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Name: Jamie
Country: UK
Shyness vs present day (78,501) by Jamie from UK
(Friday 22 September 2017; 03:57)
I've been watching old Mariah live performances. I know she's not 20 anymore but some of her early performances even upto 2008 she still had stage presence. Her early years wear always dogged with shyness but looking back now she was as confident as ever. Her voice was impeccable and she new that, and although she was shy on stage her voice shone through. She had that quirkiness that gave her that edge. I would love present day Mariah to learn from her early performances and just let go and not be so caught up in how she looks. Be the person everyone fell in love with again, be humble and grateful for what you have. I know people change and evolve over the years but it's important to stay grounded to who you are and where you came from. Surely there must be that part of Mariah still alive, that person who took your breath away, and who could command the stage. Mariah if you're reading this, I get you've changed and I've embraced it, but take control of your emotions again, command that stage again. Don't be afraid to stand out there and shine again. The young girl who touched our hearts is still there, just don't get caught up in all the hype, ground yourself and deliver the Mariah we love.
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Butterfly vinyl (78,357) by Jamie from UK
(Friday 15 September 2017; 19:34)
Bit disappointed with this release. I would have preferred some unreleased tracks from that era rather than vinyl. Yeah vinyl has made a comeback but how often do people actually use it over digital releases?
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Mariah out with Tanaka (78,238) by Jamie from UK
(Friday 1 September 2017; 14:21)
Could it be that Mariah is finally covering up in nice dresses? She looks lovely in these night out pics with Tanaka. Hope this style Carey's on. Lol.
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Re: The album that should have been (78,010) (78,015) by Jamie from UK
(Tuesday 22 August 2017; 07:48)
I've just created this from your list for my drive to work. What shall we call this playlist?
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Re: Mariah Carey collection (77,743) (77,786) by Jamie from UK
(Tuesday 8 August 2017; 21:45)
Last time I counted I had roughly 300 cds and 60 vinyl.
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Re: One Sweet Day (Mariah only version) (77,465) (77,469) by Jamie from UK
(Tuesday 25 July 2017; 22:31)
Anyone got a link to this?
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Re: Someday (new vocals) (77,430) (77,435) by Jamie from UK
(Monday 24 July 2017; 19:16)
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Re: Someday (new vocals) (77,417) (77,428) by Jamie from UK
(Monday 24 July 2017; 15:14)
Can someone send me an MP3 of this please?
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Re: Mariah Carey and Lionel Richie kick off epic tour (77,396) (77,415) by Jamie from UK
(Monday 24 July 2017; 00:28)
Amazing I'm happy. See she dressed nice abs brought it back to the music and look what happens.
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All part of a big comeback? (77,308) by Jamie from UK
(Thursday 20 July 2017; 10:16)
Could all this lack lustre performances and weight gain be part of a bigger picture, in the fact that everyone now knows she's not performing as well, and then she'll go through a huge transformation?
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Re: Voice coach or operation (77,192) (77,202) by Jamie from UK
(Sunday 16 July 2017; 11:13)
Haha. And yeah that was a great memory. She was on great form then.
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Re: Voice coach or operation (77,146) (77,172) by Jamie from UK
(Saturday 15 July 2017; 11:40)
I agree with you Andrew.
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Re: MC Vegas vocals (77,120) (77,131) by Jamie from UK
(Friday 14 July 2017; 21:06)
Yeah I agree something has changed in her.
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Re: Stop the negativity (77,127) (77,130) by Jamie from UK
(Friday 14 July 2017; 20:58)
I don't think it's a case of people being negative, they just want the best for Mariah, and know we know she's capable of greater things. Us older lambs knew Mariah from the beginning so we can see how she's changed over the years, and each change was completely fine... apart from this last year where she had seemed completely different, so you can't blame people coming on here making observations when they're clearly worried about Mariah.
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Re: Voice coach or operation (77,123) (77,129) by Jamie from UK
(Friday 14 July 2017; 20:52)
Yes agree it's totally down to what she feels was just looking for people's opinion on the voice. I agree with you very much on who Mariah is at the moment she's difficult to recognise and I'm worried about her.
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Voice coach or operation (77,119) by Jamie from UK
(Friday 14 July 2017; 14:28)
Hey guys. Just thought I'd bring this to the table. Would you prefer Mariah got strict vocal training or had an operation to remove her nodules and risk loosing the whistle register? I personally would go for the operation, as Mariah has done so many great songs without the whistle register i.e. All I've Ever Wanted, Everything Fades Away, My All to speak of a few. If she could get good quality back in her voice I'd prefer that. And I think it would give her the confidence to perform great again. Let me know your views.
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Re: When you get that check up front (76,753) (76,755) by Jamie from UK
(Thursday 29 June 2017; 10:11)
There is cleary something not right with her. I can't believe no one isn't interviening.
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Re: E=MC2 is highly underrated (76,736) (76,745) by Jamie from UK
(Wednesday 28 June 2017; 19:51)
It's one of my favourite albums.
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Alison Carey (76,692) by Jamie from UK
(Tuesday 27 June 2017; 09:44)
Is that Alison we're seeing recently, has Mariah taken a break and let her sister fill in for her? Some of those clothes are very questionable and hooker like.
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Re: F1 Baku concert (76,637) (76,639) by Jamie from UK
(Monday 26 June 2017; 00:25)
I have to agree, just watched the clips and she sounds terrible in parts. Which makes me sad.
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Too many fillers (76,431) by Jamie from UK
(Tuesday 20 June 2017; 00:35)
The problem with Mariah is that she's lost all expression in her face due to too many fillers. I just watched behind the scenes of Don't Forget About Us and you can see there how natural she is, yes she'll have had Botox there but her face looked more fresh and had character. Now it's completely frozen and lacking any expression. Also her mood then was much happier, she just seemed more free. I'm sure she was on medication then too, but now she just seems out of it and regid and she seems to have lost her charm. It saddens me to see her like this, surely the old Mariah is in there somewhere and I'm not talking 1990, the last time she looked her best was 2008, I just wonder what has happened since then to change her whole persona. Surely she must want to be that person again?
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Flowers (75,841) by Jamie from UK
(Sunday 28 May 2017; 22:02)
Went to see the flowers and tributes today in Manchester, saw many for our fellow lamb Martyn.
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Re: Battle of the albums round 1 (75,811) (75,815) by Jamie from UK
(Saturday 27 May 2017; 21:50)
Emotions all the way. So many strong songs on there. I love the debut but Emotions album is so soulful and songs with great depth.
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Re: Tribute concert (75,780) (75,786) by Jamie from UK
(Friday 26 May 2017; 22:04)
Yes I saw that on the news, I'll definitely be going to pay tribute.
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Twitter (75,725) by Jamie from UK
(Thursday 25 May 2017; 20:43)
Add me on twitter, be nice to get some friends with common interests. @jaminosworld
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