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Name: Edward
Country: USA
Re: Nick, why oh why? (98,226) (98,237) by Edward from USA
(Monday 21 June 2021; 21:19)
Nick is intelligent enough to know kids are usually better with their mothers. They have been coparenting nicely, no reason to jinx them. As for him having his cannon always ready for the next unsuspecting baby mama, lord have mercy.
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Re: Good morning (98,230) (98,236) by Edward from USA
(Monday 21 June 2021; 21:11)
You must be a new fan, right? Contourella's daughter will read that letter.
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Re: Worst song ever made? (98,187) (98,189) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 16 June 2021; 23:00)
I completely agree with you. There are many producers out there with whom she could collaborate. She could make use of some quality writing now that she can't rely on her vocal acrobatics. I just don't know why she's not doing it.
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Re: Caution deserved better (98,109) (98,123) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 9 June 2021; 19:11)
Caution has some great songs, but other than the high notes on "Giving Me Life", there's not much of Mariah's voice in it. I have enjoyed that album though, it is a good album. I would take Caution over MIAMTEC anyday.
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Re: Roc Nation (98,116) (98,122) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 9 June 2021; 19:04)
Exactly my point. R&B is not a one-layer genre, so why treat it that way? That's what I mean by Old Tired R&B. It has turned boringly formulaic for many artists. I'm not saying Bruno Mars saved R&B, but he's definitely exploring many of its layers making it sound fresh, interesting, and enjoyable. Definitely a breath of fresh air. "Leave the Door Open" is a gem. Miguel's "Adorn" is simply great, I can't count the amount I've played it ever since it was released. Mariah did something similar with the Emancipation of Mimi, she then had some great moments with with some songs here and there, but mostly it was all the same. R&B is multidimensional.
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Re: Roc Nation (98,093) (98,108) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 8 June 2021; 17:16)
I wasn't referring to you. I've never thought of you as a lamb who by default goes on a blaming rampage against anybody who has parted ways with Mariah amicably or not. It just seems that some people here have lost any sense of objectivity with anything Mariah related. I see perfectly ok praising Mariah and putting her on the pedestal, that's what most fans do, but not at somebody else's detriment. Let's say, if Mariah and Beyonce were to have an argument, without knowing, I wouldn't be saying Mariah is right just because I'm her fan. I'll say she's right because facts say so. But oh well, we're supposed to be on a super mega positive note on this board, let's just keep it so.
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Re: Roc Nation (98,089) (98,091) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 6 June 2021; 17:59)
Finally a post that makes sense without a bunch of conspiracy theories and insane speculations. Must I remind some of you that when Mariah was "hot tamale" back in the 90's, many acts were dropped from the Sony roster to make budget for Mariah? Well, she isn't "hot tamale" anymore, and it's ok. She's had an exceptional career, but all careers come to and end or fade away as time goes by. As Mimi L. stated, it's business. A business that is not bringing as much revenue as it used. It's laughable to see people putting down Rock Nation or JZ just because they could've dropped Mariah, like by default Mariah is a victim. Mariah has made great decisions in her music career, but some other times she's f**d up and it has been her fault. If she comes back with the same old tired R&B in which she doesn't raise her voice in a few songs, it's a wrap. R&B can be fun and great, Bruno Mars has proven that.
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Re: New material (97,941) (97,943) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 6 May 2021; 18:19)
Now that the board will be full of posters and unwavering positivity, we should all rejoice. I don't condone Andrew threatening anybody let alone Eric, but he definitely made great points and made the board less boring. Many called him out when they had to, justifiably so, but the majority were simply intimidated by him. You can call him whatever, you can hate him, but most people here couldn't debate him, and that made them angry. I disagreed with him on many things, I didn't like some things he said, but I also appreciated his insight and input. It was about balance. I appreciate Eric for having kept this website up and running for so long, and respect his decision too, I think he's always been fair with all of us, and for that, I thank you Eric. If Andrew came back with the moniker Cancer, I know Tourette Syndrome would rampant on this board.
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Re: New material (97,926) (97,933) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 4 May 2021; 22:20)
Eric, would you post what Andrew wrote to you? I'm curious.

[Webmaster: "Everyone and everything can be found. Young or old. Down to the number on the door."]
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Re: Voice therapists (97,861) (97,863) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 20 April 2021; 16:09)
It would be worth it. If the lambs were still with her, as you stated, how come such a great album like "The Rarities" sold just 30k copies? The lambs have been jumping ship for a long time now. She hasn't managed to keep her core fanbase like other artists like Barbra. Just to think how the whispering from Charmbracelet felt like a let down vocally back them, and now such whisper would be very welcoming. She definitely needs a vocal coach, great lyrics and new producers.
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Re: I just want (97,854) (97,855) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 18 April 2021; 14:24)
When people go to see Mariah, they don't expect a concert of boring whispering, the remain fans she has want to connect to what they've known her for. As much as we want her to adapt her hits to her current voice, were she try to do that in concert, people wouldn't go. Fans love the euphoria of the high notes and the belts, even if they're lipped. I don't think she should go all out on every track, but a whole album of whispering, especially when the whispering is not as smooth and beautiful as her Charmbracelet days, would be boring, at least to me. Just a few belts here and there, would be great, at least one last time. An album like E=MC2 would be great, fun songs, and some great belts.
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I just want (97,850) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 17 April 2021; 18:41)
On her next album I just want Mariah to sing again. I'm kind of tired of the whispering. I know she might not be able to replicate some of the songs live, but who gives a. She is known for her powerful voice. As much as like Caution, there wasn't a moment in which Mariah raised her voice to resemble a belt. We all know she's a studio artist, she's said it. I guess we've all complained about overproduction before, but I don't care as long as she gives us at least some powerful songs. I have made my peace with the way her voice is now, so I don't cringe or expect anything expectacular when she's going to perform, but I know she can do magic in the studio, even if she has to patch each song together word by word.
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Re: Mariah "Care One Child" (97,682) (97,690) by Edward from USA
(Friday 26 March 2021; 14:16)
"One Child" was also an instant favorite for me. Her writing on it was reminiscence of her old school stuff. It was evident she was working with a real musician.
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Re: Mariah "Care One Child" (97,674) (97,679) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 23 March 2021; 20:18)
"Care One Child", was that a bonus track I didn't know anything about?
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Re: Bey gets her 28th Grammy (97,591) (97,594) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 16 March 2021; 17:02)
Stacey, most of the videos of her performance you see on YouTube have been corrected, but that's not the way it went down. Right at the end, when she's about to sing the word "brave", she lips out of sync. I can't believe you can't remember that.
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Re: Bey gets her 28th Grammy (97,584) (97,587) by Edward from USA
(Monday 15 March 2021; 20:23)
She wasn't on the list because she sung the National Anthem which is not the same as the half-time main performance. As much as I love her rendition of the National Anthem, her inability to lipsync for her life left her exposed. Everybody thought it was live until... Well, Christina did worse, she screamed like a dying goat and forgot the lyrics, lol.
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Re: Talking of the 90's (97,573) (97,578) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 14 March 2021; 16:08)
Eric used to change things around every once in a while, but I guess he must be busy or something. It is true Eric, we need a new look.
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Re: Cover (97,506) (97,507) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 27 February 2021; 22:29)
I think Mariah should go back to basics by writing her own lyrics, and collaborating with a real musician, like a pianist or something. She should keep it simple production wise too. Even though Caution is not my favorite album of hers, it is definitely an album I've enjoyed a lot. I still think she's a musical genius. Interpolating the recoding from "Trading Places" into "Giving Me Life" was very creative and different. It's good she realized the album was kind of short, hopefully we'll get a 14 track album next time, a fun album.
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Re: Cover (97,497) (97,504) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 27 February 2021; 16:16)
"I Wanna Know What Love Is" was a decent cover, but after how she destroyed "One More Try" and considering the state of her current voice, I would rather she doesn't mess with the classics. Only if she's going to stich it all together perfectly in the studio.
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Re: My ranking of Mariah's albums (97,456) (97,460) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 23 February 2021; 18:02)
I agree. I remember when she started hating "Hero" and all of a sudden the herd started going with her narrative, saying "Hero" was this and that. Then she convenientely started loving "Hero" again, and the herd did the same. "Almost Home" was a glimmer of hope at her recovering her voice since she sounded so good in it. The song is structured in a way that anybody could've been fooled she wrote it, and then she said she didn't like it either. Guess what happened? the herd once again followed through. I actually enjoyed Caution a lot, but to rank it in her top 7 albums is beyond believe to me. But then again, that's me. At this point, I do really want to hear Mariah belt again, even if it's only in the studio on tracks she won't ever sing live. She's been doing that for a long time anyway.
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Re: My ranking of Mariah's albums (97,421) (97,434) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 21 February 2021; 21:50)
Re: My ranking:

01. Butterfly
02. Daydream
03. Mariah Carey
04. Music Box
05. Emotions
06. Merry Chistmas
07. The Rarities
08. The Emancipation of Mimi
09. Charmbracelet
10. E=MC2
11. Glitter
12. Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel
13. Rainbow
15. Merry Christmas II You
16. Caution
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Re: WBT Valentine's mix (97,398) (97,405) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 18 February 2021; 16:25)
Andrew, only those lacking Qtips in their homes could debate that. I have made my peace with it. I actually thought the pandemic had restored her voice to some above decent state, but it's evident the damage is beyond vocal coaches and humidifiers. At this point, it is what it is.
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Re: Ryan and Kelly show, thank you, next (97,029) (97,035) by Edward from USA
(Friday 25 December 2020; 02:05)
I couldn't agree with you more. Making an album for Mariah will cost her more than the profit she'll make from it. She'll do it because of her love of music and probably to go on tour, but she won't be making real money. I think we'll be seeing more 10-track albums, but not as frequent.

As for this fan-paranoia thinking everybody is trying to block Mariah from breaking or tying The Beatles, of course The Beatles' fans wouldn't want her to, but then again we didn't want anybody to break her OSD record either. Mariah is not popular like that anymore, basically nobody is buying her music so she has less of a chance to accomplish that unless she comes with some great music and a hot collabo to back her up. It is as simple as that. If there were a force behind trying to stop her, AIWFCITY wouldn't have made it to #1 for three weeks after 24 years and then keep going strong again this year. Great music is great music, but since radio plays what's hot and young at the moment, Mariah not only needs great music but also a helping hand.

I do strongly believe Mariah will have a proper duet with Ariana, and they'll go to #1. The music industry as it was doesn't exist anymore and they don't have the same control they used to, not even radio. So, everything is in the hand of the general public streaming what's popular and who's hot at the moment. She's so close though, I can even salivate it.
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Re: Win a video call with Mariah Carey through Geojam (96,988) (96,989) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 19 December 2020; 16:54)
Drew, very interesting choice of songs. I would ask her to sing to me "TTEOT", "Petals" and Definitely "Butterfly". When I first heard "Butterfly" it was surreal to me, she really poured her heart into it, not only lyrically, but melodically and musically. If that were to happen, I would die happy.
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Re: Daley - My All (96,979) (96,987) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 19 December 2020; 15:23)
I think it was you who introduced Daley to me many years ago here, and I've loved his music ever since. He's beyond talented. I love "Time Travel". His cover of "My All" is just great. Hopefully he finally gets the respect he so musically deserves.
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