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Name: Brad
Country: USA
Tha Source. Biggest, Oldest Dang Lamb out there. Wrote the book on being pip and festive. He's a pro and treats others the same way. Waits for MC to reach her creative zenith and wants her to keep pushing toward that. Writes the words about it that others wish they could even know what to say.
The Grammy moment (105,271) by Brad from USA
(Monday 5 February 2024; 17:50)
You looked gorgeous and people were elated to be in your company. Hold on to the moment and keep it in your heart. Congratulations.
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Justice for Can't Let Go (104,160) by Brad from USA
(Wednesday 22 November 2023; 03:36)
Is any one else still pissed off this song didn't go to #1? I am. Ok bye. If we could get this song to #1 on iTunes Mariah would flip out because she knows this should have been a #1. I recall all those weeks waiting and waiting for it to pop from #2 to #1. Don't ever forget how frigging flawless that video was too. She looked so beautiful in that.
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Status of things (104,064) by Brad from USA
(Wednesday 15 November 2023; 17:24)
It's funny, yesterday I listened to a few MC songs that I hadn't listened to in a while, like "Lead the Way". After doing so, I thought "why can't we just be content with exploring such amazing vocal performances and not bicker or focus on what we are not receiving as fans". And today, I viewed the Jennifer Hudson "interview" and wondered "what is going on with her that she has to have such interviews and questions scripted and then repeated for every subsequent interview she does during her publicity efforts"? It makes me question her well being and mental health status. I hope she is well. There are clearly changes we are not aware of, as evidenced by Tanaka's seeming absence, her reduced social media presence, the lack of any new recordings in years and the seeming abandonment of MC brand products like Black Irish and Mariah Cookies. Perhaps it's not our "right" to know but we do wish to be supportive of her as an individual, an artist and entrepreneur.
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It's time clip (103,945) by Brad from USA
(Thursday 2 November 2023; 20:57)
One needn't be snarky or condescending when responding to someone else's earnest inquiry. Just being kind I'm sure is a trend that we can all "be in touch with", no matter our age.
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This is a reply to message 103,942 by Matty from Vancouver Canada
(Thursday 2 November 2023; 17:35)
It's time clip (103,939) by Brad from USA
(Thursday 2 November 2023; 02:39)
Does it bother anyone else that she is not wearing a matching drop earring in her left ear as well? Was that an accident or oversight or somehow intended?
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DemKittens (103,531) by Brad from USA
(Monday 18 September 2023; 23:58)
Surprised to "meet" the new kittens, but joyed to see it too. I adopted an orange cat last fall and love him to bits. That said, they are a handful at times. May be fun to hear of the antics her new cats put her through.
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Since we're wondering (103,470) by Brad from USA
(Wednesday 13 September 2023; 22:54)
Has anyone decoded the "coat of arms" on the windows Mariah shows in her latest ""Dreamlover" tribute post where she is wearing the black and white flannel shirt? I think this is all very intentional on her part. It's a clue as to where she is (obviously) and what she is up to. I know September 15th will lend some insight too at MSG. I think it's a clue just like pointing to that poster of "I'm gonna need a bigger boat" from back around her birthday. Also, do we have to wait until 2024 for the physical forms of MB30 to be available, I read that somewhere. Thanks.
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Be nice or leave (103,256) by Brad from USA
(Tuesday 29 August 2023; 20:18)
Hi. I've been coming to this message board since 1998 and I am not trying to be "message board mom" or anything, but I do hope people will continue to be kind and supportive of one another on here. Rather than mean spirited or back biting. We don't really need that. As Mariah's sign always says: be nice or leave.
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New Photo (103,236) by Brad from USA
(Monday 21 August 2023; 20:24)
I have seen a "new" photo online of Mariah, Rocky and Shawn's newest son and am just trying to confirm that the photo is actually new. It seems to be, but can anyone confirm? Thanks.
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Where's Waldo (103,207) by Brad from USA
(Friday 18 August 2023; 00:51)
Wherever she is, we hope she is well and undertaking measures that will make her happy and keep her health well. Don't do it for the needs and joys of others, MC. Do it for your sake alone. We will always be here for the vast array of what you have already given to all of us. "If you ever need us, we're still here." A cobbled line a la "Subtle Invitation". So we wait.
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Camp Mariah (103,125) by Brad from USA
(Wednesday 2 August 2023; 17:49)
Hey, I happened to be in Fishkill, NY yesterday and thought it's been a moment since Mariah has been seen there with campers. Wasn't sure how much she is still involved. Anyhow, yeah things "feel" different for Mariah right now, not the usual videos of her being on vacation with her kids/boyfriend or even teases of any projects or promos for any products, IE does Black Irish and Mariah's Cookies even still exist anymore? Not sure. Anyhow, seems she has been spending more time in NY/Westchester of late. Just hope she is doing well in her health and personal being, especially as it seems, maybe, professionally things aren't great.
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Happy 30th anniversary to Dreamlover (103,086) by Brad from USA
(Thursday 27 July 2023; 21:52)
Rolling Stone has a really good article concerning the David Morales remix and how groundbreaking it was at the time. I still love that remix.
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This is a reply to message 103,084 by MC1989 from Spain
(Thursday 27 July 2023; 21:19)
Songwriting (102,942) by Brad from USA
(Thursday 29 June 2023; 21:57)
Ironically, at this point in her career, songwriting may actually provide the best opportunity for her. She won't actually be recognized in popular culture as a great songwriter until she writes more hits for others. Past accomplishments can no longer be mined. It may be a win-win. She gets the recognition she seems to want in that way (and some income) and doesn't have to struggle with the live performances. It may be the new interface of her career and maybe not a bad path to pursue.
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Who is she kidding? (102,882) by Brad from USA
(Tuesday 13 June 2023; 22:35)
That summation goes along with my sense of it just from watching most of the show on YouTube. I was not there in person. It did seem like she was a karaoke act at her own show at times and just plain out MIA at other times. If this is the new normal then yes it is extremely disappointing. I have seen her many, many times in concert and that was never her standard. I sense that someone put some time into arrangements and some choreography and background video/graphics. Though the inflatable unicorn balloon and chrysalis wings on the dancers were misses for me. "Its a Wrap" seemed her most cogent song of the set. I love the remixes used, but she didn't sing to them which undercuts her title as "Queen of the Remix" a bit. I just don't know what is really going on with her. At this point, a lot of "lost years" are starting to add up. I had hoped for maybe another album after the pandemic but vocally, of late, things make me question that. I do wonder if she had an unsuccessful procedure that is affecting her voice, like Julie Andrews. And if she ain't got the pipes no more then any kind of a "record deal" is out of the question. I guess we just wait and see. I don't know. It's becoming a long, confusing and difficult road as a lamb of over 33 years.
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This is a reply to message 102,879 by Nick G from Germany
(Tuesday 13 June 2023; 17:30)
Rainbow Interlude live (102,872) by Brad from USA
(Monday 12 June 2023; 19:28)
I was wondering about a line she sang during this interlude after she sang "I'm trying", she then sings a line "We might never..." I can't make out the full text of that line. Does anyone know what she is singing at that point? Thanks.
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This is a reply to message 102,871 by Billy from Greece
(Monday 12 June 2023; 15:28)
She needs help (102,680) by Brad from USA
(Monday 8 May 2023; 05:01)
Something horrible has happened to her voice. Undeniably. It seems worse than last month in France. That was at least somewhat passable. This latest Lovers & Friends "performance" isn't acceptable from a legacy artist. Simply not. We wish her only the best but these non-singing concerts can't go on. She seems to be the only singer "foiled" by the smoke and they played the no-sing remix of "Emotions" to get her off the stage. Shameful. I love her and always will but this can't go on.
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Reading the signs (102,633) by Brad from USA
(Tuesday 25 April 2023; 23:27)
I don't generally comment on predictions of what projects will come from Mariah. Over 33 years, I've learned it's unpredictable. I think some of us are confused because inklings, including words by Mariah herself, have indicated that she recorded during the pandemic and also that she did recordings with "newer" artists and more established, legacy artists (Ms. Patti?). As well, she has mentioned the Lee Daniels helmed biopic based on her memoir. When she was on the late shows a while back to promote her Christmas children's book, she mentioned a project with Millie Bobby Brown. She also intimated a project based on said children's book. Therefore, there is a lot of reason to think there are projects that are forthcoming, even if not imminent in their release. Certainly, generating monies is key as it takes a team to "be Mariah Carey". That isn't cheap and has to be worth the while for a legacy artist that doesn't seem inclined to tour. I'm glad to see she is open to using her catalogue in film to generate revenues (Beau is Afraid). I do wonder what her recent apparent connection with the Kardashians means, if anything, as well as the meaning behind her recent birthday post pointing to the poster "I am going to need a bigger boat." There's also her apparent recent weight loss and what that could mean (hopefully other than just Ozempic use). If it's marriage again, I do hope she has a solid pre-nup this time. Her most former spouse got too big a slice when they split. Anyhow, projects are likely coming, we must be patient and enjoy them fully as they evolve. Be well.
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"Emotions" album appreciation (102,574) by Brad from USA
(Tuesday 18 April 2023; 19:30)
It's interesting because while I know not many folks watch American Idol any longer, I did watch it last night and observed one contestant attempting to perform "Emotions", in her own way, and the judges even mentioning Mariah's name (twice) and saying they were "big shoes to fill". It's funny, more than 30 years later, the song and Mariah's performance of the song still have an influence on some aspiring singers. I personally think it is one of the most difficult songs to even attempt to sing, with whistle notes and the power and execution that Mariah demonstrated. I am not aware of a singer that has competently performed this song in the same way since Mariah. Perhaps an equally worthy testament of the sum of her staying power and effect.
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This is a reply to message 102,562 by BFF from United States
(Sunday 16 April 2023; 02:19)
National Recording Registry (102,544) by Brad from USA
(Thursday 13 April 2023; 03:18)
This is a wonderful honor for AIWFCIY and our Mariah. Congrats to her and the song. I still can remember listening to it in the fall of 1994 and having it on full blast in my little house by the White River in Vermont when I was in law school. It wasn't exactly Christmas time yet and my roommate came home to see me bopping around to it. Embarrassing, but even then I knew it was a SGSHWWW. And I am proud to say I was right. It's now, officially, a part of American history.
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Met Gala (102,535) by Brad from USA
(Tuesday 11 April 2023; 23:34)
I suppose if there ever was to be a time when Mariah would attend the Met Gala it might be this time around as they are honoring Karl Lagerfeld. She had a connection to him and performed at a birthday party for him. As well, she is friends with Naomi Campbell who frequently worked with him. So, we will see. The theme is "In honor of Karl".
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For The Record (102,426) by Brad from USA
(Thursday 30 March 2023; 21:51)
Whenever I hear this phrase used around me, "For the record", I always sing it back to the person and add "you oughta know". This is such a personal point of reference for me. No one understands what I am doing when I do that, but at this point in life I feel I have earned the right to do that. Needless to say, I have always loved this song.
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This is a reply to message 102,420 by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Wednesday 29 March 2023; 18:27)
MC's former Buckhead manse (102,396) by Brad from USA
(Saturday 25 March 2023; 03:05)
Hi. Not sure I'm allowed to post a link like this to a walk through of MC's former Buckhead manse. I like how they say "Mariah has moved back to NY." Umm, yeah thugs broke in so, yeah MC said "See ya." Anyhow, the gingham wing chairs look familiar.
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Chaka Khan and MCArchives (102,279) by Brad from USA
(Friday 3 March 2023; 07:57)
Chaka: Classless

MCArchives: I've been there for all 25. I remember being in my office 25 years ago as a very young professional and being delighted at this site. So thank you for everything over the years. Congrats. Here's to 25 more.
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Mariah's Cookies fail (102,250) by Brad from USA
(Thursday 23 February 2023; 01:34)
I would respectfully disagree. If she marketed them silently and no one knew that they were associated with her at all, then I would say they are for the general public. However, Mariah knows that invoking her name really is only for the lambs at this point because the general public no longer follows her career and products in any real meaningful way. Therefore, using her symbols, colors (pink yet lavender), name and sayings on stickers on the boxes, she is aiming at the lambs. And if your business model has gone from promising warm delivery to offering no delivery, then you got a problem. I frankly think all of her business ventures would do better if she was "secretly" behind the product and no one knew she was "behind it". The same thing will happen with "Black Irish". It would have done better if she was a silent partner and not had her symbol all over the bottle.
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This is a reply to message 102,247 by Matty from Vancouver Canada
(Wednesday 22 February 2023; 02:16)
Mariah's Cookies fail (102,246) by Brad from USA
(Tuesday 21 February 2023; 19:06)
It had been a minute since I last ordered Mariah's Cookies, so I thought I would order them today. To my mind, the pleasure of them wasn't just their relatively good flavors but also that they were delivered to your home and they were already warmed. Well, it seems those days are over. I used the Mariah's Cookies app to try to order for delivery in my area and delivery is no longer available. I was directed to DoorDash and I can't find them on that app either. I called the local restaurant (Bertucci's) that used to deliver them and the person indicated "yeah, technically you could come here and get them but I haven't had anyone ask for them". Bertucci's is also going out of business in my area.

Clearly, something is bust with the former business model for these cookies and they haven't exactly taken off in my area (Connecticut). Have folks had different experiences than my own? For what it's worth, even though they were costly, I enjoyed them and liked the flavors and the fact that they arrived at your front door warm.
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