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Name: Shezz
Country: Pk
Re: Abandon? (85,532) (85,537) by Shezz from Pk
(Friday 2 November 2018; 03:18)
So frigging totally should.
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Re: A No No and X-Girlfriend (85,528) (85,530) by Shezz from Pk
(Thursday 1 November 2018; 23:07)
And TLC vibes too.
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Re: Caution tracklist (85,508) (85,511) by Shezz from Pk
(Thursday 1 November 2018; 14:50)
It seems like this album will be a little like E=MC2 in that it seems like a good collection of singles. I am a little bummed out at there being only 10 tracks. I know a lot of people wanted that here but for me, the more the songs the more MC I get and even most of the fillers are often very satisfying. I wish there atleast 10 because it feels like we've nearly heard half the album already.

I am particularly looking forward to hearing Portrait, the traditional introspective closer we have come to expect from an MC album. Seems like that might have some indepth song writing that the currently released songs are missing. Did the Diane Warren song make this highly selective 10 song cut? Seems tough unless it is Portrait. Also looking forward to the Blood Orange number (one rumour that was true). Lastly I'm hoping some of the album tracks cross over the 3:30 min mark otherwise Caution will be a 30 minute album the way things are going.

Excited and hopeful.
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Re: Voice appearance (85,459) (85,460) by Shezz from Pk
(Wednesday 31 October 2018; 10:28)
Wow RJ. Never have I read a better address to the current situation (re: her voice, her current efforts, her past, and most importantly the prevalent sentiments here - good intentioned as they may be). Every single word that you said is the absolute truth.
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Re: Track list snippets (85,445) (85,458) by Shezz from Pk
(Wednesday 31 October 2018; 04:22)
Anybody else heard the rumour that she's going to be releasing a second part to Caution next year, hence the 10 song track list for now? I highly doubt it.
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Re: For pure indulgence... (85,443) (85,457) by Shezz from Pk
(Wednesday 31 October 2018; 04:19)
I would lovvvvve to see her on Wendy. Everybody would lose it including Wendy. She'll probably acknowledge knowing J Lo first than going on Wendy sadly.
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Re: Lips? Lol (85,419) (85,431) by Shezz from Pk
(Tuesday 30 October 2018; 04:50)
Sadly it is true. Even though here tone is getting a little better (at times), she cant hold notes and needs to keep cutting them short, hence the ey ey eys and uhh uhh uhhs. You can see her try and go for some belts and notes and immdiately cut them short. I hope the problem is reversible or fixable. She has extensive touring planned, I pray it doesn't get worse in time. She was nailing the Emotions intro during the SSF tour and you can see her try and then hold back now which is painful and sad to watch. I can actually understand the lipping at the major award shows and the pre recorded whistles now because try as she may, she very often can not be sure if she can do it. If it were just the drinking that was causing it I'm sure she'd change things up. It is deeper than that. Love and the best for her always.
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Re: Mariah in Manila (85,340) (85,350) by Shezz from Pk
(Saturday 27 October 2018; 12:38)
Her tone is definitely getting a little better and she seems alive and confident but is it just me or is she mostly cutting her notes very short? The belts in MIH in the "if you believe within your soul" bit seem really short these days. Lot of other places too where she was doing really well previously - specially in the SSF tour. Over touring? Album process?
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Re: The Voice (85,246) (85,250) by Shezz from Pk
(Wednesday 24 October 2018; 15:36)
That would be amazing if she advised them all. I wonder if it is only a one episode thing. Did anyone catch the recent Voice clip where two contestants sang ABMB (in a showdown or whatever it's called) and Blake friggin Shelton said he never heard that song before. All the other judges specially Adam Levine went off on him and he said that he doesn't really listen to Mariah Carey and has only heard her Christmas song. Now he deserves an "I don't know him".
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Re: Album bundles (85,244) (85,249) by Shezz from Pk
(Wednesday 24 October 2018; 15:30)
Is Roc Nation responsible for this or Epic? I suppose it is a mix but Epic didn't push the previous stuff much plus M probably wasn't in the zone. Maybe Roc Nation is doing a lot because this is their first project with her? Is her current manager Melissa under Roc Nation?
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Re: ? (85,237) (85,243) by Shezz from Pk
(Wednesday 24 October 2018; 12:03)
Why can't the negativity just be ignored instead of being constantly addressed and thus creating more of a cycle?
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Re: The Voice (85,231) (85,236) by Shezz from Pk
(Wednesday 24 October 2018; 05:28)
I wish she was on Kelly's team though. Would have loved to see Kelly fan girling over her. Hope they get to interact. Never really followed that show except for YouTube clips so I don't know how that works.
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Re: Big news (85,169) (85,173) by Shezz from Pk
(Monday 22 October 2018; 04:26)
Has to be a tour. What else is there left to announce? It feels like she has been touring a lot already so this really won't be news per se.
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Re: Realize (85,150) (85,155) by Shezz from Pk
(Sunday 21 October 2018; 05:58)
You are absolutely right. She has truly come a long way from her dark years and you can she has been putting in the work. I think most of us were expecting Caution to become her next TEOM but I really don't think that's realistic now.
People talk about Cher getting one of her biggest hits in her 50s with Believe but then that was also in the 90s when the landscape of the music industry was very different, still open and accepting of older artists.
The question is does she really need to follow current music trends and produce more of the regular fast food like fodder? Other than following the current trends I think it is also due to the fact that she has evolved and changed as an artist (for better or for worse). I'm just glad I can still enjoy her for who and what she is now but I'll always want her to do even better.
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Re: Distance - my theory (for laughs) (85,132) (85,139) by Shezz from Pk
(Saturday 20 October 2018; 12:44)
I couldn't agree more. Universal, non specific lyrics are the best. I guess there's a thin line between self expression and self indulgence. I long for the days of lyrical depth and maturity too and I'm hoping that the album cuts which M probably doesn't think are commercial enough will provide us with that. "Half past" is less American but not completely alien to them either I suppose plus it helped her to complete her rhyme.
Be that all as it may I still am enjoying all three songs still. They're certainly growers.
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Re: Distance - my theory (for laughs) (85,117) (85,121) by Shezz from Pk
(Friday 19 October 2018; 19:53)
Mimi must have downed a lot of Caymus to call Packer "unjustly handsome" or maybe she was being sarcastic. Or maybe every song doesn't have to be her own life story.
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Re: The Distance (85,044) (85,054) by Shezz from Pk
(Thursday 18 October 2018; 19:22)
Indeed we do.
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Re: The next single (84,949) (84,952) by Shezz from Pk
(Tuesday 16 October 2018; 16:28)
I am very hopeful that the next single that'll bring on the album with a bang will be the title track, Caution. One journalist at the listening party said that her favourite song of the 5 they heard was called something along the lines of "Proceed With Caution" which was an uptempo that sampled "Crush on you" by Lil Kim, which ironically samples an older number. Pretty sure that's the title track. Cant wait for November 16. And the cover unveiling.
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Re: Pre-concert vocal rest (84,873) (84,877) by Shezz from Pk
(Monday 15 October 2018; 12:19)
She still does it. It's just that sometimes she forgets and does it during the concerts.
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Re: Is it so hard to believe... (84,780) (84,791) by Shezz from Pk
(Friday 12 October 2018; 12:32)
Yes you can hear a few breaths here and there and a few adlibs but I think it's because she speckled the performance with a few live notes over the studio track.

I never watched the GTFO video again but I have seen this one a few times. A few random moments but generally yes a few good steps in the right direction.

Looking forward to the album dropping soon. I feel she might pull off a couple of (mostly) live performances of With You during the Asia tour once she gets into her groove.
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Re: AMA choreography (84,720) (84,735) by Shezz from Pk
(Thursday 11 October 2018; 07:21)
RibbonB that was soooo spot on I could actually see those previous dancers doing those cheesy moves so vividly in my mind.

After seeing the full AMAs performance on Vevo I have to say overall it wasn't that bad. Looked and sounded ok and to most of the people watching and media publications that's all that matters. Most of them could not tell she was lipping most of it. Only we could tell that she sadly lipped.

Let's move on and start bashing the video now. Maybe she doesn't get the budget to hire actors anymore. I could even do with seeing Tanaka doing some cheesy moves on there as a freebie. Am I getting used to it or was there a little less touching herself in this video. Pretty but exactly as expected. I still think they should have gone with the WBT storyline with Bryan reprising Miller's role and a Packer look alike doing Roberts'.
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Re: The ultimate disgrace (84,636) (84,641) by Shezz from Pk
(Wednesday 10 October 2018; 10:59)
You are completely missing Andrew's point (which often gets lost in his brutal delivery). It was very very disappointing to see our favourite "singer" of all time not even partly attempt to sing With You live. When people like J. Lo and Taylor Swift can make Mimi look bad, it is really sad. I did not hear any parts that didn't sound like the studio version at all and we all know she really can't sing that well now that you'd be fooled to thinking it was the studio version.

I think this sums up Andrew's and a lot of the other disappointed lambs' reaction. Why has she even lost the ability to sing her whispery notes live? She could really well during the Sweet Sweet Fantasy tour.
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AMAs reaction (84,630) by Shezz from Pk
(Wednesday 10 October 2018; 06:03)
To be fair most of us here knew she would lip. Looked pretty. Didn't mind the change in choreography.
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Re: Promo plan (84,595) (84,597) by Shezz from Pk
(Tuesday 9 October 2018; 16:04)
Maybe what Nick said is true, Mariah manages Mariah. Hey atleast it got you to start posting again. Don't lose hope. All is not lost yet. The album has not even been announced yet. Plus she apparently has "Champagne Papi" hiding under her sleeves (not) but I'd be the happiest person on earth to be proven wrong since he's too big right now to sign off on anything below his standards and his standards right now are higher than the heavens above.
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Re: I need help (84,575) (84,583) by Shezz from Pk
(Tuesday 9 October 2018; 10:17)
Haha I feel the same about the "war" and "yo" bits. Beautiful. Though my eyes did roll when I realised she was saying "yo". Then I also realised the magic of Mimi. She can literally make any silly lyrics sound so pretty. Imagine what she'd do if she went back to writing poetically instead. She could have made With You an even stronger song had she tackled the subject matter with more universally appealing lyrics instead of narrating the Bryan Packer saga almost so literally. The We Belong Together video fits this song like a glove. I'd rather her repeat a similar storyline for a video than beauty shots of her singing the song all over LA. Fingers crossed.
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