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Name: Edward
Country: USA
Re: Article: Mariah after midnight (95,316) (95,321) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 1 September 2020; 02:05)
I'm on the floor.
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Re: You don’t know her (95,306) (95,313) by Edward from USA
(Monday 31 August 2020; 22:43)
Minuscule brains tend to mistakenly send a signal to the mouth to utter massive amounts of diarrhea. It's not his fault. Later he'll complain about racism and ageism towards Mariah, a woman who is half white and middle aged too. Pay attention, he has 5 thumbs up. Never underestimate the power of stupid people in groups.
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Re: Jereministroke (95,280) (95,300) by Edward from USA
(Monday 31 August 2020; 17:08)
His cover of "I Am Free" is epic. I'm on the floor. I can't believe he hasn't been signed to a label yet.
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Re: Jereministroke (95,280) (95,298) by Edward from USA
(Monday 31 August 2020; 17:03)
My ears were bleeding while listening to that, but what really made my nose bled were all the comments encouraging this person to continue doing these covers in which he sounds as if he has been constipated for years. I couldn't stop laughing, but when I got to "After Tonight", my deluluness kicked in, and I became a blind fan. Now I understand some of the fans here.
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Re: Rarities tracklisting - real? (95,281) (95,285) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 30 August 2020; 14:41)
When you put it that way, I agree.
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Re: Rarities tracklisting - real? (95,260) (95,261) by Edward from USA
(Friday 28 August 2020; 23:25)
That track-list looks real, but if it were so, where did "All In Your Mind, Take 2" be? Why tease us with it? I don't need 'Everything Fades Away", it was already on a CD and easily available. At least "Do You Think Of Me" and "Slipping Away" were B-sides.
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Interesting (95,231) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 27 August 2020; 14:36)
According to Wikipedia, what was supposed to be disc 1, now is disc 2. Disc 1 will the one containing the rarities, and the "Save the Day" will be track 14 in it.

They also removed information about writers and producers from the remaining 14 tracks, I guess so we wouldn't keep on guessing, we seem to have been on the right track. They definitely underestimated the fact long time fans would guess many of the so far unnamed tracks by that information only. They definitely read this board, lol.
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Re: Another take on the voice (95,220) (95,226) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 26 August 2020; 21:12)
"Idk when I look at Tina, Diana, Patti, Aretha, Stevie Wonder, Lionel, Gladys, Al Green, Roberta Flack, and many others I don't see very active careers into their 70s or even into the later parts of their lives. And we all know that the amazing Aretha (RIP) did not sound the same on her final album."

They might not be at their peak or even popular, but they still have active careers. Roberta Flack is 83 and is still signed to a record label. Aretha didn't sound the same, and nobody was expecting her to, but before she started struggling with pancreatic cancer, she could still sing decently. None of the artist you mentioned have officially retired.

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Re: Another take on the voice (95,221) (95,224) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 26 August 2020; 20:44)
Exactly, when Mariah put herself into it, she can create great music even when telling someone to GTO.
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Re: Another take on the voice (95,215) (95,218) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 26 August 2020; 16:00)
Well, comparing the longevity of an athlete's career to that of a singer and the way people perceive them is not like comparing apples and oranges, but rather like comparing apples and rocks. An athlete goes into his field knowing very well they would be retiring in their early thirties due to physical reasons, and it is something expected by people. Nobody would ever question why Michelle Kwan is not trying triple axles combinations professionally at 40 when everybody knows a figure ice skater is usually done by time they're 30. A singer is expected to be singing decently well enough into their 70's. Yes, things could happen to an athlete or a singer that could take them out very early on in their careers, but that's not usually what happens to most of them. Mariah Carey has always talked about longevity, and she's about longevity, she shaded Ariana Grande by wishing longevity to her with her career in a couple of interviews. She wants to be remembered by her music and her talent, she wants to keep on making music, and she wants people to recognize her and her talent, and there's nothing wrong with that. I understand her voice is not the same for whatever reason, but something has also happened to her pen game. Paradoxically, Mariah wrote more mature and cohesive lyrics when she was 20 than now when she's more mature.
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Re: Mariah Carey green vinyl (95,204) (95,209) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 25 August 2020; 21:08)
Come on Bill, you know Robert-Anthony will threaten anybody who volunteers besides him, you know he drools over you. He'll even ship it for free.
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Re: Deniece Williams (Lee and This is GHM) (95,193) (95,208) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 25 August 2020; 21:06)
Morgan confirms in this interview she inherited alcoholism and being bipolar from her mother. He's been saying that Patricia was an alcoholic for a long time now, but people just thought he was a disgruntled brother when many of the things he said have turned out to be true. I hate family betrayal, but I think Morgan at the end of the day may have ended up saving her life, sadly it took Crustella's threat for her to let the secret out.

Tommy didn't make Mariah not take her meds or to mix them with alcohol either, she was diagnosed way after she had parted ways with Tommy, something Morgan also stated.

Back when Mariah was working on "Always Be My Baby", she wanted to party out with JD and Da Brat but Tommy wouldn't let her, and those two weren't necessarily drinking soda pop, but Mariah had a lot to lose and Sony too, it's business. Had Tommy not controlled her a bit on that part, we would have seen a voice decline way before Butterfly. Only by smoking cigarettes, at a very young age, when Tommy wasn't in the picture, I'm talking about a 14-17 year old Mariah, she lost two octaves of her voice. She later regained them when she stopped smoking and she promised God she wouldn't ever smoke again, promised she kept, but she just promised God about smoking cigarettes, she never mentioned weed.

Musical geniuses like Mariah and Michael tend to be great, but they also have their demons they have to deal with. It's nobody's fault, and nobody's perfect. I think Mariah can still regain some decent control of her voice, but the touring and alcohol indulgence have to stop. When not even in the studio you can deliver, something is very very wrong.
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Re: Sadly, criticism is the main order of the day (95,188) (95,191) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 25 August 2020; 01:08)
Stacey, we don't appreciate your post. We should all be thankful and rejoice even if Mariah records her own farts with JD. She doesn't owe us anything.
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Save The Day (95,146) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 23 August 2020; 14:36)
I hadn't commented on STD because I wanted to actually read what most people here had to say. Well, I think the song has a great chorus, but it feels half-cooked, rushed, as if she said: "JD, let's throw this sample in so I could finally feature an artist in a duet that never was." Sometimes I've questioned whether Mariah has actually lost her muse, but then I think of "Caution" and I reconsider my thoughts. I'm glad STD is relegated to being on the second CD. I do appreciate the fact she's giving us new music, but I think she had plenty of time to cook something great, memorable, way more polished, thought out. Even though I have made my peace with Mariah's voice, I'm worried that in 5 years there would only be whistles left. What in the world is happening? What is affecting this woman's voice so much at this point that it is fading away so fast? I feel very sad about it.
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What I really want (95,100) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 22 August 2020; 02:48)
Tracks I don't want to see on "The Rarities":

01. Everything Fades Away
02. Slipping Away
03. Do You Think Of Me
04. Do You Know Where You're Going To
05. There For Me
06. There Goes My Heart
07. I Know What You Want
08. Miss You
09. Sprung
10. Secret Love
11. Heat
12. 4Real4Real

If it was put on a physical CD at some point, I don't want it on "The Rarities". That would leave space for lots of great music from the 90's and the 2000's. "Help Me Make It" wasn't ever released digitally or physically, "Yours" with Justin Timberlake would also be great. "Kick Rocks", "Reach for The Sky", "Rainbow Interlude" full song, "Misty Moon" from that Japanese commercial, the potential to kill us all with lots of a great music is endless.
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Re: The Rarities (JPN edition) (95,093) (95,094) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 22 August 2020; 00:09)
You can't read Japanese? Shame.
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He should be banned (95,080) by Edward from USA
(Friday 21 August 2020; 17:11)
I will never understand why somebody would come out of obscurity to post for the first time on this board to complain about Andrew and not about the thousands upon thousands of positive lists and these-could've been singles on this board. Well, some came out drooling over how cute Bill from the UK is when he first posted his picture, and some peed in their pants of excitement when Todd from Australia posted his. If you don't like what Andrew has to say, there are a gazillion of other posts in here. This board won't ever be your Mary Poppins' Utopic Garden. It's so easy to just skip posts, I do it on a regular basis, and I don't have to keep regurgitating how much I hate this or that poster. For that, I use Whatsapp, lol. Focus on the new music and you'll be happy. If you have a crush on Andrew, well, I think you all might have to get a room, even though I don't think Andrew is into orgies or anything like that.
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Did you forget (95,078) by Edward from USA
(Friday 21 August 2020; 16:36)
People here seem to have forgotten about the snippet she let out of the vault from "All In Your Mind, Take 2". I'm looking forward to listening to that one, she's definitely going to include it in the track-list. I don't think she should waste space on the disk with tracks that, even though were not on album releases, at least got released as b-sides and bonus tracks on international releases.
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Re: Name game (94,966) (94,977) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 19 August 2020; 16:32)
Randy, I don't know if as much as you do, but I do also love "Right To Dream". And "Help Me Make It" of course.
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Re: Name game (94,952) (94,954) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 18 August 2020; 22:32)
What a shocker, Randy. Why didn't you use "Rainbow Interlude", "Reflections" or "Runway"?
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Re: Name game (94,940) (94,946) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 18 August 2020; 14:36)
Mariah has a song starting with the letter "K", it just hasn't been released, but it's completed and heard by some who showed a liking for it. It's called "Kick Rocks". "Charlamagne tha God" mentions it in an interview Mariah had with him on "The Breakfast Club" back in 2014. During the interview he briefly talks about listening to the song while visiting Mariah at her apartment and asks her why she hasn't released it.
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Re: The Sun and HIV (94,879) (94,884) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 8 August 2020; 14:07)
Randy, of course we can hang out sometime. Hopefully when this effing Covid allow us.
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Re: The Irish Times and HIV (94,858) (94,871) by Edward from USA
(Friday 7 August 2020; 17:04)
Jade, you're from the UK Gang, you're not supposed to be against Andrew.
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Re: The Irish Times and HIV (94,834) (94,846) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 6 August 2020; 21:22)
I couldn't agree with you more. Alison being HIV+ is irrelevant, I don't know why they keep doing it, maybe because nobody has ever been vocal about it on mainstream media. There are thousands of people who are born HIV+ and many others who gets it through many other means other than sex. I hope they stop doing that, but weirdly I only see that when they talk about her, I don't see it when they talk about any celebrity, maybe because they would be called out on it.
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Re: Dreamteam (94,810) (94,818) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 5 August 2020; 16:24)
Eric, yes they're supported by Wikipedia for delulons.
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