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Name: Edward
Country: USA
Re: Top ten proflic song lyrics (100,746) (100,749) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 16 July 2022; 22:57)
You and me in a cloud of reverie
Spin around inside my head unendingly
Thoughts run wild as I sit and rhapsodize
Pretty pictures of what I'd do if you were mine

Who uses rhapsodize in a song, the one and only, Mariah Carey. So sad she doesn't write lyrics like that anymore. They were so poetic. After Charmbracelet, her writing style changed significantly.
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Re: Vocabulary (100,729) (100,733) by Edward from USA
(Friday 15 July 2022; 15:34)
I concur. TTEOT is pure brilliance. The Wind is also a favorite of mine, sad but sung with so much soul, it sometimes pierces through my soul. I usually listen to it first then Angel by Sarah McLachlan and then Fields of Gold by Eva Cassidy.
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Re: Vocabulary (100,724) (100,732) by Edward from USA
(Friday 15 July 2022; 15:20)
Lady Ad hominem is coming for you.
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Re: Vocabulary (100,708) (100,717) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 14 July 2022; 08:20)
Because without them and the splashers her "dizzy diva" persona wouldn't work.
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Re: Help (100,710) (100,716) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 14 July 2022; 08:15)
Talk to them. They'll come out. Given the nature of these emails, they tend to be in the closet.
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Re: Vocabulary (100,696) (100,701) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 12 July 2022; 17:28)
There's a trial on a new walker for celebrities, it's called "The Butt Walker". It's something similar to what Michael Jackson used for his "Smooth Criminal Tilt" trick.
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If Only You Knew / Somewhere Over the Rainbow (100,662) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 5 July 2022; 21:30)
Also revisited "If Only You Knew/Somewhere Over the Rainbow" medley tribute to Patti Labelle. Now, that was an epic performance to me, sadly there's not a HD quality audio of it online.
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You and I (100,661) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 5 July 2022; 21:23)
I was just revisiting Mariah's "You and I" tribute to Stevie Wonder and I thought it was simple but perfect which showed that sometimes less is more. She doesn't look much different from a few years past so I was a little nervous waiting for the moment where she would be in her head, but she never was. She was just singing with such confidence and grace, she knew she would deliver and she did. I miss that Mariah so effing much. She stood there without help, spoke with confidence and sung with her heart. Those whistles were angelic.
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Re: GOAT (100,611) (100,616) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 29 June 2022; 16:57)
Sir GOAT Eric, you know that's right. Many of this board have come and gone, but the GOAT always remain.
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Re: BET performance (100,606) (100,615) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 29 June 2022; 16:53)
You can be a little bitchy. Were you born that way or did you pick it up later in life?
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Re: BET performance (100,594) (100,595) by Edward from USA
(Monday 27 June 2022; 22:34)
I concur. That entrance was epic. Sadly her part was too short, but it was an entrance worthy of a Mega Star nonetheless.

Sir Goat Edward
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Re: What's on your MC rotation these days? (100,564) (100,566) by Edward from USA
(Friday 24 June 2022; 23:30)
I've been playing Vanishing nonstop on my way to work. Those vocals, her enunciation, pure perfection. So sad those type vocals lasted about 8 years, but I'm glad I can always revisit them.
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Re: Eddy (100,522) (100,525) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 19 June 2022; 17:54)
See, that's a card I fogot about, "The Goat Card".
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Re: Do you think? (100,507) (100,510) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 18 June 2022; 19:15)
I think that Mariah should forget about selling records and chasing trends. She should concentrate on creating great music, period. I too have thought she has lost her muse when songs like "Save the Day" and "Infinity" came out. She doesn't have anything to prove anymore, but great music is great music.

I don't mind her taking her time to create something with quality. While Caution was critically acclaimed, she knew something was missing. She talked about her voice not being in good shape and she also stated she should've recorded a few more tracks.
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Re: Songwriters speech (100,501) (100,508) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 18 June 2022; 18:34)
How about you stop assuming that Mariah had a manic episode when you don't have verifiable evidence about it, pure speculation, hearsay. You immediately assumed she was having a manic episode when manic episodes don't just work like a switch. The fact that Mariah is bipolar is one thing, but whatever weird situations happen around her don't necessarily have anything to do with this disorder.

Let's see how many cards a lamb can pull out their behind to justify Mariah: "The Bipolar Card", "The Race Card", "The Gender Card", "The Defective Earpiece Card", "The Nodules Card", "The Age Card" and last but not least "The Stella Card".

You can pray all you want for Mariah, that won't take away her bottle or stop her splashes, she has to take responsibility and do something about it. She knows what alcohol does to her and her voice, she stopped drinking it when she was pregnant, didn't she? She knows cigarettes are bad for her voice, she avoids anybody around her when they're smoking, doesn't she? She knows her meds and alcohol don't go hand in hand, I'm pretty sure her top notch doctors have told her about it, yet she decides to do it. The worst thing that could happen to a human being is to be surrounded by a bunch of sycophants and ass kissers. I'm pretty sure if they saw Mariah about to jump down a window, they would say, yas queen, spread your wings and fly to death.
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Re: Songwriters speech (100,490) (100,491) by Edward from USA
(Friday 17 June 2022; 23:00)
Because it's easier to justify. My brother is bipolar, he stopped having manic episodes when he was diagnosed and started taking his meds. His meds have been changed a few times, but nobody in my family is forcing meds into his mouth or have him on 24/7 watch, he knows he has to be responsible and take them.

For those who are screaming some of us lack compassion, why don't you scream at Mariah to put the bottle down, and put the arsenal of resources she has at her disposal to work and take responsiblity by not mixing meds with substances. It's not like she doesn't know. There are many celebrities with mental illness, but they do what they have to do to avoid this type of situation.

I have compassion for people with mental illness, especially those who don't have it easy with the resources. People in Mariah's circumstances make me mad because they know better than that.

Now I know that every time Mariah acts weird and out of place, the bipolar card is the new excuse, typical lamb mentality, no wonder why they think we're all nuts. I wonder if the bipolar card covers horrible outfits too.
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Re: Songwriters speech (100,485) (100,487) by Edward from USA
(Friday 17 June 2022; 20:30)
I agree with you, but if you're taking your medications or not mixing them with any other substances, these things are usually kept under control.
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Re: Songwriters speech (100,482) (100,486) by Edward from USA
(Friday 17 June 2022; 20:26)
Sorry, but Mariah isn't an amateur, she's a professional with enough experience under her skirt to know better. All these justifications sound kind of crazy to me. When you've been waiting for the award most important of your career, you plan things up so everything is perfect. You don't show up to your wedding drunk wearing sneakers, you can do that after. She's given great speeches before for less important awards. She could drink herself into next week after her big moment.
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Re: Songwriters speech (100,478) (100,484) by Edward from USA
(Friday 17 June 2022; 20:17)
Exactly my sentiment. She's talked about being a songwriter first and foremost since times immemorial, yet here she is presented with the most important award of her career and what does she do? She gets into her diva outfit and messes it up. But oh well, let me be delusional and say it was just perfect and we must love it because it's Mariah and that's what fans do.

I hope people understand why she isn't as respected like the other songwriters and less talented divas, it doesn't have anything to do with her music, it has to do with this unlikable character she thinks people love to watch. And not only that, what kind of outfit is that? Was it a boob and fake ass contest. Lord have mercy.
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Re: Why I want another #1 (100,368) (100,370) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 31 May 2022; 18:12)
Rooney: One night, we went to dinner at Sylvia's in Harlem - me, Tommy, and Mariah. On our way back, we were riding in the limo and every club, every car was bumping "Fantasy". Mariah put her sunglasses on, and tears came down her cheeks, because she couldn't believe her record was getting played all through the hood. That was the beginning of her not turning back to pop.

She once told me though she was grateful for her success, she would trade in all of her record sales to get the respect that Mary J. Blige got. She said, "Mary doesn't have to sell 28 million records to be respected - people respect Mary, and I just want to be respected like her."

You don't write, sing, act or paint for your peers, you do that for the people. Even though your peers respect is always welcomed, the greatest gratification comes from the respect you get from those whom you create your art for, the people.

I personally don't have anything against Mariah, she has made her choices and have gained a lot and also suffered the consequences. It's life, we all have gone through that. Let's just not make excuses as to why she's not as respected globally as Celine, Whitney or Barbra. Her choices led to that, she's been in control of her image since Butterfly.
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Re: Why I want another #1 (100,350) (100,363) by Edward from USA
(Monday 30 May 2022; 21:10)
That's what you call to pull a Nikki. When you can't pull anything else out of your ass, you can always pull the race card.
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Re: Why I want another #1 (100,356) (100,362) by Edward from USA
(Monday 30 May 2022; 21:07)
"It's silly to claim Mariah Carey isn't respected. But we should probably clarify who we're looking for respect from. 15 year olds?"

Exactly, 15 year olds don't know or care about Mariah's music, most people in their their 30's and older are the ones who roll their eyes when her name is mentioned. The peer respect is bullshit, artist want respect from the people, that's the real respect. Back before she could take two steps on her own like the rest of us, while she was still sexy and classy, but before her over the top Diva kicked in, it was cool to say you were her fan, now I keep it to myself.

"As for her diva attitude, if using a treadmill in silk negligee and six inch Gucci stilettos while hitting whistles and sipping a glass of crystal pinky out isn't classy, then I don't know what is dahling."

Exactly the opposite of classy and sane, dahling.
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Re: Why I want another #1 (100,330) (100,334) by Edward from USA
(Friday 27 May 2022; 19:38)
Celine is a great vocalist, Mariah is a musical genius, but there's a huge difference on how they have portrayed themselves throughout their careers. While Celine has always been classy, Mariah hasn't. Ever since Mariah adopted that diva persona that sometimes comes across as arrogant and petulant, she lost respect and fans jumped ship left and right. She has the instrument, she has the hits, she has the longevity and the status, but she never cultivated an image that would give her that respect. Number and hits don't necessarily give you respect, people do. With all her success, one would think mentioning her name would elicit admiration among friends and people in general, but that's not the case. One also have to consider that her shift in music and decline in the quality of her lyrics/music alienated a huge chunk of her core fanbase. When fans of a certain artist get older, they usually look for more quality unless you're a show-woman like Madonna, whom you can't compare to Mariah in terms of the quality of her music or voice, but someone who offers a show worth every penny you pay for. Different from Celine and Barbra, Mariah is very insecure on stage too, and that usually shows. While she could walk like a regular human being on stage decades ago, she could even run a little, can you image, she could run, but now she's stiff and always in her head. Had she kept being classy as in her Daydream era, she would've been the queen of queens, but it's obvious that's not who she wanted to be. And I'm not talking about her looks necessarily, but her attitude. At some point she believed her own hype and it went to her head. She only has herself to blame.
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Re: Good afternoon (100,302) (100,304) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 18 May 2022; 00:48)
Mariah's personal email address is well known. It's Make sure you you tell her you're from MCArchives.
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Re: Why Hotlanta (100,269) (100,271) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 12 May 2022; 16:32)
We need "The Rarities 2" in the meantime.
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