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About Randy from USA: MC is my favorite artist of all time and I love her songwriting skills on her introspective songs. My favorite album: Butterfly. My favorite song: Right To Dream.

MB30 (103,403) by Randy from USA
Hey fam. I've been busy since I have a new teaching assignment this year. So I finally listened to the new music. I have to say. I am excited you all are excited. But I don't like My Prayer or Workin Hard. Mariah sounds incredible but what would you expect for '93? I just don't like the songs and understand why they were left on the cutting room floor. Hero 2009 had my attention on the first verse and chorus. She sounds absolutely breathtaking. Pun intended. I didn't like the 2nd verse at all. Ima stick with the Never Too Far/Hero Medley as my definitive version. I am not being a negative Nancy, I was summoned by Robert. And to a lesser extent Edward. It's good to see a flurry of activity on the board. Pun intended. P.S. I wonder what a Right to Dream remix would sound like? I have a DJ friend. Hmmmm.
(Saturday 9 September 2023; 22:49)
Not yet (103,303) by Randy from USA
I stated this last year and y'all beat me up. I do not want her legacy to be this song. I love the song AIWFCIY. But my hopes for MC was to be taken seriously as a singer songwriter. In the vein of a Carole King, Jewel, Sarah Mc, Dianne Warren, Lauryn Hill, Joni Mitchell. To me she's every bit as "deep" as they are. The problem is this diva image and this new idea that she's to be thawed out every November and put away in January. Mariah has a catalogue as robust and timeless as Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Prince, Madonna and Barbra Streisand. I am worried sick that her live flubs, overreliance on being a busty Mrs. Claus and a teetering diva in stilettos is not only going to tarnish her legacy but destroy it. Oh, this is all wrong.
(Monday 4 September 2023; 19:00)
Mariah Carey lands six new RIAA certifications (103,281) by Randy from USA
The debut is not certified Diamond yet? I believe it's sold enough to be certified by now and I really want her to match Whitney's three Diamond albums.
(Friday 1 September 2023; 23:35)
Discounted singles (103,224) by Randy from USA
Good topic. I think the singles that might not have gone to number one without fans rushing to buy physical copies are more-so Thank God I Found You and My All. Loverboy definitely wouldn't have gone to #2. I Still Believe wouldn't have gone to #4 either. I believe Honey, One Sweet Day and Heartbreaker are true driven by the general public number ones. Non-fans know those songs and those videos stayed in heavy rotation on MTV. My All's week at #1 comes after week 4 of Too Close by Next's 5 weeks at #1. Then Too Close returns to number one which clearly shows My All went to number one as soon as a physical copy/discounted copy was offered to rabid fans like me who already had the Butterfly album but wanted remixes and alternate versions. At least the general public has heard of My All. TGIFY is a song nobody but us knows. It's one week interrupted Savage Garden's I Knew I Loved You after its 3rd week at #1. After TGIFY was number one for one week then Savage Garden returned to #1. Again rabid fans like me wanted the Keith Sweat Make It Last Forever Remix. I remember buying that maxi-single. One store was out and another store sold me their last one.
(Saturday 19 August 2023; 19:08)
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The Price Sisters and Melonie - underrated gems (103,206) by Randy from USA
Yea, I do think they were awesome. But Kelly took some subtle digs about her vocal deterioration that I agreed with but didn't think was classy. And Melonie made a snide remark during an interview that "when I was there it wasn't no songs about touch my body", which I also didn't appreciate. Touch My Body to me is a comedy. A toned down version of WAP. It's meant for you to have fun to, not to take literally. Who really thinks MC wants anyone to touch her body? However, let me be clear. I feel like Trey and Mary Ann are talented but sycophants. They don't care about helping her with her voice or technique. They just say yes, diva and collect their checks.
(Friday 18 August 2023; 00:42)
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Kelly Price (103,195) by Randy from USA
If you look inside the booklet it says Background: Mariah Carey & Kelly Price only.
(Wednesday 16 August 2023; 23:56)
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I saw on Facebook (103,187) by Randy from USA
It was a random fan page. It said that MC has a big announcement coming soon. Anybody know anything? It better not be the annual Christmas cut and paste concerts. Hopefully it's a studio album. But I have a Right To Dream (Randy's Theme).
(Tuesday 15 August 2023; 22:24)
Today Whitney would've been 60 (103,154) by Randy from USA
I know everybody on this board has a different relationship with Whitney Houston. Some love her, some hate her. Pushing that aside, she was a human being first. A mother, a daughter, a sister. She truly was one of the best singers of all time who just couldn't get it together because of some dark secrets she felt pressured to keep. I don't care what anyone thinks, I really feel like she and MC liked each other. And I miss her.
(Wednesday 9 August 2023; 13:45)
Tommy or no career at all (103,152) by Randy from USA
I'm with you. I like Did I Do That? I just hate that Rainbow, which is a great album, just seems like she was trying to work with everybody popular on one project, ie Jay-Z, Diane Warren, Kandi & Tiny, Missy, Snoop, 98 Degrees, Usher and No Limit.
(Wednesday 9 August 2023; 03:43)
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RIP Sinéad O'Connor (103,082) by Randy from USA
The very first tape I bought that wasn't r&b or pop. Well, I didn't buy it, Columbia House gave it to me along with 9 others for 1¢. The point is it was my beginning into white singer/songwriters I would've never known about because I lived in an urban monolith. I bought it for Nothing Compares 2U but in actuality my favorite song from 'I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got' is "This Is The Last Day of Our Acquaintance". If not for her, I wouldn't have paid any attention to Jewel, Paula Cole or Sarah McLachlan.
(Thursday 27 July 2023; 18:59)
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Summer Songs (103,076) by Randy from USA
The summer songs by MC I play are typically not ballads. Loverboy (remix), Honey (Bad Boy remix), Fantasy (with ODB and the pop hook Stacey knows what I'm talking about lol), Fourth of July, Underneath the Stars, It's Like That, Circles, Obsessed with Gucci mane, Up Out My Face with Nikki, More Than Just Friends, You Don't Know What to Do and GTFO. I tend to listen to Mariah's ballads when I'm emotional which is 99.9 repeating % of the time. But when I want to have fun during the summer those are the jams I play/request.
(Wednesday 26 July 2023; 14:21)
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Bliss (103,068) by Randy from USA
Paula Cole: Not the Amazon running between her thighs lol and I can't do You're Making Me High. I might start singing in the middle of the act. Back to MC. I'm tryna think of another sexy, nasty song and I can't think of one. Maybe After Tonight, someone said One More 'Gen but I'm drawing a blank here. I remember Wendy Williams saying she couldn't even picture MC having sex. Then Eminem claimed he masturbated on her belly and she acted like his semen was toxic waste and panicked "Get it off me." Maybe she's anatomically like a Barbie doll. Oh wait she had dem babies. Gee I hope Eric publishes this.
(Monday 24 July 2023; 14:35)
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Bliss (103,063) by Randy from USA
Don't laugh. Bliss is on my sex playlist. Along with Janet Jackson's Would You Mind. Rope Burn, Toni Braxton's Maybe, Trey Songz Neighbors Know My Name, Janet Jackson's Anytime Anyplace, Usher's, Madonna's Justify My Love, Ciara's Promise, Twista's Rain Down on Me, Ashanti's Rescue, Beyoncé's Speechless. TLC's Red Light Special, George Michael's Father Figure. Bliss is the only MC song I can be horizontal with another with. Hey, ya'll promised not to laugh. Check out some of these songs if you don't know them.
(Sunday 23 July 2023; 04:26)
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You messing with Daydream? (103,049) by Randy from USA
Ahem. Butterfly is her magnum opus. Daydream is second. But I would never slam Daydream. It was the first CD I owned by her. Everything before that was cassette. And about banning Andrew. Isn't that request getting old. Kinda like me talking about 1997, Right to Dream and the 2006 Grammy cut and paste job. We are a dysfunctional family. All of us are needed. Terna gets on my last nerve and I would never want him banned or to stop posting. We love everybody.
(Friday 21 July 2023; 15:42)
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Fantasy (103,038) by Randy from USA
Ed and Zach y'all are both wrong. There is a version on the maxi single that has the ODB version with the pop chorus on it. It is the best version. And this whole thing about being dressed and unhappy vs. scantily clad and jubilant. I would be fine with MC wearing pasties, clear plastic platform stilettos and a G-string if she was replicating her new music vocals live on stage without cut and paste playback and a wall of background singers. I don't care about the image. I care about the undeniable talent being present at all times. Even on live TV.
(Wednesday 19 July 2023; 19:34)
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Time for lists lol (103,034) by Randy from USA
David. I laughed out loud at Andrew because his love language is sarcasm and British snarkiness. The world would be full of toxic positivity without him. You ever watch the Matrix. What is that architect's purpose? To balance the equation. What is Andrew's purpose? To unbalance it. And you guys, how did I forget Right To Dream, Anytime You Need a Friend. Can I redo my list? If anyone should be banned it should be me. I constantly bring up 1997, smoke and mirrors and Right To Dream being the best song ever written and recorded by any artist living, dead, or on Mars. I love everyone. Because right now we need it.
(Wednesday 19 July 2023; 14:21)
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Time for lists lol (103,023) by Randy from USA
So since there's no news right now, let's do our favorite MC singles (releases, sent to radio or video made) that didn't go to number 1.
10. GTFO
9. Never Too Far
8. Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme)
7. Loverboy
6. Never Forget You/Without You
5. Breakdown
4. Bye Bye
3. Can't Let Go
2. Through The Rain
1. Butterfly
(Tuesday 18 July 2023; 20:35)
Languishing (103,000) by Randy from USA
Definitely in my top ten songs by her. As soon as I read your post, I started singing it and my eyes welled up. I'm going through some things. Sometimes I find myself singing it when I'm putting on airs. I wonder would you cry for me if you knew. This is what music is supposed to do. And now I understand why MC wants us to relate rather than tell us who a song is written about. Although I think it's safe to say Side Effects is about Tommy.
(Wednesday 12 July 2023; 03:11)
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Emotionally stiff (102,985) by Randy from USA
One of the things I never understood is why journalists who review her albums call her ballads emotionally stiff. Since I've had a little time on my hands, I've been reading Rolling Stone, Slant, LA Times, New York Times and others' reviews of her albums that were written when the albums came out. We didn't have access to the internet back then haha. But they all seem to say the problem with Music Box, Daydream, Butterfly, Rainbow and Glitter are the ballads because she's emotion-less. I don't get what they want. My All, And You Don't Remember, Never Forget You, Against All Odds and Lead The Way are every bit as emotional as Celine's All By Myself or Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You. What exactly did they want from MC?
(Sunday 9 July 2023; 20:24)
End times scenario (102,974) by Randy from USA
I just had a thought. Rare. I realized that MC's 19 number 1s record is nowhere near in jeopardy. Today's audience doesn't have the attention span to pay attention that long to an artist. I remember a few years when Wendy predicted Rihanna would overtake MC. Rihanna doesn't even have the attention span. She focused on Fenty and stopped making music and she's stepped down from Fenty, at least running it, to be a mom. And how long is Billboard gonna matter if no one is buying music? And then the complex digital units, streaming platforms, radio and YouTube videos have to be calculated now. When will they start counting TikTok use? Use in streaming TV, use in figure skating programs? Don't laugh because figure skating is now only streamed live because musicians sued per licensing. You can watch it but you can't replay it. Then how likely are companies to merge, be bought, or go out of business? Will Spotify be bought by Nabisco and change its name to Cookie Music? Will TikTok be banned by congress? Mariah's Heat would be censored from Facebook these days. How many times would Billboard then have to change its formula? All jokes aside, I'm surprised there are still charts. I hate to say this but Generation X and Millennials may have witnessed the last days of music having consumption numbers attached.
(Thursday 6 July 2023; 20:20)
Mariah's a songwriter? (102,927) by Randy from USA
I had no idea. I just thought she stood on stage in a black gown and sang Hero one dimensionally. I thought because she's a terrible piano player and doesn't play guitar that there was no way she could write songs. I've seen every interview she's ever done and she's never mentioned it. I was under the impression that MC and Mimi wrote most of her songs. I thought Casio wrote All I Want For Christmas is You. I thought Gloria Estefan wrote Hero. I thought Eminem wrote Clown. I thought those scribbling noises on Faded were mice scurrying across the floor. I thought she was just drawing stick figures in her journal during the Can't Take That Away video. I thought that section of her writing Never Too Far in Glitter was just acting part of the script. My Butterfly can now fly over the Rainbow abandonedly. I agree Kelly, Mariah is not recognized as a songwriter.
(Friday 23 June 2023; 21:24)
The BET Award nominations 2023 are finally here (102,862) by Randy from USA
When I saw this article I had to go back and watch MC's performance with Latto. It was so sweet to see Latto give props and flowers to MC. The industry is really starting to piss me off between the Grammys and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. No MC can't win everything but give her her flowers. Before they died, I feel like Whitney, Luther, MJ and Prince were given proper tributes and accolades. Now that Celine is sick, does that mean they'll give her a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction and MC will be overlooked yet again? All we have left from our era is MC, Janet and Madonna. Give MC her flowers.
(Friday 9 June 2023; 15:01)
Wait wait wait (102,819) by Randy from USA
Sheryl Crow? They are inducting Sheryl Crow over Mariah Carey in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Look I like Soak Up The Sun but she doesn't have any of the statistics MC has. For a 9 time Grammy award winner, she has no number ones and has sold 50 million albums. Whitney, Janet, Madonna have all made it in. No MC? Come on industry.
(Monday 5 June 2023; 12:26)
Best song intro (102,777) by Randy from USA
Both Vision of Love and Fantasy (the pop version) have this dramatic ominous tone that lets you know some sh*t is about to go down.
(Saturday 27 May 2023; 18:13)
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Martyn Hett (102,766) by Randy from USA
Andrew, you and I have had our ups and downs but the fact that you make sure that this board memorializes Martyn yearly, warms my spirit and speaks strongly of your heart. I and this board misses you. And we miss Martyn. I know this board squabbles but we are definitely family and regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender or nationality, we all love MC and deep down we now all love each other. Martyn always showed love to Mariah and all of us. May he rest in paradise.
(Wednesday 24 May 2023; 22:34)
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