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Name: Edward
Country: USA
Re: I stopped by to talk about... Drake? (99,064) (99,071) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 8 December 2021; 16:22)
Hi Randy, I sure miss you. I do miss Andrew too, I hope he's doing well. Many of the regulars very rarely post anymore.

I do agree with you. The Grammy's have been for years now a popularity contest. Most of the members are not what one would consider music experts, they're mere mortals like the rest of us hence their vote towards what's popular. I'm not saying that Alanis Morissette and Seal didn't deserve to win since those were great records, but it seemed to be there were forces working against Mariah to win anything that night.

Don't be a stranger, it gets boring here on a regular basis.
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Re: Who's loving you / debut era (99,049) (99,052) by Edward from USA
(Monday 6 December 2021; 16:00)
The airiness her whistle had hear was amazingly beautiful. Her whistle now doesn't sound like that at all.
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Re: Me thinking again (99,046) (99,051) by Edward from USA
(Monday 6 December 2021; 15:56)
My dear Robert-Anthony, it doesn't have anything to do with Walter. Mariah's natural voice, accompanied by a very skilled pen game, was what set her apart from the rest. The whistle notes were used to adorn some songs here and there. Different from many other artists that could whistle, Mariah didn't need the whistle to create a beautiful song because her natural voice alone was simply phenomenal. As her voice started to deteriorate, the whistle trick started being used more and more. Her constant strained whispering is not pleasant to the ear anymore, at least not to mine, and her whistle alone just don't cut it. Mariah put quality albums out every year during the 90's, with left over songs that could've been in any album not as fillers, yet she has nearly two years of no touring, resting her voice, and we cannot get one decent song from her. I think it's time for her to collaborate with real musicians. Let's say "One Child", to me is a song beautifully written and sung, but whom did she collaborate with, with Broadway composer Marc Shaiman.This man wasn't probably in the booth with Mariah and her posse clowning around smoking weed. "Almost Home" is a song anybody could swear she wrote when she had very little input on it, but it was very well received and her vocals were comparable to any of her 90's stuff. I know she cannot get her voice back and nobody is expecting that, but dear, those lyrics and productions must improve dramatically.
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Re: Adele (98,989) (98,994) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 23 November 2021; 22:48)
I'm also enjoying Ed Sheeran's "=", it was an album I waited for patiently, but this "Red" album I didn't know anything about. I've never been a fan of Taylor's, but according to some extensive reviews on Amazon, the album is her best so far. I'll give it a listen. The music scene is kind of dire these days.
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Re: Adele (98,972) (98,975) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 21 November 2021; 17:54)
To be honest, I got the album, listened to it, and I think the critics are right. The album is way different from 25. In my humble opinion, Aside from "Easy On Me", there's not another single material song in it. She could've been all about the divorce and stuff and still make some catchy tunes. The writing is on point, but the album as a whole sounds somewhat disjointed to me. She has her very own "Super Creepy" song on it.

As a concept album, I think it's great, but it's not an album you want to have on repeat. It's actually quite depressing. You start playing the first track, by the time you get to "Easy On Me", you get excited and keep on listening hoping for another similar track, but then you get to the end and start scratching your head with a "what the f**k" expression on your face. I don't think Adele will wait 5 years to release another album. As I said, the only single material on the album is "Easy On Me".
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Re: MC's Range Media has ties to TM (98,962) (98,965) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 18 November 2021; 05:36)
Your post was spot on. That concert was epic. I've agreed with you before, but I haven't commented on it.
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Re: Where Are You Christmas (98,957) (98,958) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 17 November 2021; 15:32)
According to Mariah, she didn't get to record "Where Are You Christmas", it was written for Faith Hill. Her current vocals couldn't top Faith Hill's version, so she should leave it at that. I just hope Mariah stop hyping up shit to then deliver forgettable stuff. She made it seem as if she had this amazing song that needed two male vocalists, but listening to the song I was left scratching my head, like what are these two male vocalists doing on the song exactly that she wanted them so badly. Mariah needs to actually put a song out in which she actually sings, enough with the whispering, the whistle trick is just not cutting it anymore, it's supposed to be there to adorn the song. Part of the success of the Emancipation of Mimi was the fact she was basically forced to sing and use the whisper to a minimum hence the "The Return of the Voice" campaign.
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Re: MC's Range Media has ties to TM (98,954) (98,955) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 17 November 2021; 14:21)
I saw the concert and interview yesterday, and it was refreshing. The magic that some projected lights can do is beyond amazing. She didn't dance or have any outfit changes, but one thing she did was sing her heart out. No gimmicks, not distractions, no arrogance, pure class. About the interview, Adele is just real. She doesn't give two fs about sounding this way or coming across that way, and there's nothing more relatable than that. It reminded me of Mariah up until the Daydream era. Adele is a huge star, yet it doesn't seem to have gone to her head. It's also refreshing to have concept albums, this generation doesn't seem to care about those anymore.
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Re: MC’s Range Media has ties to TM (98,943) (98,945) by Edward from USA
(Monday 15 November 2021; 00:58)
You will pay for such a post. If you consider yourself to be a true lamb, you have to act like one, a little Coo Coo for Cocoa Puffs.
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Re: Mariah McDonald's (98,907) (98,910) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 10 November 2021; 22:28)
The rumors about Mariah's net wealth have always been internet speculations. When all of us thought she was worth 500M, the court documents that surfaced during her divorce process stated she was worth about 150M. Mariah might not be pulling in money from concerts, but she's doing well, believe me. Only with the royalties from AIWFCIY, she's set for life, and that's just part of the cake. I do agree though that not all money is good money, but at the end of the day, it's business. People'll forget about it just like when Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Justin Timberlake, Destiny's Child and many others did.
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Re: Babyface (98,887) (98,894) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 9 November 2021; 20:26)
None of the songs he created with Mariah were hits, but they were great. A hit song doesn't necessarily mean a song is good either. At this point in Mariah's career, she should be creating great music, she's had enough hits under her skirt already.
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Too much hype (98,868) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 6 November 2021; 20:46)
According to the way Mariah was hyping up this song, one could've inferred she had a hidden gem or something. When editing out anything after the minute 3:35, I make the song somewhat passable. Sadly, evidenced by whatever is happening in this song vocally, Mariah has kind of turned into a "one trick whistle". I know I'll be crucified before Thanksgiving here, but there's no way Tony would've allowed her to put this song out, but oh well. It is what it's not.
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And isn't ironic, don't you think? (98,753) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 16 October 2021; 21:03)
Mariah could've made a great song to add to her "#1's" album yet she accompanied her greatest hits with such a piece of crap like Infinity. For me, "#1 to Infinity" doesn't exist. She did the same with "The Rarities", so many gems, but the best she could come up with was "Save The Day". I'm sorry, but as boring and samey as some of you might think "Easy On Me" is, I would prefer a song like it any day over those two. Being a fan hasn't made blind to crap. "Right to Dream", "Help Me Make it", "Almost Home", I crave the quality of her music in those songs. But maybe that's too saccharine for her.
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Re: Easy on me (98,748) (98,752) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 16 October 2021; 20:18)
I love "Easy On Me", Adele has a very unique and soulful voice. It is not a power ballad a la "Hello", but it has its beautiful vocal moments that makes you feel connect to what she's singing. She doesn't have to change her formula if it's working great for her, she's making the music she likes instead of following trends that would get her fanbase scattered long term. I love the fact she doesn't rely on anything other than her voice, instrumentation and songwriting. Her being fat or thin doesn't matter. I liked her music but wasn't a fan until "Hello" and its corresponding album. I like when Mariah makes an effort and allow some sort of input. "Almost Home" was one of the her best side projects that captured 90's Mariah perfectly. It was so Mariah, that most of us couldn't believe she didn't write it. I don't care if Mariah disappears for a few years as long as she comes back with some well cook music. Hopeful this new Christmas song is not another "The Planet'. She's been working on it for quite sometime, hopefully she'll deliver.
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Re: Hero 2021 (98,673) (98,674) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 30 September 2021; 17:21)
Vocally, I doubt it. Lyrically, definitely.
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Re: Kelly Clarkson (98,664) (98,665) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 28 September 2021; 15:31)
Are you implying iTunes should be sacrosanct to the lambs or this board? Jussie Smollett sung "Infamous" with Mariah, I guess he's not guilty, right? Child please.
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Re: Kelly Clarkson (98,660) (98,662) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 26 September 2021; 15:21)
What is iTunes? I thought they had gone away back in 2015.
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Re: Rarities 2 (98,648) (98,649) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 23 September 2021; 17:17)
I can't believe you never watched the horror movie "Glitter", with Mariah as the screaming queen and Da Brat as the devil.
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Re: Did anybody catch the shade? (98,621) (98,625) by Edward from USA
(Sunday 19 September 2021; 19:09)
Mariah doesn't have to emphasize anything to show her kids or anybody how good of a mother she is, she was being shady, that comment was simply uncalled for, especially knowing Nick is not her effing husband. It's not like he'll be shoving his tribe of kids and baby mamas down her throat. We know Mariah is a great mother by her actions, evidenced by how happy and well taken care of her kids are, period. As Stacey stated, whether she likes it or not, those kids are her kids' siblings and always will be. Trying to justify a comment like that with some explanation that seemed to have been pulled out of someone's ass doesn't cut it. I'm pretty sure if Mariah put a collection of farts in the studio, we would all find the beauty in them, and some would emphasize how even when farting she's in perfect pitch.
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Re: Did anybody catch the shade? (98,616) (98,617) by Edward from USA
(Saturday 18 September 2021; 19:38)
Some people find it funny and stuff, but to me that comment was rather disgusting, because she's basically saying she doesn't acknowledge, and is incapable of loving, any other kids besides hers, which is patheric and ridiculous. But oh well, if Mariah said it, it's funny, cool, deep and all.
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Re: Lambs (98,607) (98,608) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 14 September 2021; 19:57)
What do you mean by "the voice is back"?
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Re: MC16 (98,567) (98,569) by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 1 September 2021; 21:06)
I think she'll release some music, but not a full album at this point and so close to Christmas. I like the fact she's not rushing it, so there's not excuse for a 10-track album or anything lackluster. I would prefer if she releases MC16 next year. The fact she hasn't been touring or been pressured by her label tells me she's crafting a very decent album, with remixes and all. She's had nearly two year, in which she hasn't had any major distractions other than eating sushi.
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Re: Article: Mariah thinks Nick Cannon is "irresponsible and reckless" (98,486) (98,488) by Edward from USA
(Tuesday 3 August 2021; 19:11)
Nick Cannon having all those babies is not good for business. Imagine having to give free pass to Mariah future concerts to all those screaming babies and their respective baby mamas. She wouldn't make a profit. It's not fair.
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Re: The Rolling Stone Charts (98,464) (98,467) by Edward from USA
(Friday 30 July 2021; 21:19)
"But why are Celine and Madonna cashing in on tours, getting huge crowds willing to pay good money to see them in concert, but not streaming them while they are at home?"

Well, Madonna has always cashed in with her touring. Her tours are huge productions, visually enticing. People go for the nostalgia and because they know they won't ever get bored, she's a true entertainer.

Celine has a core fanbase, not only in English but in French too. She's definitely the Barbra Streisand of this era. Nobody is buying her music like that, but she's earned people's respect as a great vocalist, and she always catered to the adult contemporary listeners. She's considered to be classy.
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Re: American Idol performance (98,459) (98,462) by Edward from USA
(Thursday 29 July 2021; 22:45)
It's not necessarily her approach, production works that way fior them to have different takes from different angles. I was fortunate have been there when "With You I'm Born Again" was taped, it was sung twice, and then production pieced together the performance from different angles, of course they used the best audio, so it could seem she's lipping when she's not. It was a great peformance, kind of magical. They also picked those of us whom they considered were better dressed and pleasing to the camera and put them on the first three rows. Of course they didn't tell us that, but that's the way it works. The same happened when she entered the stage for "It's Like That".
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