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Name: Edward
Country: USA
Re: The Daily Shame (89,964) (89,969) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 13 June 2019; 22:52)
I had said it before, this is just the beginning from Cuntella and her daughter Bitchka. It's sad because I actually think Mariah is in a different place right now. I'm glad this is happening though, maybe she finally bursts the yass-queen bubble of people she's decided to trap herself in, incluring the yass-queen fans. Those pics are humiliating and Mariah looks as if she had herself a mixture of pills, alcohol and God knows what else. I was glad when Morgan opened his mouth, even though it wasn't for him to tell. She should've taken notes from that, her yass-queen nephew denied everything. I'll go with the yass-queen lambs, she was going through a divorce, having an affair, her humidifiers were contaminated, and the list goes on.
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Re: Lead the Way (89,922) (89,930) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 12 June 2019; 14:05)
I've always known the long note in "Butterfly" was cut and paste to prolong the note. If you listen closely, you can hear it, it was obviously impossible to replicate that life or pretend she was even trying it in front of an audience. At Diana's Tribute she lipped the note as it was sung in the studio before they cut and pasted. It was easier doing that with Butterfly because there was a lot going on in the background in that song, but with "Lead The Way" the situation is different. With no distractions in the background, you can clearly hear Mariah's voice flowing along without any weird change in key or studio tweaking. You have to remember "Glitter" was supposed to be to Mariah what "The Bodyguard" was to Whitney, so Mariah went all out vocally in that album, especially in "Lead The Way". I do agree with you, the whistle note is perfectly placed, and the last note is out of this world. "Lead The Way" is simply epic.
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Re: Me against the whistle (89,907) (89,911) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 11 June 2019; 14:09)
Mariah should release a whistle album, it would be like super epic-epic. Randy, I heard there's a version of "Right to Dream" with whistles too. Wasn't the whistled version of "With You" burning the R&B charts? Oh, I think I need my meds again.
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Re: Article: Mariah's former assistant reveals singer has fake booty (89,878) (89,883) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 9 June 2019; 03:47)
Completely agree with you. That Mariah got herself a new booty, who cares? I kind of suspected it, but Mariah let herself go with her empowered women bullshit. Allowing a kid to have control over her Social Media, and allowing those roaches to take pictures/videos that would eventually be used to shame her. It's not like she didn't know, nobody liked Stella, not even Wendy Williams, but she made her choice now she has to deal with the bootiquences. Mariah went from classy/mysterious to trashy while she was with that thing. This is just the beginning, remember that Mishka has a copy of Mariah's demo too, yes we want to listen to it, but not coming from those roaches.
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Re: Mariah Pride (89,799) (89,810) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 2 June 2019; 13:23)
In terms of the support she gets from the LGBT community, Mariah donates a percentage of her tour merchandise accordingly.

The Lesbians: 5%
The Gays: 25%
The Bisexuals: 2.5%
The Transgenders: 20%

If you're cisgender, Mariah doesn't know you with her money.

Lee, buy as many tour items as you please, 25% is huge.
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Re: First Mariah item (89,648) (89,650) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 19 May 2019; 13:45)
The first thing I purchased from Mariah was the "Daydream" album in cassette format. Yes, I was bored sitting in an almost empty classroom with my headphones on when "Open Arms" came on. That voice, so soothing, so angelic, so melodic, captivated me. Imagine my surprise when I then realized that I had "Mariah Carey", "Emotions" "MTV Unplugged" and "Music Box" to binge on. I discovered "Merry Christmas" later when I heard "All I Want From Christmas Is You" at a Computer Show. All this happen not in the US, but in Dominican Republic, where we only had two radio stations that played music in English at that time, and a few stores that sold CD's and cassettes from the most popular music in English. How I wished we had mp3 players back then, I used to carry all this effing cassettes and then CD's with me in my backpack. Buying batteries for my walk-man and then disc-man made a hole in my pocket, lol. Those were the days.
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Re: New start (89,632) (89,649) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 19 May 2019; 13:29)
"Using a superiority complex as a mechanism to masquerade an inferiority complex." B, you're deep.
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Re: Has something happened? (89,593) (89,597) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 16 May 2019; 14:33)
Licia, you better like it or I would definitely want my pink shirt back.
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A new board (89,596) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 16 May 2019; 14:23)
Let's all hold hands, stage a coup and take this board off Eric's hands. After that, we can create the perfect messageboard. A board in which we could all praise the greatness of Mariah's World, in which we could all buy Mariah's nail polish, lipstick, pink water, and perfumes, not matter if you're cisgender, transgender or a eunuch, we could all benefit from that. If this board were as positive as that, we could finally get Mariah's World released on DVD and Migrate could finally be released as a single. After all, when Andrew left the board, Caution's sales went through the roof, had he stayed gone a little bit longer, Caution would now be Mariah's Thriller. Please guys, please, we need a board like that, even if it only lasts a day or two, but being positive is fundamental.
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Re: Has something happened? (89,583) (89,584) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 16 May 2019; 01:13)
Using your cisgender privilege to make fun of the whole board is not cool.
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Re: Has something happened? (89,580) (89,582) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 16 May 2019; 00:54)
Randy, at least "Right to Dream" was digitally released, but "Help Me Make It", a song I love, never saw the light of day officially. I've always looked for a 320kbps mp3 version of that song, but it doesn't seem to exist, I only have the version that surfaced online at the time, which is still good, but just that. I do love "Right to Dream" and "Help Me Make It" because there wasn't much happening in the background, just Mariah's voice and simple and non-intrusive instrumentation.
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Re: Madonna's BBMA performance (89,499) (89,507) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 8 May 2019; 02:32)
I agree with you. A donkey shouldn't laugh at a rabbit's ears. Mariah can have her boobs out at 50 because she's earned it, and she does it because it encourages young mothers to breastfeed their babies so they have good teeth and bones.
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Re: Madonna's BBMA performance (89,503) (89,506) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 8 May 2019; 02:22)
If it's Mariah half-naked with a tit out at 60, it's ok, how dare you being ageist? If it's Madonna, Beyonce or Lady Gaga, the wrath of the lambs is unleashed. Hypocrisy much.
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Mariah vs Whitney (89,298) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 24 April 2019; 18:35)
At their peaks, Whitney had a more powerful voice, but Mariah was more versatile and an overall better singer. Whitney would've sung circles around Mariah because her voice would've drowned Mariah's, unless Mariah started hitting high notes left and right. While Whitney didn't create melodies like Mariah, she exuded confidence because she was in control of her instrument. She would stand there, and you knew girl was about to blow your wig away, with glue and all, that's why some women hated her. Mariah would get to you not only with her voice, but with her lyrics, the complexities of her melodies and her singing. Many sung Whitney's songs, but when some have tried those Mariah's songs that to the ear seem to be easy, they have struggled, big time. Jessica Sanchez on American Idol matched "I Will Always Love You" note for note, but when she tried "My All", she came to realization that you don't f with most Mariah's songs. Jennifer Lopez looked at her and said: I didn't know it was that difficult. Mariah was great, but she couldn't always matched her perfection in the studio, that's why she resulted to dubbing many performances that many now can't believe were dubbed because she was insecure. Mariah dubbed her performance with Pavarotti for example. I love me some Whitney, I loved her charisma, her confidence, her music, but her music didn't get to me as Mariah's did. As for Aretha and Patti, love them both, but I hate the screaming thing while singing. Some people might call it soulful, some might call it great, I just don't like it, unless you're Chaka Khan singing "Gotta Be There", only time, lol. Whitney's voice was powerful and clear, she never screamed, so, out of all of them, including Mariah, Whitney had the more powerful voice, Mariah had the best voice over all.
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Re: How are singles chosen? (89,099) (89,102) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 11 April 2019; 14:02)
Bye Bye was meant to be the next One Sweet Day with its universal theme. E=MC2's blessing and curse was the fact that mostly anything on it could've been a single. The critics hailed it as an album that played as if it was a greatest hits. I guess they had so many options that they ended up picking what they thought would connect with the audience, but following an old tired formula instead of what the people were feeling at the moment. Coming from the high of TEOM, E=MC2 showed a Mariah singing with confidence, without straining or anything to prove, she was actually feeling herself in the studio, like literally, lol. I loved I Stay In Love from the first listen, but it was definitely the first attempt a recreating We Belong Together. Weirdly enough was the fact that everybody talked about most of the songs on the album, but they never mentioned I Stay In Love, not even Mariah's people. I didn't surprise me though that it was released as a single.
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Re: Caution 93k (89,094) (89,097) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 11 April 2019; 01:30)
Eric, please don't be sarcastic, last time you did that, B took a 3-hour break from the board. We almost die thinking he would be gone for a whole day. On a serious note: Caution is a great album, I actually can listen to it from beginning to end without skipping a track, a thing I can't say about TEOM, which is is far superior, but with some fillers. I just wish she had pushed herself vocally at least on a couple of tracks. I hope she doesn't wait another 4 years for another album.
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Re: How are singles chosen? (89,086) (89,087) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 10 April 2019; 13:46)
Mariah definitely wanted Migrate released, that's not in question, but once Touch My Body was released, she and the label wanted to continue with the usual formula and it just didn't work, she never wanted Migrate as the second single, that's my point. I remember Migrate actually charted on the Hot 100 purely on sales, along with some other songs from the album just like Betcha Gon Know from Memoirs also charted. What kind of irks me here is the fact that some people keep saying Mariah wanted Migrate released right after TMB was released, when in reality she had her usual formula in mind: an up-tempo then a ballad. They thought Bye Bye would be a universal hit, but it just didn't connect with people like that.
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Re: How are singles chosen? (89,064) (89,081) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 10 April 2019; 01:49)
Back in 2008, Perez Hilton interviewed Mariah briefly, and he asked her if Migrate would the second single, to what she replied: "No darling, we've been doing this for years, I know what I'm doing." She answered that way because Perez kind of made it sound that Migrate wouldn't be a good choice as a second single. Saying Mariah wanted Migrate before Bye Bye to make Mariah looks good is insane to me. As you said, Mariah followed the same formula, and it just didn't work. Then she basically abandoned the project which I understand because of what was going on in her personal life. This notion that every time a single flops is because it was the label's pick is ridiculous. Mariah stopped being a puppet a long time ago. She's very much involved and in control of what she puts out, in too much control actually. E=MC2 is a great album full of potential hits, but the timing just wasn't right. L.A. Read was also the one who sent Mariah back in the studio to record We Belong Together and Shake If Off because he thought there was something missing. Some fans can't give credit to anybody other than Mariah these days.
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Re: Mariah, Damizza, the car (88,775) (88,778) by Edward from USA
(Monday 25 March 2019; 03:26)
I remember, if I'm not mistaken, when Eric was sent a cease and desist letter from printing his little magazine that only promoted Mariah back when she was still popular, and he's in The Netherlands. So you think Mariah's people wouldn't do anything to stop such an "untruth"? Child please. According to Damizza, she read the chapter, didn't see anything wrong with it and Oked it. He talks about Mariah but he doesn't badmouth her or anything, and I'm pretty sure she happily agreed with what he had to say about Tommy and his creepy obsession with her. According to Damizza, he was a no nonse friend/boyfriend with her, and she being used ro her yes people and blind lambs appreciated that.
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Re: Mariah, Damizza, the car (88,769) (88,774) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 24 March 2019; 22:06)
Oh wow, I was just writing a post titled "Let's play the blind lamb" almost identical to yours, but you beat me to it. As much as it could hurt the herd of "the follow the leada blind lambs", whatever Damizza wrote in his book was approved by Mariah. Without her consent, he couldn't have used her name, period. And if it was approved by Mariah, she must've been Ok with it. He also talked about Tommy's obsession with Mariah and him trying to kind of recruit Damizza to spy Mariah to what he refused because it was creepy. So, before calling anybody a liar just because they say something about Mariah you might not like, remember those people, good or bad, were part of her inner circle, and while they can exaggerate and lie, they can also state the truth. The truth usually lies somewhere in the middle, and last time I checked Mariah hadn't changed her name to Mary Poppins Full of Grace.
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Re: Okay, please nobody get mad (88,746) (88,749) by Edward from USA
(Friday 22 March 2019; 17:42)
Mariah can also replicate "ella ella" live. You should've been more thorough in your post.
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Re: Does anyone here even stream music? (88,687) (88,694) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 19 March 2019; 15:28)
I always knew that comment would come down to bite her ass because nobody stays popular forever and I knew her turn would come. Besides, at that point it was a rumor what Madonna had said, there was no video or recording of her stating anything like that. It's good that Mariah came to her senses and praised her at the Grammys following TEOM. Madonna and Mariah are iconic and in the same boat now, Madonna can't score a hit and Mariah, well, she's annihilating the R&B charts in Tangamandapio. At least I still like Mariah's music. I stopped listening to Madonna after she released the album Music when I was 7.
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Re: Still listening (88,676) (88,679) by Edward from USA
(Monday 18 March 2019; 22:32)
Why do you do that? You know B has a fetish with underarm hair, and here you are rubbing your bush on his face. That's so mean. No wonder he still thinks "With You" is slaying the R&B charts.
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Another excuse (88,630) by Edward from USA
(Friday 15 March 2019; 20:15)
When it comes to remixes, Billboard rules are very clear, and they refer to remixes that morph into a completely different song, like "Thank God I Found You" Make it Last Remix. I love this remix by the way, better than the original. Mariah is capable of making a great remix keeping the song original melody and adding a featured rapper, but that would need creativity, and the will for a quality outcome, she did so on the remix for "#Beautiful" ft. Miguel and Jeezy. Mariah laid down some new vocals, the final whistles were short, but heavenly, and Jeezy’s rap was great. So, let's not blame Billboard for Mariah's inability to create a decent remix these days. A shitty remix is a shitty remix, period. "A No No" remix is what I actually didn't want it to be, a copy and paste uninspired effort. Why on earth didn't she have everything ready before releasing a 10-track album, especially knowing she would be extremely busy with Christmas, Vegas, and a world tour? While Mariah makes her money in concerts and touring, Epic has to recoup their investment from an album that wouldn't be bringing them any money, it's business. I'm pretty sure none of you would be investing their money into pushing a project that was basically dead in the water commercially from the beginning. Yes, it was critically acclaimed, good for Mariah, but if that doesn't translate into some sort of revenue for the label, it doesn't make sense to keep investing.
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Re: The remix (88,624) (88,627) by Edward from USA
(Friday 15 March 2019; 18:53)
B, It's always someone else to blame, Isn't it? There's a thin line between being positive and being delusional, in your case at least. At what point do you even consider Mariah is responsible, at least partially? Oops, that context wouldn't ever exist in your world. I said from the beginning, this remix would work if it wasn't a cut and paste effort, and there it is, so you, like many other delulus, have to look for a escape goat, JD it is, or maybe Epic. No, those two are "A No No", it's Tommy or maybe JLO. It was Cardi or Maybe Lil Kim.
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