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Name: Nikki
Country: United States of Mariah
Music lover.
The Butterfly Lounge / Fall in Love (98,844) by Nikki from United States of Mariah
(Friday 5 November 2021; 14:40)
I am so excited for this new Butterfly Lounge project. I am almost sure that's the name of this new Christmas album/project. Mariah mentioned a lounge during her Twitter Spaces chat when discussing her upcoming collabs including Brandy. I have a feeling she has so much in store for this concept, lots of duets and a whole new vision for a holiday album. This is going to be something so special, I love that the vibe is more adult contemporary. It doesn't sound like holiday music, but it has the warmness and captures the type of love felt around this time of year. This first offering from it is a masterpiece.

I watched the video several times in a row and I was brought to tears. The music is just beautiful, the vocals are drenched in nostalgia and longing. This is an instant classic in my opinion. It doesn't sound like a Christmas song, it actually sounds like something you want to hear around Thanksgiving. This is a song for the first frost, for driving home to see family and friends, for the very beginnings of sweater weather and sipping Black Irish.

This song is the musical equivalent of soul food. It makes me feel warm inside and it has me wanting more and more. Thank you Mariah, this is absolutely beautiful.
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Re: MC16 (98,570) (98,578) by Nikki from United States of Mariah
(Sunday 5 September 2021; 22:25)
Um, yes. To all of this. I've imagined this before, but as a stage show. In album form would be next level. And maybe with some guests on certain songs and some new covers. Playful and fun like Lullaby of Birdland from The Rarities, but fresh and sleek like WBT MLNVM. I'm so here for this Bill.
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Re: Black Irish (98,526) (98,529) by Nikki from United States of Mariah
(Thursday 19 August 2021; 00:52)
Yes to this, I would love it to no end.
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Black Irish (98,524) by Nikki from United States of Mariah
(Tuesday 17 August 2021; 21:48)
This news came at such a funny time for me. But I'm actually really excited to try all of these flavors. I didn't buy her cookies, but I feel like sipping Black Irish and listening to her catalogue could be a whole mood. Like it just feels like it would be a celebration every time. Cheers lambs, I can't wait to stock up on this.
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Clark Sisters (98,512) by Nikki from United States of Mariah
(Friday 13 August 2021; 00:05)
Mystery solved. I have a feeling this may be the group that Mariah was talking about in Spaces. I'm so here for it and very excited. I've always thought that Mariah should cover Optimistic by Sounds of Blackness, it would be amazing if the song with The Clark Sisters has a similar uplifting vibe.
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Albums ranked by heavy rotation (98,456) by Nikki from United States of Mariah
(Wednesday 28 July 2021; 02:33)
It's hard for me to rank these albums from favorite to least favorite because they are all so different and I go through phases with how often I listen to them. Butterfly is my all-time favorite, but I played it out years ago so I rarely ever listen to it these days. This list is in order from heavy to light rotation, for 2021:

1. Caution
2. Charmbracelet
3. E=MC2
4. Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel
5. The Emancipation of Mimi
6. Rainbow
7. Glitter
8. Butterfly
9. Me, I Am Mariah The Elusive Chanteuse
10. Mariah Carey
11. Daydream
12. Emotions
13. Music Box
14. Merry Christmas 2 You
15. Merry Christmas
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Re: Twitter Spaces audio link (98,451) (98,455) by Nikki from United States of Mariah
(Wednesday 28 July 2021; 02:09)
Wow, least favorite? That hurts. I think it's time for an album ranking list.
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Re: Fourth Of July (98,324) (98,330) by Nikki from United States of Mariah
(Thursday 8 July 2021; 21:54)
Yes to all of this.
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Re: Fourth Of July (98,321) (98,323) by Nikki from United States of Mariah
(Wednesday 7 July 2021; 14:46)
That was a clap back. These lyrics are so underrated. If anyone has a favorite lamb-made remix or alternate version of this song please share.
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Re: Somewhat Loved (98,307) (98,312) by Nikki from United States of Mariah
(Sunday 4 July 2021; 01:02)
I love It's Like That so much. When it came out I couldn't get enough of it. I was working at a restaurant and heard it for the first time coming from the little radio in the kitchen that the cooks would play. I thought the lyrics were fresh and new and the whole sound was so on point. I second that we need a moment like that again. "Just makin the most of life."
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Re: Pressure by Kenny Lattimore (98,286) (98,288) by Nikki from United States of Mariah
(Saturday 26 June 2021; 13:39)
It's so beautiful I love it. Their voices would sound great together too. Mariah needs a great R&B duet in the style of Spend My Life With You by Eric Benet and Tamia.
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Re: Britney Spears (98,278) (98,283) by Nikki from United States of Mariah
(Friday 25 June 2021; 21:30)
I agree, I don't think they are monitored and regulated in any way that is beneficial to the conservatee. Britney's statement was so devastating. I hope she gets her freedom and some kind of justice. I could have easily seen this happening to MC after Glitter especially after reading about that era in the memoir. On another note, Stella is almost as much of a snake as Lou M. Taylor.
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Re: Back to Somewhat Loved (98,277) (98,280) by Nikki from United States of Mariah
(Friday 25 June 2021; 18:39)
When I heard it on loud speakers (finally) it took the tune to the next level. Definitely enjoyable and interesting. It sounds great back to back with What Can I Say? by Janet. Have yet to hear it in the car but I can't wait.
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Re: Tanaka and Nick (98,272) (98,279) by Nikki from United States of Mariah
(Friday 25 June 2021; 18:36)
Thank you for this. Apparently "conspiracy theories and speculation" are entertained by some from certain posters only.

Robert-Anthony, Mariah and Bryan do make such an attractive duo. I love With You and I hope they make each other laugh a lot.
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Re: Somewhat Loved JJ TL MC + JJ (98,144) (98,145) by Nikki from United States of Mariah
(Friday 11 June 2021; 15:01)
Here's to hoping. It's exciting to even think about it.
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Somewhat Loved JJ TL MC + JJ (98,143) by Nikki from United States of Mariah
(Friday 11 June 2021; 13:34)
The more I listen to this song the more I love it. The musicality is so dreamy. I love the minor notes and keys, love the piano against that hard beat. The storyline is unique, very relatable. I played the song for a friend and he said that he didn't listen to one lyric, he was mesmerized by the music. I think that's fitting, seeing as the main stars here are JJ and TL, it's all about the production. Her vocals are produced like an instrument and I really enjoy that. It definitely reminds me of the Caution era in ways as well. Even more than Caution, this song reminds me of Unbreakable by Janet. It first comes in in the intro when she says "me" for the first time. It gives me 2 B Loved/Dream Maker-Euphoria. There's a 1970's musical throwback vibe here as well. I love Unbreakable, it is one of my favorite Janet albums and the production style was flawless, clean, and so mature. Somewhat Loved is the perfect jaunt into this different style for Mimi, I think it's exciting to hear something this different from her. I hear something different with each listen. If Mimi and JJ were ever to do a collab, this is the type of song that it would work on.
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Re: Tours and shows (98,121) (98,126) by Nikki from United States of Mariah
(Wednesday 9 June 2021; 22:31)
Wow Mara. Thank you so much for sharing these memories, I just got so excited all over again. I could only imagine being there for that Charmbracelet tour. And that last night of Caution sounds epic and amazing. So cool to hear about these shows and picture these moments. I loved that light up dress too.
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Re: Caution deserved better (98,113) (98,119) by Nikki from United States of Mariah
(Wednesday 9 June 2021; 15:00)
I love 8th grade so much. It reminds me of a specific moment and type of songs back in the day. Let's Stay Together by Eric Benet, Stay by Jodeci, They Don't Know by Jon B, There U Go by Johnny Gill, this is how I hear this song. She did the impossible and literally captured the painful/hopeful/yearning/forlorn feeling of crushing hard in 8th grade. It's the chorus for me. I didn't even know it was possible to capture that energy in music again and yet it happened with this song. Love it so much.
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Re: Caution deserved better (98,109) (98,111) by Nikki from United States of Mariah
(Wednesday 9 June 2021; 00:47)
Yes, I don't understand the rollout they chose for Caution nor MIAMTEC. However, I think Caution should have been the lead single. A No No without a guest artist wasn't strong enough in my option and the 2 remixes we got didn't really add anything to the song's impact. Had Cardi, Kim, or Missy got on and actually turned it into a radio moment I could see it as a great lead single followed by Mariah all alone on Caution with a sleek video with crashing waves, moonlight, total island vibe. The Distance always gives me high school homecoming vibes. Maybe it's the spirit chant, but it would have been smart to release it around the turn of the season then and market it in that context.
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Tours and shows (98,110) by Nikki from United States of Mariah
(Tuesday 8 June 2021; 22:09)
I can't believe it's already been 2 years since I saw Mariah at the Caution World Tour. I loved the show, it gave me so much life. It just so happens that I got to see her on my bday and I won the ticket randomly to boot. The only other tour I've seen her on was Rainbow and I honestly didn't really love that show. Idk something about it missed the mark for me. At Caution she performed the songs I wanted to hear from the new album and the Glitter medley was so fun. She squeezed in some cuts I wasn't expecting and of course she threw in some hits. The vibe all night was just "feel good", who knew what we'd be hit with just a year later. If I could see any other tours or residencies I would hands down choose Charmbracelet and Angel's Advocate Tours. But if I could, I would totally relive my night at the Caution World Tour. The vibe was freeing, celebratory, and the whole room was beaming in joy and nostalgia. After the show the shuttle busses were filled with people of all ages singing her songs, we all left so much lighter than we were upon arrival. I'm so grateful to have been there that night. Did anyone else go to the Caution shows?
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Re: MC's response (98,102) (98,106) by Nikki from United States of Mariah
(Monday 7 June 2021; 23:27)
Her response is epic. What a way to turn it around and breathe a little life into such an eternal bop.
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Re: Roc Nation (98,100) (98,105) by Nikki from United States of Mariah
(Monday 7 June 2021; 23:26)
Fingers crossed. I'm excited either way.
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Re: Roc Nation (98,099) (98,101) by Nikki from United States of Mariah
(Monday 7 June 2021; 17:37)
Yes and yes. I would say a jazz album would be my first choice. Even something in the realm of Love Deluxe by the group Sade would be groundbreaking for Mariah and well suited to her current voice.
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Re: Roc Nation (98,097) (98,098) by Nikki from United States of Mariah
(Monday 7 June 2021; 16:29)
You think? Also, how much are you looking forward to this Jam & Lewis album? I can't wait for this new Mariah track and hoping for a new Janet jam as well.
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Re: Roc Nation (98,091) (98,096) by Nikki from United States of Mariah
(Monday 7 June 2021; 14:36)
I can't help but wonder if my post is one that you may be referencing here? I post here for fun. My posts are not intended to be taken seriously or as fact. The speculation is part of the fun for me, the music industry is all smoke and mirrors. So even when "credible sources" are involved, there is still a level of speculation in my opinion. No one but the major players involved really know what's actually happening behind the scenes. It's called show business for a reason. Many theories are thrown around here and I think that's part of the fun honestly. The Sun makes obnoxious claims on the regular and I can find something "believable" even if it never happened. I would totally believe that she and Tanaka are not actually in a relationship just as much as I would believe that they are. And of course I believe that she could have a disagreement with Jay and a single person in the building could perceive it as a blowup. I only made this post to say that I'm here for lighthearted fun, not to be taken seriously. Like my Caution remix album will never happen, but it was fun to create (I actually just started trying to make the remixes on Garageband, fingers crossed). Also, if in fact that post was referencing mine, I never dissed Roc Nation or Jay, nor did I paint Mimi as a victim. On another note, I'm so here for a Neo Soul album from our girl. Like that feel-good D'Angelo/Maxwell/Erykah/Lauryn sound from the 90s.
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