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Name: Randy
Country: USA
MC is my favorite artist of all time and I love her songwriting skills on her introspective songs. My favorite album: Butterfly. My favorite song: Right To Dream.
Covers (48,922) by Randy from USA
(Saturday 3 January 2015; 0:33)
Loving You, How Can I Ease The Pain, My Favorite Things (she promised that one awhile back), I Care For You, She's Out Of My Life, I Can't Make You Love Me, You Were Meant For Me.
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I forgot where I was for a second (48,581) by Randy from USA
(Wednesday 17 December 2014; 23:47)
I answered a question someone posed: Why is MC not respected by the industry? I am a fan. Always have been or else I wouldn't spend time on this site. Can we have a dialogue? Some of you are raising valid points I didn't think about. It's not necessary to attack me. I think my problem with MC is that I'm tired of defending her. I think a lot of you must live in cities full of lambs and have only facebook friends that love MC. My co-worker said to me today "Oh I love MC but she can't sing anymore." My mentee asks me "Did MC get her voice back yet?" on a daily basis. My godson's mother thinks MC is nothing but a whistle register. I'm watching Beyonce become the most nominated Grammy female of all time. So I have theories. Since everyone thinks that I am dead wrong; what are your theories on why MC gets so much criticism and hardly any accolades? This is the woman that wrote Petals, Languishing, Right To Dream, Outside, Butterfly, My All and Vanishing. When the image portrayed doesn't fit the deep introspective lyrics that made her a genius to me, and others criticize her, am I not to ask questions, when I know what she is capable of? Wendy Williams, the #2 most watched daytime talk show in the country, since most of you think she's irrelevant, is talking about how bad her concert is today. Yet many of you act like all is peachy keen and the whole world loves MC. And MJ's legacy has been tarnished for a long time so please don't tell me he was getting away with being eternally 12.
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B and Otti (48,557) by Randy from USA
(Wednesday 17 December 2014; 2:54)
I probably was wrong about the general public knowing the words to WBT but I still ask. What is MC's signature song? And I stand by my Thank God I Found You remark. I went to the store to buy the maxi single at the time and it was sold out but yet radio was not playing it. Ask a non-lamb to sing Thank God I Found You by Mariah Carey. You will get crickets and yet it went to #1. I notice people responded to my #2 point but not my #1 and #3 point so my theory is pretty close to correct.
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Why Mariah is not respected as a legend, icon in the industry (48,534) by Randy from USA
(Tuesday 16 December 2014; 6:45)
#1. The problem is that her image: eternally 12, lighting, splashes, dahlings, good side, the dresses, lateness overshadows her talent. The woman who wrote Right To Dream, Butterfly, Looking In, Languishing and Petals doesn't even seem like the same person as what she portrays in the media. #2 Her hits are not hits. A lot of her lambs begged radio stations to play her and bought multiple copies of things so songs like Thank God I Found You, Loverboy, I Still Believe made it to the top 5 but in reality no one outside of us know the words or the songs. In addition, what is her signature song? Vision Of Love? Hero? Dreamlover? Fantasy? We Belong Together? And do non-lambs know all of the words? Pretty much everybody in the United States knows all of the words to I Will Always Love You and My Heart Will Go On. #3 Glitter. The thing is anyone can bury a bad movie performance or a flop album. The fact is all of the comics used her as a punchline and many people still think MC is cuckoo. They see her as someone who is fragile and can't accept setbacks. These reasons are why, although she has outsold a lot of people and broken many records, no one but us sees her as the torch carrier for Ross, Streisand, Franklin, Labelle etc. And these lackluster performances and excuses are making things worse.
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The London Sessions (48,508) by Randy from USA
(Sunday 14 December 2014; 19:21)
So, I just bought Mary's new album because of the hype it has been getting. It is amazing. I love every track. It's a departure from everything she's ever done. It's very stripped down and caters to all audiences. While I was listening, I couldn't help thinking: Why can't MC strip down the image, strip down the production and only record vocals that she can sing 100% live comfortably at a moment's notice? Then I thought: I'd rather MC keep doing things that she wants to do, even if it ruins her career and keeps her from receiving the respect an icon should get by non-lambs and the music industry, than do something that's not her. I am of two minds. I have a feeling though if MC took my advice she'd shut down the Grammy's, have another chart topping album and a couple more #1s.
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This is actually a win for MC (48,343) by Randy from USA
(Saturday 6 December 2014; 14:53)
I think she will go back and figure out why she can't deliver for TV the way she can for small intimate settings and I gotta hand it to her for not letting her wall of background singers do the singing and not lipping the performance. I really want her to let go of her insecurities and just allow songs to flow naturally from her. I'm glad this happened because it's been smoke and mirrors for way too long. And once again, anyone with an ear can hear she still has a voice. Now what to do with it is the issue.
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My two cents (48,262) by Randy from USA
(Friday 5 December 2014; 6:40)
Even though there are a few that claim MC is the second coming and never does anything wrong, I am glad to see an objective conversation about her voice and the NBC performance. I have to admit, I was very happy she sang 100% live. That in itself was a feat. No she didn't sound perfect or even good, but anyone with an ear can tell she has a lot of voice still left. It is not over. What I can't understand for the life of me is why Mariah Carey is still nervous, fumbling with her ear monitor, unable to sing in the cold, can't deal with a divorce (her second) etc? She is considered one of the best vocalists of all time. Mariah Carey. I don't think some of you lambs get what that name is supposed to evoke. Sure everyone has a bad day. Sure she wasn't the worst thing ever. I don't understand why she can't just have a performance where she just sings straight without frills and then doesn't get the flack. You all know I have been very vocal about Mariah tailoring her new songs and live performances to how her voice is performing now. No one on that show sounded as bad. No one in the world lamb or otherwise would consider any of them as great of a singer as Mariah Carey. So why the excuses? She needs to strip down the ensembles, the splashes, the vocal acrobatics and just be an artist and sing well enough to not inspire the internet hate. I love her but by God defending her to nonlambs is becoming a full time job.
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Confession (47,856) by Randy from USA
(Saturday 8 November 2014; 17:11)
I am in love with "Oh Santa". I'm playing Christmas music and of course MC is a heavily featured artist on that play list. That song came on and I lost my mind in the car. It's very happy and upbeat and I have no idea it wasn't a massive hit like AIWFCIY.
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Pissed (47,511) by Randy from USA
(Monday 20 October 2014; 6:49)
I am upset that her team released this video on Facebook of her doing whistle notes. No one doubted that MC could still do whistle notes. In fact, that's the one note I am pretty sure she can hit live, even if the rest of the performance is a backing track and she's lip syncing. Early in her career, MC said she didn't want the whistle register to become a gimmick. Now it's used constantly. A whistle register does not a singer make. If that was the case, then Chante Moore would have 18 #1s. A friend of mine told me in the late 90s when things began to go wrong MC would be nothing without the whistle register. Now what do I say to this friend? I love MC. God knows I do. But when will it stop with the smoke and mirrors? When will she address what's going on with her full voice? For someone nicknamed "The Voice",' I'm not seeing a single performance worthy of that title. Even when most lambs are "moved" by a recent performance, I see it as marginal, capable of being copied by any singer, of course, except the whistle notes.
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Lee / Emotions (47,493) by Randy from USA
(Sunday 19 October 2014; 1:17)
Much better. I am pleased. I can't say she sounds amazing. It's marginal for someone who is considered 'the best vocalist in the world' by many. But I'm glad to see whatever was going on the first night is not permanent.
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Wendy Williams (47,215) by Randy from USA
(Monday 6 October 2014; 23:30)
She just covered MC's bad vocal performance today on her show. I know you all think she is below MC and MC doesn't pay her any attention. I'm not sure if you are aware of it but she has the #2 daytime talk show behind Ellen and is beating Ellen in some markets. I'm not the biggest fan of Wendy or her opinions but I watch her everyday because it's entertaining and Oprah left a huge vacuum. With that said, Wendy did not play the clips of MC singing because it would cost her show money to do so, but encouraged her viewers to youtube the clips. My point: I love MC. In fact my favorite song by her is one where her vocals were less than stellar, even in a studio. It is Right To Dream. There is no excuse, divorce, weather, travel, bad video clips, first night jitters, for her vocals. If she sounded like Ashanti, Brandy, Monica or any other marginal singer, then I can say, "oh, her voice isn't what it used to be". She is "The Voice". Even if she couldn't hit the high ad lib belts, why couldn't she sound pleasing to listen to during the verses? Listen, I am not trying to be harsh. You're right MC doesn't owe us anything. But I've probably spent $2,000+ over the years on MC items. I'm fine with that. I got some amazing things. Her primary job is as a singer. I am a teacher. Taxpayers pay my salary. If I don't teach well, I get fired. What happens to a multi-millionaire singer who has made her money off of her public? Every institution is now holding employees accountable. Are we not to hold MC in accountable? As a very public fans for years, how do I answer that she sounds awful, and yet singers who are not as popular as her, but have been singing just as long, like Tamela Mann, Regina Belle, Celine Dion, who may not sound like they did at their beginning, are still pleasing to listen to and not referred to as The Voice?
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The tour (47,113) by Randy from USA
(Sunday 5 October 2014; 0:11)
I'm just tired of making excuses. The setlist was too long, she is going through a divorce, she traveled across the world. We are getting too many bad performances from someone who is supposed to be one of the all time greatest vocalists. Since that Oprah performance of Hero in 1997, it has been way too many inconsistencies and no I don't expect her to be perfect but to have a noticeable difference in your voice and never address it directly and keep on with the smoke and mirrors. I remember watching her at that BET performance thinking to myself, why is Mariah Carey lip syncing? Isn't that reserved for JLo, Britney Spears, Janet Jackson? This is Mariah Carey. I think some people love her so much they just hang on to the fact that she's almost on pitch. And call that a great emotional performance. Aretha, Patti, Chaka, Gladys and Tina held on to their voices for decades and even though they have all declined somewhat, there is still some resemblance of their former greatness. So basically, I will be spending the next 6 months defending her on Facebook. I am mortified, yet again.
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About the lists and JLo (46,953) by Randy from USA
(Thursday 25 September 2014; 12:12)
I've been on this board for years and I've noticed that the lists start to appear whenever there's little going on with MC. Right now she's about to tour, everywhere but her home country, which is understandable because we're fickle and nitpickers, so there's no new album, single or television appearance. And let me put this out there. She completely dropped this album. It sold more than JLo's initially and yet JLo is still releasing singles and making appearances. MC has just disappeared. When MC has a new project, and I'm not talking about a perfume or beverage (shade), coming out, then the lists will disappear as they always do. And finally, I looked at the favorite songs list and not one fan mentioned what is my favorite song of all time, Right To Dream. A little sad.
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Top 25 (46,844) by Randy from USA
(Friday 19 September 2014; 3:31)
1. Right To Dream
2. Butterfly
3. My All
4. Through The Rain
5. Outside
6. Never Forget You
7. Bye Bye
8. Petals
9. Heartbreaker
10. Never Too Far
11. Loverboy
12. Languishing
13. Close My Eyes
14. Looking In
15. Always Be My Baby
16. Vanishing
17. Fantasy
18. Touch My Body
19. We Belong Together
20. I Stay In Love
21. Obsessed
22. Reflections (Care Enough)
23. Twister
24. Someday (Video version)
25. Can't Let Go
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Butterfly (46,809) by Randy from USA
(Wednesday 17 September 2014; 6:09)
I get upset with this board sometimes because you all nitpick everything MC does. I agree her live performances have been wobbly, the voice needs repair and her image is comical to the general public. With all of that said, it doesn't add or detract from my life and I'm not in tears because of the current state of those things. I have to wonder if some of you have a career, a family, a job, or a God and Savior the way you obsess over MC's every little move. Now with that said, the reason I fell in love with MC is this album. On Butterfly's 17th anniversary, I learned that an artist could be commercial and deep at the same time. She uses impressive vocabulary, intricate melodies and different arrangements/genres to create this pop masterpiece. And it flows together seamlessly. There has never been an album that infuses genres and flows together like this nor will there ever be. It manages to mix pop: Butterfly, My All, Whenever You Call, Close My Eyes, with R&B: Babydoll with Hip Hop: Honey, The Roof, with Gospel: Outside with 70s/80s Soul/Funk: Fourth of July, The Beautiful Ones and with Dance/Techno Butterfly Reprise/Fly Away. No matter where MC is commercially, artistically or image-wise, I will always be grateful for this album.
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Memoirs (45,952) by Randy from USA
(Friday 8 August 2014; 22:47)
I have to politely disagree. I love Memoirs. In fact I like Memoirs more that MIAMTEC, although I know I'm in the minority. MIAMTEC is too earthy, experimental, neo-soul for me and I prefer MC toeing the line between pop and R&B.
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Favorite covers / favorite songs (45,744) by Randy from USA
(Saturday 2 August 2014; 15:56)
Well since her team/IDJ seem to be over MIAMTEC, I'll go ahead and answer the current topic. Favorite covers/mash-ups:
5. Do You Know Where You're Going To? (die hards know it's from that Valentines promotional CD)
4. Make It Last/Thank God I Found You (without Nas, the long version)
3. Without You
2. My All/Stay Awhile
1. Against All Odds
Favorite songs:
5. Outside
4. Through The Rain
3. Right To Dream
2. My All
1. Butterfly
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E=MC2 (45,457) by Randy from USA
(Sunday 20 July 2014; 5:59)
I agree with whoever said this is her most commercially polished album since Music Box. I love Last Kiss and I never thought Bye Bye was a bad single choice. I live for her final adlibs. But no one is going to agree with me. I thought MOAIA was commercial as well. I do not think MIAMTEC is. Everyone knows that my favorite MC cuts are the introspective cuts like Right To Dream, Petals, Outside, Close My Eyes, Languishing and Looking In. But I do like when she takes those cuts and weaves them in with commercial MC. I feel like MIAMTEC is too experimental/newage/soul but I know she is going to ultimately make the music she likes regardless of segments of her die-hards. Thank God her catalogue is so extensive.
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Shelly (45,430) by Randy from USA
(Thursday 17 July 2014; 14:08)
The only issue with that is we would get a lot of "Triumphant Get 'Em's". In addition, the two albums she served as sole executive producer on MIAMTEC and Glitter are among her worst in my opinion. I like when she has control but some guidance. I like the LA Reid albums. I also like when Tommy had some input like Daydream and Butterfly.
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New single (45,294) by Randy from USA
(Thursday 10 July 2014; 3:02)
I hate to say I told you so, but I knew this was a "get me off this label" album. Just like Rainbow. I like the new USA Today article. I hope MC does do something she wants to do and not worry about singles. I just hope it doesn't end in an album full of Triumphant.
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A new game while we're waiting for any news or appearances (45,284) by Randy from USA
(Tuesday 8 July 2014; 23:15)
If you were the co-executive producer and Island Def Jam label head, how would you have handled this project? I would have released YDKWTD as a single on Valentine's Day with a all white modern take on a disco themed video. The album would've included thrown away tracks like Hope Street, Triumphant, Almost Home and others as the bonus tracks and the leftover Angels Advocate tracks as a second CD. The album cover would've been the YDKWTD single cover and two weeks before the album, I would've released Meteorite with a singing competition parody typed video.
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Dave (45,192) by Randy from USA
(Wednesday 2 July 2014; 18:41)
It's hilarious how fans see things differently. I think Music Box is one of her most consistent albums. I can listen from beginning to end. I think Me. I am Mariah is her least consistent but her most experimental.
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A couple of notes... and where is MC? (45,174) by Randy from USA
(Tuesday 1 July 2014; 1:31)
Note that many was upset with MC's promotion of this album, yet J Lo has been on every show known to mankind promoting her album and she had a smaller first week. I can't say that MC's lack of promotion hurt her album. Picking YDKWTD as a first single would've probably helped though. The album is growing on me slowly. I really think Meteorite is a departure from anything she's ever done and MC is good for giving us something left field with each album. My favorites are still Cry, although I don't like the lyrics, Camaflauge, YDKWTD, One More Try, although her vocals are ghastly, Heavenly, It's a Wrap, although I hate MJB's speech at the beginning, Becha Gonna Know and TAOLG, although the lyrics need work. Even though the album is growing on me, I think it's her worst by far. My last question is what is MC doing? It's very quiet so what project is she working on? I kind of think she is letting the album phase out and then will sign a new deal and release another album within a year. I also smell trouble for her and Nick. When they got married, I gave it 7 years. You aren't seeing them together much anymore. I don't wish anything bad on anyone but I feel as though they aren't well meshed. She's high maintenance and he's immature.
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You all are gonna hate me for this (44,980) by Randy from USA
(Saturday 21 June 2014; 18:36)
But I love the single cover. It should've been the album cover lol.
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Mimi (44,921) by Randy from USA
(Friday 20 June 2014; 9:00)
I agree with your post about Nicki and JLo wholeheartedly. I blame MC for that American Idol foolishness. If they paid me that amount of money, I wouldn't have cared that there was another female judge and definitely wouldn't have thrown her shade. In addition, after Nicki finally reached her boiling point and went off, I would've tried to peace the whole thing out for the sake of the show. MC gave her the silent treatment. I watched Idol and never cared for Nicki beforehand but she articulated her words better and was likeable. MC started to come off as an ice queen. Look as far as this new era; there have been a lot of complaints, giving up, judgments, criticism. I can't let go of the fact that this is the woman who wrote My All, Butterfly, Right To Dream, Langushing, Outside, Close My Eyes and Looking In. Those are genius moments and I don't see the image/diva attitude meshing with that lyricist but she's in there somewhere. I think MC is gonna give us something else great one day in the future.
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