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Name: Randy
Country: USA
MC is my favorite artist of all time and I love her songwriting skills on her introspective songs. My favorite album: Butterfly. My favorite song: Right To Dream.
I miss albums (102,472) by Randy from USA
(Wednesday 5 April 2023; 16:24)
Edward, I get your single idea but it breaks my heart. I feel like an album wouldn't benefit her in this current music industry. But how I miss the anticipation. I miss it being a project. Having a theme. I know it's for the nostalgia but remember waiting outside of Sam Goody or Tower Records? Remember struggling to get that plastic tape off the top of the CD? We don't get liner notes and pictures anymore. It's just sad. Imagine if movies weren't a thing and you just got a scene at a time. Imagine if a baseball game was one inning and everyone went home. I feel like an album is like a novel. A page is special but you need the entire story.
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Observation (102,443) by Randy from USA
(Sunday 2 April 2023; 12:22)
I never listed reasons I didn't like MC anymore. I do like MC or else I wouldn't be here. I just wanted to prove a point. MC does what no other singer has ever done in history. Excuse herself relentlessly. And Terna, you were very gracious in your counter to me. A lot more gracious than I would expect. I think I'm developing a crush. At the end of the day, I have a 24x36 of MC in my living room. I am obsessed. Maybe that's why I pick everything apart. Because I actually care too much. Good night y'all. Webmaster thanks for always letting me post.
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This is a reply to message 102,437 by Lady B from USA
(Sunday 2 April 2023; 04:35)
Observation (102,434) by Randy from USA
(Sunday 2 April 2023; 01:02)
As tired as you are of us picking Mariah apart, we are tired of being told that we are not fans and we are evil people. Nobody's mad because MC doesn't have the same voice as 1990. Hell, she didn't even have the same voice in 1998. The real issue is the deception and the excuses. How did she go from saying publicly, :I would never lip sync" in the 90s to lip syncing most of her climaxes in 99 and beyond? And then not telling us what happened? I didn't want to do this on this board but a few years ago, I put together all of MCs excuses. In her own words. I don't ever argue without receipts. Oh and I still love MC. You can view the video here.
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This is a reply to message 102,431 by Lady B from USA
(Saturday 1 April 2023; 21:38)
Divas week has officially begun (102,371) by Randy from USA
(Wednesday 22 March 2023; 11:49)
Break out your sequins, egos and melisma. Divas week has officially begun. Birthdays to celebrate:
3/22 Stephanie Mills
3/23 Chaka Khan
3/25 Aretha Franklin
3/26 Diana Ross
3/27 Mariah Carey
3/30 Celine Dion
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MTV 90's (102,342) by Randy from USA
(Sunday 12 March 2023; 13:47)
Mariah should be given the video vanguard award. My favorite is Heartbreaker but Honey isn't too far behind. I also love the Through The Rain video. You know who else has not gotten the video vanguard award? Paula Abdul. I think it's a shame Nikki got it before MC and Paula.
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This is a reply to message 102,341 by Lainsky from Philippines
(Sunday 12 March 2023; 04:15)
Remixes (102,325) by Randy from USA
(Thursday 9 March 2023; 22:51)
I don't know if I told y'all this but I started replacing the album tracks with the rap or remix version of her songs. I put the Bad Boy Remix of Honey with Mase and the Lox as track one of Butterfly. I also switched out The Roof and Breakdown with the longer rap versions that were on the maxi-singles. I replaced Fantasy with the Bad Boy mix. That's the one with both the pop hook and r&b hook and ODB. I replaced Obsessed with the one with Gucci Mane and replaced Up Out My Face with the one with Nicki's rap. I also replaced Angel's Cry for the duet version with Neyo. On my Club/Hip Hop playlist I have My All/Stay Awhile. On my Dance playlist I absolutely live for the 13 minute Through The Rain Mix Hex Hector did, the 12 minute Fantasy David Morales Mix, the My All Classic Club Mix (even though I'm sick of feel ya body, feel ya body, feel ya body), I also have both the I Still Believe mixes (the kings mix and the club mix). Finally the Don't Forget About Us Ralphi Rosario & Craig J Mix is awesome.
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This is a reply to message 102,322 by Edward from USA
(Thursday 9 March 2023; 13:36)
The real reason for no respect (102,308) by Randy from USA
(Wednesday 8 March 2023; 00:12)
I was drunk when I wrote that post. Forgive me. St. John the Divine, If It's Over at the Grammys, Emotions at MTV Unplugged, Home for the Holidays and Impromptu for Jimmy Fallon exists. And she sang her ass off. I would like to apologize to my MCA family. I think what's frustrating me is that the diva antics, getting her makeup done on stage and lighting comments, as well as the repeated phrase, most people don't realize I write all of my songs, was shoved down the public's throat and I know those talking points were to distract from her being coined one of the greatest singers of all time when her voice deteriorated hella fast without explanation.
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This is a reply to message 102,306 by Tevin from USA
(Tuesday 7 March 2023; 17:19)
The real reason for no respect (102,291) by Randy from USA
(Monday 6 March 2023; 00:11)
If you listen to early producers on her album, Narada Michael Walden for example, MC was a perfectionist. She re recorded I Don't Wanna Cry one hundred times until it was perfect. The audience has never seen a showy performance the likes of Whitney, Patti or Christina. And y'all keep talking about the nuances of her voice but to be honest the public doesn't care. Look how nervous she was singing Vision of Love at the 91 Grammys. Fixing her dress constantly. A flat run on "love". She had an amazing voice but didn't know what to do with it. Live performances make you and the only time I've ever seen MC sing beyond what the record entailed was Tokyo Dome in 96. As a songwriter she was unmatched. A friend of mine recently said, she was probably better off as a songwriter producer and Tommy forced her to be a singing star.
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Chaka Khan (102,274) by Randy from USA
(Thursday 2 March 2023; 20:35)
Said Mariah was ranked #5 on Rolling Stone's best singers of all time due to payola. Basically implying Mariah getting all of her props due to paying out money. I love Chaka Khan but she downtalked Adele, Mary J. Blige as well because they ranked ahead of her. Chaka Khan was #29. I would think that someone who has been in the business for so long would know better to take journalists' bait to create sound bites. Clips from interviews in which you talk bad about people who outsell you make you sound bitter. And when your wigs look like you skinned Snuffleupagus and you have had a drug/alcohol problem for over 50 years, you really shouldn't throw stones anywhere near your glass house.
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Did ya'll know? (102,272) by Randy from USA
(Thursday 2 March 2023; 16:13)
I was putzing around on the internet and discovered that Vanilla Ice won the 1991 Favorite New Artist American Music Award over Mariah Carey.
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Third Diamond album (102,245) by Randy from USA
(Tuesday 21 February 2023; 16:42)
Sony needs to present Mariah Carey for a diamond certification. Now that we will never see diamond albums anymore, it's important to give Mariah her plaques.
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New picture (102,164) by Randy from USA
(Wednesday 1 February 2023; 02:11)
I struggle with weight. I can't imagine what it's like to be in the public eye with paparazzi outside your building. But why does it seem MCs weight goes up and down so much and so quickly. Maybe this is a bad angle. But I swear it reminds me of the parody Debra Wilson and MadTV did with the "I'm Not Insane" where she sings the line as MC, "Although my weight, does fluctuate." Any thoughts on this phenomenon where MC goes from a size 6 to a size 16 in a matter of two months?
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If you could... (102,147) by Randy from USA
(Saturday 28 January 2023; 21:54)
There is an album squeezed in between Music Box and Daydream. It's called Merry Christmas. I kid. I kid. I think Mariah gave us enough output until Memoirs. She's taking longer gaps now. MCIIY, MIAMTEC and Caution are my least favorite albums. I just want quality at this point. Something mature. Adult. Unplugged. Unassisted.
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This is a reply to message 102,145 by Jamie from UK
(Saturday 28 January 2023; 18:38)
I owe Mariah's earpiece an apology (102,128) by Randy from USA
(Wednesday 25 January 2023; 17:55)
So the Dubai concert Beyonce did has taken over my TikTok. I noticed one thing. She was singing a note and started fiddling with her ear monitor. I thought that was something only MC did when she knew she sounded bad to fool the audience into thinking she couldn't hear herself and there were technical issues. I will say Beyoncé sounded fine when she was messing with it so maybe she couldn't hear herself. I notice Mariah does it every time she's on television but at any rate, does anyone have any knowledge on this topic? Why do people have to adjust the volume on them? Isn't this what a sound check is for? Why are they necessary at all? What did singers do in the 60s and 70s when they didn't have the option to have them?
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Memoirs is underrated (102,111) by Randy from USA
(Sunday 22 January 2023; 22:40)
I feel like the album is underrated and too long. I don't begrudge any of the songs but did Ribbon, More Than Just Friends, Standing O or Inseparable add anything to her catalogue? I do love Languishing though. It's actually one of my most played songs by her right now.
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This is a reply to message 102,100 by jaker20 from US
(Friday 20 January 2023; 20:08)
Top posters (101,918) by Randy from USA
(Tuesday 20 December 2022; 12:58)
I need to get a life. I don't know why I've been posting so much this year, probably because I've been very emotional. Imagine that, a MC fan being emotional? Speaking of which, jaker20 that was a beautiful message. Many have said it here before, we are a dysfunctional family. We argue but I want nothing but the best for MC and all of you guys Eric Bill Stacey Andrew Enwar Robert Anthony and Terna. Happy holidays. Oh and don't forget MC comes on CBS tonight.
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Whoopi Goldberg mocks Mariah (101,899) by Randy from USA
(Monday 19 December 2022; 17:19)
I tend to agree. I don't want Mariah's legacy to be Christmas. I know I'm hard on her live performances but words can express what her music means to me. Through The Rain got me up and to work for years when I was stressed. Right to Dream was my go to when I was drunk and depressed. Outside is my being gay and ostracized in the 90s anthem. Close My Eyes is my PTSD song from being born with all the antics that come from a 15 year old mother and a 21 year old father. All I Want For Christmas is nice. But it's hardly anywhere on the soundtrack of my life. I actually listen to O Holy Night and Oh Santa more. Not because I don't like AIWFCIY, but because I know if I leave the house any time after thanksgiving, I'll hear it.
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This is a reply to message 101,898 by Carlos from Brazil
(Monday 19 December 2022; 17:01)
Why is everyone surprised? (101,876) by Randy from USA
(Saturday 17 December 2022; 16:57)
You know what's funny. Even Eric the webmaster on this board attacked me when I said that the 2006 Grammy performance was a cut and paste job. Mariah literally sang an adlib and then the next adlib was the backing track. Watch it again. I don't think bashing MC is cool and edgy. What I really feel is that MC was the 8th wonder of the world vocally. Something happened between Tokyo 1996 and Oprah 1997. We never got any explanation. But while all these other singers who have been around belting before and after Mariah, Patti Labelle, Whitney Houston, Gladys Knight, Regina Belle, Chaka Khan, are going about their business what we get to defend our diva is excuses. Her voice is different; it's sensitive, humidifiers, the ear monitor, the casket was in front of her, the air conditioning was on, the heat was on, nodules. I don't want to be right. I don't want to be the one that was right about MC's throat implosion. I'd rather her say something. One of the things I've told you guys over and over is that I live a different lifestyle than you. All of my friends are Stan's of different divas. Do you know how much ish I get as MC's representative? Recently I was given Chante Moore's performance at Soul Train and the caption said Mariah who? Would any of you, in 1995 thought Chante Moore would be able to outsing MC? MC came out in 90. Chante came out in 92. Oh wait I know. MC had to sing so much more. The nodules. The lighting. The casket. The HVAC.
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This is a reply to message 101,866 by Steven Berning from USA
(Saturday 17 December 2022; 08:34)
Why is everyone surprised? (101,852) by Randy from USA
(Friday 16 December 2022; 13:22)
I'm definitely not here to gloat. I'm actually perplexed. I called voice deterioration in 1998/99 when I saw her on The View and Whitney Houston embarrassed her at the Oscar's. I called lip syncing in 1999 when every climax to Heartbreaker and Can't Take That Away was flawless yet she was a raspy struggle through the verses. But I was attacked for it and called not a real fan. The time I was attacked the most was when I called the 2006 Grammys a master cut and paste job. So to see all of this hoopla over these Christmas concerts baffles me. To me honestly, Mariah always sounds this bad. Pull up the Global Citizen concert from last summer. That Hero is almost identical to the MSG one a few days ago. That's why I wasn't spending $400 to see her. She got me once with the Charmbracelet tour. The other thing that you guys don't realize is that they are going to edit and dub the hell out of the Christmas show for CBS. What'll be interesting is how she'll respond when people start juxtaposing the live verses the televised. I take no joy in saying I'm right here and to be honest MC has surprised me too many times for me to say it's over for the voice. I said that in 99 and she shocked the hell out of me with Home for the Holidays in 2001. I said it again in 2012 and she shocked the hell out of me with the Jimmy Fallon's impromptu. I said it again in 2016 and she shocked the hell out of me with Stay the Night on Twitter. All I've wanted since 1997 on Oprah was for her to tell us what the hell happened. But like Stacey reminded me ... what the hell is she supposed to say?
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The clips you all are posting (101,775) by Randy from USA
(Saturday 10 December 2022; 20:43)
Sound amazing. I wasn't excited for the Christmas special until now. Maybe we will get a show sung at least 75% live.
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Mariah on Colbert (101,752) by Randy from USA
(Thursday 8 December 2022; 06:21)
As I'm writing this, I realize why she's so insecure. We really do pick apart everything about her. But since we have a little extra time. Start with the positive. She looked amazing. I love the ponytail. I love that her foundation matched her skin perfectly. And she looked like money. Now, Randy will speak. She is interesting to listen to but at times it's just too immature for a 50+ year old woman. She's not a ditz but she seems to revel in playing one. She's so excited to check off every talking point in her head, she speaks in fast garbled sentences. But MC we know you wrote the song. We know you are mixed. We know you didn't go to class. We know your Christmases were ruined. With all that said, I was never bored and could not take my eyes off of her. I don't think she came off likeable to the non fan. And how weird was it that she walked out to Natural Woman? Number one, she has the most famous original Christmas song of all time blazing the charts. Number two, she has the largest catalogue of number ones of any living artist. And did anyone else get the feeling Steven Colbert was like wtf, she's crazier than I expected, the whole time? What do y'all think?
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Charmbracelet - 20 years (101,727) by Randy from USA
(Saturday 3 December 2022; 23:26)
I remember a lot about that era. I couldn't believe how beautiful Through The Rain was and the video is stunning. She was still doing lipping climaxes to the records, but she was on every show, despite not having a hit single. The View, Oprah, Matt Lauer interviewed her, MTV gave her a special. I didn't care for a lot of the album and at the time, I remember one reviewer stating that she did so many different things on the album that it was like mixing watercolors only to end up with a puddle of brown. I remember Lyor Cohen saying that she brought class to DefJam. It was a time where MC garnered respect because of her earlier hits that weren't as far away, but Glitter wasn't the nail in the coffin. Charmbracelet was the first and last time I would pay to see MC live. She lipped most of it. I was in full fan mode that night with butterfly and rainbow stickers all up and down my arm. It definitely is a moment. Through The Rain is the only way I make it to work many days. I still play Lullaby and Subtle Invitation. The rest of it is largely forgotten. But the era isn't.
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This is a reply to message 101,726 by Billy from Greece
(Saturday 3 December 2022; 20:05)
W photo shoot (101,689) by Randy from USA
(Sunday 27 November 2022; 19:23)
Y'all always say I'm negative. I'm gonna say something positive. She looks absolutely stunning in that W spread. Perfection.
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Macy's performance (101,680) by Randy from USA
(Friday 25 November 2022; 23:03)
Dude I just laughed all the way out loud.
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This is a reply to message 101,672 by BFF from United States
(Friday 25 November 2022; 13:57)
Macy's performance (101,669) by Randy from USA
(Friday 25 November 2022; 04:21)
Can I just say this. Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, Ciara, JLo, Paula Abdul can lip sync without criticism. Mariah Carey who is considered one of the best vocalist of all time cannot. Patti Labelle is 99 years old. She woulda sang. I know. I know. It was outdoors, her ear monitors weren't working, it was air conditioning outside, she has nodules, her humidifiers weren't working in her sleep chamber, her background singers were too loud. The funny thing is... her lip syncing wasn't a surprise to me. The mic is a prop at this point. But y'all really excited about her Christmas concerts? It will be the best cut and paste lip sync performance in history. Kinda like the 1996 Grammys.
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This is a reply to message 101,667 by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Thursday 24 November 2022; 20:38)
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