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Name: Edward
Country: USA
Re: Ultimate disrespect (94,170) (94,175) by Edward from USA
(Friday 22 May 2020; 16:56)
Licia, because if your husband is silly, and has diarrhea of the mouth, you should divorce his ass. Remember, being a good father, great husband doesn't count, just dismiss him. And if on top of that the diarrhea of the mouth comes from a black man, get rid of him even faster. Now, Mariah cheating on James Packer with Tanakas is just pure female liberation, hypocritical much. Hail the queen.
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Re: Stuck With You (94,157) (94,174) by Edward from USA
(Friday 22 May 2020; 16:36)
I think this obsessing about Ariana imitating Mariah is a little bit too much by now. Ariana's voice is always going to be sound somewhat like Mariah's, she can't help it, she can't change it, it is what it is.

Mariah doesn't have the exclusive right to butterflies, and just in case the comparison comes in the future, if Ariana decides to super size her boobs, Mariah doesn't own the exclusive right to those either.

I'm happy to see Ariana and Mariah are in a good place, as evidenced by some posts and love showed between them.

Ariana won't ever be the next Mariah, I don't see her as a threat, she's catering to a completely different generation, so I don't see her as a threat, but I do enjoy some of her music. When I listen to her now, I don't think about Mariah anymore. Something similar happened to Mariah when Vision of Live came out, everybody thought it was Whitney Houston, but she eventually found her own voice and style.
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Re: Article: Mariah Carey wears bandana as a mask (94,056) (94,059) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 10 May 2020; 18:13)
You don't seem to be a real lamb. Mariah started using push-up bras when she started her Rainbow project. That's why her tits are so big.
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Re: Ranked album covers/photography (93,970) (93,975) by Edward from USA
(Monday 4 May 2020; 19:34)
I agree. That's the first copy of Butterfly I bought too, but in Puerto Rico, and has remained as my favorite cover from any of her albums. During a moving situation, I lost my copy. Sadly when I went back to get a copy, they only had the other version.
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Re: Emotions album (93,728) (93,729) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 22 April 2020; 01:12)
I love "The Wind", but it is one of those songs you play when you're in a certain mood because it is sad. I usually play it followed by "Angel" by Sarah McLachlan and "Fields of Gold" by Eva Cassidy. It's hard to believe a 20-year old Mariah is singing that song.
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Re: Emotions album (93,720) - TTEOT (93,722) (93,727) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 21 April 2020; 20:44)
Wow, it seems like it was yesterday, Andrew. I hope Martyn is having a ball wherever he is.
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Re: Gold editions and tour (93,643) (93,645) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 15 April 2020; 23:47)
Bill, you've mentioned your attendance to that leg of the concert about as many times as Migrate has been mentioned here, like 5 times.
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Re: Favorite non-successful song (93,542) (93,543) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 9 April 2020; 00:51)
Randy, I have to admit those are some deep lyrics on "Right to Dream". I would've been shocked if you had picked a different song.

Even though you, Andrew and I are considered the Mean-3 by some on this board, I think we are some of her most devoted fans.

My favorite non-successful song would be "Butterfly". I don't understand why such a ballad so well written and beautifully sung didn't go anywhere on the charts.

Spread your wings and prepare to fly
For you have become a butterfly, oh
Fly abandonedly into the sun
If you should return to me
We truly were meant to be
So spread your wings and fly

The one and only, Mariah Carey.
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Re: Article: Mariah Carey thanks NHS during coronavirus crisis (93,516) (93,521) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 7 April 2020; 00:29)
"Anytime You Need a Friend" is such a great song, and appropriate for these trying times.

Drew, stop with the riddle, who's this stunning blue eyed blond guy you've been talking about? At least give us a little clue.
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Re: So Cold (93,415) (93,419) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 28 March 2020; 21:16)
"Rainbow was when she sat down in a field and took some mushrooms for a bit. With Glitter she was spinning out on said mushrooms, Charmbracelet was the comedown and TEOM was when she realised she was once heading somewhere and decided to haul ass. E=MC2 was the migration to the after-party and Memoirs was when she realised she was too old for this shit and went home for a bath."

Thanks for making me laugh hard in times of the Coronavirus.

One thing thoigh, with Butterfly, just like the ones before it, she kept improving, but sadly "The Voice" as we knew it, had evidently started changing.
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Re: Acapella / piano for the benefit special (93,386) (93,388) by Edward from USA
(Friday 27 March 2020; 00:34)
"Through The Rain" would be ideal for the occasion but it is an extremely difficult song to sing live. When she sang it on Oprah, back in 2002, she relied heavily on her backup singers and lipped most of what she was supposed to be singing. At the AMAs, back in 2003, once again she relied heavily on her backup singers, she also lipped most of it. I don't think it would be a good idea for her to even try that, considering the quality of her singing on "He's Got The Whole World In His Hands" challenge. I think "Hero" would be perfect. With a few "heys" and "with you, and you, and yous" here and there she can captivate the audience.
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Re: Net worth (93,369) (93,370) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 24 March 2020; 16:02)
Don't believe everything you read online. According to Mariah's prenup when she married Nick, she was worth 150 millions. These magazines and websites keep pulling numbers out of their ass.
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Re: Everything Fades Away (93,312) (93,316) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 18 March 2020; 05:45)
Are you implying they would help Mariah update her signature sound?
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Everything Fades Away (93,310) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 17 March 2020; 15:11)
I know it hasn't occurred to anyone here, but Everything Fades Away should've been a single. We should get justice for it.
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Re: AYNAF original video (93,227) (93,229) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 7 March 2020; 23:39)
When I first listened to "Supernatural" I thought it would be great as the soundtrack for the sequel to "Children of the Corn".
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Re: AYNAF original video (93,217) (93,225) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 7 March 2020; 15:45)
She should've used the original video for the song Supernatural, both are equally creepy.
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Re: Everything Fades to MCA (93,150) (93,151) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 3 March 2020; 15:37)
"And Everything Fades Away remains a veritable cornucopia of audible brilliance haha."

So true, pure brilliance.

"Anyone who doesn't agree is either dumb or American. Not that those two are mutually exclusive, mind you."

The dumbest comment I've ever read. I guess you've exhausted your complimentary dumb comment for the year 2020.
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Re: Non-single favourites (93,037) (93,039) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 25 February 2020; 01:54)
I thought it was only me who thought that way.
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Re: #Beautiful should have been the 19th (93,034) (93,038) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 25 February 2020; 01:24)
Simply put, #Beautiful is too short, like there's something missing. I love the song, it had great potential, but there was something lacking.
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Re: Non-single favourites (92,989) (93,013) by Edward from USA
(Monday 24 February 2020; 00:02)
Whenever You Call (duet with Brian McKnight).
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Concern (92,990) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 22 February 2020; 15:40)
I think it's important showing concern for a person we adore about any addiction, it's one of the ways we can help, especially somebody like Mariah.

When it comes to addiction is not as easy as telling somebody to quit, but showing concern instead turning a blind lamb eye is important.

We all know, not only through videos, but through her brother and even Eminem that Mariah has a problem with alcohol, and alcohol and bipolar meds is a cocktail for disaster.

I hope for the sake of her children that she takes good care of herself. Sadly, addiction is way more complicated than that, look what happened to Whitney and then her own daughter, also the two Michaels had their own demons in that area.

Mariah is still young, with a lot to give and a gift from heaven. What's happening to her voice is heartbreaking to me, even though some blind lambs think is just ok for this or that reason.
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Re: Mariah needs to recover her voice and stop touring (92,931) (92,939) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 19 February 2020; 12:22)
Nobody knew you loved Daydream that much Stacey, you had kept that to yourself. I wonder what you think about Migrate?
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Re: Mariah needs to recover her voice and stop touring (92,935) (92,938) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 19 February 2020; 12:19)
Admitting momentary self-deluluness is rare but cathartic, congrats. But you know she was partying and partying hard. I have a friend who knows Trey and partied with her many times. He says she doesn't do heavy drugs, but she loves the clouds and loves herself some booze. But let me be a delulon and say: "We don't know Mariah, we only know what she presents us. She goes to church every morning and twice on Sundays."
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Re: Bill (92,850) (92,868) by Edward from USA
(Friday 14 February 2020; 23:03)
Some fans here don't care about Mariah at all, they care about the lies they tell themselves as if it repeating them long enough they would turn out to be true, they'd rather Mariah fall on her ass or keep making a fool of herself while their deluded selves scream "yasss queen, slay". I would prefer consistency than mediocrity. At some point, things will be so obvious that people will start walking out of her concerts like they did to Whitney. Mariah has to stop touring, is ruining what's left of her voice, and putting her on the spot. Whoever thinks she's slaying is completely delusional, and yes I said it, delusional. The constant stress she's putting on her voice is taking a huge toll on it.
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Re: Superbowl (92,748) (92,754) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 6 February 2020; 23:09)
And do you really compare that to "The Superbowl"? Mariah is definitely talented and has the catalog for the "The Superbowl", she just can't take two steps without help in a show that moves at lightning speed. I wouldn't personally want to see her go through something like that. I know some of you would love for her to go through that even if she falls on her ass just to prove a point. As she said it herself, that would be too stressful, her words not mine.
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