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Name: Will
Country: England
You can follow me on twitter: @MCsavedmylife
Re: Another rant (60,735) (60,747) by Will from England
(Tuesday 22 March 2016; 22:42)
No one's checking for Stella's kids, nor does anyone outside the lambily care whom Stella or her kids are (aside from the negative press that Stella is gathering for herself). The public's eyes will always be on Mariah in every photo, not the desperate fame-hungry manager trying to get her kids in on Mariah's fame. They're not even name checked by any of the tabloids, only referred to as "children". Even Roc n' Roe have more star power than Stella and her kids combined. No one cares about them lol. And if Stella somehow does make the reality show about her, people still won't care, and probably will in fact question why she's so important on the show, compared to the one true star that everyone is interested in.
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This set list (60,459) by Will from England
(Tuesday 15 March 2016; 23:44)
Sorry Eric, another message from me. Ok, so this set list (so far, again, at the time of writing) rocks and I'm beyond excited for what she'll be singing next week. Loverboy? WYB? AAO? Mariah is coming for our feels, and she can have them all from me. I shall be nothing more than a puddle of tears at the O2 and with no shame at all.
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Mariah's World (60,457) by Will from England
(Tuesday 15 March 2016; 22:55)
Thank heavens, Mariah has confirmed that the show is to be called "Mariah's World", not "Mariah's Squad". I can practically hear the sigh of relief from the message board members lol.
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New hair length (60,455) by Will from England
(Tuesday 15 March 2016; 22:50)
Ok, I'm looking at the photos that are currently circulating from her Glasgow show at the time of writing, and it looks like she's got short hair. Like the length she's got in the "Be Nice or Leave" photo.
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Re: Morgan (60,398) (60,407) by Will from England
(Sunday 13 March 2016; 20:28)
Yeah, I just read the article on the Daily Mail. And I'll admit, it's nice to see that the public have Mariah's back on this on not taking what is written at face value.
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Re: Mariah's Squad (60,337) (60,348) by Will from England
(Friday 11 March 2016; 0:20)
I'll admit, I was not fully aware of how much Stella is a part of Mariah's life. She may as well have her kids adopted by Mariah, considering how much time she spend photographing them with her (plus the odd other celebrity, that Will Ferrell one ). Whilst she has helped to boost Mariah's image with the public, I hope that this "Mariah's Squad" title is just like "MC3", and it will actually be changed last minute by Mariah. I also hope it won't be another thing like "Lollipop Bling", where Mariah says that she had no idea that's what they were calling that line, or the cover art for YDKWTD. We've heard rumours/whispers about a potential behind the scenes for her Vegas shows, so let's see what happens next. As long as Mariah has zero control over the angle/lighting thing, and just let's them film her naturally, then it should be ok. But hey, it's ok to dream lol.
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Charmbracelet (60,246) by Will from England
(Monday 7 March 2016; 22:45)
A small detail, but it's nice to see her wearing her charmbracelet again, especially with the love for IOW is getting on the board.
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Re: Skits (60,218) (60,225) by Will from England
(Sunday 6 March 2016; 20:15)
Can you imagine Mariah doing that? That would be incredible.
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#14 (59,939) by Will from England
(Monday 22 February 2016; 22:10)
Well, Billboard is already calling "Work" Rihanna's 14th #1, which (if they are right after this week's update) would put her right behind Mariah. It's scary to see her literally four songs away, and she can do it easily. With her following and hype around her, she can secure her four #1s possibly over the next couple of years. Mariah better pay attention because she will no longer be "the solo artist with the most #1s" (which has been her title for the past 8 years) and the importance of her Vegas show would be slightly diminished. Of course, the impact would be less for Rihanna, because she hasn't written or produced or anything of her #1s, which gives Mariah's achievement far more credibility. And let's not get into the vocal comparison. We know what Rihanna can't do. Also, I can't begin to name any of her previous 13.
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Valentine's performance (59,805) by Will from England
(Tuesday 16 February 2016; 23:43)
Oh my, have you seen this compilation of some of Mariah's performances on Valentine's Day? It's amazing to hear her voice as good as this.
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Rainbow / E=MC2 (59,779) by Will from England
(Monday 15 February 2016; 19:59)
Don't forget that Rainbow was the result of Glitter being pushed back, and that it would be her last album with Sony. She has said that she used songs that were to be for Glitter on Rainbow instead. Also, include the fact that it was recorded over a very short period of time, and she wasn't even planning this album. It just happened. E=MC2 was the first album that I bought by myself, and when I really got into Mariah. So that album is very special to me, especially Side Effects.
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Re: MC's Top 5 most watched videos on YouTube (59,559) (59,563) by Will from England
(Thursday 4 February 2016; 10:31)
I haven't laughed that hard for a long time. Thank you.
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Guinness World Record 2016 (59,376) by Will from England
(Wednesday 27 January 2016; 20:07)
"The Voice Is Mariah Carey" on Facebook uploaded a photo of a page from the World Record 2016, which shows the top 10 "Biggest Selling Artists Ever" from all music genres combined onto one chart. Mariah came in at Number 3, behind The Beatles and Garth Brooks. I'm not sure which sales were included.
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Mariah and Stella (59,326) by Will from England
(Monday 25 January 2016; 19:59)
Could it possibly that Stella's kids, no matter the age difference, are there to help entertain and play with Mariah's kids? I can't imagine that outside of a school setting, they'd be able to meet other kids under "normal" circumstances (i.e. at a park).
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Re: I can't be the only one (59,256) (59,260) by Will from England
(Saturday 23 January 2016; 0:29)
Eh, it's better than (surprise) marrying him after only two months. At least she knows him a little bit better than she did with Nick. Let's see how this goes.
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Re: Underrated songs with chart potentials (58,900) (58,905) by Will from England
(Wednesday 6 January 2016; 0:00)
Ah ok, fair enough. Maybe I'm thinking of another interview.
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Re: Underrated songs with chart potentials (58,890) (58,894) by Will from England
(Tuesday 5 January 2016; 14:26)
I thought she said "I would've" instead of "I wouldn't", in reference to releasing Migrate.
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Re: What Mariah song brings you to tears? (58,836) (58,853) by Will from England
(Sunday 3 January 2016; 1:33)
Great topic. It's either Looking In, Petals, CTTA or TTR. On the odd occasion, Hero.
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Rolling In The Lols (58,835) by Will from England
(Saturday 2 January 2016; 15:54)
Did someone really just say and suggest I'm a troll? Look, I respect both artists for their craft. Both are different in terms of writing styles and vocal ability. That, for me, does not mean one is better than the other because both are good. Both Mariah and Adele are talented musicians and artists in their own respective ways that can be appreciated. And for the record, I would never stoop to the point of calling another record-breaking talented artist "basic", because that (caps) is insulting, disrespectful and degrading. I'm not going into how much I admire and respect Mariah's musicianship because I've done that a thousand times already.
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Re: Will from the UK and Adele's success (58,790) (58,820) by Will from England
(Friday 1 January 2016; 19:36)
Hi Norman. this_is_qhm made my point about it being relatable a bit clearer. I'm not disputing her influence since VOL, nor her legacy because there is no question about it. I never said that no one finds Mariah relatable, because (from my own personal experience) that is not the case. What I mean is, is that her songs can be complex and that can turn off the average music listener. Her whisper register, and overlapping melodies (which I personally adore) just doesn't translate well to non-fans because you have to really pay attention to her what she's singing about. If I'm travelling with friends/in a large group of people, I really have to concentrate on which MC songs not to play, because I know that it will be changed. With Adele, you don't have to pay attention. What I mean by "once in a lifetime", is the rare event that we are all witnessing in terms of sales and records, especially in an era when music sales are dropping. When was the last time an album had three or so platinum selling weeks, and is quickly on track to being certified Diamond before January is half-way through? Especially when music sales are (still) going down. That's why I say it's a once in a lifetime thing, because I just don't believe that this will happen again any time soon.
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Re: What does Adele's success mean for Mariah? (58,747) (58,785) by Will from England
(Thursday 31 December 2015; 0:02)
What Adele has managed to achieve, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future, is something that I don't think can be replicated in our lifetimes. She is selling (capital letters) music with a basic promotional tour, interviews (both TV and radio), outstanding performances etc. Her music is selling itself at this point. Her songs may lack originality in some cases, but they are easily memorable and catchy. I was "singing" along to SML (TYNL) after the first listen without even trying. Plus, they are so different compared to the Miley, Taylor, Beyonce, Rihanna and KP songs that dominate radio. They are simple, mature songs without being too clever or over the top. Plus, she has people around her who tell her if the music is not good. Mariah can write beautiful songs that speak to the heart, however they are not ones that can easily be sung along to in a car. What does this mean for Mariah? I hope it shows her, once again, that music can sell itself if it is done right. That if she can craft a song (be it ballad or uptempo) that has power lyrics, a simple (yet driving) melody, whilst showing off her pipes, she can rise again. AIWFCIY, WBT, Beautiful are proof enough about what can work.
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Charmbracelet (58,583) by Will from England
(Sunday 20 December 2015; 19:13)
Is it just me, or has she dug out her charmbracelet from the CB era?
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Sweet Sweet Fantasy (58,418) by Will from England
(Monday 14 December 2015; 19:10)
When I woke up this morning, I never imagined that the next day, I would be very seriously within a chance of seeing Mariah live for the first time ever. I have always dreamed of seeing her, but school and money issues always stood in the way. Now, I actually have no reason not to see her. I'm feeling all the emotions right now. She is more than just an idol for me (there aren't enough characters to go into all of that) and to get the chance to potentially see her is just overwhelming me.
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Glittering mic (58,309) by Will from England
(Wednesday 9 December 2015; 23:29)
Loving the videos that are surfacing from her Beacon show(s). As a side note, am I the only one who kinda misses the glittering mic plus mic stand? It was so Mariah.
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Little reminder (58,040) by Will from England
(Friday 27 November 2015; 18:06)
That Mariah can choose not to do anything. She can travel the world at leisure, relax in the Bahamas all she wants, play with her dogs and kids, get married, and just quietly exit from the music and public scene. She doesn't need to do anything. With all this negativity that has been surrounding her both privately and publicly from the fans and media, I'm surprised she hasn't decided to do so already. She doesn't need to sing, record, act, direct, create so much as a upmarket loo brush for the rest of her life. But she chooses not to do that. She chooses to still appear in public, whether it be a parade or TV or whatever because a) it makes her happy and b) it can make someone else happy to see her. Clearly not everyone, but someone. If all she could do was lip on the parade, then she has no choice but to (especially if they are not equipped to be able to have live performances, there's literally no point whining). And a little more research would have saved a lot of needless words being typed , and me a lot of reading. So let us be thankful that Mariah still chooses to be a part of our lives in one way or another, and not try and diagnose the non-existent problems she doesn't have. I find it hard to believe that all lambs have degrees in medicine or clinical psychology, because this isn't Tumblr. It seems she's responded to the comments over her behavior in past interviews, and has adjusted as such to match our expectations. Now we're not happy again.
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