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Name: Randy
Country: USA
MC is my favorite artist of all time and I love her songwriting skills on her introspective songs. My favorite album: Butterfly. My favorite song: Right To Dream.
New album (94,574) by Randy from USA
(Monday 13 July 2020; 16:18)
Do y'all think an album is coming? Y'all know she loves a fall release.
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Re: Hopes for the memoir (94,554) (94,561) by Randy from USA
(Sunday 12 July 2020; 02:04)
Bill I couldn't agree more. Everything you said I want to know. Remember awhile back when she said she wouldn't write a memoir because no one would believe her childhood? I'm already disappointed in the title and cover photo but I don't think I need to repeat the cliche.
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Mortified (94,430) by Randy from USA
(Monday 22 June 2020; 19:53)
I was at a convenience store at 1:30 AM this morning buying a sandwich, cool ranch Doritos, a honey bun, a sugar free Red Bull and a Diet Dr. Pepper. I swear I am going somewhere with this. My All was playing over the store's speakers and I was singing along. Then I'll Be There came on. And then Emotions came on, and the store clerk started singing along and I said, while she was ringing up my healthy purchases, "someone likes Mariah Carey" and she laughed and we both went in to singing the first verse and I messed up the words. I will be turning in my locker keys, my glitter and rainbows today at 3.
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Re: Article: Mariah Carey's no. 1 singles ranked (94,376) (94,379) by Randy from USA
(Sunday 14 June 2020; 08:33)
I so don't agree with this article. Not to start a list war but you know I can't help it.
19. Hero
18. Dreamlover
17. I'll Be There
16. I Don't Wanna Cry
15. Thank God I Found You (The Make It Last remix is better)
14. We Belong Together
13. Touch My Body
12. Love Takes Time
11. Emotions
10. Someday (the video version)
9. Fantasy (the Bad Boy Mix - has both hooks)
8. One Sweet Day
7. All I Want For Christmas Is You
6. Honey (Bad Boy Mix Ft. Mase & The Lox)
5. Don't Forget About Us
4. Vision of Love
3. Heartbreaker
2. Always Be My Baby
1. My All
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Andrew, George Floyd and MCA (94,335) by Randy from USA
(Monday 8 June 2020; 16:30)
Andrew, Andrew, Andrew. You are my friend and I don't think in your heart you're a racist. But I do think you can be insensitive at times. You are an exceptionally intelligent dude. But not everything about life is about ethics or logic. Emotion plays a large part of our human existence. I truly believe that the people that are literally painting George Floyd as an angel flying into heaven on t-shirts and posters don't know of his past. And here's the point, his past doesn't matter because he served his time and if you add up all previous charges, they still don't add up to the death penalty. I believe we all make mistakes and Jesus forgives. I loved MC tying one of my favorite songs of all time to this moment because it is appropriate. George Floyd is the spotlight and catalyst for change for a police culture in the United States that has served as the post civil war slave-masters. There was a post on Facebook that I reposted asking black men how old were you when you first had the police hold a gun to you. I couldn't believe the numbers that responded and the ages. My answer was 17. Andrew sometimes in a moment of tragedy and unrest, keep the logical and ethical argument to yourself, at least for a time. Consider others' emotions. And for the rest of the board, sometimes check your emotions before you reply. Because Andrew is not a member of the Klan. Am I really having to say all of this out loud?
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Re: Through the Rain/Make It Happen (Rise Up NY) (94,085) (94,092) by Randy from USA
(Wednesday 13 May 2020; 18:01)
I did not like it. I am happy she's doing so much singing on social media and in her full voice but it's not pleasant to hear her voice at times. And what scares me most of all, is that if this is her voice at 50, will she be able to do legacy performances like Dionne, Aretha, Patti, Barbra, Diana and Liza at 70? They all sounded pretty good at 50.
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Hero and Your Girl (93,583) by Randy from USA
(Saturday 11 April 2020; 19:11)
I actually liked both performances and it made me less embarrassed as a very public fan. And did you notice how understated her clothes, hair and make up was (except the damn fan still blowing on Hero, I can't win). Maybe I was too harsh on the Delusional Fans. You know when I was angry for them with the excuses: her corset was too tight, a casket was in front of her, it was too hot, it was too cold, she has nodules, her mic was too low, her background singer was too loud, her earpiece monitor wasn't working, she just got a divorce, she didn't want to upstage the queen of soul, her humidifiers weren't working, she didn't get eight hours sleep, it's too early in the morning to sing, they were pumping air in at the fresh air benefit last night. What this proves is an environment 100% controlled by Mariah and she can do as many takes as she likes, she can put together a rather decent performance. The irony in this was when I said let's call Mariah a studio singer, someone said that wasn't fair. Things that make you go hmmmmmm. It's good to be right.
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Re: Favorite non-successful song (93,543) (93,545) by Randy from USA
(Thursday 9 April 2020; 01:49)
Edward thanks for acknowledging me as the lead performer of Mean 3. That's a great name for our group. Of course, I have to be the Diana Ross / Beyoncé / Michael Jackson / Nicole Scherzinger / Lionel Richie of the group but I promise I won't leave until the second single. And it will be because Andrew refused to use his share of our signing bonus for my lighting guy. Ok theory on your pick for Butterfly. I think it's an amazing song. Definitely in my top 5 MC songs of all time. I fully believe had Columbia released it as a physical single in the US, it would've went to #1. MCs airplay at the time wasn't strong but her single sales were. Fans like me were running to the store to get her singles with remixes and stuff. The airwaves and record stores were crowded that fall. Remember Boyz II Men and Janet Jackson released albums within the same month. That's why Butterfly didn't stay number one longer as an album but as far as the song/single going to number one, I think that would've been a pretty safe bet. But of course Tommy with his bag of bullshit couldn't let that happen with a song in which she is subtlety screaming let me go.
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Favorite non-successful song (93,542) by Randy from USA
(Wednesday 8 April 2020; 23:43)
Andrew, Edward and the Webmaster are going to be shocked by this one. But I'ma have to go with "Right To Dream". I still cannot get over the lyrics: "I wonder where I left myself and lost the will to fly." "It's cold beneath the sun and the fire in me is languishing." "An angel lands with broken wings warms me with his eyes. The ice that sheathes around my heart unravels as he smiles." I swear if the general public were given these lyrics, they would never believe MC wrote them. A Pop/R&B icon not singing about love? And then it's just her and a guitar and no studio vocals that she can't replicate live? I mean this is as stripped down and genius as MC can get. It's the saddest song about hope in existence. I still get emotional whenever I play it.
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Flowers (93,410) by Randy from USA
(Saturday 28 March 2020; 15:34)
So I want to follow up on my last post. I posted 5 great performances of MC on Facebook. Collectively they got three likes maybe one comment. I was a fan of Michael Jackson but made jokes about his boy obsession, his strange looks and then he was gone. I was a fan of Whitney Houston and made crack jokes and then she was gone. Prince. Gone. Luther. Gone. Natalie. Gone. Aaliyah. Gone. Left Eye. Gone. My point? MC is batshit crazy, the voice has deteriorated, her latest music has disappointed, and her weight is up and down. I don't care about any of that. I want the world to give MC her flowers, for all of the invaluable music she has given us to get through this complicated life, now while we still have the chance.
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Happy silver anniversary, MC (93,405) by Randy from USA
(Saturday 28 March 2020; 01:27)
I have been posting my favorite live performances on Facebook all day. No one has liked or commented #sadface. Words cannot express what her music means to me. Right To Dream gave me a distant glimmer of hope in the midst of severe alcoholism and depression. More recently Through The Rain has helped me navigate through a confusing sobriety and I've held tighter to my faith. As a teenager, the only out homo in a large Black hypermasculine family, Outside described exactly how I felt. I could list probably a dozen more specific instances but I've probably already overshared. I recently turned 40 and am in the process of changing cities and even though I don't play them because they are on my phone, I will pack my 27 Mariah Carey CDs, albums and singles in a box marked fragile. Music Box. Oh I'm so [censored] corny.
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Re: Everything Fades Away (93,310) (93,311) by Randy from USA
(Tuesday 17 March 2020; 16:22)
I hate to be negative. But the production, melody and vocal is amazing and it's one of my favorite songs by MC. But the lyric doesn't make sense if [you] study it.
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Re: What career achievement makes you most proud? (93,072) (93,075) by Randy from USA
(Friday 28 February 2020; 03:42)
TBH my love for WBT has worn thin. When I listen to the instrumental it's the same chords over and over and the second verse is kinda cheesy to me now. However, if you ask me what my favorite achievement it is both that song hitting number one and lasting for fourteen weeks. Here's why. They said it was over for MC and even though ILY did better than anything on Glitter or Charmbracelet it wasn't a hit. WBT getting up there and staying up there was a feat after two commercial "flops". And then people wanted to say that OSD hit 16 weeks because Boyz II Men were on it. So WBT staying fourteen weeks at number one proved that she had chart dominance all by herself. So that's why that moment is probably my favorite career moment for MiMi.
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Re: Mariah needs to recover her voice and stop touring (92,886) (92,896) by Randy from USA
(Monday 17 February 2020; 02:22)
You know what scares me the most? Every artist loses their voice. Alicia Keys, Christina Aguilera, and Celine Dion have lost quite a few notes off of the top of their range. They can't ad-lib the full voice belts they used to. But they all can still sing their verses. MC struggles through verses and has been for the last decade in my opinion. And yet she recorded two albums with verses and notes she had no hope of replicating live. Why put yourself in this situation? Why not record songs in the key of Right To Dream and Help Me Make It Through The Night? What trips me out is that MC is touring to make money. No one buys records. Why can't she cut back on her lifestyle? Does she need more than one house? More than one car? A stylist, make up artist, umbrella holder, driver, nannies? She's turning 50 next month and no I don't want her out to pasture or to retire. But if she keeps going she will not be able to sing at all. Note Aretha, Gladys and Patti still perform(ed) in their 70s. They sound OK. Dionne sounds an old tired mess. I fear MC will sound worse. That's my greatest fear. And for the last time MCs voice hasn't just started to fray. I beg of you watch the 1996 concert Daydream in Tokyo. Perfection. Now watch her performances in 1997 and 1998. It went bad really fast. She started this lip syncing shit in 1999 during the promotional tour for Rainbow. Something happened. That's why we want her to address it. More than nodules and more than Tommy having her locked up in Sing-Sing.
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Re: Vocal decline (92,787) (92,794) by Randy from USA
(Tuesday 11 February 2020; 05:53)
The problem is her vocal decline started inexplicably in 98. Not 20 years into her career like ya'll keep saying.
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Re: The Marammys (92,547) (92,551) by Randy from USA
(Thursday 23 January 2020; 00:06)
Dude we got to have the real Grammy categories:
Album: Butterfly
Record: My All
Song: Butterfly
R&B Vocal Performance: Never Forget You
Pop Vocal Performance: Vision of Love
Pop Album: Daydream
R&B Album: Butterfly
Packaging/Liner Notes: Butterfly
Producer (Non classical):1997 Honey, Butterfly, My All, The Roof and Breakdown
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Mariah airplay #1s (92,435) by Randy from USA
(Saturday 18 January 2020; 14:02)
I know that no one listens to the radio anymore. But as a little bit of a Billboard Chart Nerd, I knew MC was more sales than airplay when it comes to her singles. I decided to see what #1s she had based on radio airplay but I was shocked when I looked up her record on Billboard Airplay #1s. It's interesting to note what songs made it to number one, what songs didn't (No All I Want for Christmas? No Touch My Body?) and how long her number ones stayed there.

Vision of Love (3 Weeks)
Love Takes Times (4 Weeks)
Someday (10 weeks) *this was a WTF moment*
Emotions (4 Weeks)
I'll Be There (8 weeks)
Dreamlover (11 weeks)
Hero (10 weeks)
Fantasy (7 weeks)
One Sweet Day (13 weeks)
We Belong Together (16 weeks)
Shake It Off (3 weeks)
Don't Forget About Us (5 weeks)
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(91,689) by Randy from USA
(Monday 16 December 2019; 22:12)
Than her hitting her 19th #1 is reading all of the stats she now has under her belt.
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My Mariah year - 1997 (91,208) by Randy from USA
(Thursday 31 October 2019; 23:15)
I have to tell you, I loved MC from the debut. I can remember singing Vision of Love to the top of my lungs in the basement and my father opening the door at the top of the stairs and yelling down, "Stop all that screaming." I remember loving the Emotions album except for The Wind. Hey I was 11. I remember listening to Music Box and it being a flawless album. The first time I listened to Daydream, I remember loving it too. I felt it was flawless as well. But for me, a lover of R&B music, I was more partial to Deborah Cox, Toni Braxton, Aaliyah and my #1 at the time Whitney Houston. Then two things happened. I started writing serious poetry and lyrics became more important than soul for the first time in my life. That's when I fell in love with Jewel. Then Butterfly happened. When I tell you that is the best album of all time. Lyrically you will never be able to match it. The rasp that creeped into MCs voice provided the soul. What MC was doing then was unmatched and to this day doesn't happen. R&B songs not about love? That's when MC surpasses Whitney for me and that's why despite the ditzy image, the boobs, she refuses to sing live and her newfound love of experimental R&B it's so hard for me to let go. But I'm starting to lose interest.
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Re: Legends Ball (91,114) (91,120) by Randy from USA
(Monday 21 October 2019; 22:39)
Bill this list is genius. You made my day with too hot/too cold.
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Re: Legends Ball (91,100) (91,105) by Randy from USA
(Sunday 20 October 2019; 14:21)
I really do not like going back and forth and this topic has been a beaten dead horse for years but the reason MC is vilified when others aren't is because she is known as one of the best singers of all time. People expect one of the best singers of all time to be able to sing on command. I know I know she has nodules, the air conditioning might be too high, the ear monitors might not work, her corset may be too tight, there may have been a casket in front of her, she didn't want to upstage anyone, she just got out the hospital from food poisoning, she didn't get enough sleep last night, her mic wasn't turned up loud enough. These are all the excuses and there are more she, and delusional fans have given over the years.
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Re: Legends Ball (91,089) (91,096) by Randy from USA
(Saturday 19 October 2019; 21:25)
Yolanda Adams grabbed the mic. She's in the same generation. The titling at the bottom called her a youngin just like MC was tagged a youngin. That's an iconic moment. MC is a studio singer and that was a moment without an engineer or the possibility of a retake or had a camera or not a concert full of fans. We all know by now that if it's not 73.5 degrees in a room on a day where she's had 8.5 hours of sleep and at least 300 delusional fans and ear monitors that have been tested three times, she's not going to be at her best.
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Variety in print vs. video interview (91,036) by Randy from USA
(Friday 11 October 2019; 00:24)
Ok. So I just saw the video interview they did with MC on her Instagram and I loved everything she said and how she expressed herself. Someone here was right. In print, she doesn't read as well as when you can hear her talk. And she looked amazing. I almost feel bad for saying she's gonna end up like Joan Crawford.
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Variety interview (91,016) by Randy from USA
(Wednesday 9 October 2019; 01:57)
I did not like that interview. It seems like she's back to being ditzy loopy shallow MC. She's not speaking to either of her siblings; she talked bad about some of her songs, she was late as usual which is what they started the interview with. And she's still harping on that whole period of her life. Ok you were miserable we get it. A lot of good things happened for you. 10 years after the divorce she wrote Side Effects. 10 years after Side Effects she's still talking about the side effects. And she's eternally 12 still at 49. Will she be able to be 12 at 50? She seemed to be all over the place in the interview especially in the beginning and I'm starting to believe she'll never grow up and is going to end up an old, bitter, eccentric, iconic, drunk like Joan Crawford.
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Mariah's best disses (90,907) by Randy from USA
(Friday 27 September 2019; 03:59)
Ok ok ok. Enough with the Christmas love. Can we cross Halloween first? Ok so I was listening to GTFO and it just occurred to me that MC writes some of the best diss songs. And for as much as I hate Caution, I love (caps) GTFO. I also love Clown, Obsessed and despite popular opinion, I love Did I Do That. What are your favorite "Mimi's not to be played with" songs?
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