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Name: Edward
Country: USA
Re: Swan song (96,026) (96,034) by Edward from USA
(Friday 9 October 2020; 03:05)
Wow Randy. I can't help but feel a sense of loss. You've been part of this dysfunctional family for a long long time, and I'm sad to see you go.
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Re: Fave five The Rarities songs (96,000) (96,019) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 8 October 2020; 04:36)
1. One Night
2. Loverboy (Stolen Sample)
3. Out Here On My Own
4. Here We Go Around Again
5. Mesmerized

I like "I Pray", but it's more of the same and kind of short. I can see why it wasn't part of any project back then. Definitely a song for a kid like then Paul to sing.

Replacing "Loverboy (Candy)" with "Loverboy (Original Version)", and "Twister" with "Out Here On My Own", Glitter sounds complete to me.
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Loverboy (95,966) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 4 October 2020; 17:51)
Loverboy is simply brilliant. Mariah's vocals are smoother and better than the one released, and that beat, lore have mercy. It would've definitely hit #1 back then. I'm so glad we finally got to listen to it. Now I understand more than ever Mariah's rage towards Tommy and Jennifer, it was pure evil sabotage.

The Rarities sounds like any other Mariah album in the 90's. It's just great, with at least 4 potential singles. I thought I would replace some tracks and skip others, but I have listened to it non-skip ever since I got it. "One Night" is my favorite, followed by "Loverboy" and "Mesmerized". The sequencing with "DYTOM", "EFA" and "SA" makes perfect sense, it gives cohesiveness to the album, rather than a bunch of disjointed tracks thrown in together. The best gift so far this shitty year.
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One Night (95,960) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 4 October 2020; 15:28)
Am I the only one in love with "One Night"? It has single potential written all over it, even now. Love the sample on "Mesmerized", I think she picked "Meteorite" over it. I think there's going to be a Rarities 2. I'm pretty sure that Mariah recorded over 20 or more tracks for each album in the 90's. I suspect there's going to be a new album next year.
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Butterfly (95,891) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 1 October 2020; 15:25)
Oh wow, now it all makes sense. I can't wait to finish with the audiobook to listen to Butterfly with a new found appreciation for it. I can't believe Mariah went to my country for a express divorce from Tommy. Lol.
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Audiobook (95,854) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 29 September 2020; 15:56)
I pre-ordered the ebook and the audio-book, but the e-book became available first at midnight. I read for an hour and eventually went to sleep. The audio-book was already available when I woke up. I got ready for work and on my way out started listening from the beginning. Oh wow. Mariah sounds as if she were telling you a story rather than reading a book, with singing, laughs, and all the different emotions in her voice asshe goes through it. You have to listen to her tell you about her times with her father, hilarious. I'll keep on listening later today.
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Re: The Rarities - first week sales (95,851) (95,852) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 29 September 2020; 14:21)
Happy Birthday. I hope it's not too cold in Norway.
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Re: OMFG (95,834) (95,837) by Edward from USA
(Monday 28 September 2020; 16:56)
Her version is epic.
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Re: Cool On You (95,799) (95,804) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 27 September 2020; 19:25)
If it's way better than the bonus tracks on international releases of E=MC2, I can't wait to listen to it. From TEOM on, bonus tracks on international releases were awful. I can't stand "Sprung" or "Secret Love", so annoying. I think Mariah is going to continue with "The Rarities" series, I'm pretty sure she has many other hidden gems. I was hoping for "Kick Rocks", well, maybe next year. So great she can serve these tracks to us herself and not someone else after she's gone.
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Re: Mariah approved spoilers (95,785) (95,787) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 27 September 2020; 01:13)
I must admit I have sinned, I watched the interview, and it was sad, but great interview nonetheless. There are some spoilers, but not enough to ruin the book, just enough to keep us salivating. But I refuse to sin again by listening to any of the snippets, that I won't do. Even if I have to tide myself to a pole, I won't. Reading how many of you think the snippets sound amazing, it's very tempting.
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Re: Mariah approved spoilers (95,777) (95,780) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 26 September 2020; 18:34)
Bill is a life ruiner, he ruins people's lives. I haven't listened to any of the snippets. I want it to feel like when I was 3 and the Butterfly album came out.
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Re: The Oprah Conversation (95,758) (95,761) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 26 September 2020; 01:10)
I was debating whether to pre-order the physical book or the audio-book, but finally went for the audio-book. As much as I love having a tangible book in my hands, I rather listen to Mariah read to me whatever she's gone through. I got my over-ear headphones ready for the experience. I'll start listening to it from September 29 to October 2. Once I'm done, I'll unwrap "The Rarities" CD, and listen to CD-1 until my neighbors' weaves, wigs, and toupees fry on their heads. If there's a knock on the door with a complain, I'll comply but I'll play GTFO to culminate the evening. The next day, I'll obliterate the tracks I don't like and add "Don't Play That Song", "Do You Know Where You're Going To", "Thank God I Found You (Make It Last Remix)", "Right to Dream", "Help Me Make It" and "Almost Home". If "Slipping Away", "Everything Fades Away" and "Do You Think of Me" are decent enough to be on the album, why leave "Do You Know Where You're Going To" out? I can't wait.
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Re: Social media (95,733) (95,735) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 24 September 2020; 21:13)
It's easy. Just post here which social media you want to share followed by your user name, password. That way you don't have to make your account public. These days that's dangerous.
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Re: Just days away (95,717) (95,722) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 24 September 2020; 15:21)
You are not alone, you are here with me.
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Snippets (95,698) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 23 September 2020; 00:58)
Those who had the chance to hear snippets of the rarities that were temporarily online, why do you think? I have a feeling that "I Pray" is going to be a favorite.
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Re: Happy and sad (95,647) (95,649) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 19 September 2020; 16:25)
Randy's Theme = Right to Dream. I thought you already knew that, lol. And yes, "Help Me Make It" and "Right to Dream" will be part of my rearrange "The Rarities" album when I get it. I have a feeling I'll be getting rid off "Save The Day" and "Close My Eyes", only if the latter was recorded in 2020. I was also hoping for a studio version of "Lullaby of Birdland", but I can't complain. What a difference between "OHOMO" and "STD". I can't wait to hear "She Pray".
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Re: Play count (95,628) (95,635) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 19 September 2020; 00:55)
Out goes the free shipping and Target Special Edition.
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Happy and sad (95,631) by Edward from USA
(Friday 18 September 2020; 23:29)
I love Mariah's rendition of OHOMO. Definitely reminds me of her cover of "Help Me Make It". I hope she has many of these type of vocals in the vault. I'm sad because this song is a reminder of the current state of her voice. I love Caution, but missed the belting, and nuances in her voice of years past. In my mind I'm already placing "Help Me Make It" and "Randy's Theme" in my own version of "The Rarities".
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Re: Play count (95,627) (95,630) by Edward from USA
(Friday 18 September 2020; 23:18)
Bill loves Mariah so much that he was listening to OHOMO on his six computers, his tablet and his personal and work cellphones all at once. He was also counting all Robert-Anthony's devices. So, yes, it's possible.
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Re: Out Here On My Own (95,594) (95,598) by Edward from USA
(Friday 18 September 2020; 03:52)
For how long have you been posting here? That's the nice side of Andrew, sarcastically nice, but nice. Enjoy it. And put your pic back, Robert-Anthony is about to go crazy. He's about to take the free shipping off the table.
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Re: Masters (95,581) (95,585) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 17 September 2020; 17:57)
Mariah Carey already owns her masters. She didn't lose [money], her prenup with Nick Cannon showed how much money she's really [worth]. Don't believe the 500 million lie.
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Re: Save The Day video (95,516) (95,519) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 12 September 2020; 15:18)
Don't judge too soon. She's renaming the song to "I'm feeling Myself".
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Avatar (95,513) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 12 September 2020; 06:26)
Eric, why isn't my avatar picture uploading? [Webmaster: Maybe because it's not the right format? It must be a jpg, gif or png.]
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Re: Negative Nancy (95,484) (95,493) by Edward from USA
(Friday 11 September 2020; 14:06)
I'm not going to lecture you with one of the most ridiculous sentences some people use her to justify Mariah, which is "Mariah doesn't owe us anything", but I'll tell you this: None of us were expecting to have so much from Mariah in a shitty year like 2020. She's not only given us EP after EP, we'll get "The Meaning of Mariah Carey", but we'll also have "The Rarities". On top of that, vinyl releases of her catalog, that's insane. Even the gays will get a vinyl release of the Glitter album with actual pink glitter all over it. When was the last time we got so much from Mariah in such a short period of time? Never.

Even though some of us don't want to admit it, we're all excited because we're getting those heavenly vocals and great lyrics of the past.

I won't listen to any snippet, I'll discover the songs one by one when I get the album, like when I first popped in the "Butterfly" CD and my heart skipped a beat every time a new track was about to start.
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Re: Everything Fades Away (95,474) (95,477) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 10 September 2020; 22:34)
Bill, there's not denying "Everything Fades Away" is a masterpiece, but Music Box being pure pop, in my opinion, it just doesn't sit well with the rest of the tracks. It's so weird UK fans can't imagine Music Box without it being the closing track. I can't imagine it following "All I've Ever Wanted". I think EFA would sit well in any album with "Slipping Away", "Do You Think OF Me", "Thank God I Found You (Make It Last)" and "My All (Stay Awhile) Non-Rap".
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