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The Adventures of Mimi (106,019) by Will from England
I doubt it would ever be on a CD, but probably streaming services at some point in time.
(Friday 22 March 2024; 19:46)
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AI songs (105,372) by Will from England
This was posted a few days ago, it's Mariah's AI voice singing JT's new song Selfish. I wish she had written and released this instead. It sounds like something that could have been on Caution.
(Sunday 11 February 2024; 23:26)
Tacking on two Memoirs songs to MIAMTEC (105,201) by Will from England
Didn't she say that the original version of the album was more ballad heavy, and she went back to the studio to record more songs like Money (I think Camouflage was supposed to close out the album originally, which is why she starts Money with "I can't leave it like that"), OMT and Heavenly? I think she had more than enough tracks to choose from rather than the two leaked songs from MOAIA.
(Thursday 1 February 2024; 20:08)
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We need an uptempo song (104,680) by Will from England
To that I say look up Adele's response to the record company suggesting she should do a song for the TikTok audience. Mariah's older songs go viral on that app without pandering to them, so I don't think this is something she should focus on. She's happier maing music that she likes/wants to make, and if it goes viral, so be it.
(Wednesday 27 December 2023; 11:55)
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Status of things (104,072) by Will from England
Mara, we must've channeled one and another to have the same comments on her wearing her emotions/heart on her sleeve, at the exact same time.
(Wednesday 15 November 2023; 23:14)
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Pendulum (104,070) by Will from England
It's interesting to see the wild pendulum swing in personality presentation Mariah can give within a year. Last year she was a bit all over, not sure what to say or do, and her mannerisms and insecurities were magnified ten fold, whether it was performing or even in interviews. But at least she was more alive and animated. Lately, it's been low energy with minimal expressions mixed with slowed down speaking, a half smile and laugh and shorter answers (not a bad thing but still). It's like we've gone back to late 2008/2016. I do think she and Tanaka have split privately, and she's going through it, and maybe that's what's brought on the recent writing spree and she's dealing with that. She wears her emotions on her sleeve, and keeps them close to the surface. Whether it's when she's happy, nervous, annoyed or sad, she can't hid it very well, though try she might. And I do think we're now seeing her dealing with a private breakup with someone she has known in 2006, threw away an engagement to a billionare for (granted, I don't think she really loved Packer so wasn't a huge loss there), and has been a larger part of her life up until this point, in the public eye again the best way that she can.
(Wednesday 15 November 2023; 22:37)
Status of things (104,068) by Will from England
It's always seemed like a shame to me that Mariah's side project always have a short shelf life. Once they've been around for a few months, either the contract for those items discontinues and she moves on to the next or she loses interest altogether once it stops becoming lucrative. Her perfume lines (not including the lollipop bling lines, but the first one for sure) could have been a long term product for her, like Britney's or Beyonce's.
(Wednesday 15 November 2023; 21:59)
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Mariah, please be ready (104,004) by Will from England
Your comparisons are quite correct: nobody would expect any professional at the top of their game to return to the field in which they dominated after sustaining an injury. I also agree that Mariah should not talk about her voice in public, and she knows it. Maybe in a few years time, if she dains to produce a second book, she may talk about it then, but until that time, she will remain tight lipped. And speaking of which, she is far too reliant on her auto-cue to move her along in the script of the show, to know the next line of the song, and still she can get caught out. I agree also that her desire to perform has greatly deminished, and I think at this point, that is to be expected. But then again, I think she's in a very odd positioning that few of her peers can relate to. She isn't Beyonce, Gaga or Madonna - who rely on the theatrics of the stage. She isn't having the hits that she once had, so she can't rely on that aspect of the business. There isn't much money in the music industry unless you have an AIWFC type of song, or are Taylor Swift, so she can't rely solely on music for her main income (which is why she has all the deals at Christmas), and she's beyond the point of where she could easily pivot and do what Rihanna, Kelly and J. Hud have done, which is to fully diversify and fully go into other opportunites outside of music for their coin. Who else in her peer group can relate to this state of career limbo? I think her continuing to put on shows, does stem from the deep seeded fear she once spoke of, of having the rug pulled from underneath you. She and her family live and extravegant lifestyle and all her income comes solely from music, which I've already said doesn't pay much anymore. So I think that she feels she has to continue on putting on shows to still bring in the money, and why not when it's such an easy goldmine to delve into until people are tired of it. It doesn't matter how much she is worth, that feeling doesn't fully ever subside or go away.
(Thursday 9 November 2023; 23:46)
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Mariah, please be ready (103,994) by Will from England
It's very true that from 1990 to 2008, she was very confident on stage and quite rightly so. Her voice was in control, she could do anything she wanted with it and it would be there. 2009 onwards, she has suffered from persistent public vocal mishaps:

1 - Michael Jackson's funeral: Her first mishap where her voice cracked and it was talked about in public. However, she had many strong performances after this.

2 - Rockerfeller mic leak: Her first major public scandal on her voice, which saw her pull back from performing on the show after 3-4 fantastic annual performances. I believe this is where the majority of her fears of performing started in earnest, and for her to never have a something like this happen again, relying more on playback for her harder songs later on.

3 - Good Morning America: Now it's difficult to pinpoint what the problem was here, whether it was the sound mix, playback failure or something else, but again, her performance of Beautiful got mixed responses.

4 - MIAM tour: The early stages of the tour were upstaged by her bronchitis and it took her a while to recover. But once she did, she had some great vocal moments again.

5 - NYE: We don't need to rehash this one.

Given that Mariah is someone that has always prided on her image, how she is perceived, and the one thing she prided on was her voice, to be able to have it perform flawlessly that would bring people to their feet in admiration and applause. Now, it is unreliable, inconsistent and does not do what she wishes for it to do. It has reduced itself down, giving her more heavier bass notes rather than the high notes she used to sail into with an ease. She doesn't know what it's going to do next, whether she can rely on it in public. So, taking all that into account, and the vitriol she has had from the public (need I remind you that even during the press conference for #1 to Infinity, she was asked whether there were gonna be many pre-recorded vocals), with the knowledge that she knows she is going to be filmed and have it analysed note for note, why are you surprised she has become less of a confident performer?
(Wednesday 8 November 2023; 22:29)
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Jimmy Kimmel (103,917) by Will from England
I would be surprised if she did, it's more likely she's on there to promote the Christmas shows and that would be it.
(Monday 30 October 2023; 00:21)
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Merry Christmas to you too (103,895) by Will from England
Mariah does like to have her albums with a tongue in cheek title every now and then, I suppose if we were to count the re-released deluxe Merry Christmas album as her third, Merry Christmas II You II would be perfect as it would be her fourth one.
(Friday 27 October 2023; 16:50)
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Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour (103,863) by Will from England
That tour was my first time seeing Mariah live. It was surreal to finally be seeing/hearing her after so many years (I've since seen her twice more), but it was strange that they opted to not have large screens so that the audience at the back could see her, especially in such a large venue like the O2, even at the Royal Albert Hall they had screens. Vocally it was stunning and everything was on point.
(Wednesday 25 October 2023; 11:22)
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Mariah lately (103,862) by Will from England
Can we just take a moment to appreciate how great Mariah is looking right now? She looks so good in that black dress with the Emancipation straight blonde hair, and the latest video and picture on her Instagram. So so good.
(Wednesday 25 October 2023; 11:19)
Einstein re-release in 2009 instead (103,715) by Will from England
It's not just the lyrics, but the whole vibe of the songs on MOAIA simply don't match the mood she was inspired by for E. Does the album flow with those MOAIA songs added on if you looked at them lyrically? Still probably not. I guess you could see it by lining them up to play next in Itunes or Spotify etc. MOAIA was just a whole different vibe. Think about Cool On You, you can clearly tell that it was a 2008 cut without hesitation vs Obsessed.
(Wednesday 11 October 2023; 17:04)
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Einstein re-release in 2009 instead (103,708) by Will from England
I don't know, Obsessed was a last minute addition to MOAIA after Bagpipes was released and she wrote it in response specifically. I don't think that sonically, it makes sense for those 4 songs to be on E=MC2 because her voice had changed again by that point (it sounded fuller vs the songs on E), and they just don't flow well with the party atmosphere she had with that album. DFAU etc. worked well for TEOM because there was still a sonic theme going that she was after and they fit well with the rest of the album. Those four just don't go on E.
(Tuesday 10 October 2023; 22:43)
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She's checking her list - she's checking it twice? (103,683) by Will from England
I noticed that her energy was low, almost akin to late 2008 when she was doing the ISIL promo. I think part of the reasoning is because the last time she performend in public, I think we can all agree she was a bit all over in terms of her presentation whilst on stage, and her voice was being carefully scrutinised so now she's playing it more reserved. She's recorded new live vocals for her harder songs (I love the new Fantasy one), and she's taking them out for their first tryout in public. It is odd though how she doesn't seem to remember which version she is going to perform or where the higher belts are for her to sell the performance. Having said all that, she does look great now she isn't tied into a bone corset and the moments she did sing live were better than what her Christmas shows last year were, though there is still a noticeably reduced range. It's odd as well, she was more happy to change up the melody and sing lower notes earlier on in her career (Butterfly SNL comes to mind, but I'm sure there are others), but now she seems determined to still prove she has the higher register available to her, though we know that this is more unstable and less likely to be hit live.
(Sunday 8 October 2023; 11:57)
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Well, I guess I'll shut up then (103,638) by Will from England
I wouldn't take it so seriously. She's in on the joke, and fully aware of the videos that have been going around for the past couple of months, like she was with the McDonald's ad of her standing in the ocean. We've already had this discussion of her slowing down and taking more time for herself and her family, and if she is lucky enough to only have to work 2 months of a year, make that money during a period of time that she loves to celebrate, then let her. Lord knows I would love to. Whether you like it or not, Mariah is now synonymous with Christmas, and not evey artist can do that (associate themselves specifically with a popular holiday period), I think the only other one could be MJ with Thriller but that's the one song. Brands would kill to own a verb (googling, tweeting etc.); Mariah Carey owns an entire holiday period.
(Monday 2 October 2023; 22:23)
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Disc two (103,338) by Will from England
She could well be waiting for the 30th anniversary to go all out, if there is anything to release. I think her friend on Twitter Liron mentioned that there weren't many/any unreleased or unfinished songs from Butterfly which is why there weren't any songs on Rarities from that era (though I personally doubt it).
(Thursday 7 September 2023; 13:20)
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Music Box 30th anniversary revealed (103,325) by Will from England
I would've thought it's because she's released all that she wants to release from those eras for Rarities and the MC30, and maybe saving some for Rarities Part 2 that she talked about? One can hope.
(Thursday 7 September 2023; 00:22)
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Music Box 30th Anniversary (103,324) by Will from England
I think it will be the same as the rarities and Tokyo Dome, it will be both on physical CD and streaming.
(Thursday 7 September 2023; 00:20)
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New era? (103,249) by Will from England
I think it's to be expected that she slows down now. She's done literally everything there is to accomplish in music that she wants to do and has broken and made so many musical history records; she's done all the dog and pony shows for each album; she's performed in nearly every country; she's had to her rise, fall and return to grace. Her arc is complete, and there is nothing more for her to do expect enjoy the life she has built for her family. Her children are nearly teenagers, and for now, she is enjoying being a mom to them, occasionally recording and writing stuff, but without the pressures for commitment to a record label to deliver a full album and do a promotional tour. Look at the other legacy acts around, there isn't anyone in her category making music or having hits (with the odd exception here or there like Kylie), it's all the younger upcoming artists and I'd like to think that she has made peace with that. Her final large promotional push she had to do, that I feel she wanted to achieve and was easily attainable at that point, was to get AIWFCIY to number 1, and that's done, and that song will now continue to increase in weeks at number 1 every year, before finally becoming the longest running number 1 song ever on the chart ad infinitum. However, that's not to say she will never release another musical project, I don't think that she can ever let that happen considering her views on Caution, but something to really sum up over 30 years in a cut-throat business and something she can be proud of being the final major project, and finish it with her sweet 16th album.
(Saturday 26 August 2023; 23:50)
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Last award (103,204) by Will from England
What was the last music related award that Mariah received, that was not a lifetime achievement-esque related?
(Thursday 17 August 2023; 22:05)
Perfection (103,175) by Will from England
Someone did an AI version of Mariah doing a snippet of All Cried Out.
(Sunday 13 August 2023; 01:04)
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I owe Mariah's earpiece an apology (102,142) by Will from England
So I think they used those big box monitor speakers to play back the music that they still put out on stage, but not sure if they still use them or not. Even Micheal Jackson hated using the earpieces and fiddled with them as they felt like a fist in your ear, as he said during that This Is It documentary. I think even Mariah mentioned that she didn't like using them and only really started using them during TAOM tour, I've never seen her use them before then. I don't think that they're very comfortable pieces of equipment, as they are moulded to fit into your ear exactly, so that they're ultra noise cancelling so the artist can hear a click track/whatever part of the track you want to hear vs your own voice (hence why she says "turn me up a bit"/backstage comms/whatever. Back then in the 60s/70s, was it a thing to do huge stadium tours as is so common now? Also, the nature of people seeing shows has changed, as my dad regularly tells me, you would go to a show and you'd be quiet so you could hear the performance, not screaming all throughout as is most common now - that's why some artists get so thrown off by the Japanese/Asian fans during shows as they're most silent as a mark of respect.
(Friday 27 January 2023; 20:21)
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Caution (102,101) by Will from England
I think there comes a point, in every artists life, where the well of inspiration runs a little dry. How many songs can you write about love? How many new ways is there to describe an emotion? This links to another post, but I can see why Mariah brings in other lyricists because they can offer a fresh prespective on a topic - she's probably written thousands of songs at this point, not all of them great, but still, there's only so many ways to write. She has a style of writing a song that is emotional, and comes from a certain place that, once you're past it, you can't access again. I doubt she can write another song as good as The Roof/Lullaby, nor one as heart wrenching as LTT/WBT/CTTA. Why? Because she's already done that many times over. How many times have lambs complained about her rehashing WBT in different formats, be it musical or lyrical? She has written and released every possible song that she can relate to and draw from over 30 years of recording sessions. She has written about her life, her highs and lows, her deepest desires and wants, thrown in with some less personal ones. MIAM was her last deeply personal record as it was her divorce album, so she had plenty to talk about emotionally and draw from. Caution, whilst I love it as an album, musically was fresh from her because she wanted to work with different people and have a new sound which worked well in her favour, but it's not a lyrical best, save from some quick lines here and there - but it works because she isn't chasing the sound that gave her her hits anymore. If she works with all the right people, and works with the people she's always wanted to work with (don't wait for the right song to come along, just meet up in the studio and jam it out and see what happens - we wouldn't have WBT, ABMB etc. if she hadn't done that), gets some fresh perspective on writing, I think she can produce another stellar album. The vocals, well, we'll just have to wait and see what happens.
(Saturday 21 January 2023; 14:03)
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