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Name: Edward
Country: USA
Re: Favourite ending (99,771) (99,773) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 24 February 2022; 17:20)
Wow, I've always thought the same thing. Mariah is great, but those girls elevated everything she did to another level, and she's always known that. Kelly Price was very pregnant when the "Mariah at Madison Square Garden" was taped. There was an ambulance ready for her in the back if she needed it, that's how important these amazing backup singer were for her and her music.
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Re: Perfume (99,749) (99,752) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 22 February 2022; 04:04)
Says who? Is the cancel culture coming to the messageboard too? As far as I know, the movie is on streaming services and nobody is complaining about it. We're going to get to a point where people won't be able to joke about anything anymore because somebody's feelings might be getting hurt. Joan Rivers, we really need you!

Mariah hurry up! We desperately need some music or something, the board is going crazy here.
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Re: Perfume (99,750) (99,751) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 22 February 2022; 03:56)
It has aged very well, I can't say the same about Mariah's perfumes. But oh well. To each his cologne. The original perfume comment was said as a light joke, but I guess we've all gotten hypersensitive lately.

I can't wait for anything from Mariah, even a fart. Mariah, hurry up, we're drowning here.
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Re: Perfume (99,744) (99,748) by Edward from USA
(Monday 21 February 2022; 17:49)
If you didn't understand the reference, you have outgayed yourself. On Wednesday we wear pink, even though we're not in the 90's when gay men started wearing Mariah's perfumes. I guess we're all living in the past.
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Re: Perfume (99,732) (99,740) by Edward from USA
(Monday 21 February 2022; 05:20)
I know some here are almost too gay to function, but to the point of wearing perfumes? I give you credit for that and those who dare to wear them. The scents are distinctively for women. I love her nail polish though, they're so vividly masculine, the nails on my toes and fingers love them. Oh, and I still have a bottle of her pink water. I refill it with tap water everyday to use at the gym. Sometimes I wonder why women don't look at me though.
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Re: #1's Record Store Day release (99,717) (99,719) by Edward from USA
(Friday 18 February 2022; 14:18)
And when Robert-Anthony says he tweeted Mariah for that to happen, there's no way Mariah could have avoided listening to him. For Rob, a tweet means thousands upon thousands of tweets. When Rob wants his vinyls, Mariah'd better listen.
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Re: #1's Record Store Day release (99,717) (99,718) by Edward from USA
(Friday 18 February 2022; 13:52)
Sometimes it's good when Mariah doesn't listen. I'd been asking for a remake of George Michael's "One More Try", and look that what happened, I wish it had never happened. "It's a Wrap" was also a missed opportunity at creating something memorable with Mary J. Blige, but it ended up being a left over "Wrap" on the MIAM album. I think some of these duets wouldn't work, especially with Beyonce, but a duet with Janet would definitely be good. I've always wished for them to sing "Again" together, it suits Mariah's current voice.
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Re: Hello (99,708) (99,709) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 16 February 2022; 17:45)
Hi Brian, welcome to the board.
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Re: Whenever You Call mysteries (99,697) (99,705) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 16 February 2022; 01:52)
Robert-Anthony, I can't believe you haven't noticed Brian McKnight couldn't be in the studio with Mariah because Mariah didn't re-record her part of the song. They used the same vocals from her version on the Butterfly album. It was basically a cut and paste type of thing. It's so evident that I thought everybody knew.
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Re: I wonder (99,671) (99,673) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 9 February 2022; 16:34)
At this point, I'm expecting something similar to Caution, but with 14 tracks instead of 10. It'll be more polished and with some vocal moments here and there. To be honest, in spite of its lack of vocal moments, I enjoyed Caution way more than what I enjoyed MIAM.
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Re: I wonder (99,655) (99,658) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 6 February 2022; 21:38)
Come on, Robert-Anthony, you're stronger than that. Just because someone doesn't want you posting that much, it doesn't mean you have to comply. They just have to stop reading your posts, period. If it weren't for you and some others, with the lack of news from Mariah's camp, the board would be basically mute. So, keep on posting and don't pay him any mind.

Some people on this board are getting to be so effing sensitive, it's off putting. Sometimes it seems as if Janet has exposed her nipple again and we have to crucify her all over again, messaboard style. It's just an effing nipple (opinion), get over it, rismurfingdiculous!
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No (99,615) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 3 February 2022; 03:16)
I'm not saying Mariah never sung a wonderful performance live, she did, many many many times, but the bulk of official performances were definitely doctored. Let's not fool ourselves here.
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She doesn't lip-sync (99,612) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 2 February 2022; 23:33)
Dubbing, mixing or re-recording, is a post-production process used in filmmaking and video production in which additional or supplementary recordings are lip-synced and "mixed" with original production sound to create the finished product. (At Madisson Square Garden.)

Mariah is very well known for dubbing, mixing or re-recording all her video performances. To the point where she actually might have sung live at certain events, but then magically we have these perfect vocals that came out of nowhere. I've been to at least three of those video performances and can tell the differences, and no, they never took one whole take, they pick and patched the performance together, and sometimes very little of what was sung live that day.

I was present six row when she sang "With You I'm Born Again", and that performance I can say for sure it was 100% live, and she sung it three times, no to take necessarily the best parts, but because they wanted different camera angles to make the performance more interesting.

When Mariah performed the Star Spangle Banner at the Super Bowl, she would've gotten away with it being live, had she not lipped out of sync the the last word. It was so evident, and that gave her up. That performance was very quickly fixed and now we have it synched, but if you look closely, you can still see it.

So, the blindest person is that who doesn't want to see.
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Re: MC hard at work (99,561) (99,563) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 30 January 2022; 17:50)
Not dealing with the stress and pressure of being on the road is doing good to Mariah on a personal level, hopefully her voice has benefited from that too. To be honest, I'm not excited about any remakes from the Butterfly album, but I'm definitely excited about new music.
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Re: Rarities 2 (99,545) (99,547) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 26 January 2022; 15:31)
She probably already reached out to him and have the song ready for "The Rarities 2". There must be some gems from the 90's that were discarded. The leftovers from the 2000's are not as polished though.
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Re: Rarities 2 (99,529) (99,535) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 26 January 2022; 01:48)
When did he say he found it? I'm curious. Never heard of it.
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Re: Rarities 2 (99,532) (99,534) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 26 January 2022; 01:47)
It was not properly released. It was "leaked", but it hasn't ever been available for download anywhere. The same with "Help Me Make It".
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Re: Rarities 2 (99,525) (99,530) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 25 January 2022; 18:43)
I think Mariah will release "The Rarities 2" first, and it is a good strategy. In the meantime she should keep on perfecting whatever music she's been working on. At this point we want quality and quantity, since it's been such a long time. How could she have hidden a track like "One Night" for so long? I would also like to hear the alternate version of "All In Your Mind" she let us hear when she opened the vault. I'm loving the silence on Mariah's camp, that's the way she used to be. Let us crave her music.
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Re: Through The Rain/AYNAF (99,467) (99,474) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 18 January 2022; 22:18)
Looking at the songs on Billbord that AYNAF was competing with on its chart run, I can understand why it only made it that far. It's not that the song was lacking in anything, it's just that the competition was tough back. The 90's was simply a great decade for music.
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Re: How Greatest Hits should've played out (99,455) (99,460) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 18 January 2022; 00:54)
Since most people don't collect anymore, greatest hits albums are pointless, unless a few new non-rushed quality tracks are added. In the digital era, anybody can create their own Greatest Hits. For me it was sacrilege staining the #1's album with crap like Crapfinity. Different from when #1's was originally released, with quality tracks like "When You Believe", "I Still Believe", "Whenever You Call" and "Do You Know Where You're Going to". Even her remixes were worthy of being on the album, like "I Still Believe Pure Imagination". I've been thinking for a while that Mariah's heart is not in music anymore, all that is evidenced by her non-album collabos between between projects. Even for an album like The Rarities, she couldn't come up with a decent new track. The Rarities 2 would be amazing, even though she said there were no leftovers from the Butterfly sessions, but I'm pretty sure there are many other great tracks like "One Night". A Jazz album would be cool, but a Gospel album, well, she doesn't have the voice for that anymore. You can't whisper a whole Gospel album. I'm excited for the new music though, I just hope she at least blow on some songs.
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Re: Original title for Somewhat Loved? (99,457) (99,459) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 18 January 2022; 00:39)
Music Box was a 10-track album. The international version had "Everything Fades Away", but the official version only had 10 tracks. If the tracks are great, 10 tracks is great. I prefer Caution over MIAM any day. MIAM was full of fillers and missed opportunities at having some great tracks.
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Re: Lil Love (99,438) (99,439) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 15 January 2022; 18:36)
I've always loved "Lil Love". See, that's what you call a great collabo even when there were four acts on it. I played it so much I thought the mp3 was going to get corrupted, lol. I still listen to it every now and then. I also love "One and Only Part II", but I prefer the version on Twista's album.
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Re: Acting roles (99,434) (99,436) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 15 January 2022; 13:32)
Robert-Anthony is just being sarcastic. We all know Mariah can't act for shit. Well, bringing her own lighting and keeping her shots in soft focus is not acting.
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Re: Acting roles (99,426) (99,432) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 15 January 2022; 01:06)
You're so funny, Robert-Anthony. I can't stop laughing. Great joke.
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Re: Article: Mariah Carey announces her first children's book (99,415) (99,417) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 13 January 2022; 17:59)
It is. I can't wait so we all could read it here on the messageboard. Maybe little Mariah comes with outfit changes. If it came with cardboard wigs and weaves, I would die. She should cancel the new album, this news is to die for. A Christmas book on January, Genius! If by any chance Roc and Roe and Mary Ann Tatum's son happen to appear on the book, now that would be so refreshing and new. Wait a minute, if little Mariah is on high heels on the book, the LGBTQ+ community would definitely add MC at the end of their acronym. The way things are looking, soon the whole alphabet will be on it anyway.
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