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Name: Edward
Country: USA
Carlos Jaramillo / nasty people (42,004) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 6 March 2014; 19:40)
Carlos Jaramillo, I couldn't have said it better. I can understand when someone get censored here for using certain not so nice words stating an exciting opinion, but when you have to be censored for using nasty words towards other members, it is plain ridiculous. Justin Timberlake hasn't ever been hailed as a great singer, nor his voice has been praised like that either. He is more like an entertainer, and in fact his voice is nasal, and he said himself that he has a high pitch. He is more of a one man show, he looks great, sings, dances, and acts, but just that.
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Eduardo / MTV Unplugged II (41,943) by Edward from USA
(Monday 3 March 2014; 1:24)
Eduardo, do you really think Mariah could handle another unplugged album? Let's be realistic, Mariah has been fully or partially lip-syncing many of her live performances for a long time now, and these have been mostly one-song performances. For her first unplugged album she was at her prime vocally. Her fluidity and range were impressive and effortless. There was no straining, gasping for air, problems with ear pieces, boobs, ass, or attitude, it was just a relatively new singer with her big voice and soul. An unplugged recording focuses on the voice, no filters, no layering, all songs in just one take, no piecemealed. In my opinion, another unplugged album would be the last nail on the coffin for her career. After this new album has run its course, she should focus on doing something to better the condition of her voice, and then maybe, but as of now, I doubt an unplugged would help her at all.
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No more promotion for YM(E)? (41,928) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 2 March 2014; 17:59)
Apparently Mariah won't be promoting YM(E) anymore. Mariah tweeted: "On my way to finish this album. And I'm not coming back untill I'm done." If Mariah keeps on looking for new songs to be on the album, she won't ever finish it. At this point, I don't think she'll cook a super masterpiece to be ready two weeks before the released date. It is time to wrap it up Mariah. It seems to be this album has shifted direction many times now, that's why we haven't had a proper album name, or a tracklisting.
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Tory / Mysterious 2002 interview on Vevo (41,895) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 1 March 2014; 9:54)
Tory, I agree with you. That interview is hinting something. There's no reason for them to upload a 2002 interview out of the blue, unless they want to make a statement. I think there's something cooking with Justin Timberlake. He just released two albums last year, and he already has a new single for a new album on iTunes. If it's going to take a current singer help Mariah with airplay, I don't mind. Even though I'm still mad his record label didn't approve of it back in 2002.
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Last minute songs (41,885) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 1 March 2014; 2:29)
As Stacey stated, there have been many last minute songs that were great on some of Mariah's albums e.g.: "Love Takes Time", "We Belong Together", "Shake It Off" and "Don't Forget About Us". But when a last minute song turns out to be a half cooked one, it is a different story, and that's what I think most us here are referring to. Even though "The Art of Letting Go" wasn't single material, it doesn't sound like a last minute or half cooked song. It sounds as if time and care were put into it. #Beautiful, on the other hand, was a good song, but was half and promptly cooked. Had they put a little bit more time on it, it would've turned out to be a gem. YM(E) is missing something, I don't know what, but it is. The whistle notes are phenomenal, but the rest of the song is kind of bland and boring. I do love it though, but I'm being realistic.
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Without sales (41,843) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 27 February 2014; 19:08)
We shouldn't be surprised YM(E) has dropped out of Billboard Hot 100. The song has gained some minimal airplay, but without sales it won't stand a chance. I can't confirm this, but according to some fans, it is already out of iTunes top 1000. YM(E) was the most added song on radio last week, but most stations don't seem to be playing it. At this point, three songs of the album are out #Beautiful, TAOLG, and YM(E), and I am very worried, because if YM(E) is the best she has after #Beautiful, I don't know when this album will be released. Mariah doesn't necessarily need to have another #1 hit, but she needs to at least have some moderate success for her to have a record deal. I know she must be feeling lots of pressure right now, I hope they release the album on the set date.
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Stephen / YM(E) (41,798) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 27 February 2014; 2:02)
Stephen, it seems to be your posts and pic are bringing the boys to the yard. Should you get married, please let me know. Imagine, love's being born right here at MCArchives' messageboard, who would've thought? Eric should be the best man. As for YM(E), I'm hoping for the best. This new era started with so many negative things: ill fate of Triumphant, the lip-syncing, the dislocated shoulder, the push backs, the no so good videos. I am hoping the album doesn't get pushed back again. I'm afraid that even if it turns out to be a great album, all these setbacks will put people off.
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IDJ / cheap videos (41,789) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 26 February 2014; 22:34)
Mariah has been putting some low budget videos lately, but we have to understand that she's working with whatever money her record label has assigned to her for these projects. Hearbreaker was $2.5 million to make, but Mariah was still hot back then, and her albums were selling left and right. Rainbow was certified 3x platinum by the RIAA. After TEOM, she had a good budget for "Touch My Body", but once things started falling apart, subsequent videos were as cheap as the ones she's putting out today. The money spent on videos, promotions, and recording needs to be recouped from album and single sales. Sadly, spending lots of money on Mariah, from a business standpoint, is not a good idea right this minute when she needs it more. I have seen some very impressive low budget videos though. I think she needs to come with a video a la Through The Rain or Butterfly, because these "look-at-me" videos are not working for her.
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Special K / track 11 (41,690) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 25 February 2014; 2:12)
Special K, I was going to substitute track 11 with Scream (duet with Patti LaBelle), but it was too late, I had already hit the summit button. I hope Stevie doesn't get to see the track list. I would be embarrassed.
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Lamb_O_Chop, Will, David / BET (41,673) by Edward from USA
(Monday 24 February 2014; 17:24)
Lamb_O_Chop, Will, David, I'm glad my post put a smile on your faces, I'm still surprised nobody has thumbed me down to hell. If they thumbed down Stacey's cute story about her daughter good taste in music, I was expecting to be crucified. I think we need to laugh a little on this messageboard from time to time. I can't wait to see Mariah perform tonight, but I have to admit I'm a little bit nervous.
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Official album track list? (41,657) by Edward from USA
(Monday 24 February 2014; 6:25)
01. The Art of Letting Go
02. M&N? Not my Type of Candy
03. Thirsty
04. #Beautiful
05. Storm
06. Hurracane
07. Sunami of Love
08. Fairweather Lamb
09. They Cry (Dem Babies Interlude)
10. You're Mine (Eternal)
11. Now I See (duet with Stevie Wonder)
12. So Fetch
13. You Give Good Love
14. Over Head Lighting
15. Dahlings
16. Splash, I Really Need it, Need it
17. Def Jam (Good-bye Outro)
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The coming album, and the next (41,653) by Edward from USA
(Monday 24 February 2014; 0:35)
I strongly believe that Mariah can't wait to get the hell out IDJ's roster. I also think that after she puts this album out, the next one won't take long, since she has recorded so many songs, and I don't think she'll give the best of what she has written to a record label she thinks is not supporting her. If Mariah were still very popular, she wouldn't have to go out of her way to promote, but since she's not, she's going to have to sing for her life should she want this album to have a chance at some decent sales. The interview with Ralphie was the best she's done so far for this era, it wasn't about the dahling's, head lights, puppies, Nick, Nicki, or dem babies; it was about the music.
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Jeremey Carey / BET lip-syncing (41,590) by Edward from USA
(Friday 21 February 2014; 18:03)
Jeremy Carey, my very good friend was in the audience for the upcoming BET performance, he's Mariah's no. 1 fan, but he told me that Mariah actually lip-synced that day. He isn't sure if it was the whole thing, but he's completely sure she did. He was disappointed, but let's hope the press stays quiet about it. Since she was on that very tight dress and basically maneuvering on the piano, I don't blame her for having lipped part of the song.
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Stacey / what a moment (41,563) by Edward from USA
(Friday 21 February 2014; 5:01)
Stacey, I can't believe you have a baby lamb in training living with you with you, lol. I was cracking up here when I read your post. It's good to know your daughter can appreciate good music.
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Billboard Hot 100 / surprised (41,535) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 20 February 2014; 15:22)
I'm surprised and happy that "You're Mine (Eternal)" broke into Billboard Hot 100. With its iTunes downloads figures and radio airplay, I thought it wouldn't be enough to even bubble under it. It seems to be they aren't going with the Clear Channel deal this time around, but they're letting it pick up on radio and eventually on iTunes. I remember that before The Emancipation Of Mimi, IDJ made sure Mariah reconnected with radio again, by setting up meetings with radio DJs so Mariah could have a fair chance on the airplay game. At that point Tommy had sabotaged her tremendously, something that was later confirmed by some DJ's, they were getting paid or pressured not to play Mariah. I think that she is just that reconnection process right now. Hopefully once the BET performance has aired, she'll start performing YME on dates to follow. We're all too anxious for Mariah to succeed that we are forgetting there are hundreds of other singers out there trying to chart too. The fact that she has charted with just 32,000 downloads is exceedingly amazing to me.
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Joyce / Marilyn Monroe image (41,463) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 19 February 2014; 3:29)
Joyce, I couldn't agree with you more, her Marilyn Monroe impersonation is getting tired. The "splashes", "the dahling's" need to go away. It is like when Madonna tried to put up an English accent she never mastered, people laughed at her. I would like to see a more relatable and likable Mariah. A Mariah focused on her music and not on her breasts, head lighting and champagne. She brings out that Mariah when she wants to, but rarely. I enjoy her on Oprah. She sounds grounded, and focused when she's being interviewed by her, but I think she knows better than acting silly around Oprah, lol. It is weird, but Mariah was more likable from Butterfly to The Emancipation Of Mimi, but after that her persona comes across as if she were a twenty something year old Mariah, just my opinion.
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From a business standpoint / creative control (41,436) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 18 February 2014; 15:24)
It is evident that IDJ is looking for a hit single to carry the new album. They might actually push the release date temporarily if YM(E) doesn't pick up on airplay and sales. IDJ is in it to make money, and if promotions and videos are going to cost more than what they are going to make, they won't just do it, it would be ridiculous in any business sense, and I don't blame them. Back in the day many artists were dropped from Sony roster to have enough budget to promote Mariah, because she was a force back then, and that's the way it is. Mariah, just like Beyoncé, has total creative control over what she records, but it doesn't mean that the label has to agree with it. I think she should allow a little be more input from other sources, and allow some music from other songwriters; yes, songs where hasn't add one word to them. I think that for her next album Mariah shouldn't take long, but she should become a free agent, in that way she could release her music as she pleases. Nowadays if you're not selling albums, you're selling singles, and If you're not doing well at either, it doesn't make sense for a record company to invest in you. I’m sad to say this, but I can't wait for this era to be over. Mariah is looking desperate now, and I don't like it.
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A sell out or an artist with integrity? (41,422) by Edward from USA
(Monday 17 February 2014; 18:39)
Mariah doesn't want to be a sell out by compromising her music and artistry. No matter what type of music she ventures in, she'll always sound like Mariah Carey; it is her sound and signature. YME sounds fresh, but her vocals are reminiscent of her Daydream days. I rather she puts out a concept album with great music a la Butterfly, than a collection of singles a la E=MC2. I've sequenced a playlist in the following order: You're Mine (Eternal), #Beautiful, Almost Home, The Art Of Letting Go, and they all sound amazing and cohesive together. I know "Almost Home" won't be on the album, but it is different from any other track she's recorded. The status of her success these days doesn't dependent on the quality of her music, but in her popularity, and we know she isn't that popular anymore. Had Rihanna put out "Almost Home", it would've been a hit, and we all know it. We need to let go of the idea that she'll hit #1 with every single so we could avoid having a heart attack. It is difficult at her age, but not impossible. So, let's just support her, leave the window open to the possibility, and enjoy the music. I want to feel the rush of seeing her on top again, but I rather have a well written produced track over a trashy one to comply with the current trends.
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Stephen, YM (E) / radio release (41,403) by Edward from USA
(Monday 17 February 2014; 1:25)
Stephen, I think this is a good song, but many people are judging it based on chart success and not on quality. When a Mariah single has been released to radio, Mariah Daily Journal usually posts a list of radio stations across the country for fans to request it. That happened with Triumphant and #Beautiful, but not with "The Art of Letting Go" or "You're Mine (Eternal)" yet. I really think it was released to some radio stations, but not to the ones that reach a broader audience, since they want to capitalize on the BET performance. The strategy might be exposing the song through a deal with Clear Channel stations on the 18th, that's how #Beautiful got momentum, and then regular radio airplay took off from there. I don't consider paying Clear Channel as payola because their audience impressions don't count towards any chart, but they serve as medium to let people know about the song. It is usually a one day thing, but they play it at the top of every hour.
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Jeremey Carey / charts / iTunes (41,377) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 16 February 2014; 10:33)
Jeremey Carey, I agree with you about the charts, it has just been two days, and "You're Mine (Eternal)" hasn't been officially released to radio yet, it will be on the 18th. I hope they use the Clear Channel stations again to exposed the single so other radio station pick it up, and people start requesting and buying. The single has sold what it has so far based on Mariah's promotion and anticipation. Once the single impacts radio in a broader sense, people are going to start buying it, hopefully. I play "You're Mine (Eternal)" to a non fan, and she told me it reminded her of Daydream, and she thought it was a decent track, so I have a good feeling about this one.
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Interviews, what I expect (41,292) by Edward from USA
(Friday 14 February 2014; 16:18)
On interviews pertaining this era I expect Mariah to bring the attention to the single and the music to come. I didn't hear "You're Mine (Eternal)" playing or even introduced to be played on the interviews I've watched. People need to know about the single, and its versions. I don't mind Mariah being fun, and goofy as long as she talks about the single, the album, the process of putting the song together, that should be the main focus of the interviews. Mariah Carey has given wonderful interviews before without being robotic or detached. "You're Mine (Eternal)" will rise on iTunes as they keep on adding it to different radio stations, but we need a couple of performances to take advantage of the momentum.
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Mara / shadiness / diva behavior (41,270) by Edward from USA
(Friday 14 February 2014; 8:27)
Mara, I completely agree with you. Ariana has said the best things about Mariah, but Mariah, instead of being like a mentor, was shady towards her on that interview. That made me sad, since Ariana is less than half her age, and sweet. Ariana has publicly said that Mariah's range is bigger than hers, and that surpassing her 18 #1's record would be impossible, and that's why I like her. I wish Mariah had said something nice to a girl that look up to her, and that could be her daughter. I don't listen to Beyoncé, and even I know about "Drunk In Love", yet she says she doesn't know the song. She was splashing in the morning before having breakfast, so cute. Not. These interviews have been about everything but her music. The diva attitude is also getting over the top, it is not cute anymore, she's like she's turned into a caricature of herself. I thought 25 times before posting these thoughts, but oh well. Now you can all crucify me, but I stand by my opinion. Mariah, answer the damn questions and stop talking about Nicki, lighting, nannies, and splashes.
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The video / iTunes (41,225) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 13 February 2014; 16:00)
I love "You're Mine (Eternal)", but I don't dig the video. There are so many creative things Mariah could've done at El Yunque other than sitting down covering her breasts. El Yunque is incredibly beautiful, I've been there. She could've pulled a "My All" or "Butterfly" type of video. I'm hoping for the remix video to be in a different setting, since she said she couldn't bring Trey Songz to Puerto Rico. The song is going to drop on iTunes once the first couple of days fever have subsided, but it will pick up again the more people are exposed to it. I'm really praying for people to give Mariah a fair chance.
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Original and remix (41,155) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 12 February 2014; 15:47)
I have heard both versions of "You're Mine (Eternal)" and I like them a lot. I can't shake the hook off my mind. it is some sort of an ethereal hypnotic experience that won't leave my head. Knowing that the album version is longer, I can't wait to hear it. I'm waiting for Amazon to release it, since I don't like dealing with iTunes. I have the feeling that the remix is going to be played the most on radio. Now I have my very own MC EP:
1. Triumphant Vintage Throwback
2. Almost Home
3. #Beautiful
4. The Art of Letting Go
6. You're Mine (Eternal) original and remix
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New single / Mariah Daily Journal / sad (41,080) by Edward from USA
(Monday 10 February 2014; 18:22)
I haven't listened to the new single yet, since I want to experience a quality version of it, but I'm really happy that most people who did listen to it think it is promising. I still have the impression that Mariah might shock us all, since she is announcing something on Valentine's Day. Maybe she's releasing two singles instead of one. As for MDJ, It also makes me sad to see them go. MCA and MDJ are the two websites I always checked for anything Mariah. Even when things kind of stagnated over there, I would still visit them just out of habit. I'm sad because, other than this website, they were the other major site dedicated to Mariah still out there. I know that people move on to other things, and I understand and respect that, but I feel a sense of loss. I pray Eric could keep MCA for many more years to come, and I thank him for doing a great job all these years. Even though sometimes we have our disagreements here, I consider this messageboard and its posters my online family.
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