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Name: Randy
Country: USA
MC is my favorite artist of all time and I love her songwriting skills on her introspective songs. My favorite album: Butterfly. My favorite song: Right To Dream.
Re: Caution - now that we've had some time (89,274) (89,277) by Randy from USA
(Tuesday 23 April 2019; 18:17)
I lie to you not. I never play it. I did move GTFO to my Bitter playlist and that's it. I do need to buy the physical CD to add to my shelf though.
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Re: When You Believe (89,263) (89,264) by Randy from USA
(Sunday 21 April 2019; 23:51)
Matty thanks for replying but for real if my future mate, who is late since the average age to get married is 27 and I'm 39, asks me to play My Heart Will Go On for our first dance at our wedding, I'm inviting a divorce attorney to the reception. That song is sad to me and is more One Sweet Day than romantic ballad.
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When You Believe theory (89,239) by Randy from USA
(Saturday 20 April 2019; 17:51)
Since Hurricane Caution has blown over and has been downgraded to a cloud with rain floplets, I have a theory about When You Believe. I think that after the success of My Heart Will Go On from Titanic and it's ability to push two albums to 8 times platinum each, they thought that When You Believe with two divas could push the sales of three albums. But what I think is that Clive, Tommy and Jeffrey were a bit hasty in this pipe dream. Firstly, both artists were coming off albums that didn't match up to their previous blockbusters. The Preacher's Wife didn't sell as well as Waiting To Exhale or the Bodyguard. And as much as it pains me to say it, Butterfly didn't match the sales of Daydream or Music Box. So to me these women, while superstars, weren't necessarily gonna draw the same amount of buyers to the CD store as Celine who was coming off a hit album that won album of they year. Secondly, MC and Whitney were both in a vocal decline. The song, while lyrically amazing, doesn't soar as it would have had it been recorded in 95 or 96. And Whitney was a master of runs so she started running all over the place and lowering the keys to her songs when her voice started to fray. When MC's voice changed, she just looked like a deer in headlights on stage. Needless to say it wasn't a good time. So when the song came out and made it to number 15, it didn't help either album. Sure #1s sold about 4 million but it was on the strength of the actual compilation itself. My Love is Your Love went on to sell 4 or 5 million but it was on the strength of subsequent singles such as Heartbreak Hotel, the title track, and It's Not Right But It's OK, which won Houston a Grammy. Basically, I hate to say it but When You Believe was a relative flop. And it shouldn't have been a surprise. And it slowed the momentum of both MLIYL and #1s. Columbia should have led with I Still Believe or the Bryan McKnight diet. And Houston should have led with It's Not Right But It's OK. Starting with When You Believe caused MLIYL to debut at #13 and #1s to debut at #4, both albums coming in lower that week than stars with lesser careers and longevity: Alainis Morisette and Jewel. Thoughts?
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Mariah performance (89,217) by Randy from USA
(Wednesday 17 April 2019; 18:13)
Wait, are artists doing a tribute to her as well? Who?
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BBMA (89,112) by Randy from USA
(Thursday 11 April 2019; 17:23)
Doesn't she already have this or a similar award from them?
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Through The Rain, Hero, or Can't Take That Away (89,054) by Randy from USA
(Monday 8 April 2019; 00:00)
Ok B, Special K and whoever else. Which of the inspirational songs are best. They all have the same message. Through The Rain in my opinion has the strongest vocal, video and lyric. This actually is a run-away win that you can't debate and yet during the Genius interview, she dogged Through The Rain and lifted up the other two. Because Through The Rain peaked at #81.
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One thing Mariah does that pisses me off (89,039) by Randy from USA
(Sunday 7 April 2019; 07:16)
Diehards go here with me for a moment. I hate that when MC doesn't have a commercial success she downplays the genius of her work. For example, with Glitter. If you remember the Charmbracelet interviews, she said "Oh it was a soundtrack, a concept record and it came out in September 11th." My whole thing is Glitter is a strong record, lyrically and vocally. It wasn't until you guys started Justice For Glitter that she even went back to it. She threw it away because the mainstream threw it away. So here's what brings me to this post. She did it again with the Genius interview, which I just saw. She talked badly about Through The Rain, stating that the album Charmbracelet didn't do well because the record company wanted to go with a woe is me moment in selecting that song. Through The Rain is one of her best records lyrically and vocally and the video is perfection. So because something isn't successful it's somehow less than? Some of her number ones aren't that great to me. And I've stated on here recently that you all hate Bye Bye because of it being selected as a single but not based on whether or not it is a good song. Mariah has agreed with you all in interviews. My point, how can you hate on your own creations when your asked about commercial disappointment? No one is ever going to have as much success as you had so there were bound to be some valleys. Love the songs and realize there is no magic formula for a number one or else every artist would have them all the time. And music would be dull.
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Re: Bye Bye (88,970) (88,977) by Randy from USA
(Wednesday 3 April 2019; 16:36)
Thank you for this post. I love the song.
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Bye Bye (88,949) by Randy from USA
(Tuesday 2 April 2019; 01:02)
Ya'll gonna stop hating on Bye Bye. I really like the track, have ya'll listened to the instrumental? Stargate did a really good job. To me it's a hood One Sweet Day. There are two things that make me love the song. The whistle plus the ad-libs that follow it at the end of the song. I scream it to the top of my lungs every time I hear it. The other reason I love it is because it quite personal and about singular experiences she's had. I know I know she's done it with Petals and Sunflowers for Alfred Roy, but so many times she refuses to give specifics about her inspirations because she wants the song to be universal. The only reason y'all hate the song is because it only went to number 19 and it was released instead of Migrate and ya'll feel it stopped the momentum of E=MC2. That's not a reason to call a song a bad song. No one knows what songs will hit or not. But don't call Bye Bye a terrible song.
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Re: Daydream (88,900) (88,910) by Randy from USA
(Saturday 30 March 2019; 09:02)
Tyler, the reason we love Daydream as a vocal album is because during that time, she was able to replicate album vocals live without assistance from a wall of background singers (at that time she had them on stage to back her up not to swallow her imperfections) and without a background track.
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Final verdict (88,871) by Randy from USA
(Thursday 28 March 2019; 22:20)
When you look at MC fans in their 30s, they rank MIAMTEC and Caution near the bottom. It's so interesting to see how we all think so differently. I can't believe someone said Daydream was the beginning of the end of the voice when to me that's when she sounded best. It was Butterfly where her voice started to fray in my opinion. I also can't believe how far down most of you put the debut album. Well, I like Bye Bye and y'all cringe when I say that. B, Mariah is the sole producer on Vanishing and on an interlude or two throughout her catalogue.
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Re: MIAMTEC and Caution (88,847) (88,861) by Randy from USA
(Thursday 28 March 2019; 17:20)
My feeling is because both albums were recorded at the same time and released around the same time it might have been someone's dream to put it on there. I have no proof, but it sounds a lot like the songs on the second half of Waiting To Exhale. That's all. Again, I have no proof but Whitney said there were people that wanted certain artist to be on the soundtrack and she said no. Circumstantial evidence.
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Re: MIAMTEC and Caution (88,833) (88,836) by Randy from USA
(Wednesday 27 March 2019; 22:20)
Special K off with your head. Not Daydream at the bottom. I still love you too but that's close to blasphemy. Underneath The Stars? Genius. Always Be My Baby? Unforgettable bass line. Melt Away? Shoulda been on Waiting To Exhale. Looking In? Putting dotted lines on your wrist. No cutting. Yet. I agree Butterfly is the greatest of all time. But Butterfly is Daydream on steroids which means Daydream is damn near Butterfly.
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MIAMTEC and Caution (88,811) by Randy from USA
(Tuesday 26 March 2019; 23:45)
I just can't do this with you all. If you all think that these two albums are among her top three please post that fact and your age. There is no way I believe a MC fan above 25 years old would believe that. So challenge me. I am 39 and think they are the worst MC albums by far. Here's my ranking and I really didn't mean to start a list war, because I know veterans and die hards on this board hate them, but Caution in the top 3 makes me want to vomit up my Thanksging dinner from November. Here goes the best MC albums of all time:
1. Butterfly (1997)
2. Daydream (1995)
3. Music Box (1993)
4. Mariah Carey (1990)
5. Rainbow (1999)
6. Merry Christmas
7. The Emancipation of Mimi (2005)
8. Charmbracelet (2003)
9. Glitter (2001)
10. Emotions (1991)
11. Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel (2009)
12. E=MC2 (2008)
13. #1s (1998)
14. MTV Unplugged (1992)
15. Merry Christmas II You (2010)
16. Caution (2018)
17. MIAMTEC (2014)
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Marissa, Lainsky, Jaker and PW (88,772) by Randy from USA
(Sunday 24 March 2019; 21:29)
Because I have a little time let me address a few things I agree and disagree with.

1. I think MC is usually ahead of time with her choices so this eclectic/nostalgia R&B music she's making will have it's due soon. Think about Glitter. No one was interested and then when Lady Gaga, Beyoncé and Madonna started making throwbacks to the 80s it was hot. A better example is The One which was ignored but it's the same song as WBT but that guitar/mid tempo R&B ballad wasn't hot in 2001 but after Usher's U Remind Me and a few others did it then MC got her due.

2. Remember Cher's Believe or Tina Turner's What's Love Got To Do With It? MC is just as much an icon. When she has something the public wants, she can be commercially viable despite her age.

3. A few of you have mentioned no one sells physical copies except Adele but I've made the argument several times that MC can out-Adele Adele. The lyrics to My All are ten times better than the lyrics to Someone Like You. Same slow heartbreak. MC for whatever reason doesn't want to highlight heartbreaking ballads/records which are universal across genres, formats and age groups. MC could write and record one in two hours but she apparently isn't interested which is head scratching to me.

4. I don't believe Damizza's account of what happened because he has an axe to grind. Now I will say that you are right PW that lambs attacked viciously in the past things that we've come to find out to be true later. When I said in 2006 she lip synced parts of the Grammy performance everyone, including the webmaster (I love you though Eric) got on me. Now the very same people have the attitude of she lip syncs get over it. Damizza however seems like a disgruntled ex because his producing career never took off and honestly to me Crybaby is a boring track. She threw a dog a bone in 99.

4. Finally Lainsky it's cool to see someone agree with me that Butterfly isn't just the best album of MC's career. It is the best album of all time and it's not really up for debate at this point.
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Re: Okay, please nobody get mad (88,746) (88,755) by Randy from USA
(Friday 22 March 2019; 21:11)
Bill even I would say that's too mean. Even though I laughed out loud and partially agree.
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Re: Why (88,719) (88,721) by Randy from USA
(Wednesday 20 March 2019; 23:15)
Let me explain why. When you have set the bar so high and have shown people who have financially supported you what you are capable of, they are going to have expectations. When you are lazy and complacent at your job after awhile Gee, wouldn't they give you a bad evaluation, write you up or fire you? What happens to a recording artist? Or a singer that doesn't sing, lip syncs? They get lower sales and maybe bad press. But they still get residuals from when they were great right? And because when they were great they saved millions of dollars so they actually could live off of their money, right? But what about you Gee? Do you still get a check from the great work you did 20 years ago? So this is when you say, "Well, fire Mariah." The thing is, I still believe in this woman. She constantly says she cares what the fans think. I even think she spies on us. We ask for no more callabos. We get MOAIA. We ask for no more lip syncing and she starts struggling through performances. We say fire Stella, she does. So when we ask for her to mature from eternally 12 to, I don't know, Adele's age, because she'll never accept 50, I can't help but believe she will. Finally, if there's nothing else that will convince you that Andrew, Edward, myself, and a few others are still fans. We are here. I could be doing anything else. Grading papers. Finding a man. Finding Special K because she still thinks I'm cute. P.S. When diehards, mainly me, have counted her out before, she's shocked the hell out of us. I said her voice was done after the 98 embarrassments and 99-00 lipsyncing. She was perfection and live at A Home For The Holidays in 2001. I said she will never sell again after Glitter and Charmbracelet. And she came back with TEOM. I said her voice is shot and it's all smoke, mirrors and studio tricks after MOAIA and she gave me that impromptu for the fans at Jimmy Fallon in 2012. I said her music is stale and she only sticks to pop/r&b and then she gave me Meteorite on MIAMTEC. So excuse me if I stick around for MC to prove me wrong again or shock the hell out of me.
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Re: Caution: we're getting on each other's nerves (88,673) (88,680) by Randy from USA
(Tuesday 19 March 2019; 00:04)
Whoa B. You must really ignore my posts. I never said she hasn't hit greatness since 1995/1996. My favorite song by her is Right To Dream. That was 22 years after Daydream. And that impromptu for the fans at Jimmy Fallon in 2012 was pretty great in my opinion. That letter B suits you. As a description I mean. I kid. I kid.
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Caution: we're getting on each other's nerves (88,665) by Randy from USA
(Monday 18 March 2019; 03:04)
So it boils down to two types of folks on this board. One group that celebrates every little thing that happens with Caution: B, Nikki etc. You guys celebrate the fact that Caution was released to rave reviews and that A No No reached #157 on the Hot Bubbling Under Tracks played on an R&B station in Waterford, Idaho on cloudy days in February. You guys don't mind that a microphone is just a prop in her live shows. Then there's the group I'm in who thinks MC can do so much better even with the voice where it is. She's an amazing songwriter who could mature up her image and strip down her production and actually make music becoming of a legend, but she refuses because that's not the image she wants out there. At this point we have to agree to disagree. We all love MC but all choose different paths for her to find success. But what I will say is that the ditzy, eternally 12, air quotes, festive, lighting obsessed personality can't last into her 50s. Hell, Mean Girls was released 15 years ago and it was a movie about Teenage Girls. Is MC gonna emulate Regina George into her 50s?
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Leave MC alone (88,531) by Randy from USA
(Wednesday 13 March 2019; 01:49)
I'm tired of this stupid ass idea that MC can't sing like she used to because she's 48. MCs voice started changing in live performances in 98 and was in a downward trajectory after that with a few glimpses of brilliance randomly peppered throughout. In 98 she was 28. What's the excuse for that?
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Re: Original Music Box track listing (88,495) (88,501) by Randy from USA
(Tuesday 12 March 2019; 06:00)
I disagree. I will say that I don't care for the lyric but the melody and backgrounds are haunting. To me it's my favorite of MCs non-releases. I still can't see it at the end of Music Box or even on Music Box unless you put it before Never Forget You and the second half of Music Box is already sad enough/sedated enough.
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Re: Eternally optimistic (88,417) (88,422) by Randy from USA
(Saturday 9 March 2019; 01:37)
Special K. I love you like ice cream In December. But for real for real, I'm really hoping for the change I assume is going to happen. Let me serenade you, Andrew, B, Jaker20, RJ112, Eric(k) and Ribbon now "every once in awhile, there's a distant glimmer of hope, I find".
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Re: Eternally optimistic (88,407) (88,409) by Randy from USA
(Friday 8 March 2019; 22:56)
Jaker20. I love you like tea time in July but you can't stand there and tell me the woman who wrote Vanishing, Looking In, Close My Eyes, Outside, Petals, Twister, Reflections (Care Enough), Right To Dream, Languishing, Camouflage and Portrait isn't serious. And this is where you argue, she's not one dementional. She's quite the multi-faceted creature. But to be honest you know what I thought? I thought she would hit late 40s early 50s and start going the Annie Lennox and Sarah Mclachlan route. She is every bit as good a deep introspective songwriter as Joni Mitchell, Jewel or any of those girls that are taken seriously so I assumed with the collapse of the voice she would learn guitar and start strumming on stage simple melodies and genius lyrics. Madonna learned the guitar. Ok well maybe four chords. But the point is to see what she's become is kinda sad but I'm still hoping that she trips over her mermaid gown after a few splashes in the mermaid room and Bryan forgets to catch her and she hits her head gets slight amnesia because Bryan forgot the number to 911 and forgets the ditz/bimbo/diva routine because I actually still believe she is still one of the greatest singer-songwriters who have ever lived. And there's still career success still in there. And Adele is my proof that people will still buy music that is introspective and not flashy.
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Eternally optimistic (88,376) by Randy from USA
(Friday 8 March 2019; 01:08)
I'm watching the numbers you all throw up and how well MC is doing on this chart or that chart and I'm amused that you all think Caution has achieved some great feat. I like A No No a lot but it's not going to impact radio. And what is a Stefflon Don? But you guys keep scraping the bottom of the pudding cup, expecting gourmet dessert. I think MC will sell again once she ditches everything, the dresses, makeup, extensions, the boyfriend and the campiness. Once she sings unplugged songs in her register, and is as mature in her image and songs as Adele, whom is 18 years younger. She'll sell and then you guys will have more to celebrate than her hitting #173 on MySpace's bubbling under singles on the lead r&b station in Pitchfork, South Dakota.
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Since I'm always called negative (88,234) by Randy from USA
(Friday 1 March 2019; 12:34)
Ima say something that will shock most of you. After looking at this set list, I think MC might secretly look at this board. She seems to have listened to you all and recognize that you all and not the general public are the only ones supporting her no matter what. This is a very different concert for her.
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