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Name: Edward
Country: USA
Re: Something I noticed on the Hot 100 (91,731) (91,735) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 18 December 2019; 03:16)
Andrew, when I saw "Home Alone", it was dubbed in Spanish and I didn't even know a word of English. So, even if the song is part of the soundtrack, I don't remember it maybe because I couldn't connect to its melody. Merry Christmas to you too.
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Re: Something I noticed on the Hot 100 (91,721) (91,726) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 17 December 2019; 20:33)
I also noticed that. The fact it has ascended to #3 is also an amazing accomplishment for a song that was first released in 1958. I saw her on TV rejoicing on her rocking chair. If it tops the charts, it would set an even harder record to break, 61 years to #1. Let's hope it doesn't happen though. I had never heard that song before, but equal opportunity is only fair.
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Christmas Tree Farm (91,717) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 17 December 2019; 13:31)
Christmas Tree Farm just debuted at #59. I knew this song wasn't a threat to "AIWFCIY". As I said before, it is just a cute song. Hopefully Mariah stay on top for at least three weeks.
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Re: (91,685) (91,690) by Edward from USA
(Monday 16 December 2019; 22:18)
Not only breakikg records, she has set about 20 more records with this #1, some of which are almost impossible to break. This is the most important #1 she's had and the only one that doesn't live in the past. No to detract from our efforts, but we didn't make a dent on taking "AIWFCIY' to #1, the general public did, that's why this is her most authentic #1.
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She's No. 1 (91,666) by Edward from USA
(Monday 16 December 2019; 18:55)
All I Want For Christmas Is You is #1. If feels like the old days. So happy. Hilton, now you can celebrate with us, lol. Sorry Elvis' fans. Now you can count that Elvis song as one or two #1's, we don't care. Lol.
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Re: #3 (91,566) (91,569) by Edward from USA
(Monday 9 December 2019; 23:35)
Mariah will be #1 next week. I have the right to be a crazy, obsessive, compulsive, super positive lamb too.

"AIWFCIY" has been #1 in streaming for two weeks now, and it is only growing as Christmas approaches. Sales have also increased by 60%. "AIWFCIY" is also ahead of "Heartless" on radio and will dominate it at least until Christmas. The power of streaming is doing this. iTunes is turning out to be a non-factor.

The time is now.
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Re: #3 (91,561) (91,562) by Edward from USA
(Monday 9 December 2019; 20:50)
I don't think The Weekend's Hearless will stay at #1 with "AIWFCIY" having such huge jumps on the chart. Being #3 this early means that she would be #1 next week, and probably stay there at least one more week. Should it happen, "AIWFCIY" would be what I'll call "the people's #1". It makes me happy the general public is taking it there. Just hope Billboard doesn't change its rule next year. If Mariah goes to #1 two years in a row with a 25-year old song, it would be a record almost impossible to break. Let's see how many "Lil Nas X's" catch up with that one.
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Re: Taylor Swift (91,550) (91,551) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 8 December 2019; 02:30)
I like Ariana, but she's tried Christmas song after Christmas song and it's not going to happen. As for Taylor, her song is cute, nothing that stays in your mind, not a catchy chorus, nothing memorable or remarkable. I'm not being a hater, I don't put other artists down to put Mariah on a pedestal like most of her fans do, but "Christmas Tree Farm" is not competition. People streaming her video are mostly her fans, people streaming "AIWFCIY' are fans and non-fans. If there's a song that's going to block Mariah from being #1 this years is not "CFT" or another Ariana's failed attempt at creating a classic.
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Re: AIWFCIY midweek update (91,545) (91,547) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 7 December 2019; 01:17)
Can you imagine Mariah being #1 at the same time in the UK and the US? What a feast.
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Re: AIWFCIY jumps 31 to 18 on Billboard (91,506) (91,508) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 3 December 2019; 16:16)
29, 14, 7, 6, 4, 3.
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(91,426) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 21 November 2019; 20:35)
The weekly tracking period for sales was initially Monday to Sunday when Nielsen started tracking sales in 1991, but was changed to Friday to Thursday in July 2015. This tracking period also applies to compiling online streaming data. Radio airplay, which, unlike sales figures and streaming, is readily available on a real-time basis, is tracked on a Monday to Sunday cycle (previously Wednesday to Tuesday). A new chart is compiled and officially released to the public by Billboard on Tuesdays.

Sales and streaming from December 20 to December 26 will give the song its biggest chance at reaching the number one spot. Early streams and sales are very important so the song could keep moving up the charts though.
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Re: Pure sales (91,384) (91,387) by Edward from USA
(Monday 18 November 2019; 13:47)
Barbra is on the list from 1969 to the third quarter of 1977, then she re-emerged on the second quarter of 1979 and she's gone by the first quarter of 1981.

For a moment I thought I would see Mariah at the top like Whitney, Celine, Madonna and Michael, but then I realized that the video is based on worldwide certifications. Mariah wasn't as huge in many places out of US as the other three were. While "We Belong Together" was a monster here in the US, it was a moderate hit some other countries, different from "I Will Always Love You" and "My Heart Will Go On", of course the success of their respective movies played an important part in that.

According to what I have read, Celine's albums in French are very successful and supposedly better than her English albums, and she was also selling those

As for Madonna and Michael Jackson, hate them, love them, call them what ever the f you want, but there's not denying in the fact that they were worldwide musical phenomenons.
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Re: Pure sales (91,370) (91,381) by Edward from USA
(Monday 18 November 2019; 00:00)
The video is very interesting to watch especially because it's based on numbers and they don't lie. As for Mariah showing up in 1994, I think it makes sense. Mariah was building up her career up until Music Box catapulted her to stardom, not only musically but commercially. Daydream just cemented her status. I was expecting to see her higher during the period 2005-2006.
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Re: Jesus Born On This Day live video (91,326) (91,328) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 9 November 2019; 19:48)
I think she just looks amazing in this video. Watching her perform the song makes a huge difference to me. She was already a superstar yet she had such a humble demeanor. I think she's going to release the whole concert footage building up to the crowning of AIWFCIY at #1 on the Hot 100.
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Re: Stop what you're doing and praise me (91,306) (91,309) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 7 November 2019; 15:20)
Why You Mad? That was so mean. You're so mean I almost feel like inviting you to post with us for the rest of the week.
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Re: Stop what you're doing and praise me (91,296) (91,300) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 6 November 2019; 20:16)
So funny, but that's the part I like most from "You Got Me". I hope that wasn't so mean, since I want to go back to Canada again next year.
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Re: Stop what you're doing and praise me (91,290) (91,294) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 6 November 2019; 15:13)
Happy Birthday, Licia. I hope you have a wonderful day. As a digital toast to you I'll be playing my favorite song from Charmbracelet "I Only Wanted" later on today.
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Re: All I Want / This is America (91,282) (91,289) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 6 November 2019; 13:30)
A full version like this would definitely give the song a huge streaming boost, it's awesome and funny, but sadly it runs for only 25 seconds and to be counted as a "view", we need 30 seconds or more. I hope they release the whole thing or a longer version for this season. If something is going to take "AIWFCIY" to the #1 spot is the power of streaming.
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Re: Rainbow at 20 (91,246) (91,276) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 5 November 2019; 18:41)
Even though Rainbow is not held up there with the likes of Daydream and Butterfly, I guess the Heartbreaker Maxi Single and the "TGIFY (Make It Last) Remix" made up for it. I love "Heattbreaker both rap and non-rap versions equally. The US Heartbreaker Maxi Single didn't have the non-rap version, I had to get some assistance from Norway.
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Re: St John the Divine (91,273) (91,274) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 5 November 2019; 17:30)
You're right, Stacey. I'm done estertaining crazy, so let's just focus on AIWFCIY. I love "AIWFCIY (Mariah's New Dance Mix Extended 2009) from the bonus CD. I hadn't listened to it before.
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Re: St John the Divine (91,244) (91,252) by Edward from USA
(Monday 4 November 2019; 18:10)
I didn't argue or question anybody who liked the concert audio, it just wasn't what I was expecting in terms of quality, that's my opinion and my experience, I stated it and moved on, yet some of you couldn't move on, could you?

When there's a rule that everybody has to agree on this board, that's when I'll stop posting. But sadly for you there's not such rule, is there? My post could've been just another post, yet somebody had go on the crazy lamb attack.

PS: I know crazy when I see it, and I when I see your your face, I immediately skip your posts, yet mine seem to keep messing with your mascara, go figure whose existence is sorry.
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Re: St John the Divine (91,238) (91,240) by Edward from USA
(Monday 4 November 2019; 01:04)
You seem to be part of a herd, I'm not. I'm an individual and have my own mother effing opinions. No matter how many times you regurgitate the same nonsense, I will keep posting my opinions, agreeing and disagreeing with whomever the f I want. You said you say things the way you see them, so do I. You conform to a group type of thinking, I don't. I like certain things, I don't like others, and will state it. I never said the concert was bad, or questioned those who loved it, it just wasn't what I was expecting, but I was as excited as the rest of us when it was announced. My post and the "thumbs -up" it has seems to have messed your nail polish, I'm not sorry. I don't have to go with the flow so you don't grow a new wrinkle.

As for the obsession you have with Andrew, you should buy yourself a blond Ken doll and play with it, and once you're done then break it apart.
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Re: St John the Divine (91,228) (91,231) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 3 November 2019; 03:00)
That concert wasn't recorded with the intention of releasing it either in video or audio form, one track was and the dubbing made it perfect. It's not the same when all instruments and voice are coming together through one single channel and when the venue wasn't suited for this type of recording. I'm pretty sure people in attendance must've had, as always, a different experience, a great one.

It's obvious though that we were expecting "JTTW" type of quality, and for such anticipated release silence on the board speaks volumes. I personally won't be listening to those tracks again, I'll pretend they were not released, just like the R-Kelly and Mary J. Blige collabos. I'm not mad, I just once again set my expectations too high, but just did so because it was 90's Mariah.
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Re: Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting (91,197) (91,200) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 29 October 2019; 02:01)
Yes, if you're wearing sweatpants and it's Monday.
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Re: Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting (91,191) (91,194) by Edward from USA
(Monday 28 October 2019; 16:30)
Bill, he was referring to Andrew, Randy and me. Your [sic] safe. Don't joke too much now though, you might end up posting with the freaks, but if you promise to bring a not so over-sized pink shirt, you can always post with us. And bring your muffin, unbuttered of course.
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