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Name: Edward
Country: USA
Concert in Saudi Arabia (101,526) by Edward from USA
(Monday 24 October 2022; 06:14)
Well, just like they pushed poor Whitney into embarrassment by encouraging her into touring when she wasn't ready, Marian also has her "yass queen" sycophants and some delusional fans that wouldn't give to fs about her as long as they get a glimpse of her. The thing is now with cellphones it is impossible to keep any concert/performance isolated.
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This is a reply to message 101,523 by Bill from the UK
(Monday 24 October 2022; 00:20)
Concert in Saudi Arabia (101,520) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 23 October 2022; 17:55)
She should just stop putting herself through this. The whistles are so overused at this point that they're losing the effect they used to have on people.
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This is a reply to message 101,518 by Randy from USA
(Sunday 23 October 2022; 14:05)
Heartbreakers video (101,502) by Edward from USA
(Friday 21 October 2022; 15:40)
No, the remix is as cheap as most of her other videos.
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This is a reply to message 101,501 by Rashidi Rahim Rick from Malaysia
(Friday 21 October 2022; 03:20)
Heartbreakers video (101,500) by Edward from USA
(Friday 21 October 2022; 01:23)
2.5 millions to be exact.
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This is a reply to message 101,498 by AgentM from UK
(Thursday 20 October 2022; 18:53)
Re: Full of grace (101,460) (101,462) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 16 October 2022; 17:30)
She just shouldn't rely on them as much, just use them to adorn the songs. She won't give up on the whistles because that's the only part of her voice that's still in good shape.
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This is a reply to message 101,460 by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Sunday 16 October 2022; 00:58)
Re: Full of grace (101,447) (101,450) by Edward from USA
(Friday 14 October 2022; 01:14)
Why you mad? Your post shows you were definitely in grade school when this happened. Many artists keep everything he mentioned far into their careers. One could speculate that the more successful you get, the more confident too. Mariah is not 80, she's just 53. This performance wasn't only about the voice, but about the soul, the confidence, the humble demeanor, the grace. Age doesn't have anything to do with it. Back then the diva act hadn't been put into effect yet.
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This is a reply to message 101,447 by jaker20 from US
(Thursday 13 October 2022; 22:04)
Eric (101,436) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 12 October 2022; 01:02)
Eric, I hope you're OK. It's weird nobody has posted anything in a couple of days.
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Strain the Night (101,424) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 8 October 2022; 14:15)
"Stay the Night" was always an annoying track to. It's not really the music, but the fact Marian's voice sounds too strained and whiney to my taste. I always skip it. I prefer "To The Floor" and " Get Your Number".
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Re: Just a thought, let's be kind (101,418) (101,419) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 8 October 2022; 00:51)
We all want Marian to deliver quality music and decent performances, that's all. Quality as in music with great lyrical content. Decent as in singing in her current range and stop pretending to hide the elephants in the rooms where her performances take place. She might not have control of her voice like she used to, but she could definitely kill it with her pen game. I know it's going to be difficult for her to retire those difficult songs to sing, but unless she arranges them differently, it will be more and more obvious as her voice keeps declining. I don't know what it is that's affecting her, but it is sad to watch. I saw how Barbra Streisand, at 53, gave Celine a run for her money vocally on "Tell Him". I always thought Marian would have similar voice quality too.
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Re: Just a thought, let's be kind (101,409) (101,411) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 6 October 2022; 00:55)
As I said before, I have reconciled with the fact that her voice has deteriorated. At this point, her talking about what has happened to it would be stating the obvious. Whether it's because of her nodules or her habits, what difference would it make? I don't even care about the smoke and mirrors with the wall of back up singers and pre-recorded tracks anymore. What she shouldn't be saying is that she got her voice back when, evidenced by her latest performance, she didn't.
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Re: The Pitchfork lists (101,393) (101,397) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 4 October 2022; 17:28)
Should we crucify you or burn you at the stake?
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Re: The Pitchfork lists (101,387) (101,392) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 4 October 2022; 02:35)
The wise Adele once sad: "Marian should be in the Bible". While Jesus has sold more books, Marian has sold more records. I guess that's why they are friends. When it comes to Christmas, they are mutually inclusive.
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Re: Toni Braxton (101,369) (101,371) by Edward from USA
(Friday 30 September 2022; 01:03)
I also love me some Toni. I haven't listen to any of her albums from start to finish, but her first two albums, "Toni Braxton" and "Secrets". I just got "The Heat" album, I'll listen to it closely.
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Re: The Roof (101,368) (101,370) by Edward from USA
(Friday 30 September 2022; 01:00)
You're not alone, me too. Surprisingly, the new version has some elements that hit harder.
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Re: Mariah's certifications (101,342) (101,349) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 27 September 2022; 18:59)
"Mariah Carey" hasn't reached diamond status yet. As for Mariah's performance at Global Citizen, it is evident her fluidity and buttery tone that would make her sound like an angel are gone. I really think she shouldn't go on tour anymore as she had stated. Touring would definitely obliterate what's left of her voice. I love me some Mariah and I'll support her efforts on any studio recordings she releases from here on. Randy, I think you should just make peace with the fact that the voice as we knew it is gone, I would say about 60% of her voice is gone. She can still piece together some great music in the studio. Vocally, I think she still has two decent albums left. Let's celebrate her legacy and don't torture yourself comparing her recent performances with those of her prime, you'll always be disappointed. At this point I'm more than happy with her being a studio artist, exclusively.
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Weird (101,301) by Edward from USA
(Friday 23 September 2022; 17:45)
Isn't it weird that Mariah used all the material from the Butterfly sessions? It's like like she knew all these tracks would end up on the final product from their conception. Most artists usually record over 30 songs and then pick the better ones. Butterfly is truly a special album.
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Re: Another taste of honey (101,266) (101,277) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 20 September 2022; 20:54)
So, the Honey is the sperm collective, the guys dancing represent each individual sperm trying to get to the egg who would be represented by Mariah, the uterus is represented by the boat they're dancing on. Then the egg take a swimming in the honey and then she has twins on 2011. Mimi L, I love you, but I guess you're ready to have a baby.
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Re: The 8 "new" tracks (101,209) (101,212) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 15 September 2022; 20:32)
How are these considered "8 new bonus tracks"? Whenever You Call with Brian is no new. Hopefully those are not the new tracks since six of them are available on YouTube. If that's all, sorry but I'll pass.
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Re: Butterfly 25 (101,205) (101,206) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 15 September 2022; 17:15)
Writing a song for someone doesn't necessarily mean you have to make a demo of it. Just like there's not a demo for "Where Are You Christmas", I don't think there are demos for those songs either.

Mariah stated, back when she released "The Rarities", that she had used everything from the "Butterfly Sessions" that's why anything from that era was absent on it.

Since she said she got her voice back during the pandemic, I hope to hear some awesome studio vocals on some of these new tracks. According to what you see on the promo, it's a 2-CD set, probably one with the original album and the second with the bonus material. At this point, I'm happy we're getting some new music building up to Christmas.
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The Butterfly Lounge (101,197) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 14 September 2022; 18:44)
As I said, "The Butterfly Lounge" project should've been cooked and ready so be served by now. The following is an excerpt of an interview she had back in December 2021

Expanding on the other projects she's cooking, she more excitedly added: "I'm working on this thing called the 'Butterfly Lounge,' and it's basically me creating music. So you're watching me talk to the guitar player, talk to the bass player and tell them, like, 'Here are the notes I want to hear, blah blah blah.' We're writing, and you're watching the process of me writing. So I think we'll find whatever streaming service is the best for this. We've been doing this for the whole year because I got my voice back. And we were at home and we didn't have to run around and do all this nonsense, y'know? We're also working on the adaptation of the memoir. But that's something else."
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Re: Atlanta home (101,191) (101,196) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 14 September 2022; 18:33)
Mariah had been working on the Butterfly Lounge for a long long time without distractions. She wasn't touring, she had plenty of time to put it together. I think she'll drop whatever she cooked pretty soon.
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Re: Mariah's age (101,189) (101,190) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 13 September 2022; 20:05)
Mariah also said her boobs augmentation was due to push-up bras. She couldn't keep on denying it when her boobs came out of the closet. At this point in her career/life, 52 or 53 is all the same. Lol.
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Re: Blood Orange (101,186) (101,187) by Edward from USA
(Monday 12 September 2022; 17:49)
I've seen Mariah at the Beacon Theater 3 times, but since they kind of discovered she could do a venue 20 bigger than that, I don't think we'll see her at the Beacon Theater doing the Christmas show ever again. Mariah is big on Christmas hence her Christmas shows do so well. I think she'll try to capitalize on them as much as she can.
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Re: I wish for Butterfly: unplugged for Butterfly 25 (101,177) (101,178) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 11 September 2022; 01:44)
The Roof ft Brandy was actually decent.
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Re: I wish for Butterfly: unplugged for Butterfly 25 (101,173) (101,176) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 10 September 2022; 20:39)
I agree with you 100%. When she re-recorded Hero, it was a let-down for me. That's why I'm kind of against of her re-recording any of her classics. I've always said, if you can't at least deliver the same quality or improve on it, do not touch it. "I Wanna Know What Love Is" was her last decent cover. Her "One More Try" cover was a sacrilege. I didn't like her re-recording of "Close My Eyes" either.
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