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Name: Randy
Country: USA
MC is my favorite artist of all time and I love her songwriting skills on her introspective songs. My favorite album: Butterfly. My favorite song: Right To Dream.
Languishing (103,000) by Randy from USA
(Wednesday 12 July 2023; 03:11)
Definitely in my top ten songs by her. As soon as I read your post, I started singing it and my eyes welled up. I'm going through some things. Sometimes I find myself singing it when I'm putting on airs. I wonder would you cry for me if you knew. This is what music is supposed to do. And now I understand why MC wants us to relate rather than tell us who a song is written about. Although I think it's safe to say Side Effects is about Tommy.
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This is a reply to message 102,996 by Andrew from the UK
(Tuesday 11 July 2023; 22:19)
Emotionally stiff (102,985) by Randy from USA
(Sunday 9 July 2023; 20:24)
One of the things I never understood is why journalists who review her albums call her ballads emotionally stiff. Since I've had a little time on my hands, I've been reading Rolling Stone, Slant, LA Times, New York Times and others' reviews of her albums that were written when the albums came out. We didn't have access to the internet back then haha. But they all seem to say the problem with Music Box, Daydream, Butterfly, Rainbow and Glitter are the ballads because she's emotion-less. I don't get what they want. My All, And You Don't Remember, Never Forget You, Against All Odds and Lead The Way are every bit as emotional as Celine's All By Myself or Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You. What exactly did they want from MC?
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End times scenario (102,974) by Randy from USA
(Thursday 6 July 2023; 20:20)
I just had a thought. Rare. I realized that MC's 19 number 1s record is nowhere near in jeopardy. Today's audience doesn't have the attention span to pay attention that long to an artist. I remember a few years when Wendy predicted Rihanna would overtake MC. Rihanna doesn't even have the attention span. She focused on Fenty and stopped making music and she's stepped down from Fenty, at least running it, to be a mom. And how long is Billboard gonna matter if no one is buying music? And then the complex digital units, streaming platforms, radio and YouTube videos have to be calculated now. When will they start counting TikTok use? Use in streaming TV, use in figure skating programs? Don't laugh because figure skating is now only streamed live because musicians sued per licensing. You can watch it but you can't replay it. Then how likely are companies to merge, be bought, or go out of business? Will Spotify be bought by Nabisco and change its name to Cookie Music? Will TikTok be banned by congress? Mariah's Heat would be censored from Facebook these days. How many times would Billboard then have to change its formula? All jokes aside, I'm surprised there are still charts. I hate to say this but Generation X and Millennials may have witnessed the last days of music having consumption numbers attached.
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Mariah's a songwriter? (102,927) by Randy from USA
(Friday 23 June 2023; 21:24)
I had no idea. I just thought she stood on stage in a black gown and sang Hero one dimensionally. I thought because she's a terrible piano player and doesn't play guitar that there was no way she could write songs. I've seen every interview she's ever done and she's never mentioned it. I was under the impression that MC and Mimi wrote most of her songs. I thought Casio wrote All I Want For Christmas is You. I thought Gloria Estefan wrote Hero. I thought Eminem wrote Clown. I thought those scribbling noises on Faded were mice scurrying across the floor. I thought she was just drawing stick figures in her journal during the Can't Take That Away video. I thought that section of her writing Never Too Far in Glitter was just acting part of the script. My Butterfly can now fly over the Rainbow abandonedly. I agree Kelly, Mariah is not recognized as a songwriter.
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The BET Award nominations 2023 are finally here (102,862) by Randy from USA
(Friday 9 June 2023; 15:01)
When I saw this article I had to go back and watch MC's performance with Latto. It was so sweet to see Latto give props and flowers to MC. The industry is really starting to piss me off between the Grammys and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. No MC can't win everything but give her her flowers. Before they died, I feel like Whitney, Luther, MJ and Prince were given proper tributes and accolades. Now that Celine is sick, does that mean they'll give her a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction and MC will be overlooked yet again? All we have left from our era is MC, Janet and Madonna. Give MC her flowers.
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Wait wait wait (102,819) by Randy from USA
(Monday 5 June 2023; 12:26)
Sheryl Crow? They are inducting Sheryl Crow over Mariah Carey in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Look I like Soak Up The Sun but she doesn't have any of the statistics MC has. For a 9 time Grammy award winner, she has no number ones and has sold 50 million albums. Whitney, Janet, Madonna have all made it in. No MC? Come on industry.
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Best song intro (102,777) by Randy from USA
(Saturday 27 May 2023; 18:13)
Both Vision of Love and Fantasy (the pop version) have this dramatic ominous tone that lets you know some sh*t is about to go down.
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This is a reply to message 102,774 by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Saturday 27 May 2023; 04:02)
Martyn Hett (102,766) by Randy from USA
(Wednesday 24 May 2023; 22:34)
Andrew, you and I have had our ups and downs but the fact that you make sure that this board memorializes Martyn yearly, warms my spirit and speaks strongly of your heart. I and this board misses you. And we miss Martyn. I know this board squabbles but we are definitely family and regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender or nationality, we all love MC and deep down we now all love each other. Martyn always showed love to Mariah and all of us. May he rest in paradise.
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This is a reply to message 102,755 by Andrew from the UK
(Monday 22 May 2023; 00:49)
My issue with Rainbow (102,753) by Randy from USA
(Sunday 21 May 2023; 15:18)
I think your problem with me is that I speak the truth and always have receipts. And yes I will be a broken record until we find out what happened in 1997. But I said some positive things about Rainbow the album. I waited outside of Sam Goody for 20 minutes until they opened. I had the Rainbow album cover on the back of my bathroom door. I don't hate MC. Never did. I hate MC's deceit. And I still love you Terna.
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This is a reply to message 102,752 by Terna from Nigeria
(Sunday 21 May 2023; 14:11)
My issue with Rainbow (102,748) by Randy from USA
(Sunday 21 May 2023; 02:18)
I swear, I really do not come here to be negative. But that era introduced something insidious. Mariah's first lip sync was on the Oprah show in 1997 when she lipped Butterfly. Afterwards she sang everything for Butterfly and #1s live. When the promotion for Rainbow started that's when she started regularly lipping climaxes. Look at the ten thousand performances of Can't Take That Away. I agree with you the album is amazing from start to finish. But that was around the time Mariah started deceiving us live so I can't wave the Rainbow flag.
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Good Lord, just enjoy the show (102,715) by Randy from USA
(Thursday 11 May 2023; 23:29)
I was taken aback by your original message but hell, I say what I want so you should be able to too. We are a dysfunctional family so it's no need to apologize. I think what's also frustrating to the negatives is that even though Christina Aguilera, Fantasia have lost some range, they still sound like themselves during the verses of their songs and only may struggle or duck the climaxes. MC doesn't even seem to be able to sing her verses. And to add insult to injury, to see Xscape, Chanté Moore and Patti Labelle still burning stages down in the last two years. Yea, I know. I know. MC has nodules, her voice is different, she has nuances in the way she sings, belting is boring as hell, the stage was too hot, the dressing room was too cold, she has the sniffles, a black cat crossed her path etc. You get the drift.
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This is a reply to message 102,713 by jaker20 from US
(Thursday 11 May 2023; 17:38)
Randy follow up (102,694) by Randy from USA
(Tuesday 9 May 2023; 01:23)
That would be three but what kills me about this whole thing is how the internet keeps giving her writing credits. The only reason I thought she co-wrote All My Life was because if you google it all of the sites say she wrote it with Rick James. I don't know why she didn't collaborate on Almost Home. Isn't that Stargate whom she's worked with before? But yea the internet has me stating the wrong information and you know how much I'm about the truth.
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This is a reply to message 102,693 by Bill from the UK
(Monday 8 May 2023; 23:38)
Maybe I'm missing something? (102,683) by Randy from USA
(Monday 8 May 2023; 12:39)
So I watched the concert and to be honest, this is how MC has sounded since Caution. No better no worse. The strained sustained notes to prove she can sing. The cutting up of long notes and adding stacatto "hey hey". The moments of clarity that we all know are backing tracks. Background singers singing verses that don't have backgrounds on verses on the original. The fidgeting with the ear monitor. The tossing the hair from side to side when she lips a note in case she miscounted how long to keep her mouth open. All of this is normal. So to come here and see you guys say it's a new low or it's bad baffles me. Some of you are acting like the house just caught fire. It burned down a long time ago.
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All My Life (102,666) by Randy from USA
(Saturday 6 May 2023; 12:27)
Bill, I stand corrected. On the innanet (webmaster please leave that spelling for dramatic effect) people have wrongfully given MC a songwriting credit, but I checked my Glitter CD and you are right. Rick James wrote All My Life. Then, me being the nerd I am, looked to see if it is a cover from one of his album cuts or something. It's not. There is a rumor that it's an old song he wrote for the Mary Jane girls but that can't be substantiated. So here's where we unreal fans stand. There are two songs in the Mariah Carey catalogue that she has recorded that are not remakes that she did not have a hand in writing. When You Believe and All My Life.
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Rock & Roll Hall of Fame plus Tony (102,660) by Randy from USA
(Friday 5 May 2023; 04:48)
Ummmm Bill dahling, I did some digging and MC is given writing credits on both All My Life and Almost Home so I think my statement stands. When You Believe is the only original song she has recorded with no writing credit on. Webmaster E. That's your rap name. I think the award is for the lyrics and melody. I don't think it was awarded for only the film version or they would've had the actresses sing it at the Oscars and not MC and Whitney. I think no matter what you do to a song musically, the lyric and melody credit always goes to the original songwriter and the producer that adds to or changes it still doesn't get writing credit, just whatever producer credit he's entitled to because he added to it.
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This is a reply to message 102,657 by Bill from the UK
(Thursday 4 May 2023; 23:34)
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame plus Tony (102,655) by Randy from USA
(Thursday 4 May 2023; 22:17)
The award goes to the songwriter. That I believe is the only original song, she's ever done that she didn't write.
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This is a reply to message 102,653 by MusicfanJ from Germany
(Thursday 4 May 2023; 20:10)
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame plus Tony (102,650) by Randy from USA
(Wednesday 3 May 2023; 21:07)
Edward, I think that original song Oscar could be hers. Eminem and John Legend have won it. Almost Home and Right To Dream are great songs. You know I'm the eternal optimist.
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This is a reply to message 102,649 by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 3 May 2023; 20:58)
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame plus Tony (102,647) by Randy from USA
(Wednesday 3 May 2023; 17:25)
So again MC doesn't make it? And every relevant pop diva has (Madonna, Janet and Whitney). I'm disgusted. But yass queens and delusionals will say she doesn't need it, she's broken records and she's a legend in her own right. The Tony award nomination is exciting. Imagine if MC was to eventually earn an EGOT. She should've been nominated for an Oscar for Right To Dream. Oh shut up y'all.
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Legacy (102,605) by Randy from USA
(Saturday 22 April 2023; 03:34)
One of the things that bother me with the newer fans, delusionals and yass queens is the over celebration of AIWFCIY. A few years ago the older Stans were on here arguing what MC's signature song was. We tentatively settled on Hero. But now it's clear what she's going to be known for if this yearly record keeps happening. I think that the noise around that song fades away some of the most amazing singer songwriter compositions ever recorded. Mariah Carey is more than some relic you drag out of the closet and dust off on November 1st. Another damaging thing that the newer fans, delusionals and yass queens celebrate is her whistle register. Yes it is lovely. But that register doesn't make a great singer. I remember in the promotion for Emotions she said she didn't use it more on the track because she didn't want it to become a gimmick. She laid off it quite a bit on Music Box and Daydream but when the voice changed around #1s it was on full display for Rainbow. I think it's a crutch used to prove she can still sing. But if you have lost your belting register, are you gonna whistle your next albums? I just worry that Mariah's career is in a bleak spot and people are shining spotlights on things that narrow her legacy to a whistling Christmas act. Thoughts?
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Maybe an EP or a Maxi Single? (102,595) by Randy from USA
(Thursday 20 April 2023; 23:43)
I do agree that MC is going to lose fans if she doesn't release an album soon, however, I don't know if releasing a studio album is profitable for her anymore. I'm noticing that Cardi B hasn't released her second album. Many other acts wait a long time between albums. We got spoiled by the 90s. Maybe MC could give as an EP or a maxi-single with different versions like I Still Believe or My All/Stay Awhile. It would have to be a killer single though not an Infinity or I Don't.
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New Mariah titles (one word) (102,552) by Randy from USA
(Thursday 13 April 2023; 23:36)
I love Reign but it does sound like a greatest hits title. And the last thing we need is another repackaging of the number ones. I still say Harmony is the best out of all of our titles thus far. You know what else we don't need is another discussion by us or interview with MC discussing her race. That discussion is as tired as a whistle on a 14 minute version of Bliss.
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This is a reply to message 102,545 by Norman from USA
(Thursday 13 April 2023; 06:14)
New Mariah titles (one word) (102,536) by Randy from USA
(Wednesday 12 April 2023; 01:00)
So Bill, I wasn't feeling your list. So I asked AI for ten titles that were one word in keeping in line with Emotions, Daydream, Butterfly, Rainbow and Glitter. I still didn't like the list lol but I think Harmony is the best no? And she has already touched on a lot of these lol.

We must really be bored lol.
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I think an album is coming (102,519) by Randy from USA
(Sunday 9 April 2023; 19:40)
I think she always goes on vacation before promotion. In addition, it's been awhile since Caution. Furthermore, it's been quiet lately. We all know MC can make an album in three months. And for the record I like Rainbow. Her voice is not in great shape but she is the queen of studio magic. Even if MC is not signed, she can easily announce a signing and an album at the same time. What do y'all think?
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Music Box (102,502) by Randy from USA
(Friday 7 April 2023; 16:11)
I usually agree wit you Edward but to call MIAMTEC depressing is kinda funny. The second half of Music Box is slit your wrist fantastic. Never Forget You, Without You, Just To Hold You Once Again, All I Ever Wanted and if Sony had the balls to add Everything Fades Away it's the saddest thing since Terms of Endearment. All MC albums are sad to me. That's why I connect. I think MIAMTEC is her worst album but not because it's depressing. It's incoherent and her vocals sound like they were produced by AI.
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This is a reply to message 102,501 by Edward from USA
(Friday 7 April 2023; 13:24)
I miss album (102,478) by Randy from USA
(Thursday 6 April 2023; 00:12)
Butterfly will always be my favorite experience. Music Box and Daydream stole me from Whitney to Mariah. Oh don't get me wrong. Whitney will always be the better vocalist. Just not the better voice. But even still, what I got from MC was the personal experience. The alienation of Looking In, Close My Eyes and Outside. I feel as though Celine and Whitney never got that personal at the time. Madonna and Janet did but they didn't have the voices. MC was the balance. And when I listen to the lyrics of Butterfly, My All and Breakdown, there will never ever be another album experience like Butterfly.
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This is a reply to message 102,477 by Edward from USA
(Wednesday 5 April 2023; 23:06)
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