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Name: Edward
Country: USA
Joe (44,702) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 12 June 2014; 20:42)
Joe, in the middle of all this mess, we have to laugh a little. At this point most of us have expressed our frustrations about what's going on with Mariah and the promotion for this great body of work. I'm one of her remaining fans, but I'm not buying a pink bottled water, even it is brought to my door. I would say: Thank you, I'm not "Thirsty". Most likely by the time Mariah is in shape for the YDKWTD video, the album will be out of the Hot 200.
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Stephen / the Butterfly beverage (44,693) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 12 June 2014; 17:10)
Stephen, did you really think I bought the Butterfly Water? It seems to be my sarcasm is not coming across in some of my posts. I love Mariah's music, and I've had some of her tour stuff, but none of the other stuff like perfumes, waters, panties, and other nonsense. I am happy with the music on MIAMTEC, but very disappointed with the .essthis has been.
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Stephen / Sam Smith (44,670) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 12 June 2014; 1:39)
Stephen, your own liver? I just listened to Sam Smith's "Stay With Me" and I'm so happy good music is coming back.
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The Butterfly water and the Unicorn too (44,669) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 12 June 2014; 0:37)
I just bought the Butterfly water, and when I removed the bottle cap, three butterflies came flying out of the bottle singing "I'm thirsty" in unison. At the store they told me that she's releasing the Unicorn and the Rainbow waters soon. I can't wait to see a Unicorn for the first time. Go buy multiple copies of the Butterfly water, it is to die for. I just hope she doesn't release the JD's water, because I would hit him in the head as soon as he comes out of the bottle with his annoying "Y'all know who this is".
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G.G. / Roe's hair hurting (44,635) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 11 June 2014; 1:52)
G.G., as we already know hair doesn't hurt, so it was obviously sarcasm. Lol.
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The reason for no promotion / be patient (44,611) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 10 June 2014; 16:01)
Roe's hair has been hurting a lot, so Mariah needs to promote her Butterfly beverage (only for women obviously) to be able to take care of medical bills. It is disappointing seeing her promoting anything other than an album that took her 5 years to release. No word of any other single being released, so fans now will finally leave the "Migrate should've been a single" litany to jump on YDKWTD, MILG for the next 5 years? What is going on? Maybe all this mess is a blessing in disguise, she might humble herself a little bit like back when she was still popular. Maybe she'll realize that people don't like this over the top diva persona she has put on since E=MC2. Nobody is telling her that she comes across as arrogant and unrelatable. The more control she gets over things, now with JD as a poppet manager, the worse things get. Maybe this is a wake up call. Another weird thing, I haven seen any particular song from this album into iTunes top 100.
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Loris / promotion (44,569) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 7 June 2014; 21:31)
MIAMTEC is a great album, but it is Mariah's album. She's collecting money from it, then she should be out there promoting it so people know it is out there. Delaying an album means that all of her scheduled promotional appearances have to be cancelled and if possible, just if possible, reschedule. I don't care about IDJ anymore, obviously they lost faith in the project, it is evident. TEOM was a great album, but promotion and great PR made a huge difference. I don't see that happening now. Many people couldn't get their physical copies of the album because they just sent a few copies per store. This great body of work will go down as a flop. I'm not a happy fan.
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Nikki / MIAMTEC is great, the rest is a mess (44,551) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 7 June 2014; 6:03)
Nikki, I never said anything about Mariah's career being over during Charmbracelet or ever. The game is just way different now than it was in 2005. Albums have been steadily declining since then. Mariah once was young and she was catered to, just like Rihanna and Katy are being catered to these days. It is the way it is, nobody stays at the top for ever. The voice change for whatever reason (smoke, weed, alcohol, age), people get older, fans also grow older. When I stated "Even if it has to take her 1000 sessions to put a song together" it wasn't meant to be taken literally. I meant that I would still buy her music no matter how she puts it together and when. I would never write her off, but unless she does something different, she'll be getting the same results. I love MIAMTEC, the product is great, the rest is a mess, and when I say a mess, I mean it... literally.
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Nikki / for clarification / great album, but... (44,549) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 7 June 2014; 2:53)
Nikki, Mariah signed a 20-million contract with IDJ for 4 albums (Charmbracelet, TEOM, E=MC2, MOAIA) with an option of a fifth album (MIAMTEC). Holidays compilation (MCIIY) don't count as regular albums. After MOAIA she decided to go with the fifth album option, but then LA Read, who was Mimi's main support, left IDJ. IDJ secured a clear channel airplay for #Beautiful plus its accompanying video on 2013, things were taking off, lack of promotion for #Beautiful, delays came, Mariah didn't think the album was ready, she had the accident, more delays, TAOLG(yes, Mimi called it a single) and YM(E) didn't perform as expected. Great album, such a messy delivery. From a business standpoint, IDJ must've wanted to be done with this album. By the way things are looking, they might not even recoup what they have spent so far. So, I'm glad she's completely done with IDJ and ready to move on with her endeavors. I hope she gets Mr. Medina for her next album.
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It is what it is, it is either take her or leave her (44,543) by Edward from USA
(Friday 6 June 2014; 22:02)
I guess Mariah is not going to kill herself promoting when IDJ is not doing its part either. It is evident she has let go of the singer we all expect her to be. So, it is time to continue on the ride or move on, as simple as that. The Mariah circa 1990-2005 won't come back, ever. Not only because of her voice is not the same, but because of the circumstances and what people are catering today. She is not the "it" of the moment, and her absence from the music scene has contributed what is happening with her career on 2014. It is hard for me because I got used to the successful Mariah, the record breaking, but I'm slowly getting used to what's left. The older Mariah gets, the less likely she'll have another hit, so I expect 2 albums before she turns 50 to wrap it all up. Make my piece with the lip-syncing, bad performances, state of her voice. It is what it is. It's either take her or leave her. At this point, I'm thankful for technology and the studio, even if it has to take her 1000 sessions to put a song together.
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Mariah and her mystery guest (44,536) by Edward from USA
(Friday 6 June 2014; 17:04)
When TAOLG morphed into MIAMTECT, I bet many songs were replaced with new ones. Kick Rocks, for example, is supposed to be a great track praised by a DJ who had heard at Mariah's home. Mariah knew the possible fate of this album, she is not dumb, so she probably saved some of her best work for the next album so she wouldn't have to spend so much time in the studio recording. We'll most likely have that mystery guest on her next album, and with all the material she has recorded in five years, believe me Mariah won't take too long to release the next album. Celine Dion duetted with Stevie Wonder in 2013. As soon as I knew about it, I was almost quite sure Mariah wouldn't feature Stevie on this album, and I am happy she didn't. R Kelly was on many people's records on 2013, so I'm also happy she didn't use him for this album either (except for out of place BGK part 2). I think we'll be surprised in the near future.
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B / Stay The Night (44,403) by Edward from USA
(Monday 2 June 2014; 0:05)
B, I like "Stay The Night", I don't like how strained Mariah's voice sounded on it. When the album came out, I used to listen to it, but then I started skipping it. TEOM was a great album, but Mariah sounded very constipated (strained) on many songs like "Mine Again" and "Stay The Night".
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At home in concert with Matt Lauer (44,397) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 1 June 2014; 22:45)
I'm very proud of Mariah and how she answered the questions asked by Matt. She sounded more relatable, more human, less diva. I loved it. And I didn't hear any dahlings, they are becoming so annoying. I don't see anything wrong with being a diva, but when the public perception of you is so distorted that they start to think you're arrogant and disconnected, it is not a good look, specially when you're precisely not the "It" of the moment. I hope this special brings up the sales. With the TEOM I skipped "STN", "TTF", but with MIAMTEC, I don't skip a song, and that makes me happy. She's still one of those rare artists whose albums could be listened to from beginning to end without skipping a couple of tracks, if any.
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MIAMTEC on the charts (44,375) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 1 June 2014; 3:23)
MIAMTEC is one of Mariah's best albums, but things are not looking good sales wise. When TEOM ran its course, everybody was anticipating anything Mariah because she had left in a high note, so even if E=MC2 had taken five years, it would've still sold as it did. The problem now is not the product, the problem is how MOAIA performed, her absence, delays, her diva attitude as if she were in her prime, and how the game has changed. Billboard rules have changed with streaming being tabulated with airplay and sales. Mariah's name doesn't sell on its own anymore. At this point I think the sales projection for this album's first week is based on what's left of us fans. Her team needs to pick a single ASAP, shoot a concept video, and she needs to promote it in every TV show as if she were a newbie. That type of work would put her back in the game. Those who have retired from the music scene for many years usually suffer from the attention spam of this new generation. What's hot today, it is not tomorrow. I'm hoping for the best, MIAMTEC definitely deserves to be heard.
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Lee / Supernatural and creepy voices (44,133) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 27 May 2014; 2:46)
Lee, if you think that dem babies' voices sound creepy, you haven't really heard creepy baby voices, go to YouTube and you'll hear. I went and revisited the track looking for any indication of creepiness on it, and I didn't find anything remotely creepy, annoying at times, but not creepy. Even when I tried to imagine that it was being played at a funeral placing myself in the mood that you probably were when you were listening to it. Nothing in the lyrics, the tone, the melody conveys sadness, but joy. I don't personally like all the giggling on the track, because it takes away from the actual singing, but dem babies sound just like happy babies. And when Roe says she's a chanteuse, it is to die for.
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BGK / IAW (44,055) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 24 May 2014; 2:05)
After listening to "Betcha Gon' Know" and "It's A Wrap", I can say I'm truly happy "The Angel's Advocate" album never saw the light of day. I won't ever ruin the great experience of listening to MIAM with those two tracks at the end, it would mess up the journey. I tried it and they ruined the moment for me at the end. So, I place the "Art of Letting Go" right before Heavenly, delete "BGK" and "IAW", and I'm in heaven. As I had said before, Mariah didn't give us most of the best songs she had recorded for this album. I truly think that she'll be releasing another album soon within a year or two. She definitely went in session with Walter, his daughter was called a liar for confirming it, but she defended herself by stating that her father had told her so, and that he told her it was ok to talk about it. I also think that the duets with R Kelly and Stevie Wonder were saved for another project.
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Stephen / George Golden / One More Try (43,961) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 21 May 2014; 18:01)
Stephen, I think the MIAM is different, fresh and great, but just like you I was really disappointed on her take of "One More Try". I do think that if you don't have anything to add to a classic, you just leave it alone, and I think this cover is her worse cover so far. I was hoping for a different outcome because I'm crazy about that song. When she could've shone vocally, she went mostly on a head-nasal high pitched and weird accent voice that kind of ruined the song for me. George Michael conveys such soul and emotion on this song that I thought Mariah was going to sing the hell out of this song, I even prefer "I Wanna Know What Love Is" more. As for George Golden, you are wrong by saying that you hadn't seen many positive opinions about Mariah coming from him, actually there hadn't been any positive opinions until the album was being streamed on iTunes two days ago. How hypocritical.
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YDKWTD / I'm hooked / I Don't Know What To Do (43,823) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 20 May 2014; 1:49)
I can't stop playing YDKWTD. I'm definitely hooked and I don't know what to do. Wale doesn't know what to do either talking over Mariah's perfect intro. He should have a few seats and let Mariah do her thing. I hope Mariah releases a non rap version a la Heartbreaker.
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Heavenly (No Ways Tired/Can't Give Up Now) (43,749) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 17 May 2014; 6:31)
Out of curiosity I went on YouTube and listened to "No Ways Tired" and "Can't Give Up Now", and now I'm dying to hear what Mariah might have come with. Mary Mary's "Can't Give Up Now" is beautiful and uplifting, and "No Ways Tired" also follows a similar theme. Even though I'm not particularly religious, I loved what I heard and I can't wait to hear how Mariah mashed up these two songs. I hope radio and people give Mariah a chance at exposing her new music to the masses. I have the feeling this is a good album, and I would hate to see it fade away without having served its purpose. I like the fact that according to Mariah the album is not just a bunch of songs put together just for fun (E=MC2), but a well thought out and cohesive body of work.
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PJW / Michael Jackson's "Cry" (43,662) by Edward from USA
(Friday 16 May 2014; 1:39)
PJW, as soon as I read your post about "Cry" being the possible second cover from Me. I Am Mariah, I went and watched the video on YouTube. I had never heard this song before,iIt is just beautiful. I was looking for similarity in length, since we don't know anything other than that the length of Mariah's "Cry", and when I realized that the lengths of the songs 4:58 (Michael's) and 4:52 (Mariah's) were so close, I felt happy about the possibility. Two covers and none of them shortened from their original lengths tells me that Mariah has taken this album seriously.
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G.G. / views (43,659) by Edward from USA
(Friday 16 May 2014; 0:54)
Anything streamed from YouTube (videos, lyric videos, unofficial videos, fan made videos), Vevo, MTV and Yahoo Music and Aol Music counts. Among the on-demand streaming services anything streamed from MOG, Muve Music, Rdio, Rhapsody, Slacker, Spotify, Xbox Music and others also counts. For instance, thanks to the almost 40 million views generated by a viral explosion of a new parody video of the song, Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball" returned to the top of the Billboard Hot 100. As many of other streaming sources become more popular they are slowly incorporated into the formula. So, even if a song is not officially released as a single, if generates enough views, it could potentially chart on the Hot 100.
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Thirsty (43,616) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 14 May 2014; 18:28)
I haven't heard the song yet. I will listen to it when it becomes available for download, since I've been hearing many people saying that the version on the internet is high pitched. My expectation isn't set too high, so I'm not rushing either. Most people love #Beautiful, but this one has even been compared to Triumphant which makes me worried.
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This is an "F You IDJ" album (43,398) by Edward from USA
(Friday 9 May 2014; 18:22)
When I saw Mariah on Letterman, I was very surprised at the fact that she has gained so much weight her face looked like a full moon. I don't expect Mariah to be going out of her way to promote this album or any single whatsoever, other than the required promotion she's supposed to do according to her contract. It is evident Mariah wants to get away from this label, they have creative differences. She says one thing, they say something else, then Mariah retaliates by acting a certain way, and they do the same. This might turn out to be a good album as a whole, but I don't think Mariah put the best of what she has recorded in this album. After this album, we should expect another album shortly after. She just wants this album to be out and be done with it and them. She's definitely conveying a message on this album, and that's all she wants. This won't be TEOM or E=MC2 type of promotion. Rihanna just like many others have jumped ship from IDJ, Mariah is still tied to them with this album, and hopefully this nightmare would be over soon.
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One More Try / I'm in heaven (43,373) by Edward from USA
(Friday 9 May 2014; 0:17)
I almost choked when I saw the length of "One More Try" on the new album. 6:21 min is wonderful. That means Mariah didn't shorten it, compromising the integrity of the song. I'm in heaven. George Michael's version is actually 5:53, but it seems that Mariah's version is nearly 30 seconds longer. She'd better sing the hell out of this song because George's version is wonderful. I know she's going to be using the whistle register a lot on it, and I can't wait.
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PJW / America The Beautiful (43,330) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 8 May 2014; 1:58)
PJW, I agree that it is kind of ridiculous to have "America The Beautiful" as a bonus track on the new album, since it is nothing new, and it doesn't make sense either. I wouldn't like to have it as a bonus track on the US version because it doesn't add anything to the album or its theme. On the other hand I think that stating negative things about other people's countries here is in bad taste. We have posters from around the world here. I may not like something from let's say Leona Lewis, but I wouldn't ever justify a statement about her music by putting down the UK whether I'm right or wrong. I think Mariah's throwing that track in there because she probably doesn't want to waste a track that would go on a future album. Japanese people seem to love everything American. I preordered the regular version, which is the real album and the way Mariah wants us to experience it.
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