah Carey's lack of acting shops in addition to a rare lapse in comedic insight on her part. I find it interesting, though, that something I believed was best forgotten actually represents a "cultural moment" to commercial machine artists today.
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Re: Tommy the racist (99,764) (99,765) by Geronimo from USA
(Wednesday 23 February 2022; 18:54)
No harm done. I research and teach the stuff so I know how badly the United States school system has prepared students to know our own social history. Not that I'm assuming you are from the United States.

Tommy Mottola is definitely a classic US American record industry exploiter. I can't speak to his personal feelings or intentions - which are irrelevant. It's simply the role he positioned himself to play and proceeded to play to the tune of millions of bucks. Anybody seeking to get rich and famous with these major record labels plays one role or another in a race-aesthetic vaudeville circus. But I'm sure Tommy gets along just fine with a certain type of ethnic artist under ideal circum$tance$.
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Re: Tommy the racist (99,758) (99,763) by Geronimo from USA
(Wednesday 23 February 2022; 01:52)
Wow, Bill. I get the sense that you didn't mean to but you just offered a great example of how capitalism, sexism, class, and racism informed Mattola's approach to Mariah Carey's early career and continues to shape how many of the "nostalgic ones" still yearn for her most marketable years. Impressive.

Personally, I wouldn't argue whether or not doing so makes him a racist. It's obvious enough to those who know and futile for those who don't want to know.

Still, understanding racism, accommodating racism, enriching yourself from cultural racism, enriching your company and your multi ethnic spouse through your expertise in managing impressions about racial aesthetics - that's as Amerikan as apple pie.

The reference to shining shoes is undoubtedly a US American racial slur tied directly to the history of shoe shining, personal service, zoning and other laws, and social customs in the U.S. that restricted African-Americans to menial labor. Most people, including United States citizens, are not steeped in the cultural heritage of the time from which that racial slur originates so I say the above without any intention to shame. Still, a lot of people (from my country) understand that it is is a racist term but pretend not to know under the assumption that the racist origin of the slur cannot be proven.

But any white man of Mottola's generation in the United States of Italian heritage who says that about a black man who is not a shoe shiner is without a doubt attempting to assert their purported racist superiority according to the state of racism in the United States as it existed when a wave of Italian immigrants entered the US and displaced African-American shoe-shining, barbering, and catering businesses in major US cities in the 19th century.

Whether or not the shoe fits, Tommy is wearing it.
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Great singers are a dime a dozen (99,385) by Geronimo from USA
(Thursday 6 January 2022; 20:56)
I remember Mariah once saying something in an interview suggesting that she knows that there are women who mop floors for a living who could sing her under the table without breaking a sweat.

Ever since I've been thinking about the difference between great singers - which are clearly a dime a dozen according to those of us who have spent a significant number of Sundays in a Protestant worship service in the United States - and singers whose voices actually make a difference. Mariah Carey in her heyday was a limited singer on a few levels when compared with the vocalists who inspired her, such as the Clark Sisters, for example. But she had and continues to have a voice that actually matters - a voice that stands out from the vast majority of great singers anybody will ever hear because of her uncanny identity with the unique aspects of her instrument and its more subtle capabilities.
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Article: Mariah Carey renounces "queen of Christmas" title (99,220) by Geronimo from USA
(Sunday 19 December 2021; 17:30)
We will credit Mariah Carey's act of venerating the Holy Virgin as penance for the sin of endorsing McDonald's. Go now in peace and sin no more.
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McNasty (98,929) by Geronimo from USA
(Friday 12 November 2021; 02:52)
I just realized that I have never been proud of any of Mariah's endorsement choices after Fresh Air Fund and "Camp Mariah". I think she recently said something supportive that I agreed with about a football player who only got famous when some white guys with money to waste refused to keep paying him to throw their ball to other grown men in public. If that counted as an endorsement then I guess I support that endorsement too, in the most generic way possible.

Mariah's a great pop artist and that is all anyone has the right to expect from her (within reason, of course). I'm always gonna be a fan of her singing and songwriting but the truth is that her endorsement choices are typically trashy and reflect that which is not terribly polite to mention.

I wish I didn't read the entire article containing Mariah saying words about McDonald's toxic garbage. I was actually surprised to hear her admit (whether it is true or not) feeding fast food to her children. I'm not going to judge her personally for doing that, just as I wouldn't stand in judgment of poor people trapped in food deserts. But it is a problem that decent food has become so precarious for working people that what should be a rare treat for little league and junior high athletes after winning a rigorous athletic competition is now a daily feature in the diets of workers and their families around the world. I don't expect Mariah Carey to become Michelle Obama on the issue of food versus chemical trash. But I wish I didn't see her slinging that shit on the proverbial corner either.

It's unfair to say that Mariah is making things worse by endorsing McDonald's. But she is dipping pretty low by commercializing Christmas in this cheap kind of way. The meaning of Christmas has always been obscured by commercialization, superstition, sentimentality, and gluttony. I've tried to be a good sport about Mariah's contribution to Christmas as a commodity. Still, when I consider Mariah's background and the choices that she is making around money today I cannot say that she is being untrue to her roots. But roots are typically best left underground for a reason.
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New Christmas song (98,874) by Geronimo from USA
(Sunday 7 November 2021; 18:55)
I enjoy this song far more than "Oh Santa" and less than "Miss You Most". I do love the texture of her voice on this recording and I'm glad she settles into a groove and avoids somersaulting all over the bass and treble clefs. It's beyond me how someone can say this song lacks form, though. I felt the form could have been a bit more complex in the first half of the song but, at the same time, I really love Mariah's voice nowadays when she's singing a well contained melody. For me, the form is so obvious it borders on trite but, alas we are all differently abled when it comes to discerning structure. But, as always, I could have lived forever without any of the visuals and without any audio from brother Franklin - but that's just me.
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