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Name: Edward
Country: USA
Whatever happened to concept videos? (36,607) by Edward from USA
(Friday 26 October 2012; 2:21)
I miss Mariah with meaningful videos like "Butterfly" or "Through the Rain". I'm tired of Mariah videos lying down, caressing her boobs, I mean, her hair and face. She could do that, but a story line would be very nice. "We Belong Together" and "It's Like That" were nice videos too.
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John/I Only Wanted (36,606) by Edward from USA
(Friday 26 October 2012; 1:51)
John, you're so on point about the lyrics on I Only Wanted. The parts of that song you quoted are the epitome of great writing. I always loved the lines: "Farewell, fairweather friend abandonment returns to taunt me again" and "Foolishly I romanticized someone was saving my life for the first time". I might be wrong, but I think Mariah wrote it all by herself. I think she has lost confidence in writing on her own. On Butterfly, most songs were written by Mariah only. You can tell the difference, because she seems to connect better when she dominates the song on the writing process. She should go back to basics.
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It's just simple tact or plain common sense! (36,530) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 18 October 2012; 3:13)
Simple common sense would tell you that if you were to go to a Madonna's messageboard and placed her as your 12th best, people would jump on your throat and that's to be expected. I don’t buy the lame excuse of the computer shutting off. We fans are somewhat biased towards our favorites. You can be sure that if Whitney or Celine were my favorites, I wouldn't be posting here, that's all, or at least I would be tactful. Mariah, Whitney and Celine are the divine trinity, but I prefer Mariah over them and that's why I'm here. We all here argue, fight and disagree, but we all share love for Mariah, and that's why we keep coming back here. I assume she's our favorite. I've been coming to this messageboard for 14 years now, and apart from her list, Desiree is the first fan that has stated preferring Whitney over Mariah. She's been rather tactless when it comes to realizing that this is a Website dedicated to Mimi. I don't find anything wrong with liking other artist, I love Eva Cassidy, Whitney, and Celine myself, but this is not just a random site. Instead of encouraging Desiree to keep doing the same, we should encourage her to realize where she's posting, and to have a little consideration for us who have Mariah as number one on our lists on a site clearly devoted to her. Peace.
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Desiree: Aplogy not accepted! (36,520) by Edward from USA
(Monday 15 October 2012; 3:20)
We don't accept your lame apology. I don't know how by your computer shutting down on you Mariah ended up at the last place on your list. So, you've been vanquished. Lol.
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Desiree: You've got to be kidding! (36,508) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 14 October 2012; 4:03)
Desiree, you got some nerves. I don't believe in picking on anybody, but give us a break. Not only you placed Mariah at the end of your list, but you don't even acknowledge her legacy and voice. You might as well put Diane Warren there too, right? That's ridiculous. I love Whitney and Celine, but I'm first and foremost a Mariah's fan. So, I think you should take your message and take it to a Whitney Houston messageboard. I"m pretty sure they'll love you there.
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Whitney didn't influence Mariah's music. (36,470) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 10 October 2012; 6:44)
I don't recall one instance where Mariah has stated that she was influenced by Whitney Houston. Whitney Houston was a huge phenomenon due to the quality of her music, interpretation, and her voice, and she set the bar very high while paving the way for every female singer who came after her, including Mariah Carey. She has her merit, and we all know there was only one Whitney Houston. Mariah, I think, was more influenced by Minnie Ripperton, hence the whistle register, and thank God for that. The whistle was, I think, what set her apart from Whitney Houston and gave her a place in music. Not only the texture of her voice, but her nuances, melodies, and background vocal layering. I can't believe I'm saying this, but Whitney's voice was stronger than Mariah, but Mariah voice was more versatile. Mariah played more with choruses, melodies and hooks. Whitney could take anybody's song and make it her own as if she had written it herself. I thank God for "When You Believe", but I would've liked to hear them sing a different sung. Probably a song written by Mariah would've done it.
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Mariah's hanging out with JD too much (36,421) by Edward from USA
(Friday 5 October 2012; 2:02)
I'll always have Mariah's back, but it bothers me the fact that when you see her these days, she has to sound like JD all over people's records, regurgitating the same "I'm a song writer, I'm a producer, I'm a singer" statements. We know Mariah's a song writer, producer, vocalist, a true artist. Why does she have to say it every time she has the chance, specifically when talking about anything related to American Idol? She doesn't have anything to prove, her legacy is there. She sounds desperate every time she does that, it actually bothers me. Mariah's demeanor on the show and on the last few interviews has come across somewhat pretentious, pedantic. I think that Mariah had a beautiful demeanor when she was in her hey days. Now the diva attitude truly gets on my nerves.
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To Desiree / I completely agree (36,398) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 3 October 2012; 7:46)
I don't think Mariah is in any position to save the dying R&B genre. If she were hot like in the 90's when she could do no wrong, it would be a different situation. Memoirs had some good R&B tracks on it (BGK, IAR, TI, AC) but people were not feeling her on that. She has her fans, her lambs and the people who would buy her music when it's catchy, melodic and fun. I do think that a Jazz album should be a side project like her second Christmas album just in case it doesn't perform. Every time one of her albums doesn't perform, it's a dent in her music carrier, considering that she's in her 40's and America doesn't care much for female artists once they hit the four decade mark. I hope Mariah balances things out with this new release since it could make her or break her, just like Janet (Damita Jo, 20 Y.O., Discipline). Many people would say: Oh, it doesn't matter, she's a legend. But if Mariah doesn't have a certain level of success, we won't be hearing from her much in the future. She should go back to basics: pop, pop with R&B infusions, and make it about the voice.
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Remembering 1994-1996 (36,338) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 16 September 2012; 1:37)
Watching the "Dreamlover", "Without You", "Hero" and "Endless Love" videos. In those videos Mariah looked innocent but with such confidence, I would say effortless, it was about her instrument. I remember getting my walkman and listening to her for hours. At times I'd play some recordings of her I had made from the radio, and my mother would come and say: Here you are again, listening to this woman nobody understands what she's saying, lol. My mom didn't speak English, and I was learning secretly mostly by listening to her songs and reading the lyrics that came with her CD's. Word like relinquish, rhapsodize, emblazoned and thee were all introduced to my vocabulary through her lyrics. I guess what I miss most from her is the way she would sing a song effortlessly, without head turning, hand waving or recordings. It was as if she was saying: Oh, you thought this was only in the studio, look at my face and let the voice reach your soul. That's how I killed the haters back then, I used to play her live performances and look at them open mouth, then I would say: Can Whitney or Celine do that? I don't think so. "Underneath The Stars" and "Open Arms" were food to my soul, I could say those were magical moments in her career. Even though I don’t want Tommy in her career whatsoever, I thank God things happened the way they did. You have to take the good with the bad, life is not perfect. She lived it, benefitted from it, found her voice, punished him and kind of moved on.
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Jazz album would make her seem as if she were desperate (36,321) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 13 September 2012; 0:37)
Right now most people think that Mariah is out of touch with her music. I have heard it so many times, and many people have expressed it after hearing Triumphant. The remix is way better, but I think it is still repetitive, nothing new. After this flop, with a drastic change of direction to a Jazz album, she would look desperate for anything successful. And don't buy the bs that singers just make music that they like. Singer want to keep a certain level of popularity, because they like the limelight. Singers have record deals, and they are popular because people can relate or like their music. I think one or two Jazz songs on the album would be nice, but not an entire album. She should do that when she's old and maybe considering retirement. We need a consistent album, with whispers to the minimum, but without overdoing the whistle. The whistle stuff is getting tired, I love it, but I don't want to hear it at the end of every song when it may not be called for. I think Mariah's last few albums have lacked inspiration.
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NFL performance (36,274) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 6 September 2012; 14:08)
Since "Triumphant" has had mostly negative reviews, I thought Mariah would step it up a bit and jump from the original to at least part of the Throwback Remix, as she used to do when singing "My All", but it never happened. If she really wanted to bring attention to the single, that was her opportunity. She was on the stage with just a featured lil part and still couldn't deliver. You can clearly hear her background singers harmonizing better than you can hear her. I hope Mariah doesn't get to the point Whitney was, where people were walking out of her concerts in disappointment. The woman that sounded live as if you were listening to a cd is not there anymore. Sometimes she may sound good, but that's it. Has she become a studio artist? I'm afraid so. I'm sad because she is supposed to be the Last Diva Standing. I'll stick to the studio recordings. At this point, she should stop trying to resuscitate "Triumphant", scrape it off, and get a new fresh song ready for early January.
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List of songs I would love for Mariah to cover (36,247) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 1 September 2012; 15:09)
1. Total Eclipse of the Heart (Bonnie Tyler)
2. Fields of Gold (Eva Cassidy)
3. Goodbye (Air Supply)
4. Memory Lane (Minnie Riperton)
5. Back to Life (Soul to Soul)
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My Mariah dream duets! (36,246) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 1 September 2012; 14:45)
Ever since I heard the Cranberries for the time, I felt in love with Dolores O'Riordan’s voice. Her nuances are weirdly unique and beautiful. Even though I know it’s never going to happen, I would’ve loved to hear Mariah and Dolores singing in the same track. Delores has a quality to her voice combined with soul that I had never heard before. Her voice is not about power, but about the notes, and the way she blends sacred music with alternative. Mariah, when she wants, she also uses her voice make to melodies that sound weird, but beautiful at the same time. Underneath The Stars (I was drifting, drifting), or on the song Music Box from 3:12 to 3:16. Those are the things I missed more from Mariah. I would’ve also loved to hear Mariah sing with Sinéad O'Connor, or the late and soulful Eva Cassidy.
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Geezy, I agree with you about Mariah writing her own lyrics (36,049) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 18 August 2012; 19:57)
Mariah has produced some really good tracks co-writing with others, but most of her greatest hits she wrote them herself, with maybe the help of only one extra person, but not a whole bunch of other people. She had such chemistry with Walter because he could channel her ideas and melodies through his piano. Even though Walter was there for the music, Mariah wrote most of the lyrics herself. The album Butterfly is a true testament to that. During the late 90's it was good she was team-writing more, but then she came to a point where all tracks in Mariah's latest five albums have been co-written by more than two other people. Most people praised "Languishing" because it sounded like a Mariah track and I believe they said that because it was a track where Mariah sounded more emotional and sincere, like “Looking In”. I still wish she keeps on writing with other people, but I would also like her to trust her writing abilities on some tracks on her own, because in my opinion she conveys more emotion when she does that.
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How do you fix Triumphant general reception? (36,033) by Edward from USA
(Friday 17 August 2012; 4:05)
It is sad that after all these years most people are not embracing Triumphant. It was a major mistake to have released the Meek Mills and Rick Ross version first, since that's the first impression people got. The remixes for me are great, but a little dated. It's like listening to the fantastic remixes for Heartbreaker, those were fantastic but sounded fresh. At this point and with American Idol on its way, if the single doesn't pick up, I think she should scrape it off and start fresh. Obsessed had a Rap version, but it was well balanced since Mariah dominated the song as she has always done on all her rap collaborations, of course those that are considered to be her tracks. We have a few remixes for Triumphant, but unlike the Heartbreaker remixes, they kind of sound the same. I still love them though, but it really hurts me that people are not feeling them. She should pull a Leona Lewis and scrape the song off the album, and keep on recording.
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RibbonB (35,994) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 11 August 2012; 21:11)
According to Mariah herself, she joked about having recorded like 120 songs since she was pregnant. So, even though 120 songs might've been a joke to imply she's recorded lots of songs already, 7 doesn't sound like a lot to me. And I don't think Mariah would have a single with re-sung vocals and production with only 7 songs for the album.
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Album on 2013? (35,992) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 11 August 2012; 19:17)
Even though I understand that a product should be released when it's ready, what I don't understand is the gap between the release of Triumphant and the actual album. We're talking about 8 months here. According to Mimi, since she was pregnant, she's recorded lots of songs to be considered for this album. For me, this huge gap would only make sense if two singles are released before the album comes out, and these two singles become massive hits. If not, people might get tired of waiting. It has happened to Leona Lewis, she has pushed Glassheart that was scheduled to be released by the end of 2011 and it's been a year and she hasn't released it yet. By now, according to what I've read and hear, most people are not interested in the album anymore. If I were her, I would even change the name of the album all together.
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Edge McQueen / album on March 2013 (35,988) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 11 August 2012; 1:15)
Queendom? Really? Next we'll hear she should name the album "Mary Poppins Is Here", "Barbie Doll with a Tan", or maybe "Pippi Longstocking". I love me some Mariah, and I appreciate when she names an album with a more neutral or relatable name, no necessarily girly, since she alienates many of her male with those type of names. Titles like "TEOM", "E=MC2" or "Memoirs" were nice album titles to me. On another note, it seems to be that the album won't be released this year, but, according to the article, tentatively on March 2013. I'm a little sad, but if she needs time to deliver a good product full of remixes and extra stuff, that would be really nice. It also means that she's going to be release another single after Triumphant. I just hope that same thing that happened with Memoirs doesn't happen again. Pushing the album back after a date has been confirmed, throw people off, since we all kind of get ready for that day.
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