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Name: Mara
Country: United States
I'm a Mariah fan since the debut. Been through her entire career with her and may not always agree with every single thing she does, But i will always come to her defense when she gets attacked for being misunderstood. I am not a blind fan and relate Mariah to a sister who I would tell in a minute if something seems wrong or something of that nature. I come to this board to discuss her with people who I feel are true fans and yes, some don't always praise her to the heavens every single moment but we all are here for the same reason and we do adore her.
Re: Mariah - new label (98,900) (98,906) by Mara from United States
(Wednesday 10 November 2021; 16:00)
While the thoughts of a possible gospel album in the works does excite me, I can't help but feel that I wish it were done during the time her voice was more "full". Preferably when Big Jim was still with us. Something during the ATYNAF or JTTW recordings would have been an amazing gospel sounding album or even during the time of FLAB. Maybe the choir in the back is what she is going for now but I honestly wish it were a jazz album at this point or at least a mix. Her voice is like velvet and absolutely perfect for jazz and actually always was. The was she freestyles jazz is unlike any other artist out. Not to mention she could really rock that retro 1940's classic look so well. But who knows, I don't want to jump the gun but still wishing for that jazz album over here.
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Facebook post of "The Distance" lyric video (98,827) by Mara from United States
(Wednesday 3 November 2021; 13:58)
OK, I'm going out on a limb here but we just mentioned Tanaka and wondered where he has been and randomly Mariah posted a lyric video to "The Distance" off Caution that was written about Tanaka. OK MC very out of the blue but so you. If you are trying to send us a message that all is well with Tanaka, message received, lol. That makes me happy. I think Mariah and Brian make a nice couple and he seems to have a great connection to Roc and Roe. I will never forget how he was there for her during that nightmare time and protected her on the remainder of the Lionel Ritchie tour away from Stealella. It was wonderful seeing just Brian and the kids in her entourage during the final leg of that tour while the snake was in LA and then the official word was out that she was no longer with her. Who knows, maybe I'm just reading too much into it, but her or her people have been known to visit this message board in the past. Anyhow, love you MC. Wish we had some Beacon shows but hopefully next year. Cannot wait for Fall In Love At Christmas to be released and to hear the ending, along with the new special. Maybe her next original Christmas song can be "Christmas In New York" which will forever be a moment I won't forget-witnessing her create such a beautiful improv song live on stage at the Beacon.
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Re: Tanaka? (98,815) (98,816) by Mara from United States
(Monday 1 November 2021; 21:15)
I was sadly thinking the same thing. Not too sure what's going on with him, but he has zero online activity at all. Nothing on his personal pages or dance ones. At least that I have seen. I know he was working on some project and was making posts about something for a while, then it was ghosted. Someone said he was seen working along MC for an upcoming Apple special?
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Re: Mariah? (98,779) (98,781) by Mara from United States
(Wednesday 20 October 2021; 13:33)
Agree Sheez, plus she's the epitome of ageless beauty. She looks stunning in the video and like it or not, this is the new way of the world today. My son is actually going to take advantage of her code.
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Re: Mariah? (98,775) (98,780) by Mara from United States
(Wednesday 20 October 2021; 05:48)
I hate to say but I kinda agree. I’ve been waiting to hear something from M for a while now and this is what we get? Well, glad to see her at least.
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Re: Twitter Spaces (98,439) (98,440) by Mara from United States
(Sunday 25 July 2021; 21:54)
Thanks Shezz. Maybe one day it will circulate.
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Re: Twitter Spaces (98,436) (98,437) by Mara from United States
(Sunday 25 July 2021; 07:33)
Still and forever will be wishing for her version of "Where Are You Christmas".
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Re: Wedding song (98,166) (98,184) by Mara from United States
(Tuesday 15 June 2021; 23:42)
If I could go back, I would have picked Lead The Way as mine. Mariah's version of "You and I" is another song fit for a wedding and you can't go wrong with the classic "Vision of Love".
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Mariah and George Michael (98,165) by Mara from United States
(Monday 14 June 2021; 02:14)
So I was going through some George and Mariah songs on YouTube searching for rare ones from both of them, and came across a mix of "One More Try" like a duet of their vocals mixed and it was my dream come true for me wishing all my life that they had done a duet/collaboration together. Whoever did it, did a great job. From there I came across a mix of Cry Baby and Careless Whisper - those two songs amazingly work really well together and are worth checking out too, especially the end add libs to Cry Baby mixed with George and the end of Careless Whisper. I only wish I could get someone who is talented in that area to finally mix both their versions if "You and I" since they both covered that song beautifully and make one complete song like MC on the first verse and GM on the second. I don't know who I can ask to do that, but maybe start with the ones who mixed OMT. I know their voices would sound so good on that song mixed together. Mariah being the huge George fan that she is, needs to hear those mixes on YouTube though.
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Re: Undeniable MC (98,163) (98,164) by Mara from United States
(Monday 14 June 2021; 02:02)
While I get what your friends say, I have to admit that that sound is the sound I totally live for. There is something so magical about the sound of Mariah's whistle tone and she def seemed to put it more on the back burner for Caution and used it more sparingly. I think the way she uses the whistles in Somewhat Loved is what I love. That second verse where she says "Sprung out of control" sounds so good. I played the song on repeat in my earbuds on a walk the other day and it gave me that pumped up Triumphant vibe making me motivated to get moving. There is no doubt this is a full on Mariah style vocal arrangement and I'm here for it. I'm just glad she has a new song to turn up and listen to in the summer months. I'm just having fun with it for now and can't wait for more new MC material.
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Re: Tours and shows (98,110) (98,121) by Mara from United States
(Wednesday 9 June 2021; 18:15)
I agree with you Nikki! I went to the Atlantic City Caution show and the Bethlehem show which was the last. Atlantic City was just amazing. The energy, the whole vibe. So much fun and with the Glitter moments. It really was a great tour. I saw MC on her Charmbracelet tour which was the first time I saw her live and that was another unforgettable show and when she came out on stage for the first time in that silver two piece ensemble, I mean - if looks could kill-the audience would have all been dead. Add in the voice. I’m sure you know. I saw the Adventures of MiMi, Angels Advocate, Christmas shows at Beacon (more magical shows, especially the first two years ) and the Madison Square Garden show and Caution. Caution was def one of the most exciting and fun vibe. I loved the black dress that lit up with the pink caution color, the guitar player for My All was a stand out on that tour. I loved how she composed that, she did Portrait and broke down at the AC show which was a moment, and ATYNAF. Her closing in the Bethlehem show was beautiful with how she did Hero in that beautiful pink ball gown and the Tanaka came out with flowers for her on stage as it was her last of Caution. Ugh, this talk makes me miss Mariah on the road. Hoping 2022 brings more live shows and the return of Mariah!
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Happy Anniversary Mariah (97,704) by Mara from United States
(Sunday 28 March 2021; 04:49)
Thank you for being in my life since I'm 15 years old. You have no idea how many times you have helped me through points in my life without ever knowing. Thank you for always being my style inspiration drom the Levi's to black bodysuits to the curls and jewlery. Mostly, thank you for your immense talent, your songwriting skills, harmonies, vocal layers, whistles, just everything. We love you MC. Hope today was all you wanted it to be and more.
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Foo Fighters (97,546) by Mara from United States
(Friday 5 March 2021; 04:04)
I don't know if anyone saw James Cordon with the Foo Fighters being interviewed. James was interviewing the band and said to Pat Smear that he didn't know they had something in common. Pat said his favorite person to listen to is Mariah Carey and his favorite album is Butterfly all the way. Made me think how cool it would be to have Mariah do something with them for her Chick album if it sees the light of day. I still am praying we get to hear it, especially with her vocals on lead. Hearing them talk about Mariah and thinking how she recorded the Alternative album around the height of Nirvana makes it a collaboration made in heaven. Not to mention Dave Grohl.
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Re: Languishing (97,519) (97,534) by Mara from United States
(Wednesday 3 March 2021; 06:27)
Andrew it's so funny you brought up the Oprah interview in 99 with Pat. When Pat speaks like a protective mother over her children, you can see Mariah's face as you said just like a child who just needs a hug from her mother, and just looked so different listening to her mom talk like she was being protective. Being 25% Irish myself, I had an Irish grandmother and aunt who were not overly affectionate and they could came off as cold, very much like Pat. Not saying everyone Irish is. I was literally going to post about that along with her Thanksgiving special on NBC where Pat and Mariah were on the steps and Pat was talking about Mariah and her voice. Even though Mariah was still quite young here, you can clearly see that when Pat speaks like a mother speaks about their child, Mariah transforms into this child who really looks like she is enjoying this validation that her mother does care about her. Everytime Pat is interviewed in front of Mariah, you can see how she becomes this vulnerable little girl. She really does look like she just craves that love from her mother. I do hope they can resolve some things before it's too late. Languishing could still be about Pat despite her singing on the second Christmas album and being around her, whatnot. It may have been a constant struggle for Mariah and it seems it truly was.
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Re: Mariah and Cardi interview (97,474) (97,483) by Mara from United States
(Thursday 25 February 2021; 09:16)
Agree Myles, not to mention, what an opener to the live Caution Tour shows ANN was. It was something to see with the into and her haunting whistle note before leading into the pulsing drums amd lights behind the curtain with ANN. I loved it! Saw the Caution Tour twice luckily, once in AC and then her closing show in Bethlehem, PA and I think ANN was a fitting opening for the shows. Maybe not a Billboard #1 but certainly a hot track.
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Re: My ranking of Mariah's albums (97,469) (97,482) by Mara from United States
(Thursday 25 February 2021; 09:06)
Tj, I was the same age as you when MB came out. I have the same carefree feelings. Oh how I wish things were as simple as those days. I remember almost singing Hero or Without You in my HS Chorus class concert and then getting bronchitis the weeek of the show. It was devastating. Then my rival got to do a solo of Save The Best For Last by Vanessa Williams in my place.
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Re: Languishing Interlude (97,461) (97,481) by Mara from United States
(Thursday 25 February 2021; 08:34)
I agree Shezz. After reading The Art Of Letting Go was penned with Pat in mind, Languishing could be about her too, or perhaps she was already having some issues with Nick and it was a cry out to him, as she has gone on record saying that MIAM was a continuation to Memiors. Mariah is such a deep complex person that just when we think we know where her head could be at, she throws us.
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Re: Last Night a DJ Saved My Life - songs about Derek (97,396) (97,415) by Mara from United States
(Friday 19 February 2021; 22:56)
That would make sense but I do think I remember during the Rainbow era that After Tonight was about Luis and how she was nervous to have that moment with him after having her heart broken before. Even a possible duet was recorded but it didn’t mesh too well with their voices and singing styles. If memory serves me correctly.
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Re: Charmbracelet era (97,357) (97,376) by Mara from United States
(Monday 15 February 2021; 20:06)
I totally 100% agree. Charmbracelet was the first tour I was able to see Mariah perform live during and the live vocals made all the CB songs sound so much better. I believe it was during a time when there were reports that Mariah recorded them in the whisper register to make it easier to perform them live and boy did she succeed. The live versions were so much better. My dream to this day is to hear Through The Rain recorded in full voice. Either way it's so beautiful but I'd love a real recording of it in full vocals.

Side note though, the Valentine's special of WBT and her look was so beyond amazing. The whole thing worked and was so organic and just "different" for Mariah. It's almost like she is setting us up for something. The dark hair, the all black. I loved everything. Her arrangement of the song with the vocals were so fresh and once again I wouldn't be surprised if other artists follow in her footsteps and revisit their past hits and re-do them so to speak. Is it me or did she look so relaxed youthful with her moves and singing style. I loved it. Everything about it. I also loved the snippet on her cookie promo of "My Funny Valentine". I will forever be an advocate for an all Jazz MC album. I really wish she would consider doing one.
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Alternate Mariah (95,836) by Mara from United States
(Monday 28 September 2020; 16:46)
My mind is still completely blown. I can't believe all this time Mariah has recorded an alternate/grunge album and kept that a secret 25 years ago. All while "being Mariah Carey" in the day recording Daydream, and then really letting it out with Chick. I do remember her expressing she was a fan of Hole and was with Courtney Love in a few pictures. It's insane to me because I have always loved Alt/rock and grunge being a Nirvana and Soundgarden fan as well as Hole and Veruca Salt, as well as Mariah and George Michael being my first love. To know that Mariah had this secret makes it all the more mind blowing. It also makes me a bit sad as she was a 24/25 year old young girl who lived through the grunge years too and as a person who appreciates music prob liked the girl grunge groups like Hole and how their anger was able to be expressed. All along she was married to the head of Sony an older man and felt trapped. She knew she had to be "Mariah Carey" and could never be one of those girls. She was so polished and branded already. Not that she would be taken seriously singing alt rock either at that time. It wasn't "cool" for their audience to like MC. It really puts the song "Looking In" into a whole new perspective. "She dreams of all, that she could never be" and "They'll never know the real me". Very poignant in retrospect to her secret. I would give my all to hear her lead vocals on the whole album and especially the song Demented. Makes you really wonder what else she has in that vault.
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Re: OHOMO (95,657) (95,660) by Mara from United States
(Saturday 19 September 2020; 23:18)
Perfectly said Musti.
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Re: Out Here On My Own (95,639) (95,655) by Mara from United States
(Saturday 19 September 2020; 20:24)
That's exactly it Carlos. It's something about those vocals and it being mixed in with how long she has been in my life and listening to this woman's beautiful voice throughout everything since 1990, therefore being the backtrack to everything in my life. So many memories can be put to an album release or a new number one lead single. It's so amazing seeing these younger fans now saying how they wished they had lived through Mariah's height of popularity and watch her career from day one, and to realize, that I did live through it all with her. So I think you are absolutely correct with what you said. All of that mixed together made me so incredibly emotional and cry listening to that song. It moved me to hear "new vocals" from those days come back to current day.
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Out Here On My Own (95,617) by Mara from United States
(Friday 18 September 2020; 17:48)
I was brought to tears hearing that lush full tone in her voice. Her delivery was amazing and I can't believe she kept this hidden for 20 years. I can't tell you what it did for me to hear new vocals from Mariah from years ago. I got the same excitement and chills I always had every fall from her amazing album releases. She shines on songs and lyrics like these. Mariah and just a piano is always my favorite. She definitely did Irene Cara justice. Incredibly sad song but astonishingly beautiful and quite simply so Mariah at the same time. I would love to see her get award recognition for this album too if it was allowed.
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Icon (89,429) by Mara from United States
(Thursday 2 May 2019; 17:51)
So proud of Mariah right now. I cried and felt like she was talking directly to me. Yeah her voice cracked a little on the beginning of Emotions, but I feel it was totally forgivable and showed she is human and her vocals were live. We all know how nervous she gets at those shows. Her speech was one of the best I have ever heard. Right up there with her last artist of the decade speech. And how amazing was it seeing Monroe so proud of her beautiful mom on stage. Roc and his MJ aviators and the little thing he did with his mothers high whistles in Emotions. So memorable and a "moment" as MC would say. My friends were all texting me how good she did and her speech was everything and how the speech was for "me". Well, not really but the dedication she put in for her true fans/lambs since day one who have been there through all the ups and down throughout her career, sure made it feel like it was for me and each and every one of us who was on that ride with her and never turned our back. She looked beautiful too, her hair, makeup, dress. You could tell she worked hard to look good for that crowd she doesn't really associate with. Anyhow, beautiful moment for Miss Mariah, and the fans and of course her children. She literally is a walking legend and those are the people that should be acknowledged while they are here.
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Re: Mariah's memoir (89,278) (89,292) by Mara from United States
(Wednesday 24 April 2019; 06:37)
Great question for discussion Marissa. I want her to go into the earlier years. The years that formed Mariah Carey the songwriter that wrote Close My Eyes, songs like The Wind as well. I think there is a lot to her story that formed who she is today from those days of moving around from Huntington Long Island. I also would love to hear more about how she got through the Tommy years, Nightmare era and anything she would like to share about her years with Nick. Her love for Christmas and who Miss You Most is inspired from. Such a poignant song at such a young age, clearly the lyrics are in mind of someone, perhaps her dad? Also would love to hear her thoughts about the industry and the ones that run it or any inside scoop preferably referring to the likes of Chaka Khan's type of comments from Larry King and the evil people on how the music industry is run. We already know this, but we know Mariah has inside info whether she feels able to say anything is another story. Her friendship and info shared with George Michael during those Sony days, her experience with fertility as I have been there. Basically anything she decides to share, as a career long fan, I would love to read. I just hope it's sooner than later.
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