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Name: Geraldine
Country: Switzerland
Re: Mariah's voice (99,199) (99,202) by Geraldine from Switzerland
(Friday 17 December 2021; 22:35)
Of course these are only shorcuts. Her life and struggles are far more complex than our understanding. Anyway I'll always admire her faith in life and her resilience.
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Re: Mariah's voice (99,200) (99,201) by Geraldine from Switzerland
(Friday 17 December 2021; 21:59)
I'm actually sad for her, she deserves so much more. "Looking in" tells it all.
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Mariah's voice (99,198) by Geraldine from Switzerland
(Friday 17 December 2021; 09:44)
For me, Mariah is a woman who is deeply sad and shattered by a personal life that has always been chaotic. Her current voice is the result. The only thing she has always wanted is a stable personal life. Someone who loves her for what she is. Someone she can rely on. She thought she would get it by being with Tommy but it turned into a nightmare. Then the failure of her marriage to Nick was devastating and she has never recovered since. If she was truly happy in her life, she would have made other choices for herself and her health. Her voice wouldn't certainly be what it is today. But that's just my opinion.
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Re: Baby Please Come Home (98,995) (98,997) by Geraldine from Switzerland
(Wednesday 24 November 2021; 08:44)
I totally agree. To me it's a sacrilege.
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Re: Music video fail? (98,854) (98,865) by Geraldine from Switzerland
(Saturday 6 November 2021; 17:25)
She's acting like she's having an affair with the pillar in the video. It looks a bit weird.
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Re: The Rolling Stone Charts (98,464) (98,468) by Geraldine from Switzerland
(Friday 30 July 2021; 22:25)
I think it's quite obvious. Mariah is a studio singer and who wants to see a studio singer on tour? She's not even an entertainer so what's the point?
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Re: Tommy Mottola, a monster? (97,554) (97,558) by Geraldine from Switzerland
(Tuesday 9 March 2021; 14:06)
Mariah said they both reaped professional benefits from this marriage. There's no doubt that she used to be a great singer with astonished voice abilities but she's not the only one. There are plenty talented people on this earth but she happened to be at the right place and right time with the right people.
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Re: The future is not looking good (96,343) (96,350) by Geraldine from Switzerland
(Monday 19 October 2020; 11:53)
If you say so.
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Re: The future is not looking good (96,325) (96,342) by Geraldine from Switzerland
(Sunday 18 October 2020; 13:51)
I wish she would just stop making music for herself and focus on writing and producing others artists. Then maybe her legacy will be saved.
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Re: Gone girl (83,003) (83,021) by Geraldine from Switzerland
(Sunday 8 July 2018; 12:35)
She should just stop singing her old songs with her current voice and poor abilities, the magic is gone and it's just not interesting and pleasant to listen anymore. She has a beautiful low voice, why not recording only slow and smooth music so that she can ditch the belts and lip synch? It's time to move on with her career.
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Re: Mariah's hommage for Jonny Hallyday (79,762) (79,776) by Geraldine from Switzerland
(Monday 11 December 2017; 09:23)
Yes, it was very cute and thoughtful. It was sweet to hear her voice on such a great song. I hope 2018 will be a new begining for her career and that she will find some peace in her life. She still has it if she's willing to.
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Re: Article: Mariah Carey and manager split (79,191) (79,194) by Geraldine from Switzerland
(Saturday 4 November 2017; 18:18)
Mariah hates being alone so Tanaka will stay around until she finds someone else. Sad but true.
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(78,384) by Geraldine from Switzerland
(Saturday 16 September 2017; 23:18)
Where is the Mariah of the Butterfly album?
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Re: Sad (77,337) (77,343) by Geraldine from Switzerland
(Friday 21 July 2017; 06:17)
It's so sad, I was a fan since their debut.
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Re: Why you mad at Mariah? (77,081) (77,088) by Geraldine from Switzerland
(Thursday 13 July 2017; 13:41)
Mariah is lucky to have a fan like you. No matter what we write on this messageboard, Mariah is the only one who has the power to save her career and restore her credibility but for now I'm not sure she has the will or the ability. But of course, as you said, there's always the unexpecting.
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Re: Why you mad at Mariah? (77,030) (77,064) by Geraldine from Switzerland
(Wednesday 12 July 2017; 11:12)
Your positive thoughts and your prayers don't seem to help her neither. Mariah needs more than condescending and compassionate people around her. Instead of spending the last three years dragging her misery and despair in the eyes of all, she could have spent that time solving her issues and take some time for herself. Everything she has done lately is a crying out for help but nobody is listening. As fans, all we can do is wait and watch Mariah being hurt by herself and destroyed by Stella. It's a bit frustrating don't you think ?
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Re: Biggest concern (77,061) (77,063) by Geraldine from Switzerland
(Wednesday 12 July 2017; 10:35)
I guess fans are used now to see her fail or fake most of her performances. Mediocrity became the new standard.
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Re: Free Willy (77,005) (77,006) by Geraldine from Switzerland
(Monday 10 July 2017; 00:07)
Poor Lionel, he will soon regret it.
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Free Willy (77,000) by Geraldine from Switzerland
(Sunday 9 July 2017; 21:45)
I've just watched some clips from her last Vegas show and it's really not good. If you compare to last year it's just awful. She looks and sounds horrible. At this point I think it's just the end for her. I wonder how she can possibly go through the Lionel tour without getting any tomatoes right on her face.
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Re: What I don't get about MC's networth (74,041) (74,044) by Geraldine from Switzerland
(Thursday 30 March 2017; 13:51)
At this point I think that Mariah is probably as toxic as Stella is, that would explain why most of her old and faithful friends run away from her.
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Re: The uselessness of trying to change someone (74,001) (74,011) by Geraldine from Switzerland
(Tuesday 28 March 2017; 18:19)
She reminds me of a fallen queen reigning on a deserted kingdom, surrounded by what remains of her court. Stella and Tanaka being the court jesters of course. Hail to the delusional queen.
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Re: Lala land (73,049) (73,051) by Geraldine from Switzerland
(Thursday 23 February 2017; 10:40)
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Lala land (73,043) by Geraldine from Switzerland
(Thursday 23 February 2017; 1:01)
Mariah said herself that she is not living in the real world so there is nothing normal or human to expect from her anymore. Thank God there are hundred of other talented and inspired artists to listen to.
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Re: The Grammys foiled me (72,860) (72,873) by Geraldine from Switzerland
(Saturday 18 February 2017; 20:59)
I think it's jalousy. Mariah has big ego issues.
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Re: Vision of Mariah in 2032 (72,152) (72,163) by Geraldine from Switzerland
(Saturday 4 February 2017; 14:34)
Well hope is all we've got left but I can't see how things could evolve in the right direction though. I mean her voice is shot, she keeps on surrounding herself with toxic people and she seems unable or unwiling to re-invent herself. All she has to offer right now are poor projects like MW, uninspired songs and trashy videos. Glory days are surely not ahead.
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