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Name: Randy
Country: USA
MC is my favorite artist of all time and I love her songwriting skills on her introspective songs. My favorite album: Butterfly. My favorite song: Right To Dream.
Re: Question (99,913) (99,915) by Randy from USA
(Tuesday 15 March 2022; 23:45)
And a lot of people consider Chaka Khan's I Feel For You the first rap/sung collaboration. In the 1980s. Now what made Fantasy so groundbreaking was that MC was a pop diva that added a gutter rapper. So it was too extremes versus a Mary J or a Chaka Khan collabo which would have been an R&B plus rapper combination.
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Rank the (US) #1s, it's too quiet (99,914) by Randy from USA
(Tuesday 15 March 2022; 23:39)
19. Hero
18. I'll Be There
17. Dreamlover
16. I Don't Wanna Cry
15. One Sweet Day
14. Honey
13. Touch My Body
12. Emotions
11. We Belong Together
10. Love Takes Time
9. Thank God I Found You
8. Someday
7. All I Want For Christmas Is You
6. Fantasy
5. Don't Forget About Us
4. Always Be My Baby
3. Heartbreaker
2. Vision of Love
1. My All
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Hero (99,850) by Randy from USA
(Saturday 5 March 2022; 15:51)
I don't care for Hero. That fact doesn't mean anything about me as a fan or as a human being. Some of you take all of this a little too far. Insulting each other over opinions and making blanket judgments about people over their preferences. Is this entertainment for you all or a courthouse? For me, Hero is generic. Through The Rain is better. The lines "and every time I feel afraid I hold tighter to my faith" and "and when the wind blows and shadows grow close" are better than anything written in Hero. Wait am I now to be sentenced to a firing squad for that opinion? Real problems in the world folks. Get a grip and show everyone love.
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Clown (99,699) by Randy from USA
(Tuesday 15 February 2022; 11:31)
Well, I need to apologize to MC for ever holding out hope for her and Nick. How do you trivialize having kids with a bunch of women? I read that lyric and I felt like such an idiot for thinking he's a standup guy with issues. And listen two disclaimers. One, I've made mistakes in my private life. Two, I'm sure being in a relationship with MC is no picnic. But I'm not a public figure making awful raps. Yup, as with Kanye, Dababy and Trump, he keeps striving for lower.
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Ten years, RIP Whitney (99,690) by Randy from USA
(Friday 11 February 2022; 16:39)
I can't believe today it's been a decade since my world became a bit dimmer. I have sang on choirs since I was in elementary school. The first song we sang, "The Greatest Love of All". I was taught how to put the needle on a record with a Whitney Houston record. This is when an artist goes from being a singer to a muse on your shoulder. She's linked to every moment of my life. I believe she was hurt as a child, made to repress her sexuality and her personality and then left to languish when balladeers fell out of favor. One of the reasons I've softened on MC about her voice, her image, her weight, her music, and her relationships is because she's also suffered unimaginable pain. The fact that she's still with us and coherent (somewhat) is a gift to us all. Michael is gone. Prince is gone. Madonna has lost her mind. Janet has isolated herself. I love MC. We need to give her her flowers while she's still here. May God bless as all.
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Re: Nick's sorted relationship history (99,622) (99,625) by Randy from USA
(Friday 4 February 2022; 11:46)
Matty I have to agree with you. I always was rooting for reconciliation. But now I don't see that happening. I always thought Nick was adorable in a goofy kind of way but I do think you can't be there for 8 kids with 6 baby mommas and something tells me he ain't done procreating yet. And for Ricardo this is the one man that Mariah has kids with who is parading his studliness for the media. I do think it's fair game for comment. In addition, I do not want her to marry Tanaka. I somehow think that would have happened already if it was going to happen. And what age do you all think Mariah will ditch the mermaid glittering gowns and the idea of being eternally 12? She's about to be 52. Do I hear 55? 60 anyone?
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Re: Mariah and Celine (99,593) (99,598) by Randy from USA
(Tuesday 1 February 2022; 20:04)
Terna, you know I love you like tea time in July. But seriously half of those are backing track assisted. Ima kill this topic before the webmaster does but frfr I wish you and I could spend a day together dissecting YouTube performances. And yes there are a few performances that she killed pre Butterfly but after 97 it was more often than not she either lipped or had an excuse. I do live for that impromptu for the fans Jimmy Fallon though. Have a great day.
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Re: Mariah and Celine (99,584) (99,588) by Randy from USA
(Tuesday 1 February 2022; 14:31)
Damn Bill, I just died laughing. Some of yours are fans excuses, didn't come directly from MC. And before this board starts, I really do love MC I am just part of a diva gladiator nation and whilest I rep MC my friends that are Patti and Whitney warriors slay me whenever MC steps on stage. So it's personal for me. Someone said I need to get over myself. Ima ignore that. But the person who asked why so many excuses. I've come to figure it out through research. From the beginning Mariah recorded songs until they sounded perfect. Narada Michael Walden said so in interviews. Mariah has always been a studio artist and a perfectionist. Unlike an athlete at a game or a broadway performer, Mariah can redo her vocals as much as possible but she suffers from stage fright and all those wonderful vocals on wax has made many consider her one of the greatest singers of all time, adding pressure. So of course she fails at live singing. She's created a vocal standard that no one can replicate. Including herself. I ain't mad at her for it. But what we're not gonna do is sit here and try to say on the spot with no rehearsals and no pristine conditions that Mariah could compare to Celine in 2022.
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Mariah and Celine (99,578) by Randy from USA
(Tuesday 1 February 2022; 01:07)
I'm sick of this. The difference between Mariah and Celine is Celine's ability to sound the same as her records live. Oh Celine lip syncs but it ain't even close to MCs master magic. Yes MC wrote her own songs. But Celine was able to sing hers. Oh I forgot. Mariah needs 8 hours of sleep. The mics turned up. The mics turned down. A heated venue. An air conditioned venue. No casket in front of her. The songs in a lower key because they sounded better higher when recording. No presence of an iconic diva requiring movement to the background. A sound crew that hasn't worked for Dick Clark for 30 years. Ear monitors that don't malfunction. Did I catch all the excuses?
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Re: Janet documentary (99,559) (99,560) by Randy from USA
(Saturday 29 January 2022; 17:22)
I completely disagree. One of the things I find is when you Stan an artist, there is no tell all. MCs tell all book would've been a tell all book had I not watched every single promotional interview before the book came out. Those interviews plus what I already knew led to the book being a snooze. Let me tell you when a tell all is a tell all. When the artist is no longer here with us and has no control over the narrative. Whitney the documentary that came to theaters was a tell all. And I measure a lot of tea that's spilled against that standard. I love y'all.
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Re: Your relationship with the Number Ones, today (99,528) (99,533) by Randy from USA
(Tuesday 25 January 2022; 23:40)
Bill. How the hell did I forget All I Want For Christmas Is You? I love when it comes on at random on my Christmas list. But I just can't get excited about it anymore. Y'all have to admit it is everywhere the entire holiday season. I actually get pumped offa Oh Santa because it's rare that I hear it out and about. Robert thanks for the compliment.
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Your relationship with the Number Ones, today (99,524) by Randy from USA
(Tuesday 25 January 2022; 12:45)
It was quiet and so I thought of this idea, even though you all hate lists and poor Eric has to edit this stuff. But what is your current relationship with each #1?

Vision of Love - I only listen to the live early performances these days. Not on any of my playlists so doesn't come up in the car.
Love Takes Time - A pleasant surprise when I hear it but don't actually seek it out.
Someday - I listen to the video version all the time. I hate that she hates it.
I Don't Wanna Cry - I like the Daydream era live performances, other than that I never seek it out.
Emotions - Too played out. I skip it when it comes up.
I'll Be There - Never play it.
Dreamlover - Never play this one either.
Hero - I only listen to this with the Never Too Far mashup.
Fantasy - I only play the version with both choruses (Bad Boy Mix) but usually skip it.
One Sweet Day - I only play this when I feel like singing (it's in my key).
Always Be My Baby - Too played out. I skip it when it comes on.
Honey - I love the bad boy version and know all of Mase's verse.
My All - My favorite number one. Someone here showed it some love. Truthfully I play every version. David Morales Classic Mix, Stay Awhile remix. I love every live performance of it during that era.
Heartbreaker - Still love this but I don't play the remix as often. I think Missy's verse is corny and doesn't rhyme.
Thank God I Found You - I love all versions and I sing this one constantly as well (it's in my key).
We Belong Together - I only like hearing this once in awhile. Fun fact this is the easiest song of hers to play on the keyboard. Once you get past the intro it's literally the same four chords the entire song.
Don't Forget About Us - I live for her climax on this. I butcher this one and don't care. It's a pleasant surprise when it comes up on my 2000s playlist.
Touch My Body - This is a pleasant surprise when it comes up on my 2000s playlist but it's not a fave.

Whooo that was a lot.
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Re: Reimagining albums into 10 tracks (99,462) (99,490) by Randy from USA
(Friday 21 January 2022; 09:30)
I really gutted some of these albums.

Mariah Carey - All In Your Mind
Emotions (should be 9 tracks) - The Wind
Music Box (should be 8 tracks) - Now That I Know, I've Been Thinking About You
Merry Christmas - (should be 9 tracks) Christmas Baby Please Come Home
DayDream - When I Saw You, Long Ago
Butterfly (I can't tinker with perfection)
Rainbow - (12 is fine) How Much, Crybaby
Glitter - (should be 8 tracks) If We, All My Life, Last Night A DJ Saved My Life, Want You
Charmbracelet - Boy, You Got Me, You Had Your Chance, Irresistable, Through The Rain Remix
TEOM - (should be 9 tracks) Stay The Night, Get Your Number, Your Girl, I Wish You Knew, To The Floor
E=MC2 - (11 is fine) I'll Be Lovin You Long Time, OOC, I Wish You Well
Memoirs- (13 is fine) Ribbon, Inseperable, Standing O, The Impossible
MCIIYou - (should be 9 tracks) Christmas Time Is In The Air Again, When Christmas Comes, Here Comes Santa Claus, One Child
MIAMTEC - (should be 6 tracks) Dedicated, Make It Look Good, You're Mine, Supernatural, Money, One More Try
Caution - (should be 5 tracks) The Distance, Giving Me Life, One More Gen, 8th Grade, Stay Long Love You
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Re: Through The Rain/AYNAF (99,461) (99,476) by Randy from USA
(Tuesday 18 January 2022; 23:59)
I can honestly tell you I am befuddled as to why TTR wasn't a success. The video was amazing. She promoted the hell out of it. And that last chorus is one of her best emotional vocals. And on a personal note, there were many mornings that song got me to work. I would be in my car on the way to work on the verge of tears and that song would keep me from having an emotional breakdown. It's infinitely better than Hero and Can't Take That Away in my opinion. Now AYNAF is another of my MC favorites. But what I've noticed is that casual fans love that song as well.
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Mariah's voice (99,203) by Randy from USA
(Friday 17 December 2021; 23:12)
I loved her voice during Daydream. The elasticity of moving in and out that falsetto. And she still had her higher full voice register. Yes it was thin but it gave me life. I was the hardest on MC before she couldn't fool even her "real fans" any longer. But one day Special K said to me, in the middle of my attacks, what would you have her do? I said tell the truth. Say something happened with my voice in a tearful interview with Barbara Walters. But stop lip syncing the high full voice notes during live performances when you sound awful during the verses. I have reconsidered that over the years. Could you imagine how hard it is to be her? And in this age of keyboard gangstas whose sole purpose is to make you feel as low as them. The narrative among many non-fans is she lost her voice. Why confirm it and have nobody come see her or buy her albums? I kinda get the smoke and mirrors now. And since we've lost Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and Prince, do I really wanna press on Mariah Carey already knowing she likes food and splashes. She's making it the best way she knows how. And for that she is to be celebrated.
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Re: Change (99,145) (99,165) by Randy from USA
(Wednesday 15 December 2021; 00:56)
I don't know. MC has used that falsetto/whisper religiously from the start. Listen to the verses of All In Your Mind, Love Takes Time, and Can't Let Go. I think the problem we and the general public had has been the over reliance on it from Rainbow on. Don't forget the obvious lipping of full voice high notes. If MC could really still sing the final adlibs following every climax in full voice, no one would care about the falsetto/whisper. The elephant in the throat has always been the loss of her upper full voice range starting in 1997. I don't think it was a rhinoplasty or the breast augmentation. Mariah said from the beginning she couldn't do massive tours because her voice is sensitive. I have two theories, albeit one is controversial. I think Tommy locking her up in that mansion kept her from smoking, drinking excessively, talking, breathing outside air and laughing. So her voice was cocooned. Get the reference? But once she got freedom she didn't care about the voice anymore. She wanted her youth and years lost living and the voice said, "I'll show you." The other controversial theory I have is an atomic bomb exploded in her throat right before she stepped out on stage to sing Hero on Oprah's show in 1997. Thoughts?
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Re: Do you like Mariah? (99,095) (99,102) by Randy from USA
(Friday 10 December 2021; 15:55)
Let's use some common sense here. If I didn't like MC I wouldn't be here and let her soothe me at my lowest. I think the problem is the deceit and the foolishness. The deceit around her voice and the foolishness around her image. MC used the same good side, lighting, not acknowledging time schtick in her 2014 Breakfast Club interview. No growth in 7 years? Not even at 51? Ok she looks wonderful but when did it become about the ensemble and not the music? Not one word was uttered about music she's promoting. Oh wait she was there to promote McDonalds. And I don't want to nitpick or criticize MC too harshly because she's had a kcufed up life at times. But I think about Diana, Chaka, Barbra, Aretha, Gladys, Patti and the respect they received at this point in their careers. MC has 30 years in the business and has only won 5 Grammys and had one tribute, Kelly Rowland singing Fantasy. I want her to win and I want her legacy to be larger than a Christmas song she wrote on a Casio keyboard. Though we don't agree on much B, I miss arguing with you too and shout out to DeeMimiTodo who shouted me out earlier. Maybe I needed to be off this board for awhile longer. I forgot I can't express my opinion without the "you hate MC retort".
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MC on James Corden (99,085) by Randy from USA
(Thursday 9 December 2021; 16:55)
If anyone had any hope of MC growing up, this was a reality check. The dress was amazing, make-up flawless. Hair a little messy but I thought she looked terrific. But of course she had to talk about her good side, and not acknowledging time and she sounded under the influence, slightly slurring. And of course there was no way she was gonna indulge us in the occupation that pays her bills. And listen I am not fat shaming, it's taken everything for me to lose the 30lbs I've had to lose. But for MC to rumoredly have had that sleeve a few years back, she's getting puffy again. She was stuffed in that dress like a glitter breakfast sausage link. I did like the campiness of her throwing the shoe after he imitated that she can't walk in them or the dresses she wears. But then that begs the question, why dress this way if you're uncomfortable? I appreciate all of you for the love you showed my return. Have a wonderful week.
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I stopped by to talk about... Drake? (99,064) by Randy from USA
(Wednesday 8 December 2021; 01:30)
Hey everyone: Eric, Robert-Anthony, Edward, Jade, Hilton and even RJ112 and Terna. I still see what's going on here every now and then but I'm not invested as much in MC. She's moving in a different direction than I am, you know 60 pound dresses, McDonalds promos in the middle of the ocean and remakes of her remakes that sound like an alien singing in auto tune. What's next, a cookie line? Anyway. I said I'm gonna be more positive. I gotta give it to Drake for withdrawing himself from the Grammys. On the surface it seems like a pretty pampered suburban boy thug whining. But in actuality we have been saying this for years. I love Bonnie Raitt but how could she beat MC for best pop female vocal for Emotions in 1991? There has never been a vocal that ridiculous on wax. And it's not just the whistles. Listen to the low note at the bottom of the last run. Listen to the high full voice adlibs. It's insane. I don't quite think it's a New Year's Eve song though. It brings down the mood. 1996 was a tough year for Grammy voters and I love Kiss From A Rose, I Apologize and Jagged Little Pill but some obscure track from Annie Lennox over Fantasy? Those aren't sweet dreams. Or sweet Daydreams or sweet Fantasies. That selection really happened. 2005 was the ultimate diss. Firstly, I'm an older fan, not necessarily a lamb, more like a butterfly in a wool coat. But I remember leading up to the Grammys, the critics predicting MC was going to win because the Grammys love a comeback story. The critics said U2 deserved to win because they had the better album but Mariah would prevail. Then MC went through all that late night memorizing where the pasted studio raspy vocals that matched her live texture were cued and the audience, respecting seeing her sweat, gave her a standing ovation. Eric I swear I have a point. Indulge me a little. I was beat up mercilessly for my analysis in 2006 on this board, by the way, and now everyone knows that that performance was a masterful dice job. Anyway back to the 2006 Grammies. Now years later, after Kanye peed in his Grammy and Drake has thrown up deuces, the critics are listing the 2006 Album of the Year snub as one of Grammys gravest errors, pointing out U2 doesn't even perform songs from How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb. Something smells fishier than Florence SC. Home of the fish sandwich. Only wool crusted butterflies would get that reference. Andrew if you're out there, I hope you're well. Everyone else, I love this board and I just have to ask, did ya miss me?
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Swan song (96,026) by Randy from USA
(Thursday 8 October 2020; 19:09)
I have been a MC fan since the beginning. I was 10 years old when her debut album came out and I remember my father telling me shut the hell up as I belted out the last 30 seconds of Vision of Love. I had no idea of the intense pressure she was under from Tommy, her mother, her sister and her brother. I had no idea of the meanness that her childhood contained. The closest glimpse I got into all of that was when she would say in an interview many years later, I wouldn't write my life story because it's so screwed up no one would believe it. Well she has. And I am a bit disappointed. I probably should've followed Andrew's lead and not watched her promotional rounds, but after seeing that revealing interview on Oprah, I was excited for the book. That interview served, to me, as proof that this book would not be the vanity project that I prematurely predicted it would be. For me, that interview discussed the only things in the book that I didn't know. That was the reveal. Everything else was information that I knew. See I am a fan who has seen every American television interview she has ever done. Because of this, the book raised more questions than answers for me. How did she and the nephews maintain a close relationship although her relationship with their parents are strained? Who and where is Allison's husband now? What about Morgan's wife? What was the final break between the siblings? Why include Patricia on MCIIU after that incident at the government medal ceremony? Why did you not mention Walter Afanasieff at all or your falling out? He was your co-writer and you have relegated him to a pianist that you sang fully completed songs to. If that was the case then he wouldn't have co-writer status he would just be a musical director. Why has your voice changed? Why didn't you speak more about you and Nick's breakup? If your dalliance with Eminem was so insignificant, why write two songs about him and make a video parodying him? Why have your lawyers pressure him to not share the voicemails you left on his phone? Another thing that bothered me immensely was the Glitter retelling. See I was deep in lamb mode then and watched every interview she did around Charmbracelet and what I realize now was that she lied about what really happened in every television interview to protect Patricia. So how sacred is your relationship to the fans if we are the only real love you have ever known and you lie to us continuously when it serves you to do so? And look. I don't want to blame MC for doing so. It is an incredibly difficult thing to deal with a mother who's love you want and yet treats you terribly. I think as a fan what bothers me is everything seems so disingenuous now. And then what she wrote about Divas galled me. Firstly, Divas 98 was never a tribute to Aretha because they never said that it was. They didn't start that tribute shit until 2000. Aretha got her own Divas tribute from VH1 in 2001. Secondly, if you watch the whole 14 minute performance of Testimony, Aretha physically asked them to come on with her, if they would be so bold. Celine was the only one whose voice could match Aretha's. Mariah's voice was in tatters and she was embarrassed. Look at when Mariah tries to sing Jesus. That incident was not Celine grandstanding. Celine who still speaks very little English only understood what was going on at a literal level and she went in. Aretha was not embarrassed at all because she matched Celine note for note. What's my point? I feel that just like Mariah, I have changed. I am not the same boy I was in 1990 who hung on to every note. The funny thing is as long as MC had a helping hand in guiding her albums, I liked them. I think she is the Lamborghini of artists but she will always need a driver. Her last two albums without co-executive producers are my least favorite. Which brings me to The Rarities. There is not one song on the disc I love. But when I hear you all talk about how Out Here On My Own brings you to tears or that the original Loverboy was better than the released one, I can't relate. The critics love The Rarities, MIAMTEC and Caution. You all love all three albums as well. I don't think any of them are even close to Butterfly, Daydream, Music Box and Rainbow. So where does all of that leave me? Maybe I am in love with the nostalgia. And like a relic of the past I have decided to bow out gracefully. It's not just because of the book or any one thing. I have been feeling like I don't understand MC anymore since Triumphant. And while you all agreed with me that Triumphant, Infinity and I Don't were garbage, yall embraced MIAMTEC and Caution as quality work that sits amongst her best. I don't understand yall anymore than I do MC. I probably should've left with the fans that left after MOAIA but I held on thinking that we would get another Butterfly. We won't. That woman does not exist anymore. I love MC enough to hold onto the memories but not pressure her into making music that I like. I hate that Tommy had her locked up physically and my expectations were a lock-up of sorts as well. It breaks my heart that she felt that because she had success, she shouldn't have happiness. That is every human being's right. What is alarming me a bit right now is the MC I fell in love with never existed. Or maybe I fell in love with the pieces that enclosed a hollow formation. At any rate, it's time I take my leave from being a "real fan" and will treasure everything she gave us before 2012. I will not follow this board or criticize her anymore. I will not buy another MC album until I've heard it in its entirety first. I will not follow her press unless it coincidentally crosses my path. At 40 years old, it was kind of time for me to spend my time on my writing and repairing so much of my broken life anyway. I want to thank Eric for being so patient and open in allowing dissenting voices. Andrew for being a friend to me through some dark times off this board and everyone else I used to laugh with. Just know that I am somewhere out there listening to and believing that I have a right to dream there's more than this for me. God bless you all.
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200 pages in (95,928) by Randy from USA
(Saturday 3 October 2020; 04:08)
One of the worst things about being a die hard fan is you really do know everything about an artist. What makes it bad when reading their memoir is that you have seen all the preliminary press. The book is written beautifully. But I'll be damned if it ain't nothing in it I don't already know. I'm giving myself a break now and will finish the rest tomorrow.
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The Exoneration of Mimi (95,763) by Randy from USA
(Saturday 26 September 2020; 02:06)
Well. I just watched the Oprah interview. I firmly believe this book will not be an exercise in vanity. And my heart goes out to MC and what she's been through. I have been hard on MC. I have criticized her mercilessly over not so much the loss of her voice but the deception used. Over the last two years I have realized that she is a human with major insecurities so when the one thing celebrated about her faded, she wanted to still be special for as long as possible. My journey in Christ has also to show people care and not criticism. Until, I saw this interview, I had no idea of her trauma. And she was close to tears for most of it. So was I. This interview humanized her in a way for me that I can no longer criticize her for anything she does. She's just trying to make it through life the best way she can. And I know with the current state of my emotions, every day that I choose life is a win. So I try not to beat myself up for my mistakes. Even though MC doesn't make music for me anymore, I will always be a fan and give her repent for getting through tough times. And getting us through tough times. God bless us all.
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Mariah is everywhere (95,714) by Randy from USA
(Thursday 24 September 2020; 01:56)
She's doing a sit down with Oprah tomorrow. And she's on [Entertainment Tonight]. This feels like the build up to TEOM. I'm all giddy.
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Re: Happy and sad (95,631) (95,647) by Randy from USA
(Saturday 19 September 2020; 12:01)
Randy's theme. Whatever do you mean? You know what guys, I heard a MC track today for the first time this week and it should totally be on The Rarities. I don't know if you know this one. It's the saddest song about hope ever written in existence. People don't realize I actually write my own songs. Sing along if you know it. This is from my Tennessee album. I've never been there but it has recessed lighting which helps me sing through my nodules.
I lay awake sometimes
Scared to close my eyes
And I wonder where I left myself
And lost the will to fight
And the night melts into morning
Still it's cold beneath the sun
'Cause the fire in me is languishing
And I'm too frozen to run
And every once in a while
There's a distant glimmer of hope
I find somewhere deep inside
Someone strong still resides
And I know she's gonna be fine in time
'Cause, you see
I've got a lot to dream
There's more than this for me
An angel lands with broken wings
He warms me with his eyes
And the ice that's sheathed around my heart
Unravels as he smiles
See I grew up locked in sorrow
So I learn to block the pain
But I won't give up tomorrow
'Cause I've come to life again
And every once in a while
There's a distant glimmer of hope
I find somewhere deep inside
Someone strong still resides
And I know I'm gonna be fine, that's right
'Cause, for real
I've got a right to dream
There's more than this for me
But I keep goin' 'cause every once in a while
There's a distant glimmer of hope
I find somewhere deep inside
Someone strong still resides
And I know she's gonna be fine in time
'Cause, you see
I've got a right to dream
There's more than this for me
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Re: Randy / Babydoll (95,574) (95,583) by Randy from USA
(Thursday 17 September 2020; 16:36)
I said Timbaland's stuttering beat was all the rage and who better to recreate that sound than his partner Missy Elliot. Don't school me on anything related to Butterfly because you can't.
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