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Name: Randy
Country: USA
MC is my favorite artist of all time and I love her songwriting skills on her introspective songs. My favorite album: Butterfly. My favorite song: Right To Dream.
Nicki Minaj thanked Mariah (101,091) by Randy from USA
(Monday 29 August 2022; 15:49)
At the VMAs last night. I always hoped they would be cool again. I loved Nicki on the Up Out My Face remix. Out of all the beefs MC has, this one I felt was MC's fault. Now I eagerly await all the "real fans" to reply I'm negative, why am I talking about Nicki on a Mariah Carey board and my personal favorite, you don't even sound like you like Mariah, why don't you just leave?
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Re: Nick Cannon (101,050) (101,054) by Randy from USA
(Friday 26 August 2022; 12:29)
Let me be clear, Nick has made some poor choices. But let's not sit here and pretend that these women aren't lining up to have his children just because he has money. What kind of mother, knowingly wants to have a baby with a man with ten kids and five different mothers? Yea the money is nice. But you really are settling for a comfortable lifestyle in lieu of your child having their father in their life. At this point, now that his philandering is public knowledge, any new baby mammas are just as disgusting as he is.
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Re: If it was Whitney? (101,052) (101,053) by Randy from USA
(Friday 26 August 2022; 12:25)
I agree with most of what you've said here. But I really feel MC would be best served by doing an unplugged album that focuses on her songwriting and worn voice. Songs with very little instrumentation like Through The Rain, Cry, I Wish You Well and her great songwriting would be amazing. Take all the effects off her voice so she sounds human and not like the speaker at a drive through. Do something a la Adele. Clean. Dark. Beautiful. Universal. She has to stop with the r&b/hip hop. Even Jay-Z stopped rapping in his 50s.
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Re: Mariah on Meghan Markles' podcast next week (101,025) (101,029) by Randy from USA
(Wednesday 24 August 2022; 22:29)
And let me guess what the 30 minutes will be: 20 minutes them talking about both being biracial, 5 minutes talking about Mariah's good side, lighting and her ensemble choice, 4 minutes talking about the topic "people don't know this but I write all my songs unless I'm doing a cover or something", and 1 minute talking about MC's future projects. I'm so excited I can hardly wait.
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Re: Article: Mariah Carey wants to trademark "Queen of Christmas" (100,995) (100,996) by Randy from USA
(Friday 19 August 2022; 04:48)
When I saw this, my first thought was is Stella back? "My job is to make Mariah money."
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Re: Still here (100,960) (100,962) by Randy from USA
(Friday 12 August 2022; 05:41)
Jaker this is the most pleasant argument you and I have ever had. Billboard named her number 4 on their top artists of all time. People can manipulate what they want. But publications with assets to lose that are respected know the power of MC. Look here.
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Re: Still here (100,956) (100,959) by Randy from USA
(Thursday 11 August 2022; 23:58)
It's crazy because I used to worry about Rihanna beating Mariah's record of number ones. I don't think so now. I don't think Adele's 30 will go diamond. It's just a different time. What scares me most, jaker, is that none of these records or sales or Billboard won't mean anything anymore because the next generation doesn't care and no one will track sales because there are none. I've been a chart nerd since Casey Casem used to be on the radio. Yo if y'all wanna watch something interesting watch Madonna, Janet, Whitney, MC, Madonna and Celine's album chart positions in the USA here.
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Still here (100,953) by Randy from USA
(Wednesday 10 August 2022; 23:58)
With Whitney's birthday yesterday and Olivia's passing, I just celebrate MC for being here. Prince, MJ, Whitney are all gone. So even though Madonna is still popping out her breast at 60 and has a 28 yo boyfriend, I celebrate Madonna. Even though Janet Jackson had a baby at an AARP convention and her face is pulled up into her ponytails, I celebrate Janet. Even though MC acts like Anna Nicole Smith and dresses like Jessica Rabbit, I celebrate MC. One thing that hit me recently, Beyoncé was 20 when that ugly Destiny's Child breakup happened. At 20 I was still throwing up in bar parking lots and having sex for a ride home. MC had 8 albums, an ugly marriage and all the pressure that comes with fame and money before she turned 30. I can't imagine but yet we judge them.
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Is something going on? (100,917) by Randy from USA
(Saturday 6 August 2022; 20:49)
As someone who struggles with my weight, I have to wonder what's going on with MC. She looks terrible in that black dress. And she was pretty big in the Hampton's picture. Oprah once said something that rings true for me and probably MC: You can tell by my size whether or not things are going great in my life.
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Re: What sank Charmbracelet? (100,812) (100,819) by Randy from USA
(Monday 25 July 2022; 06:48)
I think what sank Charmbracelet is that Mariah didn't go away. She released Rainbow in 1999 with a ton of promotion. Then the Glitter fiasco in 2001 when she was on the cover of every tabloid. Then she promoted the hell out of Charmbracelet in 2002. She needed to go away for awhile so people would care about her again. They would get a chance to miss her and realize why she's needed. Oh and I love Through The Rain, Lullaby and Subtle Invitation.
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Top 5 Did I Do That? Top 5 Triumphant (100,788) by Randy from USA
(Friday 22 July 2022; 01:19)
Ok we need a new topic and list. Sorry webmaster. Ok so what are Mariah's worst moments in her career and what are her best. Did I Do That?
5. Divas 1998 (Natural Woman & Testimony)
4. The View 1998 (Vision of Love)
3. All I Want For Christmas (NBC)
2. Touch My Body (GMA)
1. New Years Eve (2016/17)

5. Radio City Music Hall (Never Too Far)
4. Vision of Love (1990 GMA)
3. A Home For The Holidays (2001)
2. The View (2005 Interview)
1. Jimmy Fallon Impromptu for the Fans
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Re: New cover song (100,644) (100,650) by Randy from USA
(Monday 4 July 2022; 15:06)
Mariah still owes us a cover of My Favorite Things. She said she would cover it in an interview some time ago.
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Re: GOAT (100,611) (100,614) by Randy from USA
(Wednesday 29 June 2022; 14:40)
Yeah I'm definitely a GOAT. I thought she did a really good job at BET even though I still can't tell if she was singing live or not. I watched it 5 times but whatever, I'll take any win at this point. I still don't like the abrasive texture of her full voice now, but she's definitely using her voice in its current state more than the studio tricks she did for years. It was wonderful that Latto gave her her flowers. And not one of my friends who love other divas had anything negative to say. Except why does a man have to help her move 5 steps.
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What's on your MC rotation these days? (100,564) by Randy from USA
(Friday 24 June 2022; 20:12)
Slow news week anytime we're talking about Packer's ring. And although I could say [...] off to Terna for saying I only come on here to be negative, he's part of this dysfunctional family of ours. His job is to balance the equation. My job is to unbalance it. Anyway as MC fans you know that based on your life, the songs you play most by her changes with the seasons. What songs are you guys obsessed with these days, pun intended? My songs in heavy rotation are: Languishing, My All, Right to Dream, Close My Eyes and Through the Rain.
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Re: Songwriters speech (100,491) (100,495) by Randy from USA
(Friday 17 June 2022; 23:43)
My heart goes out to anyone suffering from mental orders or addiction. I don't think anyone here is trying to be heartless or cruel. Everyone wants MC to win. But knowing my struggles, I am bipolar, and I have had a lot of drinking issues in the past, Andrew would confirm but he's not here anymore. I know in order to do my job, I have to put in the work. I have to take my meds, exercise, pray, write, see my therapist and psychiatrist and do their homework assignments. I have a job where I can't have manic episodes because I would get fired and MC knows what needs to be done she just is clouded right now and has syncophants around her. I'm just glad this wasn't televised because I wasn't even checking for it. A Beyonce fan gleefully sent it to me at 9AM. I agree Edward. The ones that are still upholding everything MC does and saying slay queen, are another layer of embarrassment on top of the layers of embarrassment from the eternally 12 yo who needs her own lighting (remember on Ally McBeal when it was just a joke?) on top of layers of embarrassment from live televised performances. Oh wait we're lambs. Maybe it's just wool.
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Songwriters speech (100,475) by Randy from USA
(Friday 17 June 2022; 16:47)
It was awful. Incoherent. Ditzy. But you all say I'm negative. What did you all think?
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Collaborations (100,427) by Randy from USA
(Saturday 11 June 2022; 02:22)
I feel like she goes out of her way for collaborations. Can Mariah just make a Mariah album. I love the relationship she has with her piano players in "backstage" moments. Why can't she write and record an album by herself with only piano, violin and strings? It's not just her wanting rappers that bores me to tears, it's her wanting producers. I want to see her do a Lauryn Hill, Prince or Alicia Keys. On the back cover: Written Produced and Arranged by Mariah Carey. We don't need tidbits about projects that are gonna be disappointing. We need music. We need her genius. I don't want her to slay. I want her to sing. That's all.
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Re: AIWFCIY (100,387) (100,394) by Randy from USA
(Sunday 5 June 2022; 16:47)
In this world of mass shootings, COVID, monkeypox and high gas prices I needed something to make me laugh out loud.
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Why I want another #1 (100,326) by Randy from USA
(Friday 27 May 2022; 01:22)
As much as I get on MC about her live performances, I still think she's a musical genius that doesn't get her due. I have seen so many artists get musical tributes. I have seen so many artists not get an automatic eye roll when they are brought up at gay brunch. A lot of MCs accomplishments are undervalued because she was married to the boss or because of her Diva Ditz image. I mean Billboard gave JLo an icon award 5 years before MC and yet MC had 6 number ones by the time JLo was dancing background in Janet Jackson videos? How does Taylor Swift have twice as many Grammys as MC? And let's not start about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Whitney's in. Madonna's in. Janet's in. And Ima take a bet that Mary J Blige and Celine Dion get in before MC. To quote MC, "We love everybody." I just want to make it clear for those who have given up on one more massive era, that might be what it takes to push MC into the respected icon legend veteran category. That's why a 20th number one is important. And it's possible. Cher had her last number one at 53.
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Mariah's Masterclass (100,179) by Randy from USA
(Friday 15 April 2022; 22:10)
As I'm watching these snippets. I'm falling in love with MC all over again. Did y'all see how the violinist couldn't keep up and dude had to be the go between MC's voice and the violinist. Her voice is an instrument. Now you know it wouldn't be me if I didn't say this. Why on earth can't we get these confident vocals on live television? Clearly she's a gifted singer. Why is she so nervous live after 30+ years of experience? It really grates my pubes.
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Re: The Roof (When I Feel the Need) (100,160) (100,165) by Randy from USA
(Friday 15 April 2022; 01:40)
Wow. I had very low expectations. This is stunning, haunting, beautiful, nuanced and emotional. I expected a layered mess. This was deconstructed and put back together. It's a 10, and y'all know that's strange for me because I don't like anything.
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Mariah's next number one (100,146) by Randy from USA
(Wednesday 13 April 2022; 05:09)
I absolutely love everyone's combatting the conspiracy theories and the stream requests of the "real fans". I want MC's 20th number one public driven, not fan driven like justiceforglitter. A lot of non-MC fans wouldn't know TGIFY or Loverboy which only went to number one and two respectively because we went out and bought the singles even though we had the albums or planned on purchasing the albums. Of course, the remixes were worth the buy, but it was fan driven not public driven. I want it to be undeniable. It just amazes me Adele can put out these piano ballads and go to number one but Alicia Keys, MC, Beyoncé, Christina A., Mary J a live and Rihanna still want to put out experimental R&B. And all of them have monster piano ballads in the past. It's maddening.
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So much for my dream (99,986) by Randy from USA
(Saturday 26 March 2022; 16:59)
I really was hoping my 52 year old Mimi would settle into standards, jazz, musical numbers and her back catalogue. Now she's the feature for the 23yo rapper Latto. I will say Mariah looks sensational on the single cover. Maybe at 60 she'll stop collaborating with rappers.
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Re: Memoirs is an attempt at Butterfly II (99,954) (99,955) by Randy from USA
(Sunday 20 March 2022; 18:37)
Thank you. Most on here are equating Memoirs to dog poo. I gotta be honest. That was the last MC album I loved.
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Memoirs is an attempt at Butterfly II (99,943) by Randy from USA
(Sunday 20 March 2022; 00:32)
Don't curse me out. But uptempo lead hinting at her personal life (Obsessed). Emotional singles such as HATEU (My All) and IWKWLI (80s remake like The Beautiful Ones). A strong spine as in Standing O and It's A Wrap. And introspective non-love tracks like Angel and Languishing interludes. I love the album, not as much as Butterfly, not even close. But I feel that's what it is. I don't understand why this board hates it so much. Ok now I'm ready for the firing squad.
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