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Name: Shezz
Country: Pk
Re: AIWFCIY official videos (96,759) (96,766) by Shezz from Pk
(Wednesday 2 December 2020; 05:35)
Sorry you're not gonna like me going off your list but my favourite is the MC25 behind the scenes video she released last year set to AIWFC. It perfectly captures that iconic moment in her life and you can see her genuinely enjoying every moment of it and giving it her all without becoming camera stiff and posed. It's like she came full circle with that song last year and that video captures the spirit effortlessly.
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Re: UK Number 1? (96,758) (96,765) by Shezz from Pk
(Wednesday 2 December 2020; 05:26)
Fingers crossed (exclamation marks).
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Re: O Santa? O Mariah (96,668) (96,680) by Shezz from Pk
(Thursday 19 November 2020; 18:59)
I'm just absolutely flabbergasted that she's invited the two of them to sing with her. On the same song. (Tons of exclamation marks.) That's mighty ballsy of her. Kudos to Mariah. Jennifer Hudson can sing anybody under the flood and with all the new Mariah comparisons, Ariana can show her up too. Mariah will be in control of the situation and center stage for sure. Not a huge fan of the song, so here's hoping they've reworked it into a winner. It'll be interesting to see who'll be the Celine and who'll be the Mariah to her Aretha. I feel we'll have two Mariah's a la 98 Divas respecting the Grand Dame of Christmas on her song and on her special.
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Re: The mother (96,494) (96,500) by Shezz from Pk
(Monday 2 November 2020; 16:55)
Not that Andrew needs any defense, but Robert this time he was defending Mariah against a hater and not being cruel. At least that's what I got.

Happy Mariah Season everybody. Hope we have some joy to close out this crazy year. Can't wait for Mariah's festive plans' announcements.
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Re: Jade has had a baby (96,491) (96,495) by Shezz from Pk
(Monday 2 November 2020; 03:09)
Wow. Congrats to mama Jade.
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Re: Where I Belong should be a single (96,471) (96,478) by Shezz from Pk
(Saturday 31 October 2020; 16:56)
According to, this song actually samples I Know What You Want (the beat is quite audible) and was originally meant to be a remix of IKWYW. Sounds more like a part 2. I think the chances of it being a single are pretty good since it already has a video shot with MC in that red dress but who knows.
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Re: Big Willy (96,422) (96,425) by Shezz from Pk
(Sunday 25 October 2020; 14:33)
Been quite worried about Bill's sudden absence as well. I've never seen him get into any arguments here with anybody. Does anybody have any way to contact him to find out if he's okay?
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Re: Firecracker Loverboy vs Cameo Loverboy vs Remix Lo (96,352) (96,365) by Shezz from Pk
(Tuesday 20 October 2020; 15:18)
Firecracker version all the way. It is exciting, fun and infectious with that amazing intro and outro and more energetic vocals and ofcourse that infamous sample.
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Mariah & Busta song to finally see the light o‘day (96,297) by Shezz from Pk
(Friday 16 October 2020; 18:23)
Busta's new album is being released later this month with the long teased Mariah collab "Right where I belong" finally
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Re: Liner Notes (96,079) (96,083) by Shezz from Pk
(Saturday 10 October 2020; 18:59)
Thank you so much for that Bill. Nice to read them all.
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Re: Fave five The Rarities songs (96,007) (96,010) by Shezz from Pk
(Wednesday 7 October 2020; 19:33)
This is just for the newly heard songs and not counting DYTOM, EFA, and SA that I’ve loved for decades (but are getting less love now):

1. Out here on my own
2. Loverboy (Firecracker)
3. Cool on you
4. Can you hear me
5. Here we go around again / Mesmerized
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Re: The Rarities - track by track review (sorry) (95,937) (95,938) by Shezz from Pk
(Saturday 3 October 2020; 17:52)
Bill, that was a fun read. I'm glad you weren't disappointed after how excited you were the last couple of weeks. I feel bad for STD - it's actually living the life of its acronym. Everybody wants to stay far away from it.
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Re: Thoughts after first listen to "The Rarities" (95,912) (95,913) by Shezz from Pk
(Friday 2 October 2020; 12:22)
Love the album. Haven't gotten to the Tokyo Dome concert yet but the highlights for me that I've had on repeat (other than OHOMO) are:

1. Loverboy (Firecracker version)
2. Cool on you
3. Can you hear me

Lullaby of Birdland is lovely, I'm not getting into Mesmerized yet - probably once I've worn the others out.

Who knew a track from the Glitter debacle era would be the strongest track from all the eras represented. OHOMO is the crowning glory of this album for me - but we love everybody.
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Oprah interview high quality link (95,771) by Shezz from Pk
(Saturday 26 September 2020; 11:22)
Let's hope it stays up long enough. I've just seen the first few minutes, thought I'd share it here in case people are still looking.
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Re: OHOMO (95,625) (95,642) by Shezz from Pk
(Saturday 19 September 2020; 06:02)
Don’t forget what came before OHOMO - STD.
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Re: Out Here On My Own (95,603) (95,611) by Shezz from Pk
(Friday 18 September 2020; 12:57)
Gut wrenching and so powerfully beautiful like only Mariah can do. I guess they decided they didn't want Billie to sing an already famous 80's song as if it was her's. I don't know if I'm explaining myself properly. I'd still love to know why it was kept off the soundtrack, would have been a closer to rival EFA for sure. I wonder if she and the label would be willing to promote a song recorded 20 years ago.
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Re: TMOMC (95,345) (95,365) by Shezz from Pk
(Thursday 3 September 2020; 19:15)
You forgot the most intriguing, exciting subject that we don’t know much about and which deserves atleast a few chapsters:

500 hours of beauty school.
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Re: A grower I guess (95,090) (95,110) by Shezz from Pk
(Saturday 22 August 2020; 09:27)
Definitely a grower. I was disappointed at first but like every Mariah song I still kept wanting to listen to it and now the hook is totally stuck in my head. The KMS sample is a double edged sword. It distracts you from Mariah’s vocals for sure, should have been a bit more in the background but then it is what makes the song memorable - specially in the bridge. Today I’m glad she took it out of the vault.
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Re: Mariah on GMA (95,015) (95,019) by Shezz from Pk
(Thursday 20 August 2020; 18:16)
I don't think she went and changed in a minute to sing those 2 songs, they were certainly recorded earlier and probably a few times so she could choose the best one or the best parts. So what? It's her performing it, and yes probably engineered. She's an insecure perfectionist - bigger crimes than that to worry about in this world.
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Re: Mariah on GMA (95,012) (95,014) by Shezz from Pk
(Thursday 20 August 2020; 12:18)
The 2 songs were recorded earlier, the day she posted the "CurlyRiah" moment, you can see she is wearing the black top below her kimono/robe. It looks like she might have recorded the audio separately and filmed the video after. Lipping parts on a pre recorded performance makes no sense.
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Re: The Rarities (94,992) (95,013) by Shezz from Pk
(Thursday 20 August 2020; 11:58)
Sarah Mclachlan also has an album called "Rarities", though the complete name is "Rarities, B-sides and other stuff".

Andrew, I often think your arguments are valid (though not nearly deserving of your brutality) but this one feels like you're doing it just because you feel like it. The title is fine, let it go.

If you really want to dissect things then one can also argue that Mariah is wrong to say that there is an omnipresent "Hero" if you look inside your heart.

Pick your battles and be happy.
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Re: Name game (94,977) (94,986) by Shezz from Pk
(Wednesday 19 August 2020; 18:10)
I do too.
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Rarities this Friday #MC30 (94,951) by Shezz from Pk
(Tuesday 18 August 2020; 20:50)
According to, this Friday Mariah will release "Rarities". You can pre-order/pre-save at: How exciting is that? Bill let's pray you get your song.
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NHS choir - Anytime You Need A Friend (93,507) by Shezz from Pk
(Sunday 5 April 2020; 15:20)
I just came across this special rendition by these lovely people. Apologies if it has already been posted here, I didn't see it. Hope the link comes through Webmaster. Hope everyone is staying safe.
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Re: Non-single favourites (92,998) (93,005) by Shezz from Pk
(Sunday 23 February 2020; 04:51)
Bill you stole mine. "Do you think of me" gives me the feels. Unrequited love - ugh.
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