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Name: Randy
Country: USA
MC is my favorite artist of all time and I love her songwriting skills on her introspective songs. My favorite album: Butterfly. My favorite song: Right To Dream.
CBS This Morning (101,627) by Randy from USA
(Friday 11 November 2022; 13:06)
I am sick of hearing about that damn book and nothing new came from this interview. But I have to admit, once again, she looked amazing, was coherent and likeable. She has really returned to form for this press tour. PS The letter she wrote her younger self was adorable.
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Mariah on Jimmy Fallon (101,598) by Randy from USA
(Saturday 5 November 2022; 20:16)
Mariah looked very happy on Jimmy Fallon. I wish she'd stop playing with her hair, hers being disputable. I loved the way she read the book and I thought she looked beautiful, especially in the bunk bed skit.
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Who should play Mariah on her biopic series? (101,594) by Randy from USA
(Thursday 3 November 2022; 20:18)
Wait. Why was I never informed of this Lifetime movie?
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This is a reply to message 101,589 by bliss! from Brazil
(Thursday 3 November 2022; 16:04)
Alternative playlist (no #1's or #2's) edition (101,568) by Randy from USA
(Saturday 29 October 2022; 00:33)
I like this topic. I want her and a stool, one piano, one mic, one background singer and one guitar.

1. Never Forget You
2. Everything Fades Away
3. Looking In
4. Close My Eyes
5. Petals
6. Reflections
7. Twister
8. Through The Rain
9. Languishing
10. Right To Dream
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This is a reply to message 101,564 by Matty from Vancouver Canada
(Thursday 27 October 2022; 21:55)
Concert in Saudi Arabia (101,518) by Randy from USA
(Sunday 23 October 2022; 14:05)
Because I'm an MC fan a lot of things come across my social media. She is struggling through this performance. She needs to give Vision of Love a rest.
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Soundtracks (101,481) by Randy from USA
(Tuesday 18 October 2022; 12:17)
Let me jump in here for a second. No one disrespects her non-hit ventures more than Mariah does. When she did her Charmbracelet whirlwind, she continuously touted that Glitter was "a soundtrack" and a "concept" record and that she thought it was unfair that people were comparing it to her album sales. She loved saying it came out on September 11th as a reason for it not selling, but didn't Jay-Z's iconic album The Blueprint come out the same day and sell millions and millions? I hate the way MC dogs out Through The Rain and Bye Bye as being the reason their respective albums doesn't sell. Mariah is forever talking about her number ones. Doesn't she have two albums named number ones? With one of them having a Billboard chart replication on the back. If lambs are chart obsessed and down her non-hit songs, we learned it from Mother Carey herself. And Bill, Right to Dream is still her best lyric period and the reason I still Daydeam about Glitter encrusted Butterflies flying through Charmbracelets with both Caution and Emotions towards a Rainbow.
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(Tuesday 18 October 2022; 04:22)
Christmas surprises (101,467) by Randy from USA
(Monday 17 October 2022; 00:34)
I'm completely the opposite. I'd like her to sit Christmas out and let the song do the work naturally. I do not like the narrative that she gets dusted off for Christmas each year and is put back. Edward I agree the whistle is used to prove she can "still sing". And Terna for as much as you get on me for being mean, Whitney who? Is very disrespectful of someone who not only MC worked with, but MC respected and is an icon. Whitney Houston was someone's mother, daughter and sister. Maybe it's the Christian in me but I respect human life no matter how many mistakes someone makes. And no matter where Celine is, she can outsing MC. And Ima tell you this, there's so many YouTube videos and TikTok's of lambs tryna prove MC can sing. No other artist's fans feel the need to prove their artist still "has it". I wonder why.
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This is a reply to message 101,466 by Robert-Anthony from United States
(Sunday 16 October 2022; 23:08)
Re: Full of grace (101,456) (101,457) by Randy from USA
(Saturday 15 October 2022; 14:43)
Or Stacey that interview on Good Morning America with the stripped down Vision of Love in 1990. When it was #2. Every time I see that I am flabbergasted by the voice and the control. And the fact that she has on black stockings and church shoes. And I get that a lot of people say, how can you expect her to sing like that thirty years later. The wheels started to fall off long before that, just a few years later. Don't believe me. Check out The View Vision of Love performance from 1998. Yet, we would kill for that 1998 voice, even now. I think the problem is... she set the bar so damn high.
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This is a reply to message 101,456 by Stacey from USA
(Saturday 15 October 2022; 04:49)
What MC albums have you never bought? (101,438) by Randy from USA
(Wednesday 12 October 2022; 01:53)
I thought about this the other day. I do not have #1s to Infinity, even though I bought the Infinity single. I also never bought The Ballads. Are the liner notes to either worth the purchase? What MC albums have you never bought?
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Am I the only one (101,427) by Randy from USA
(Saturday 8 October 2022; 17:25)
Who replaces originals on MCs albums with remixes or other versions? For example, on the debut, I switched out the album version for the video version of Someday. On Butterfly, I replaced Honey with the Bad Boy Remix, Breakdown with the Mo Thugs remix, The Roof with the Mobb Deep extended rap. On MOAIA I've replaced Obsessed with the Gucci Mane version, Up Out My Face with the Nikki Minaj remix and Angels Cry with the Neyo duet. What upsets me with Fantasy is I can't mix the dramatic intro with the whistle into the Bad Boy Mix which has the both hooks and ODB. I don't know how you guys put Everything Fades Away at the end of Music Box. That's blasphemous to me. It doesn't go there lol. I do love that song but Music Box should end on All I've Ever Wanted. How have y'all redone your MC albums.
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Re: Just a thought, let's be kind (101,400) (101,409) by Randy from USA
(Wednesday 5 October 2022; 18:27)
I think some of the frustration with us on the unkind side of the board is the amount of effort used to cover up the deterioration of her voice. It's amazing that for someone who had one of the best voices of all time, an epic instrument could still go out on stage as if nothing happened. The ear monitors, the humidifiers, the wall of background singers, the endless advertising that she's a songwriter, the lighting, the ensembles. She is about any topic other than being a vocalist. She wrote a whole book and hardly mentioned her voice. Now a long time ago, Stacey asked me, but how would you have her address it? I don't know. But she puts a ton of energy into not addressing it. She puts a ton of excuses into why she doesn't sound good. I love MC and to hear you guys tell it, it's like I want her to be taken out back and beat with a stick. I want her to be happy and live a long life but MC, Just a thought, let's be honest.
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Re: Is it too early? (101,377) (101,380) by Randy from USA
(Saturday 1 October 2022; 14:43)
You know what's funny? My birthday is December 19 so when this time of year comes it's like the dreaded anticipatory wait. But I'm with MC. The day after Halloween, open the floodgates. Before then, I don't take nothing out of the closet, buy anything or listen to any Christmas music.
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The numbers are so confusing (101,363) by Randy from USA
(Thursday 29 September 2022; 00:50)
So now it's 70 million sold. And she's the top selling female artist. But MC often runs around saying 200 million sold. Madonna just said on Jimmy Fallon she's sold 400 million. I wish there was a definitive number and place to know. Are we talking worldwide? Or just US? Singles or albums? Soundscan or pre-Soundscan? It's infuriating. I have seen Shania Twain, Celine Dion, Madonna, MC and Barbra Streisand all state they were the biggest selling female artist of all time.
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Re: Mariah's certifications (101,349) (101,354) by Randy from USA
(Tuesday 27 September 2022; 23:59)
My issue is that she's sold 9x platinum of Mariah Carey. Probably more than Daydream which was certified Diamond at 8x platinum. Yet Daydream has been certified and the debut hasn't. Sony needs to just present it for the certification.
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Mariah's certifications (101,342) by Randy from USA
(Tuesday 27 September 2022; 01:45)
I'm gonna ignore Terna. All I really want to know is where is her Diamond award for Mariah Carey so she can have three Diamond albums?
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Re: Global Citizen (101,324) (101,332) by Randy from USA
(Monday 26 September 2022; 10:18)
Thanks for not beating me up. What no one ever understands about me, I want Mariah to win. She looked so good. She hasn't aged over the last ten years. I would love for her to just sing where she is and do lyrically driven music. Right To Dream etc. I played the out of GTFO in my classroom the other day during my planning period. She's a genius. That's why the bar is set so high. Wait. What was the subject again?
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Global Citizen (101,323) by Randy from USA
(Monday 26 September 2022; 01:20)
No one's gonna agree with me but I thought it was mediocre. I believe much of Fantasy, Honey and Heartbreaker was prerecorded. I believe the last chorus of We Belong Together was prerecorded. She was flat on Hero and her background singers were intentionally loud. Even though there are no background singers on the original version of Hero. I thought she looked amazing though. And she didn't need anyone to walk her around the stage. My grade: C-
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Bye Bye (101,306) by Randy from USA
(Saturday 24 September 2022; 03:19)
For the last time, as an executive assistant director specialist on this board, I am warning you all to stop talking about Bye Bye. I think it was a great single choice. I love the electronic bobbles and tidbits that Stargate used in the background. And MC's vocal adlib on that final chorus is . I still scream it to the top of my lungs every time I hear the song even though my whistle sounds like a tea kettle. I never knew it. Every day of my life I wish. I wish. I wish. I wish. As time goes by. If you all continue talkin bad about Bye Bye, I am going to revoke your right to use air quotes and dahling. I freaking love that song.
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Top of the Pops - Honey 1997 (101,278) by Randy from USA
(Wednesday 21 September 2022; 00:31)
I've never seen this performance. At first, I was thrilled it wasn't lip synced. Until she got to the high ad-lib "I Can't Hardly Wait. Gotta Have Another Taste." It's interesting to hear her voice so husky but she still had use of some of her high full voice notes. I wish she had thugged it out and hit that adlib. 1997, even though she looked like she struggled thru performances, was one of my favorite vocal years because she had some rasp but still could sing in her belting range pretty high.
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I would be pissed (101,180) by Randy from USA
(Sunday 11 September 2022; 05:12)
Yo. What if she released Butterfly?
1. Honey Bad Boy or JD remix
2. Butterfly
3. My All/Stay Awhile remix
4. The Roof Mobb Deep remix
5. Fourth of July
6. Breakdown Bone Thugz remix
7. Babydoll
8. Close My Eyes
9. Whenever You Call with Brian McNight
10. Butterfly (Fly Away)
11. The Beautiful Ones
12. Outside
13. The Roof with Brandy (bonus)
14. Close My Eyes (new version, bonus)
Sounds like something MC would do right about now to avoid promotion and singing.
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Art vs. artist (101,163) by Randy from USA
(Thursday 8 September 2022; 11:36)
Matty. I love you for the post and I'm sorry that you've been through something undeserved. It took me years to get back to listening to MJ after the Martin Bashir interview because of so many subtleties I picked up on during it. As far as R.Kelly, I was never a fan but he wrote some of my favorite records, including Kelly Price's Friend of Mine Remix with Ron Isley, Changing Faces GHETTOUT and Whitney Houston's I Look To You. It's easy to cancel an artist and deem them a monster. Monsters are made by the many ravages and miseries associated with life. It wasn't until a very close 17 year old family member did something with a child, videod it, and received a 20 year sentence that I was forced to think about cutting someone off. That 17 year old was touched himself. It's an ugly cycle that gets repeated too often. And as a society it's so taboo to discuss. We keep focusing on punishing predators instead of researching what makes them that way in order to prevent it. I listen to R.Kelly, Mystikal, MJ, Elvis. The music was made and not listening to it does not reverse what's happened. I already had the records so the money made has probably already been spent. A lot of music holds an emotional meaning to me, probably for the nostalgia. I think all of this hurts MC too. I don't think she has any responsibility to remove collaborations or connections with artists as predators tend to do things in the dark. I doubt R.Kelly, Mystikal or MJ were parading any of this in front of her anyway. It's complicated but again, we don't have these conversations so I appreciate you for posting and of course Eric for allowing us to be raw here. God bless us all.
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Re: Toni Braxton (101,144) (101,146) by Randy from USA
(Tuesday 6 September 2022; 09:57)
I love some of Toni's album cuts. On The Heat there's a song called Fairy Tales and on Libra there's a song called Shadowless. Both of those get me emotional every time I hear them. Cue the "real fans" asking why are we talking about another artist on a MC board. I am sad we are not getting a Butterfly anniversary something.
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Re: Happiness (101,110) (101,111) by Randy from USA
(Wednesday 31 August 2022; 10:09)
Let me say this. I have been very hard on MC. I want her to make a lyrically driven album that is a la Close My Eyes, Languishing, Right To Dream and Looking In for the entire album. No songs about romantic love. Just songs about life. Her voice. A piano. A guitar. But to speak on what makes her happy? She's given us more than enough, if she never ever makes another album. We destroyed Britney Spears. We killed Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and Prince. When I criticize MC it's because she created a titanium standard. But I'd rather her be happy than cater to her fans. Eat. Drink. Be merry and hibernate until Christmas if that's what keeps you alive.
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Re: Nicki Minaj thanked Mariah (101,101) (101,104) by Randy from USA
(Tuesday 30 August 2022; 15:08)
Delusionals hate when I come with analysis and facts lol I am very very calm. And I still love MC but wrong is wrong and Ima call it when I see it. I hope you guys are right about a Butterfly 25th although the fact that it's two and a half weeks away with no official press release makes me think it's not happening. Butterfly is my favorite album of all time by any artist and it was the moment I switched from Whitney being my number one to MC being my number one.
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Re: Nicki Minaj thanked Mariah (101,094) (101,097) by Randy from USA
(Monday 29 August 2022; 22:52)
Because they had worked together. They did the Up Out My Face remix. Mariah was signed to American Idol for $18 million. Then Nicki was signed later for $12 million. Nicki then said she was told, Mariah doesn't want you here by staff and crew. Nicki said "No, I know her. That's not true." When they began filming, Mariah was sniping and being shady and petty. Which is why Nicki flipped out. I wouldn't have believed Nicki's version of events if Mariah hadn't kept reiterating that she (MC) expected to be the only female judge like JLo was. Mariah said that fifteen million times. I didn't understand why she was so bothered by someone who clearly idolized her. And ima be honest. Nicki gave better criticisms. But "real fans" will say the show edited the fight or didn't give MC enough time to talk so it seemed like MC didn't have good criticism. I'll tell you this. MC was beat to the gods in makeup hair and wardrobe but yet she didn't have enough time to give good criticism? Nah. Nicki won that round. Now Madonna started that feud talking about "the country that buys MC albums acquitted OJ Simpson". Eminem started that feud by saying they had a relationship. I do believe he jacked off on her stomach and she acted like his semen was nuclear waste. That's so MC. But that's his fault. JLo I have an issue with. I think that was Cory Rooney who stole the idea he heard of "If We" for JLo's I'm Real. And Tommy stole Firecracker as a sample for the album version of "I'm Real". I don't think JLo had a lot to do with it but MC still hates her.
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