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Name: Mara
Country: United States
I'm a Mariah fan since the debut. Been through her entire career with her and may not always agree with every single thing she does, But i will always come to her defense when she gets attacked for being misunderstood. I am not a blind fan and relate Mariah to a sister who I would tell in a minute if something seems wrong or something of that nature. I come to this board to discuss her with people who I feel are true fans and yes, some don't always praise her to the heavens every single moment but we all are here for the same reason and we do adore her.
Status of things (104,077) by Mara from United States
(Thursday 16 November 2023; 04:05)
Yes Will. I saw your post right after mine and it's nice to see we both are getting the same vibes here. It's not easy when you are with someone that long and they become a part of you and your entire life and your kids life. The holidays are always the worst times for a loss or a breakup. Imagine being Mariah Carey dealing with that when you are the season. I feel for her. I hope I'm wrong but that's my vibe. I think we are def on the same page. My other post was actually meant to reply to Brad before.*
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This is a reply to message 104,072 by Will from England
(Wednesday 15 November 2023; 23:14)
Status of things (104,069) by Mara from United States
(Wednesday 15 November 2023; 21:59)
I have to agree with this Bradley. There is something missing this year or season I should say. She looks like she is going through the motions and is perhaps on "auto pilot". I hope she is ok. Her sparkle is a miss this year and I can feel it almost like the first year at the Beacon where she geared up singing Hero and she was separated from Nick. I wonder if her and Bryan took a break to see how things went and decided to officially end the relationship recently. I just hope she is ok. This is her time and she always has that sparkle in her eye and seeing her almost blank makes me sad. Maybe she is just tired of this and not in the mood this season. It happens to all of us. But as a day one 1990 fan, M always wears her heart on her sleeve and we can read her better than anyone else. We love you Mariah - go out there and have some amazing shows making amazing memories with your beautiful children by your side.
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This is a reply to message 104,064 by Brad from USA
(Wednesday 15 November 2023; 17:24)
Whatsapp group (104,033) by Mara from United States
(Monday 13 November 2023; 07:07)
Terna that's a great idea and I would love to be a part of something like that in real time.
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This is a reply to message 104,029 by Terna from Nigeria
(Sunday 12 November 2023; 18:28)
The greats (103,630) by Mara from United States
(Monday 2 October 2023; 06:19)
Ok, now I've come out of creeping on the board. Please do tell your encounter with the King of Lovlies himself George.
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This is a reply to message 103,618 by Andrew from the UK
(Saturday 30 September 2023; 17:27)
Best song intro (102,812) by Mara from United States
(Sunday 4 June 2023; 06:33)
Can't Let Go and Fantasy will always be my favorite. VOL is the one that started it all too. Of course AIWFCIY.
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This is a reply to message 102,781 by MusicfanJ from Germany
(Sunday 28 May 2023; 13:44)
Martyn Hett (102,760) by Mara from United States
(Wednesday 24 May 2023; 07:17)
Will always remember Martyn "Til The End Of Time" and very glad you reminded us Andrew. I know you guys were close friends. I'll never forget hearing the news and worrying if Martyn was indeed one of the victims of that terrible tragedy in Manchester. Martyn was a sweet soul who was one of M's biggest fans. I was lucky enough to post and interacted with him quite a few times on this board. I haven't posted too much as of late but I still come by and read the board every day or other day. Always felt you balanced out the board Andrew. Maybe we can all play "One Sweet Day" in Martyn's honor and know he is shining down on us from heaven "Til The End Of Time". I hope you share your thoughts a bit more Andrew and thank you for reminding us about MH. Hard to believe 6 years have passed since that terrible day.
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This is a reply to message 102,755 by Andrew from the UK
(Monday 22 May 2023; 00:49)
Miss you most at Christmas time (101,944) by Mara from United States
(Friday 23 December 2022; 16:09)
I wholeheartedly agree. I simply adore this song and was so grateful to finally finally see her perform this live. Thank you Mariah. It reminds me so much of my parents after such a hard year as well with this being my 4th Christmas without my mom and my first without my father. Something about the lyrics of this song always reminded me of Nat King Cole's Autumn Leaves. My dad always loved him. Gosh Mariah - there really is nobody that is like you. Merry Christmas to the entire MCA family and to Eric for keeping this wonderful place going another year for all of us to come. Here is to great things ahead and maybe finally a jazz album in 2023.
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This is a reply to message 101,943 by MusicfanJ from Germany
(Friday 23 December 2022; 14:57)
Merry Christmas To All (101,935) by Mara from United States
(Thursday 22 December 2022; 05:17)
Yes. I love how you ended that post with "Queen Of Music". I went to the show on the 16Th and boy did she come to prove to the "talkers" that she still has it. She sounded amazing. We were in the 5th row and it was like you could almost hear her sing loud over the audience into the mic. She really shined on Hero that night. Her into was to all who have supported her, stuck up for her, was there for her, a fan and what she likes to call fam and it was just beautiful. I sat next to a fan who flew in from Boston but originally from Brazil and he told me how she saved his life with Can't Take That Away. Next to him was a dad who was there with his young daughter wearing a sweat jacket covered in shiny butterflies. This dad was there because his young maybe 7 year old daughter was the fan. Amazing. She continues to transcend. She is something special and we do indeed as her fans, need to be very grateful with all that has happened to so many of the greats, be grateful she is up there and still going strong, and looking good while doing it. What a season it has been. Merry Christmas Mariah, Roc, Roe and Bryan. Hope you are enjoying Aspen. Shawn was there with his family too a few rows back. It was a beautiful moment and anyone who was fortunate enough to have gone, to have that memory of being a part of this special regardless of what show you attended. It's still a "moment". Merry Christmas To All and very happy to hear it was the highest rated program on tv that night.
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This is a reply to message 101,934 by We are lambily from USA
(Wednesday 21 December 2022; 20:44)
MSG (101,578) by Mara from United States
(Tuesday 1 November 2022; 07:48)
I'm just wondering if anyone got tickets to either of the MSG shows on here? I will be there on the 16th.
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Funko Pop (101,577) by Mara from United States
(Tuesday 1 November 2022; 07:47)
Oh I agree and I also need MC's lead vocals on Someone's Ugly Daughter. I don't mind a song with Millie and M but the minute I heard about this album being made, after nearly fainting I needed to hear HER on it. I remember the interview she did where she mentioned the new song she was working on called "Crave". It was during Daydream era and she had that leather type beret hat she wore and her sunglasses. Now we know what Crave was. So Mariah, please release your vocals. Also would be complete if we got her version of Where Are You Christmas. Every single time I hear Faith's vocals, I can hear Mariah laying the blueprint. I don't know if we ever will though. I got a right to dream though. And JazzRiah needs to happen. Nat King Cole's Autumn Leaves always made me think M got a little inspiration towards her lyrics to Miss You Most. I'd love to hear her sing that song. So many of his songs and so many other of the greats. She really should consider that now. She's Mariah Carey. Why not play around and have fun.
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This is a reply to message 101,575 by MC85 from Canada
(Monday 31 October 2022; 14:19)
Funko Pop (101,572) by Mara from United States
(Saturday 29 October 2022; 02:41)
What a wonderful first post MC85, and so incredibly true. Mariah herself alluded to that in a recent Twitter Space. She alluded to the fact that her fans can be critical or hard on her and said something along the lines of oh, no we love the Lambily, or something of that nature and the host didn't pick up on it too much. It was regarding a question if she had ever watched the fan made YouTube videos dissecting her voice. She sounded down in tone and said yeah she has seen some of them but doesn't always like to watch. Maybe someone else knows what I'm referring to. Mariah is and nobody can take that away, a living legend. She is a world treasure in the music scene. There are not many left in her league. She has maintained her legacy pretty well considering how fast paced this industry is. She's broken records that don't get the recognition they truly deserve. She still lives with those little girl insecurities and gets hurt by hurtful things said about her. It's funny after the vocal criticism, she comes out and does All I Want accapella on Instagram. She's aware of what's being said. That's why I think she should come out and do a jazz album. I think gospel is too big for her now to do comfortably anyhow. I'm nobody to tell Mariah Carey what to do but a life long day one fan. I've watched her changes and it's funny because every vocal change on each album other than Charmbracelet and maybe MIAM, I thought were different but they still sound great. The change in Butterfly to the raspiness in Rainbow and #1's. They all fit. Her voice is amazing. I really think now is the time for JazzRiah to make an appearance as she still looks amazingly attractive and young and has the tone and deliverance for it. Something like her Jimmy Fallon appearance with Big Jim on the piano. She can just go off. A lot of younger artists have already done it so it's not going to age her. Either that or redo Someone's Ugly Daughter which could be in the works as Millie Bobby Brown was on Jimmy Fallon saying she has been in the studio with Mariah.

Thank you for your post and welcome. I don't always post but I always read and your message was sweet.
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This is a reply to message 101,569 by MC85 from Canada
(Saturday 29 October 2022; 00:39)
Re: Global Citizen (101,300) (101,303) by Mara from United States
(Friday 23 September 2022; 18:08)
She really should put Fly Away in her performance somewhere. Would be an amazing opener coinciding with the anniversary of Butterfly.
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Re: Global Citizen (101,299) (101,302) by Mara from United States
(Friday 23 September 2022; 18:07)
Steven, that would be an amazing treat!
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Re: Butterfly 25 tracklist (101,208) (101,211) by Mara from United States
(Thursday 15 September 2022; 20:22)
I was really hoping she would have included the "Close My Eyes" she did on the Rosie O'Donnell show. All her Rosie performances were so special.
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Blood Orange (101,186) by Mara from United States
(Monday 12 September 2022; 07:13)
So I took my daughter and some friends to see Harry Styles at Madison Square Garden last night and to my surprise, Blood Orange was the opening act. They were amazing and it was a great treat to see Dev do his thing live on the big stage. My daughter became a fan last night and is downloading music as we speak. The last time I was at MSG was pre Covid for the 25th Anniversary show for AIWFCIY and Dev Hynes was sitting 6 seats away from me in the center floor section with Tessa Thompson. It just made me miss seeing Mariah live and especially seeing her in New York at Christmas. It's too bad she wouldn't consider doing a night or two at The Beacon again in December. Those shows were so nice and there was something so magical about them, esp the pre Nightmare era ones. The first two years at the Beacon were the best. If Mariah ever were to go back on live stages, I think that would be a nice step for her as they are more intimate and a smaller scale and in NY. Going from seeing MC to Harry Styles is a complete different experience and just made me miss being in a sea surrounded by MC fans/lambs over the sea of boas and tube tops and bell bottoms and teenage girls. He was great, don't get me wrong. Great show and lots of energy. I just miss knowing I'm going to see MC. I do understand she has done it for many years and deserves the time off too. Maybe if she misses it, she will return.
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Re: Why Hotlanta (100,275) (100,282) by Mara from United States
(Saturday 14 May 2022; 06:45)
Agreed Matty. It also gives her children a grounded place with a yard and pool and stability over a NYC penthouse/3 story unit amidst concrete skyscrapers. Mariah is a smart business woman and even better mom. I think all those factored into her decision along with a possible biopic with Lee Daniels. The face that the Rock rented this home didn't hurt.
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Re: The voice (100,215) (100,218) by Mara from United States
(Tuesday 26 April 2022; 21:10)
Totally agree. In the concert she sang in full voice rather than whispering and her voice was strong. My first time seeing MC in Atlantic City Charmbracelet and she came out singing Heartbreaker in that two piece silver ensemble and all I can remember was how incredibly beautiful she was. Like really really beautiful. She sounded incredible.
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Re: Mariah Carey Masterclass (100,172) (100,174) by Mara from United States
(Friday 15 April 2022; 18:08)
Yes! I completely agree with that assessment. It does feel like a re introduction to Mariah in today's music world all leading up to her induction to the SHOF in June. She even said in the class how she feels and loves the songwriting process and being a songwriter first. I loved how she spoke about having this beautiful gift of these melodies just coming to her in her head all the time. I loved how she described that. Listening to her talk about how the songs came to her, iconic songs like Fantasy and how it came to be and then the same with The Roof. It's fascinating to listen to. Mariah's background vocals have always been a whole song on its own since day one. There are YouTube sites that strip her songs down to just the background vocals and they are so incredibly beautiful. She really is a master at what she does. After listening to her and Brandy and the reworked The Roof, I loved it and loved what she did with the strings. I wish she would do more with strings. Her voice is stunning against them. I remember during the promotion for The Art Of Letting Go there was a lot of promo with strings and then we really didn't hear anything on the album like that. I would love more of that along with guitar. Something in the line of Giving Me Life and how she broke down her vocals and basically became an instrument. She is so talented and I hope we see more of this with more songs if that is what the Butterfly re-release is and hoping for new material as well.
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Article: Mariah Carey's annual Christmas cash in ends (99,380) by Mara from United States
(Thursday 6 January 2022; 05:05)
Well, he was a little premature in his feelings in his little article now wasn't he? Seeing that she secured another week at number one. Sorry Roger, you couldn't send Mariah back that quickly this year. What a miserable person he is. He is no spring chicken might I add. Despite how he ages women.
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Re: The Butterfly Lounge: The Atlanta Sessions (99,123) (99,127) by Mara from United States
(Monday 13 December 2021; 02:21)
I have a feeling that may be what the Butterfly Lounge is too. Re-arranged existing songs and maybe even with guest appearances on different songs.
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Re: MC on James Corden (99,085) (99,088) by Mara from United States
(Thursday 9 December 2021; 18:47)
I watched the James Corden 1000th show and as a GM fan, I wished she had acknowledged she decided to do it because if it was good enough for George, it was good enough for her. Anyhow, I thought she was playful and while remaining true to her "slapstick diva campiness" I appreciated the fact like she was in on it and was only playing into it in a straight up in your face way. She came off as funny and almost down to earth in an odd sort of way. I read some of the comments on the YouTube page for James Corden and most were positive. I hate that she is still insecure though. She is too good for that and ce, enter herself too deep to be bothered with that sh** any longer. That stuff should be buried with her releasing her inner "little Mariah". I noticed she seemed swollen almost uncomfortable possibly due to a medication side effect or female hormones. It's not easy being at that magical age and female. I can't imagine being in the public eye dealing with fluctuations. Steroids or hormones can do that. What I did notice though and only because I have some lung issues, is that she sounded a little out of breath or like something is up. Again, I'm no doctor and maybe if I was in a corset, I prob would sound the same way. But I just hope she is ok and as we all know the Mariah that is in interviews and such... we really don't know Mariah the person behind all of that. It's easy to forget that is a person behind the brand and hair and dresses. She is a national treasure to me and I only hope she takes care of "Mariah" - the grown beautiful, strong, talented, resilient, and most of all mother to Roc and Roe woman.
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Re: I stopped by to talk about... Drake? (99,064) (99,076) by Mara from United States
(Wednesday 8 December 2021; 19:43)
Hi Randy. Nice to see an old time familiar face. As it was said before, not a lot of the people who always posted seem to post anymore. Nice to see you pop in. Hope you are well.
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Re: Christmas BPCH (Magic Continues) (99,036) (99,038) by Mara from United States
(Sunday 5 December 2021; 02:15)
I think the surprise could be the masterclass she is doing in 2022. She is doing a masterclass on how to use your voice to express yourself through music. She hasn't officially announced it but masterclass announced a few upcoming classes and she was one of them.
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Adele Vegas residency at Caesars (99,020) by Mara from United States
(Wednesday 1 December 2021; 03:55)
So I know that this is not an Adele board and hate bringing her up again but saw the news about her going to Vegas now and can't help to wish it was Mariah. I know, I know, she has done it before and yes I am happy for Adele and her fans but I guess I just miss seeing M. Especially her magical Christmas shows at the Beacon. I hope one day she returns there again. I don't know who represents Adele, but she certainly seems to be the new "It girl" who can do no wrong in the industry and public's eye. They are really pushing her. She has so much going on right now. Da*n COVID. We miss you M.
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Re: Mariah - new label (98,900) (98,906) by Mara from United States
(Wednesday 10 November 2021; 16:00)
While the thoughts of a possible gospel album in the works does excite me, I can't help but feel that I wish it were done during the time her voice was more "full". Preferably when Big Jim was still with us. Something during the ATYNAF or JTTW recordings would have been an amazing gospel sounding album or even during the time of FLAB. Maybe the choir in the back is what she is going for now but I honestly wish it were a jazz album at this point or at least a mix. Her voice is like velvet and absolutely perfect for jazz and actually always was. The was she freestyles jazz is unlike any other artist out. Not to mention she could really rock that retro 1940's classic look so well. But who knows, I don't want to jump the gun but still wishing for that jazz album over here.
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