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Name: Edward
Country: USA
Re: Why I want another #1 (100,356) (100,362) by Edward from USA
(Monday 30 May 2022; 21:07)
"It's silly to claim Mariah Carey isn't respected. But we should probably clarify who we're looking for respect from. 15 year olds?"

Exactly, 15 year olds don't know or care about Mariah's music, most people in their their 30's and older are the ones who roll their eyes when her name is mentioned. The peer respect is bullshit, artist want respect from the people, that's the real respect. Back before she could take two steps on her own like the rest of us, while she was still sexy and classy, but before her over the top Diva kicked in, it was cool to say you were her fan, now I keep it to myself.

"As for her diva attitude, if using a treadmill in silk negligee and six inch Gucci stilettos while hitting whistles and sipping a glass of crystal pinky out isn't classy, then I don't know what is dahling."

Exactly the opposite of classy and sane, dahling.
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Re: Why I want another #1 (100,330) (100,334) by Edward from USA
(Friday 27 May 2022; 19:38)
Celine is a great vocalist, Mariah is a musical genius, but there's a huge difference on how they have portrayed themselves throughout their careers. While Celine has always been classy, Mariah hasn't. Ever since Mariah adopted that diva persona that sometimes comes across as arrogant and petulant, she lost respect and fans jumped ship left and right. She has the instrument, she has the hits, she has the longevity and the status, but she never cultivated an image that would give her that respect. Number and hits don't necessarily give you respect, people do. With all her success, one would think mentioning her name would elicit admiration among friends and people in general, but that's not the case. One also have to consider that her shift in music and decline in the quality of her lyrics/music alienated a huge chunk of her core fanbase. When fans of a certain artist get older, they usually look for more quality unless you're a show-woman like Madonna, whom you can't compare to Mariah in terms of the quality of her music or voice, but someone who offers a show worth every penny you pay for. Different from Celine and Barbra, Mariah is very insecure on stage too, and that usually shows. While she could walk like a regular human being on stage decades ago, she could even run a little, can you image, she could run, but now she's stiff and always in her head. Had she kept being classy as in her Daydream era, she would've been the queen of queens, but it's obvious that's not who she wanted to be. And I'm not talking about her looks necessarily, but her attitude. At some point she believed her own hype and it went to her head. She only has herself to blame.
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Re: Good afternoon (100,302) (100,304) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 18 May 2022; 00:48)
Mariah's personal email address is well known. It's Make sure you you tell her you're from MCArchives.
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Re: Why Hotlanta (100,269) (100,271) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 12 May 2022; 16:32)
We need "The Rarities 2" in the meantime.
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Masterclass (100,196) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 17 April 2022; 15:35)
I'm actually speechless after watching the masterclass. Stating you're a songwriter and producer is one thing, but to actually see her working on her songs, it's a breath of fresh air. This is the type of content I thought we would all experience on Mariah's World. I have a new respect for Mariah and her artistry. As much I loved Whitney and like Celine, Mariah is definitely is in a league of her own. The session where she talks about the lyrical contents of "Looking In", "Outside", "The Roof" and "Sunflowers for Alfred Roy" catapulted me back to those days reminding me why I became a fan. As for "The Roof", I can now appreciate it for what it was intended to be, a re-imagened version, not just a ramake. I'm very hopeful for new music.
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Brandy (100,182) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 16 April 2022; 00:09)
Watching Mariah working on "The Roof" with Brandy is actually amazing. They're both sitting on next to each other and Mariah is showing her how the song goes, and then they harmonize each other. So cool.
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Re: Mariah Carey Masterclass (100,176) (100,181) by Edward from USA
(Friday 15 April 2022; 23:13)
Use a VPN. There are free ones online.
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Re: The Roof (When I Feel the Need) (100,165) (100,166) by Edward from USA
(Friday 15 April 2022; 02:18)
I'm glad you and some others like it. I'll support her with it, but I think Brandy could've be put to better use on it. Maybe what's on YouTube is a rough version, hopefully I change my mind.
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The Roof (100,164) by Edward from USA
(Friday 15 April 2022; 01:37)
That's why I've said that classics should be left alone if they're not going to be improved upon or at least be worked on differently. I love Butterfly the way it is, it's a masterpiece. If this is the way Mariah's going to sound after resting her voice for almost three years, I'm disappointed. What was the use of having Brandy on it, she was basically relegated to background vocals, a waste of talent in my opinion.
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Conspiracy theory (100,141) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 12 April 2022; 22:47)
I think some of you should stop with the conspiracy theories. Nobody is blocking Mariah from going to #One if her songs and collabos are filtered by the same rules as everyone else. I would prefer a #One like "Endless Love", "Can't Let Go", "Without You" or "Shake If Off" over a forgettable remix to be honest. I'm not saying I don't like the High Energy Remix, it's just that it's another Fantasy remix to me.
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Re: Where's Bill? (100,064) (100,068) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 31 March 2022; 04:18)
Easy Mary. Some of us do.
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Re: Article: Mariah Carey turns 53 (100,040) (100,046) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 29 March 2022; 16:14)
At this point in her career having been born in 1969 or a year later doesn't matter, back then it did. I do think she's 53, she should own it. She's had a fascinating career and doesn't look her age at all.
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Re: Any news (99,973) (99,975) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 24 March 2022; 15:58)
"Sweet Sixteen" would be too girly. "The Woman In Me" would be more appropriate.
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Re: Question (99,923) (99,925) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 17 March 2022; 18:02)
Paula Abdul is just a cold hearted snake.
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Re: MC trousers (99,881) (99,887) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 9 March 2022; 19:56)
Stella once said Mariah had butt implants. I wonder when that happened. Unless Stella was just being bitter and those are push-up panties.
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Re: MC trousers (99,877) (99,878) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 8 March 2022; 17:33)
What about push-up bras? I think she wore them on her last interview with Oprah.
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Re: Butterfly 25th September 16 (99,865) (99,867) by Edward from USA
(Monday 7 March 2022; 21:09)
She re-imagined "One More Try". I hope for some new music. The album Butterfly should be left alone. It is perfect since its conception.
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Re: Hero (99,850) (99,852) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 5 March 2022; 20:10)
How dare you having an opinion? I do agree that, lyricwise, "Through the Train" is far superior than "Hero", but I do prefer "Hero". As Terna stated, sometimes less is more, and while "Hero" is kind of generic, its message connected to people and Mariah's delivery was simply flawless. The performance of the song that was used as the video for it, in which Mariah looked like a goddess, represents the Mariah I fell for and the version I also love most. I have to admit though Hero is a song I very rarely listen to, but I do love what it represents in Mariah's career, it definitely was her signature song until AIWFCIY replaced it.
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Re: Tommy's Mariah (part 3) breaking down (99,818) (99,821) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 3 March 2022; 03:56)
Robert-Anthony, we all post here and we know people could comment on those posts, that's a fact. Somebody got their feelings hurt because a fellow board member disagreed with them and they decided to throw a few ridiculous tantrums as if they were 5. Whitney Houston once said: crack is wack, and I agree.
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Re: Tommy's Mariah (part 3) breaking down (99,817) (99,820) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 3 March 2022; 03:48)
Well, given the fact I never addressed you or made any comment on any of your recent posts, and that you've come here attacking me, I have come to the conclusion that you're on crack or something, there's no other explanation. And that wasn't shade, that was a statement. If you don't want people's opinion on your posts, simply don't post. If you're afraid of getting your feelings hurt because someone here disagrees with you, then you shouldn't be posting, you should be in therapy.
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Re: Tommy's Mariah (part 3) breaking down (99,803) (99,810) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 2 March 2022; 18:02)
Come on RibbonC, we all say that, but we read them anyway. We need some drama here, everything is being kind of boring on the board lately.
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Re: Favourite ending (99,808) (99,809) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 2 March 2022; 17:53)
I'm not pulling a Nikki here. CDs have always been cheaper here. They realized many fans were importing them from magazines and stuff. That problem was solved by giving bonus tracks to fans, mostly in Europe, it didn't come out of the pureness of their hearts. Most people in the US assumed you got the same stuff as here, so we didn't feel the need to import anything. Many fans, including me, didn't know anything EFA until about five years after, and because it was on the internet, as a stand alone track, then later on I found out it was the bonus track for the international fans on the Music Box CD. There are many many people who even 10 years ago didn't know anything about it. And yes, I tried to import #1's from Europe, but just because at the time we were getting more connected through the internet and I knew what the trick was. Once music was digitally available, it didn't make much sense anymore, they kept doing, but this time they didn't care much about quality, they would pull a leftover track and added it to the final product. It's good we agree on something though, EFA is definitely a great track, better than many tracks on some of her albums.
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Re: Favourite ending (99,805) (99,807) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 2 March 2022; 04:17)
It's just they wanted you guys to keep buying albums and singles over there at a higher price instead of importing them from here at a fraction of the price. While I adore both tracks, they were bonus tracks for the international fans. Own it! Anyway, I'm going to wear my Mariah perfume now.
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Re: Favourite ending (99,798) (99,799) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 1 March 2022; 14:06)
AIEW is a sad love song. Remember that. EFA is considered to be a bonus track for the international fans just like DYKWYGT.
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Re: Favourite ending (99,789) (99,790) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 27 February 2022; 20:55)
I fell in love with "Everything Fades Away" the first time I listened to it, but to me it was evident why Mariah had left it out of Music Box. It's a great song, never a filler, but it doesn't flow well with the rest of the album, in my opinion. Yes, I've played the album several times making it the last track after "All I've Ever Wanted", but not matter how many times I played it, while I enjoyed the song, it fell totally disconnected from the rest of the album. "All I've Ever Wanted" is a killer powerful song as the last track. It was sad though that the first time some lambs from this side of the pond first listened to "Everything Fades Away" was when Napster and mp3's became popular around 1998, nearly five years after Music Box was released. A few years later, after Charmbracelet, having additional tracks for fans on the other side of pond didn't make sense anymore, but when it happened, the quality of the tracks were more of left over fillers from the album sessions. "Sprung" on the international version of TEOM was just an awful track, in my opinion, same goes for "Heat" on E=MC2.
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