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Name: Will
Country: England
You can follow me on twitter: @MCsavedmylife
Concert in Saudi Arabia (101,522) by Will from England
(Monday 24 October 2022; 00:03)
I've noticed when Mariah has any form of decent voice back, she instantly goes at it 120% to use every facet of it and damage it even further. With TEOM, she belted like there was no tomorrow, resulting in the more restrained vocals on E=MC2 and Memoirs. Then post pregnancy when she had brilliant fluidity, tone and range, she again went to the max with her voice and undid all the rest (and lack of alcohol) that had helped her. And now, when she says her voice is back to a decent level, she uses every part of it in recording sessions (WBT Valentine Mix and The Roof with Brandy, plus all the other singing projects she has on the go) which ends up becoming lack luster vocal moments live on stage. I love Mariah, but she has missed several great opportunities to learn how to extend those moments where her voice was in great shape and preserve it. And that bloody corset isn't helping matters, she needs to find new ways to dress so that she doesn't have to worry about her weight on stage and maintaining the 8 figure.
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This is a reply to message 101,518 by Randy from USA
(Sunday 23 October 2022; 14:05)
Re: Just a thought, let's be kind (101,409) (101,415) by Will from England
(Thursday 6 October 2022; 20:15)
I mean, it's either cover it up, or have a moment that Whitney had during her ill-advised tour that should never have happened, where she tried to sing live and it just wasn't good with audience walk out - you can bet that Mariah was aware of that is using every trick she knows to mask it, and quite rightly so. Caution was a good step in the right direction where she doesn't use over the top runs that she can't replicate live, isn't using belts etc. and focuses on the strengths her current voice has such as her lower register and straight forward middle of the road vocals, and produced stellar results. When she slows down, has time to breath and doesn't have to do rapid vocal runs, her voice is good in a different way to what it was.
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Re: Rock album (101,247) (101,251) by Will from England
(Sunday 18 September 2022; 00:13)
Not exactly news, she talked about it in her book and I think some of the songs are on YouTube? I'm probably wrong on the last one. It's called Someone's Ugly Daughter.
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Re: Did Mariah actually write The Roof (100,229) (100,230) by Will from England
(Friday 29 April 2022; 22:07)
Think you're thinking way to much into it. Look at Emotions, they list the album as "Elsa Walking Music Vol.1" - wouldn't exactly take what's written as gospel. And not all the videos have writing credits on at all. Not a big deal.
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Re: "Big big energy baby when I close my eyes" (100,000) (100,015) by Will from England
(Monday 28 March 2022; 01:18)
Yay for 100,000 messages! Webmaster, do you know who has messaged the most on this site?
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Re: So much for my dream (100,010) (100,014) by Will from England
(Monday 28 March 2022; 01:16)
Pretty sure it does, Jay-Z's first was his appearance was on HB.
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Re: New WBT (99,713) (99,724) by Will from England
(Friday 18 February 2022; 21:36)
Oh yeah, that's from last year, she released it as a single along with an extended version.
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Re: New WBT (99,701) (99,711) by Will from England
(Wednesday 16 February 2022; 19:13)
Are you talking about the new version she did last year?
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Album re-release (99,507) by Will from England
(Sunday 23 January 2022; 12:19)
I was thinking, what if Mariah re-released her early albums up to Memoirs, but restructure them to have some of the already released songs but also to have some demos and unreleased tracks? It would be a cool way to have her rarities part 2 moment but not have to pick select tracks for just one release. There have been so many songs that she has said didn't make the cut for the final albums, she could do something creative for them.
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Re: Caution (99,444) (99,451) by Will from England
(Monday 17 January 2022; 01:04)
Because what Mariah loves doesn't become a hit, whilst if she doesn't like it, it becomes a fan favourite and critics like it.
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Re: Article: Mariah celebrates topping Hot 100 for another week (99,331) (99,344) by Will from England
(Sunday 2 January 2022; 00:25)
Would she? I thought it had to be consecutive weeks to get that back?
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Re: Mariah surprises fans (99,336) (99,343) by Will from England
(Sunday 2 January 2022; 00:24)
Because that's what she's always done? Taken a song of hers, deconstructed it and re-imagined it for the remix with new vocals, potentially new lyrics and other song samples? Only difference here is that she's using an old song. And why not? Let her have fun, the WBT redo was quite enjoyable and got her to be creative again, something she couldn't really do since the rules regarding what constitutes a remix changed and she was stuck with just keeping the studio vocals and having them over a dance beat, given the odd exception here and there (I'm assuming that's why that re-sung version of HATE U or Beautiful were never released as they wouldn't have helped the original song with the charting).
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Re: Sides: right vs. left (99,263) (99,270) by Will from England
(Wednesday 22 December 2021; 21:45)
I think everyone really has a certain way in which they would like to be photographed or filmed, no? Doesn't have to be on a specific side, but you know how you want to look good in a photo. For me personally, I do prefer to be photographed one particular side over the other. Can't explain how or when that started but there it is. I don't see why Mariah gets ragged on for this when most people, if not everyone, has a preference even if you're not conscious of it. And some don't have a preference and that's great too! Just depends on how comfortable you are.
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Re: MC diamond edition (99,016) (99,023) by Will from England
(Wednesday 1 December 2021; 23:24)
Problem is is that in the last two years we have had two Christmas albums, one of which was already a double disc feature and that was celebrating the anniversary of the Christmas album - a worthier reason to release it, plus new songs and everything else we've asked for. Another double disc would just be redundant at this point. It's a nice idea, but not a good enough reason to release it.
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Re: Easy on me (98,754) (98,755) by Will from England
(Sunday 17 October 2021; 00:54)
Thumbs up, because what Adele manages to now which Mariah used to do, is create a personal, emotionally driven song but keeps it open lyrically so other people can flip it onto their own lives - which is part of the enduring appeal of Adele, the gp know that they can go to her for the heart-wrenching lyrics or the sassy kiss-off ones. Mariah used to be perfect at that (Close My Eyes, Outside, Bye Bye being the real last open ended song), and yet her work now is more centred and focused on her life that it makes it difficult to relate to - am I wrong in saying this? And yes, she had a formula in the 90s, dropped it, found a new one with WBT and tried to replicate it many times until Caution, which truly seemed to be more growth from her. Also, I get the feeling that sometimes Mariah overthinks the song and over complicates it with too much going on (In The Mix, Infinity, Save The Day, Runway), whilst Adele's latest offering is straight forward and delivers what it is supposed to, whilst throwing in some vocal gymnastics - following the same formula since she knows that's what works well for her. I would not be surprised that once 30 has been finished with, her next lead single is an uptempo one like RITD. Caution was a step in the right direction for Mariah, and I hope she continues down this route, but learnt that using a lead single as a ballad isn't the right move for her right now.
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Re: Twitter Spaces (98,612) (98,614) by Will from England
(Wednesday 15 September 2021; 21:41)
One thing that stood out to me most was her openly talking about the upcoming projects that would be for her legacy. To me, that's the first time she really has openly talked about her legacy, and how she is now actively thinking about what comes next to build upon it and controlling that narrative rather than leaving it until later. It shows that, from my perspective at least, she isn't focused on having a chart hit, but just creating music that she enjoys.
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My ranking of Mariah's albums (97,446) by Will from England
(Monday 22 February 2021; 21:43)
1. Caution
2. Memoirs
3. Butterfly
4. Charmbracelet
6. Elusive
7. Daydream
8. Rainbow
9. Music Box
10. Mariah Carey
11. Emotions
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Re: Melissa (97,260) (97,263) by Will from England
(Monday 1 February 2021; 00:23)
She probably feels some form of loyalty to Jay Z and trusts him to look after her. She did well with Melissa, I doubt that Jay Z would allow someone less than her to work with Mariah, because they would be representing him as well. I don't think we will get another Stella era, but I hope she can get someone who will steer the ship just as well. Melissa got them back on track, they just need someone to take it further and higher.
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Re: Emancipation EP's for #MC30 (97,256) (97,261) by Will from England
(Sunday 31 January 2021; 18:45)
Wasn't "Your Girl" originally supposed to be a feature song with NORE anyway? LA had the feature cut because he felt the album had too many. So the "remix" version actually is the original version that Mariah wanted on the record, we're just used to hearing the released one. Here's the interview.
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Re: Ryan and Kelly show, thank you, next (97,043) (97,045) by Will from England
(Monday 28 December 2020; 23:21)
She needs to find a happy middle ground between doing the music that she loves, and a strong earworm/hook which the public will pay attention to and remember. GTFO had it a little with the "how bout you?" line all throughout, but wasn't strong enough to garner much attention. I don't listen to BTS, but I keep hearing that lyric "light it up like dynamite" in my head and I don't fully know the song lol (nicely linking to my previous post ).
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Mariah Carey, BTS (I'm That Chick/Dynamite) (97,044) by Will from England
(Monday 28 December 2020; 23:15)
This was brought up on Twitter a few days ago, and as far as fan made mash-ups are, this is a good one (another was Charlie Puth's Long and Someday mashed together, very well done). It would be interesting to see her collab with another international artist/group from a different background. Considering how big she is with Asian markets, and what BTS are doing, it would be an interesting experimental sound (for her) to put out, even if it is a remix of a song.
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Re: JD produced the new Oh Santa (96,769) (96,770) by Will from England
(Wednesday 2 December 2020; 16:48)
Didn't he produce the original as well?
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Re: Mariah's DefJam / Universal catalog (96,704) (96,707) by Will from England
(Sunday 22 November 2020; 00:24)
I suppose she has finished with Rainbow because after that, most remixes are already digital singles that can be readily found. For someone like me who has never had the opportunity to listen to them, it is nice to actually be able to listen to the older mixes. Althought it would be nice to hear the shelved Beautiful dance mix that she re-sang and at last at the official HATEU remix.
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Re: MC 30 (96,546) (96,548) by Will from England
(Friday 6 November 2020; 19:40)
I thought this was just paused whilst the election is going on.
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Re: Hopes for Glitter EPs (96,163) (96,173) by Will from England
(Wednesday 14 October 2020; 00:33)
I would love it for There for Me to be included, since it was a B-side to the NTF/Hero single?
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