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Name: Brad
Country: USA
Tha Source. Biggest, Oldest Dang Lamb out there. Wrote the book on being pip and festive. He's a pro and treats others the same way. Waits for MC to reach her creative zenith and wants her to keep pushing toward that. Writes the words about it that others wish they could even know what to say.
BET Awards (100,586) by Brad from USA
(Monday 27 June 2022; 07:01)
It's heartening to see the BET community honor Mariah, in a kind of way that she always wished they would. She is yours and ours. A unique gift and blessing to us all. Relish the moment, Mariah. You earned and deserve it.
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Re: Songwriters speech (100,475) (100,480) by Brad from USA
(Friday 17 June 2022; 19:46)
I agree that Mariah's speech could have used some editing, but it wasn't incoherent or really ditzy. To me, it had the feel of the child that shoulders the burden of everything that is wrong in life for years on end and finally the child is given a chance to speak their truth and every bottled up thought and emotion comes pouring out of the child all at once. What her appearance also shows is that we as fans really have zero clues as to what is going on with her in her personal and professional life, as well as her physical and mental health. That is the way it should be, as we each deserve privacy. Clearly, Mariah isn't going to be releasing new music when she is at a rough stage in her own life, as she is now. She has two children to raise (on her own), who are entering difficult years of development and a brand/business to figure out how to sustain, grow, develop and secure for the foreseeable future. The release of new music just isn't a component of that right now as it doesn't pay the bills any longer. But hopefully she is still writing and when she gets to a place where she wants to record and send something out into the universe she will be able to. That just is not right now. For now and always, lets enjoy and relish who she is and what she has given us for so, so long. And we will keep that fire burning.
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Songwriters Hall of Fame website (100,464) by Brad from USA
(Thursday 16 June 2022; 19:07)
This honor means a lot to Mariah. I was looking at the website for the Songwriters Hall of Fame and the profile they have for Mariah. It is filled with errors. They indicate she was born in 1969. Nope. They indicate her first song was titled "Visions of Love". Nope. I could go on and on. Its pretty disrespectful in some ways but nonetheless I hope she has a wonderful ceremony and feels truly honored for her work to date.
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New face (100,458) by Brad from USA
(Wednesday 15 June 2022; 22:52)
Hopefully it's just angle, make-up and lighting. We don't need Mariah Carey to look like Tyra Banks; just to look like herself, with whatever that comes with in 2022.
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Black Irish marketing (100,294) by Brad from USA
(Monday 16 May 2022; 18:58)
Admittedly, I am just not that into this venture but that may be because I'm not really into alcohol at all. That said, I'm not sure where this product is going. Direct-to-consumer based on celebrity ties may not be the best singular approach. I would think you might want to partner with national restaurant/hotel/entertainment venues to have in be part of their inventory and try to build a brand from there. What are other people's thoughts on this?
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Why Hotlanta (100,266) by Brad from USA
(Wednesday 11 May 2022; 23:36)
I was wondering what would make Mariah wish to live in Atlanta? Obviously, it isn't particularly my or any other person's business but I was just curious. That area seems to have a good amount of industry folks there, particularly of the African-American community. Her work with JD has taken place there for many years. I just wasn't sure if there was something more, such as a family connection or something. I know she relocated her mom recently to Florida from the Westchester Co. area, so perhaps to be close-ish to her? Although, I'm not convinced of how close they are with one another nowadays. I thought it was related to some projects she was working on like her book-to-movie adaptation, which can take time. Any insight is appreciated. Thanks.
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Re: The good and bad of Record Store Day (100,219) (100,221) by Brad from USA
(Wednesday 27 April 2022; 02:25)
Thank you all for your willingness to help me. That is very heartening. After another ton of phone calls and recalling Mariah's motto of "I will hunt you down" and driving several hours to a little record store few folks frequent, I was able to obtain two copies! They were none too cheap but about what I figured they would be as to price for such a special release. I have to admit that the relatively heavy weight of the records made it much more satisfying to drive all that way than it might otherwise have been. Anyhow, thank you again for your offers of help. That is so nice to see. I hope you enjoy your releases. From what I could garner, it seems there were about 7K copies made. Mine are like #s 2294 and 2295 I think. Thank you again.
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The good and bad of Record Store Day (100,212) by Brad from USA
(Monday 25 April 2022; 22:10)
On the positive, it seems like all the independent record stores in Connecticut that participated in Record Store day 2022 sold out of Mariah's special re-issue of #1s. On the not so positive, it seems like those stores that received it only got 1 or 2 copies and none can be found now. Without a little luck in the universe, I guess I missed out.
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Re: Article: The number ones: Mariah Carey's "Hero" (99,839) (99,843) by Brad from USA
(Saturday 5 March 2022; 02:09)
I'm not certain that one can fully experience the effect of "Hero" without having faced extraordinary adversity or challenges in your own personal life. Fortunately, most people don't always experience such things. When I listened to the song during college in 1993, when it first came out, I always perceived it as only being about self-belief. But as I aged and life changed for me and those I cared about, I came to hear the song differently. After seeing my mother battle and persist with parkinsonism and dementia and how my family and I adopted a way of life to support and care for her at home, rather than in a nursing home, I heard the words as an outward validation of what my family and I have been experiencing and living for many years now in an unnoticed and unrecognized way for the everyday amazing things we do and accomplish together. That validation can bring you to tears when you recognize those heroics within yourself and your own life and feel somehow seen and supported. Perhaps down those kinds of roads in life, the song gains its most important and meaningful audience.
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Billboard magazine cover (99,816) by Brad from USA
(Thursday 3 March 2022; 02:12)
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Nick Cannon (99,601) by Brad from USA
(Wednesday 2 February 2022; 01:58)
I feel for Mariah. His course of conduct is very troubling and indicative of a pathology. It creates an aura of uncertainty for her and her children that must be incredibly stressful and disconcerting. May God’s strength be with her and her children.

Nick Cannon is a psychopath. 'Nuff said.
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Forbes fail (99,420) by Brad from USA
(Friday 14 January 2022; 03:15)
Why is Forbes writing about AIWFCIY dropping off the charts after Christmas? That ain't news. The other Christmas tunes do the exact same thing. Useless reporting. I used to love to go to the library and read that magazine when I was a teenager (yes I'm super old) but times have changed if this is what they are writing about.
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The Christmas Princess (99,411) by Brad from USA
(Thursday 13 January 2022; 05:01)
Who announces the future release of a children's fairytale book about Christmas during the second week of January? The lawd knows I support my MC to the ends of the Earth but this seems a pretty big timing fail on someone's part. Not to mention, that cover is all troll and not cute at all. They could have had a better illustration. Honestly. I just don't get it. Another project that seems destined to go by the wayside.
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There's an album somewhere (99,393) by Brad from USA
(Friday 7 January 2022; 06:00)
Hope everyone is doing as well as they can. So based on her interviews recently indicating Monroe's favorite album is one Mariah can't talk about yet and Brandy's interview about working with MC, it's clear there is an album somewhere. Also, her red and gold dress moments in the snow were for actual photoshoots, not just for fun She was basically MIA all last year and I think hard at work. I hope we get to hear it this year. Try to be well.
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Mariah's special Billboard magazine edition (99,094) by Brad from USA
(Thursday 9 December 2021; 22:48)
As someone who spent sooo many years religiously following Mariah's career, in part, through her charting in Billboard, it makes me really happy to see this special edition of the magazine dedicated to our MC. I found my copy for $15 at my local CVS. I gave it four facings for good measure. Hope those of you who may want a copy can find one near you. Time is going by quickly so be sure to be good to yourself and those you care about. Especially at this time of year. Try to also be nice to one another. Be well, MC. "Love ya, appreciate ya and enjoy ya."
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Re: Did anybody catch the shade? (98,625) (98,626) by Brad from USA
(Monday 20 September 2021; 00:11)
We really shouldn't assume what is and isn't being dropped at Mariah's doorstep these days. It may actually have been shade to another baby mama, not necessarily Nick.
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411 (98,395) by Brad from USA
(Monday 19 July 2021; 08:40)
Honestly, we are going through a pandemic and this guy has no take aways like "the world doesn't really need my viciousness, I'm so not essential". Lots of artists have sets on Lootcrate and frankly, Mariah generally didn't cash in on her notoriety alone in her golden years. Leave her be. Though I might suggest Mariah Cookies over the baker's twine. I like twine and all but. Get the Lemon Drop and Rainbow ones.
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Somewhat elusive (98,322) by Brad from USA
(Wednesday 7 July 2021; 00:38)
Did we all notice that Mariah’s July 4 pics were recycled from last year? I’ve always wanted Mariah to be an enviro and go green but maybe in a different way. Anyhow, hope she and her kids are ok. Be well and stay safe and cool.
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I was right (98,244) by Brad from USA
(Tuesday 22 June 2021; 22:34)
The last time I posted, I indicated that my "lamb instincts" of over 30 years told me something was up with Mariah. Boy was I right. It's not one single thing, it's everything. The fall out from her memoir (which I really find to be painstakingly beautiful and richly detailed such that I am reading it in a deliberately slow and careful manner), her continued detachment from previous management issues (we're talkin mostly about those snakes in the grass, y'all), her work on upcoming projects (hopefully not just Christmas related - though we do hope for Emmy wins for her prior festive tv special), and of course, not least of all, her need to protect her children from the abomination that is their father. I think this last one largely explains her notable absence/decrease from posting pics of them and herself and turning away from social media (some) to protect them. Clearly, that man has some serious behavioral issues that require not only treatment and behavior management techniques to be employed but diligent parenting by Mariah to enable her children to feel genuinely wanted, special and loved. Not somewhat loved. This period is a culmination of many factors in her life, past and future. We send you strength, support, love and humanity during this challenging time, MC.
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Something's up (97,908) by Brad from USA
(Saturday 1 May 2021; 06:33)
Hope everyone is doing well. As a lamb of 30+ years who has followed her every move extremely closely during that time, my instincts tell me something is up with our MC. Hopefully she and her family are well in their health. Her general absence from IG and a lot of social media since mid-February has been very, very odd. She may be going through some stuff. Hopefully all will be ok and she will rebound personally and professionally. We all wish her well and love her. Be well.
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Side Effects (97,408) by Brad from USA
(Friday 19 February 2021; 05:00)
Sometimes I forget how much I love this song. It's pretty good song writing too. Revisit it and enjoy.
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Mimi's mix WBT (97,384) by Brad from USA
(Wednesday 17 February 2021; 07:24)
The 7 minute version is life. Thanks for this delectable treat, MC. It's wondrous. Everyone be safe and well. Wear 2 masks.
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Mariah's Cookies (96,761) by Brad from USA
(Wednesday 2 December 2020; 01:51)
Does anyone know how and where to order these? I didn't learn of these until today but Ima need to get each flavor. Hope they have them in my area. Be safe and well.
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Thought Leaders V Magazine (96,016) by Brad from USA
(Thursday 8 October 2020; 00:49)
That is the way a candidate for public office should be speaking during this election cycle. I have always been proud of you, Mariah. But these words bring that pride "higher than the heavens up above".
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Opriah (95,739) by Brad from USA
(Friday 25 September 2020; 02:46)
I have a question. What in the ham sandwich was O wearing during this interview?
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