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Name: Randy
Country: USA
MC is my favorite artist of all time and I love her songwriting skills on her introspective songs. My favorite album: Butterfly. My favorite song: Right To Dream.
In The Mix (90,852) by Randy from USA
(Wednesday 18 September 2019; 23:11)
I'm glad you all like it. I don't, unfortunately. No pun intended. I think the track/sample is boring and I've hated the way her full voice sounds stretched and raspy since MIAMTEC and I agreed with someone on here who said that I can't understand the lyrics of the hook.
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Re: Videos (90,702) (90,710) by Randy from USA
(Saturday 31 August 2019; 01:31)
1. Honey
2. Heartbreaker
3. Through The Rain
4. My All
5. Touch My Body

1. Butterfly
2. I Still Believe (Pure Imagination)
3. Can't Take That Away
4. I Want To Know What Love Is
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Have y'all seen this? (90,690) by Randy from USA
(Sunday 25 August 2019; 20:39)
Eric you gotta post this link. Now some of these claimed samples are a stretch but a lot of shit is MC sampling which is genius. I [censored] with her ability to transform songs and make them something else. I'm drunk so edit this post lol. Love you.
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Andrew's farewell (90,585) by Randy from USA
(Monday 12 August 2019; 20:40)
Due to reasons that are only known to the webmaster, Andrew will not be posting here again. He wanted me to say so long and good luck to you all.
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16 Weeks (90,430) by Randy from USA
(Friday 26 July 2019; 12:24)
I am a little disappointed MC's record is not going to stand come next week only because the one song that tied it and the one that will probably beat it aren't really quality songs. Oh well, life goes on. Lil Nas X is begging for streams so he can break the record. That's fine and good, but he really should be throwing his weight behind another single/song so that he doesn't become a mega one hit wonder. Macarena. Despicito.
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Re: Mariah's greatest lyric (90,120) (90,125) by Randy from USA
(Saturday 29 June 2019; 22:06)
All of you are wrong. The best, by far, lyric she's ever written is Right To Dream. "An angel lands with broken wings. He warms me with his eyes. And the ice that sheathes around my heart unravels as he smiles." I mean the whole bloody, I used that word for you Andrew, song is a melodically driven poetic narrative that was written under good lighting. And Shezz the feel your body, feel your body, feel your body, repeat in My All desecrates that whole song.
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Who she'd rather? (90,104) by Randy from USA
(Thursday 27 June 2019; 16:08)
All this Madonna talk made me think of a new game. MC has had beef with all of the following divas at one point in time. If it was the last studio on earth, who would Mariah most likely collaborate with: Nikki Minaj, Madonna, Christina Aguilera, Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lopez or Demi Lovato? Come on guys you have to pick one.
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Re: Madame X (90,084) (90,087) by Randy from USA
(Tuesday 25 June 2019; 17:16)
I was a huge Madonna fan and some of her critically panned at the time albums were my favorites. American Life is a masterpiece to me. Confessions on a Dancefloor is a classic but Hard Candy, MDNA and Rebel Heart were a mess and not what I liked. I listened to snippets of Madame X and it's a mess and I won't buy it. So my point is that I respect Madonna and MC. But I haven't liked MC's last two albums either. MIAMTEC and Caution are a mess compared to the rest of her discography. What is it about pop artists and changing their music and alienating their fan base? Celine only releases Adult contemporary. Whitney released an Adult R&B album as her last. I don't want trendy or what you think is growth as an artist. I want what you've always done. Maybe it's just me. I will not be buying Madame X and mark my words if MC releases another experimental trendy R&B record it will be the first album of hers in history I will not buy.
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MC mood music (90,046) by Randy from USA
(Sunday 23 June 2019; 17:38)
Ok so Andrew's dinner date post gave me an idea. We don't think of MC's music as sexy, but are there any MC songs on your get it on playlists? Only Bliss is on mine. Maybe I should add Lullaby.
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Songs least liked (90,023) by Randy from USA
(Friday 21 June 2019; 18:27)
Since ya'll wanna go on and on about Long Ago (which I can't stand) I've decided to start a list. Least favorite songs on each album.
Mariah Carey - All In Your Mind
Emotions - The Wind
Music Box - I've Been Thinking About You
Merry Christmas - (flawless)
Daydream - Long Ago
Butterfly - (flawless)
Rainbow - (flawless)
Glitter - If We
Charmbracelet - Irresistible
TEOM- Your Girl
Memoirs - The Impossible
MIAMTEC - Dedicated
Caution - Giving Me Life
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To be honest I thought they had more (89,981) by Randy from USA
(Friday 14 June 2019; 04:12)
If this is what MC was scared of being released, it's a bit anti-climactic. I thought it would be some embarrassing things that we had no clue what was going on, like hardcore drugs or a sex tape. This is exactly what I think went on in the background during that era with Stella and the rest. She was having some out of it fun and people recorded and snapped pictures. Is it good for her legacy or for her kids? No. But this is so not the jeopardization of her career she seemed so worried about in legal paperwork.
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Re: Studio session in Barcelona (89,946) (89,954) by Randy from USA
(Thursday 13 June 2019; 05:19)
B we agree on something. Not another Christmas album. With another version of AIWFCIY. Maybe this time she'll do a trap version of the song. She does owe us a cover of My Favorite Things. Maybe we'll get a covers album.
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Re: Lead the Way (89,922) (89,928) by Randy from USA
(Wednesday 12 June 2019; 13:48)
I think it's a cut and paste job. Only because she was in such a bad voice during and after Rainbow. However I will day [sic] after the Glitter breakdown that voice came back full force and she totally could've done it. But then again the note isn't that high; it's just long and height in her full voice is what she lacked in 00 when the album was recorded. Hmmmm I don't know now lol. I could see Lead The Way coming between Heartbreaker and Bliss so I think your substitution is valid. Oh and btw I love Can't Take That Away.
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Andrew, Licia, Special K and Edward (89,916) by Randy from USA
(Tuesday 11 June 2019; 19:18)
I've been going through a tough time lately. Thanks for making me laugh. As I sit here attempting a whistle note and air only comes out. I agree they're pretty special. When used sparingly. On which of her 15 albums has she used it sparingly? Oh wait it's a constant from the Vocal Box. Wait that should be the name of her next album. Or would that diminish public knowledge that she's a songwriter?
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Me against the whistle (89,903) by Randy from USA
(Monday 10 June 2019; 18:43)
I love that someone brought up a new topic. Favorite whistles. But I kind of feel like I'm over the whistle. Here's why. When MC gave an interview during the Emotions era she said she didn't use it as much as she could have because she doesn't want it to be a gimmick. If you pay attention though, as the voice started to fray, she's been highlighting it more and more as she's using it as her license to prove she's still able to sing well. Like I've said before a whistle register does not make a great singer. And now in order to prove she can sing she puts out these videos of her singing whistles. Or in the case of that Pepsi performance in 2006 she whistled through Vision of Love's mid section. So whenever anyone brings it up, I kinda roll my eyes. But y'all keep on celebrating it if it makes your day.
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Re: Article: Will Mariah Carey win Grammys in the general field? (89,857) (89,861) by Randy from USA
(Friday 7 June 2019; 22:10)
B you have lost your mind. If anything, she might get a nomination in Traditional R&B performance and that's it. She's not getting anything else. And if they were going to give a perseverance Grammy she woulda got it for Mimi.
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Re: Mariah shares post of her and Celine Dion carpool karaoke (89,722) (89,726) by Randy from USA
(Sunday 26 May 2019; 12:39)
I literally just laughed out loud. For a moment, when I read the caption, I was afraid they were going to sing together and Celine was going to murder her. Oh I know, MC can hold her own against Celine if she's had a decent night's rest, she's only singing in front of fans, her ear monitor's working, her dress isn't too tight, it's 72 degrees in the room, there's 20 humidifiers around her, her nodules are not flaring up and she's in Capri.
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Re: Memoirs (89,620) (89,624) by Randy from USA
(Saturday 18 May 2019; 00:50)
B, I agree with you for a change on the Lauryn Hill thing. What happened? My guess is that Lauryn Hill is often late so Mariah got to the studio two hours late and was told by Lauryn's people that Ms. Hill was going to out-tardy Ms. Carey and Mariah left in a glittery huff.
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Re: Has something happened? (89,578) (89,580) by Randy from USA
(Wednesday 15 May 2019; 22:41)
We got tired of Andrew and his harsh wording of what we all know is the truth. We got tired of Edward and his logical responses. We got tired of B celebrating Caution for being number 147 on the r&b AirPlay bubbling under chart in Dumpwater Florida. We got tired of the webmaster correcting B and letting him know Caution only made it to number 148. We got tired of Special K's obsession with Tanaka. And maybe you all got tired of me trying to get Right To Dream rereleased as a single. #justiceforrightodream
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Re: Crave (89,559) (89,562) by Randy from USA
(Saturday 11 May 2019; 12:14)
What's funny about this is that this was the title of her imprint with Sony that didn't last. What makes me mad is she said she named it after a song she wrote called Crave. She said she would talk about the song and its meaning one day. And we never heard about it again.
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Re: BMA vocal analysis (89,453) (89,459) by Randy from USA
(Sunday 5 May 2019; 20:36)
I'm just curious. After 30 years of singing all around the world and in front of presidents, at star funerals and on live television, why are nerves still a valid excuse for someone considered one of the best singers of all time?
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(89,358) by Randy from USA
(Saturday 27 April 2019; 22:29)
And my favorite part of this is she'll be 52 at the next album. So will she still be working with 25 year old rappers and producers or will it be enough already with trying to hold onto this "street diva" persona and we finally get a jazz album or an album of standards or a stripped album with mostly piano guitar and vocals?
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"Remixes" that are better than the original (89,342) by Randy from USA
(Saturday 27 April 2019; 13:44)
I love Angel's Cry with Neyo. I love that you are all giving it some love. I started to think of some of the remixes that I love more than the original versions. Up Out My Face with Nikki. Fantasy with ODB but with the pop chorus in between. The Someday video version more than the album version. Obsessed with Gucci Mane. Breakdown and The Roof rap versions.
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Mariah and Whitney (89,288) by Randy from USA
(Wednesday 24 April 2019; 01:13)
At the risk of starting this debate for the umpteenth time, Special K, I sort of agree and disagree with you. During their primes, here is the truth, Mariah had the better voice. Whitney was the better singer. It has been well documented by producers that MC had a voice that was astonishing but often would doubt herself and re-record her vocals until they were perfect. She left nowhere to go live and then was so self conscious she couldn't let loose on stage. Whitney was the queen of improvisation and commanding an audience. Mariah sings like the record and doesn't do much else. Even if you look at Unplugged she gave you the Emotions intro and the rest of the concert sounds like you pressed play on the CD backstage. Oh she was singing live but she didn't do anything different from the records. And don't get me started on that Hero video from the Theater in 93. Whitney may have had the smaller range. But she def played with the song and did runs and riffs and extended notes and the band followed her.
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Re: Mariah's memoir (89,278) (89,287) by Randy from USA
(Wednesday 24 April 2019; 01:05)
I want to hear about her childhood. Remember at one point she said if she talked about what happened in her childhood nobody would believe it? I think the book will be watered down though. Her ego and wanting to remain private about so many things ain't gonna let it be the whole truth.
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