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Name: Edward
Country: USA
Re: Jessica Simpson (92,749) (92,750) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 6 February 2020; 20:28)
She once said that they wanted her to have a sixpack like Britney Spears, so I believe her. I guess most artists go through some sort of image control especially in the beginning. I think nobody is exempt to that.
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Superbowl? Really (92,743) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 6 February 2020; 16:30)
It's so cute how some lambs keep rhapsodizing about Mariah putting up an epic performance at the Superbowl with her 19 #1's, but this event is not only about the songs, but mostly about the energy and production. If you can't take two steps without help, the Superbowl is not for you, and Mariah knows that. It's not about how big of star you are, but about how great of a show you can put on. Mariah with her goodies can't move freely anymore. I wouldn't wish that kind of stress on her because they would rip her apart. I think she should stay far far far away from the Superbowl.
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Re: The Marammys (92,566) (92,574) by Edward from USA
(Friday 24 January 2020; 13:35)
Album (of the career): Butterfly
Ballad: All I've Ever Wanted
Up-Tempo: Fantasy (Non-rap)
Mid-Tempo: One & Only
Cover: The Beautiful Ones
Rare: Everything Fades Away
Lyrical: Butterfly
Christmas: Miss You Most (At Christmas Time)
Duet/Feature: Endless Love
Live Performance: If It's Over (live from: Grammy Awards 1992)
Uptempo Remix: Honey (Morales Remix)
R&B Remix: Thank God I Found You (Make It Last)

Single that wasn't but should've been: Migrate
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Re: Celine vs. Mariah (92,420) (92,422) by Edward from USA
(Friday 17 January 2020; 15:58)
Are you implying that Celine isn't crazy enough for you? Have you seen the faces she makes while singing some of her songs? Whitney had a way of making songs her own despite the the fact she didn't write any of them, and just because she didn't she didn't make them any less soulful.
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Re: 100% as second single after Obsessed (92,350) (92,357) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 15 January 2020; 19:16)
I think IWKWLI was #1 in Brazil for 6 months. Nobody suggested Mariah to record it, it was her idea, or so she said. In an interview she said she had told Nick about wanting to cover a classic in the vein of Without You. I like her version of the song, but I hate the fact she skipped the second verse of the original and the outcome sounds rushed and incomplete to me.
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Re: 100% as second single after Obsessed (92,347) (92,351) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 15 January 2020; 15:07)
It didn't have anything to do with the powers that be, it just was recorded right after Memoirs had already been released. I like 100%, but let's be honest, the song is good and inspirational, but it was more of the same fast singing type song. Nothing wrong with it, but WBT, SIO, BB, and ISIL have already used that technique, it was tired at that point. And remember, ever since TEOM, Mariah is about 75% of the powers that be when it comes to her music, and when she doesn't get her way, she doesn't have any problem letting you know.
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Migrate (92,302) by Edward from USA
(Monday 13 January 2020; 02:40)
Mariah wanted Migrate to be a single, there's not doubt about it, but she never pushed it or considered it to be the second single. She had a formula that had worked very well for ages, and she went with it. When asked, on an interview with Perez Hilton, about rumors that Migrate would follow Touch My Body, Mariah's response was: "Darling, we know what we're doing. We're going with a ballad." She didn't look displeased. I do really think Mariah and her team thought Bye Bye would be We Belong Together 2.0, but it wasn't. This notion that Mariah is a helpless child controlled and coerced by anyone is ridiculous, especially at that stage in her career. Mariah has made great decisions and some not so good ones, but let's not praise Mariah for her good decisions and blame others for her bad ones, that's insane.
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Re: Migrate duet with Ariana (92,290) (92,296) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 12 January 2020; 18:00)
What are you implying, that Migrate should've been a single? That would've been genius. I wonder why nobody ever mentioned that here.
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Re: I Had A Vision Of Love (92,189) (92,193) by Edward from USA
(Monday 6 January 2020; 16:13)
He wasn't allowed back with the same account with which he committed his "crimes". He created a new account, that's why you cannot see his post history. With this new account, he hasn't committed any more crimes, at least Eric hasn't thought so. As for Isaac Ortiz, he went off on Eric, and called him all kinds of nasty stuff, I hope you remember that. Eric posted his exit post for us to have a glimpse of what he had said. I'm pretty sure if Andrew commits any more crimes, he would be banned again, don't be scared, remember he's just a dumb blonde. You can shut him off easily with just a few words.
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Re: New album (92,108) (92,109) by Edward from USA
(Friday 3 January 2020; 16:04)
Eric, thanks for the correction. The legends should be respected, they didn't sleep their way to legend status. Putting other artists down to put Mariah on a pedestal is childish and ridiculous.
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Re: New album (92,106) (92,108) by Edward from USA
(Friday 3 January 2020; 15:36)
I promised myself I wouldn't respond to your made up facts. Barbra, just like Mariah, is legendary. Her voice is also special, don't get it twisted. While Mariah writes her own lyrics, Barbra Streisand is also an actress with 5 Oscar nominations and one under her skirt. Before you post nonsense, do some research. Stop making a fool of yourself.

Webmaster: Barbra Streisand won two Academy Awards. One as an actress (for "Funny Girl") and one as a songwriter (for "Evergreen"). She is the only woman in history to win the Academy Award for Best Actress and the Academy Award for Best Original Song.
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Re: Mariah, Celine and Toni for 2020 (92,013) (92,019) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 29 December 2019; 15:32)
She did in fact recorded it with Luis Miguel, but he didn't like the outcome, but Mariah was on a time constraint and went with her solo version.
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Re: Mariah, Celine and Toni for 2020 (91,970) (91,976) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 26 December 2019; 03:12)
Sales and streaming are measured from Friday to Thursday, she released the new video on Friday 20, so she almost has a full week of streaming and sales, including the most critical days: December 24 and 25. Her new video alone, as of now, has accumulated 25 million views during that period, which is impressive. Sadly, airplay is measured from Monday to Sunday, which means she'll only benefit from 3 full good days of airplay, including those two critical days. Since the strength of "AIWFCIY" lies on streaming, there a huge possibility she might remain at #1.
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Re: Ellen and Mariah (91,966) (91,969) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 25 December 2019; 17:04)
Seriously, Hellen likes Mariah, Mariah loves Hellen. They have great chemistry and they're very playful on interviews enjoying themselves. I've never seen Mariah acting uncomfortable around Hellen, ever. Hellen is a comedian, some people need to chill. Mariah is from New York, and here people don't play, she knows how to check someone, believe me. It irritates me these over sensitive people, mostly, guys, who are always looking for the fifth leg on an effing cat when its obvious it only has four. Always looking for a conspiracy on how people are shading or doing Mariah wrong as if she were a 50-year old woman who has been locked in a castle isolated from the rest of the world since she was 5. Next they'll say Mariah has her twins through immaculate conception. It's effing ridiculus. Merry Christmas everybody.
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College in December, anyone? (91,957) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 24 December 2019; 20:27)
Eric, I know you keep doing it to torture us. Please, be a good headmaster.
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Re: Ellen and Mariah (91,946) (91,950) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 24 December 2019; 15:18)
You don't seem to understand. Hellen even played "AIWFCIY" on the show and when it was about to count a full stream, she cut it off at 29 seconds so Mariah wouldn't get that stream. She damn well knew that at 30 seconds it would be counted as a stream, but since Mariah didn't drink the champange, she did that. Hellen is a witch that must be burned. Ok, I'm done with the delusions. Back to my meds.
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Re: Number 1 in the 2020's (91,925) (91,929) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 24 December 2019; 01:03)
Andrew, "AIWFCIY" first week at number one was from December 15 to December 21, second week is from December 22 to December 28. If it stays at the top, it would be #1 from December 29 to January 4, so she would have a number one in 2020 for four days. You seem to be confused.

The only problem that "AIWFCIY" would encounter is the fact that to be #1 for a third week, it only has from December 22 to December 25 to benefit from high volumes of streaming, sales and airplay because after that, it's a rap. There's hope though because she gets her most streams between December 24 and December 25 and that could compensate compensate for those three days after Christmas. Let's cross our fingers.
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Re: Ellen and Mariah (91,919) (91,920) by Edward from USA
(Monday 23 December 2019; 20:09)
Then you must not be a real lamb. Now tell me you didn't notice when Mariah's mother gave her a: "Don't try it with me up here bitch look" when they were together on stage singing "O Come All Ye Faithful". Or that time when Ellen tried to turn Mariah into a full blown lesbian. Is it just me and "we are the lambily" the only ones who notice these very important and shady moments towards Mariah?
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Re: AIWFCIY hitting #1 (91,893) (91,899) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 22 December 2019; 18:44)
I completely agree with you. This is the most important #1 Mariah's had, her 16-week record was broken, but she has set some new and more significant ones. Some don't seem to understand the magnitude of "AIWFCIY" hitting #1, this is not your ordinary number one, this is an undeniable #1 that even those who don't like Mariah can't resist. And we are witnessing history in the making.

Mariah is being coherent and gracious on her interviews, the diva attitude is basically gone. They finally invested in a decent video for one of her songs. Let's enjoy the moment.

As for Walter, at this point credits have been given and they're on CD inlays, he's getting paid, but he has to understand that he doesn't sing the damn song. He seems to have "AIWFCIY" vividly emblazoned not only in his wallet but also in his mind, especially at Christmas time.
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Re: Walter A. gets really candid (91,863) (91,867) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 21 December 2019; 21:02)
Mariah wrote the lyrics to the song by herself, so when she says that she's not leaving anyone out. Walter worked with her on the music and production.
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Re: Variety - Walter A (91,827) (91,832) by Edward from USA
(Friday 20 December 2019; 23:56)
Walter didn't deserve 50% of "AIWFCIY" since Mariah wrote the lyrics by herself, but let's not go crazy here, B. He was instrumental in the creation of the melody/music. Remember he wasn't just sitting there. I think he deserves about 30%. I liked him before he started talking nonsense, saying Mariah made up the word "emblazoned", he should've stuck to playing the piano.
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Re: New video (91,802) (91,812) by Edward from USA
(Friday 20 December 2019; 15:56)
The video has quality and it's visually stunning. Finally, right? As for her camel toe, Jason Derulo sporting a whole camel foot recently and nobody was complaining.
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Re: Second week at #1 (91,810) (91,811) by Edward from USA
(Friday 20 December 2019; 15:51)
With the difference that "AIWFCIY" has an ascending tick on Billboard while "Circles' is stagnant. If Circles goes back to #1 is not because it is ascending, it is because people would've stopped streaming/buying Christmas music after December 25.
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Re: Billboard week of 12.28 (91,752) (91,753) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 18 December 2019; 17:54)
Andrew, the point is not about when the #1 was first reported, but about the position is holding at a certain moment in time. If she's still holding the #1 position in January, then she's still #1 in that decade. I wouldn't consider it the first #1 of that decade though, but a #1 in that decade. It's simple, but let's agree to disagree.
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Re: Billboard week of 12.28 (91,732) (91,738) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 18 December 2019; 05:23)
Not really, a number one holds its position until the next one takes its place, 7 days to be exact. If "AIWFCIY" crosses over to 2020, it would be holding the #1 spot until January 4. It would be considered a #1 in both decades.
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