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Name: Will
Country: England
You can follow me on twitter: @MCsavedmylife
The video (37,785) by Will from England
(Friday 10 May 2013; 15:44)
I liked the simplicity of the video. It fits really well with what the song is about and yeah, I kinda expected Mariah to be herself in the video and why not? Her body rocks, she's going to show it off and be proud of it. She's lost a lot of weight since the Australian shows and now she's ready to do what she does best. I love it.
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#Beautiful (37,731) by Will from England
(Monday 6 May 2013; 23:52)
At first, I couldn't get my head round the beat. But now, I'm obsessed with this song. I thought it was a nice balance between the two: 1 verse each and the chorus. People who say that it was too short, it's actually the same length as WBT (give or take a second), although it doesn't have the belting at the end. The only reason why it seems short is because Miguel is on the track, and to be honest, I love his part on the song. This song was made to be a duet, not a solo song. And it works beautifully. It's just an easy song to listen to, despite it having a very simple concept lyrically, and the melody just raises it to another level and is so catchy. It ends where it needs to end, and leaves you just wanting to hit the replay button. And considering how well it is doing on the iTunes charts, plus the positive critical reviews, it seems to be a very good step in the right direction.
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jaker20 (37,693) by Will from England
(Sunday 5 May 2013; 12:31)
Do you have any idea how that could backfire spectacularly for Mariah if she was fired? People would not take her seriously anymore. It would give bloggers more cannon fodder to blast her with more negative press and degrade her image and reputation. Mariah does not need that, especially with a new album on the way, and I'm suspecting why she reacted with lawyers when the rumours about JLo began to circulate. Along with that, Nicki would have a field day with that (if her twitter is anything to go by). Ok, maybe she is above Idol, but the show has done one good thing and that is put her back in the public's eye, and increasing interest in her again. The feud with Nicki, whether it be real or fake, has changed the public's opinion of her that maybe she isn't this horrible diva who cares only about herself. On more articles about the feud, I've noticed that people are siding with Mariah, whether they like her or not. The press has begun to turn against Nicki which is working to Mariah's favour. So you can say what you want about the show, it's helped to get Mariah back the publicity she needs. And as for the "real music", why don't we wait for tomorrow to see what Mariah has been working on?
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Is it really? (37,676) by Will from England
(Friday 3 May 2013; 20:49)
Is it really called '#Beautiful'? I thought that was just for the twitter trend. Hmm. Ok. I was not expecting that to actually stick and be the title of the song. As long as they lyrics don't go "cause you're hashtag beautiful" then I'm cool with it. And the single art? I'll be honest, I thought that was just for the promo, to get the excitement up to another level. Well it wouldn't be the first time she's used a video still for the single cover art (AC, UOMF, ABMB, WYB anyone?). Although arguably, the fan made for it (with just the silver butterfly on it) looked a bit better, but hey, that's Mariah.
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Beautiful (37,620) by Will from England
(Friday 26 April 2013; 1:53)
Well, it's now official. In less than two weeks, we'll have ourselves a new Mariah song and I really cannot wait now for this. Lambs are going crazy on Twitter.
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A duet is coming, whether you like it or not (37,619) by Will from England
(Thursday 25 April 2013; 23:09)
And I'm so excited by it. I don't care if it's a duet or a feature or whatever: it's a new Mariah song, and that just makes me jump for joy at the thought of hearing new material, especially with the way her voice has sounded recently (if Almost Home was any indication vocally). Also, her appearance on GMA makes me very happy. When she was on for TEOM and E=MC2, she got her highest sales. Not so much with the Today Show (CB and MOAIA). So I've got every finger crossed in the hopes that this trend continues on (high sales that is). She in the public's eye, people are talking about her, she's got the exposure she needs, with the added bonus of being able to change some people's opinion of her. People have been reminded of why she is Mariah Carey, and I think she's got the ball in her court now. All she needs now is a great lead single that takes off, a strong album, vocally strong performances, proper promo and she should be good for this album.
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New song out soon? (37,591) by Will from England
(Friday 19 April 2013; 12:01)
Mariah tweeted that she's off to mix her new single. So in Mariah Time, I expect it to be officially announced in 2-3 months lol. But seriously, I'm very excited by this. Because that hopefully means that her album may or may not be released in May.
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Video/cleavage shots (37,364) by Will from England
(Saturday 9 March 2013; 22:55)
I love it. Especially the last part for several reasons; the first being that when she sings "when you hear the sound of the trumpets louder than ever before", it almost looks like as if she's about to be bowled over by the wind machine (either that or 10000 trumpets played at exactly the same time); the second being that they timed some of the shots from the film to go with the beat (hitting the forehead, winking and sneezing into the ground) so I thought that was a nice touch; and then the final part: when they make it seem as if all the characters are belting out the final "home" at the same time (lead by the Wicked Witch). So I think the video is clever in its own way, by making it seem like as if it really is part of the music video, and just not random pretty scenes that they threw in. As for the cleavage, I think Mariah's been pretty conservative in her choices. Come to think of it, I think this is only time throughout AI where she has on purposely shown them or that they have been the centre piece. Other times they've been hidden away quite nicely. At least it's not the Golden Globes dress.
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Soundtrack album (37,362) by Will from England
(Saturday 9 March 2013; 22:35)
It's not that strange. Adele's "Skyfall" isn't included on the official soundtrack album and was just the single version and look how successful it was without it being on there. I've also taken a look at the soundtrack and it's just the instrumentals, which is exactly what I thought it would be. Would I be right in saying that the way a soundtrack album is handled is different to a regular studio album? Unless the movie is a musical, in which case it is not, then only the instrumentals would be on the album, but no vocally sung songs. The same went for Skyfall's soundtrack album. They're mainly made up of the background music. Therefore, the main soundtrack song would be released separately from the album, since no other songs are going to be released from the main album. Mariah has only done one main soundtrack song (As far as I'm aware. I'm excluding "Where Are You Christmas?" and "Glitter". "WAYC?" because she did not sing it and 'Glitter because in essence, it was a musical movi,e so it was inevitable that there would be vocals on the album.) in her career, so we've never had this before.
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Almost Home released too soon? / management (37,296) by Will from England
(Saturday 23 February 2013; 18:13)
Did anyone else hear Mariah on Ryan's radio show? It sounded almost as if she wasn't expecting Almost Home to be released this soon. She said something like "the next thing I knew it was being leaked and the video hasn't been finished being edited". She also mentioned that Randy hasn't heard what she's done so far, which makes me question how really involved he's been with the record. Hm. I'm not going to even give that apathetic comment more attention than it's worth.
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jaker20 (37,264) by Will from England
(Thursday 21 February 2013; 14:07)
Jeez, the single isn't even out two days and you're already calling it a flop? Wow, you're the abasador of positivity, aren't you? All the reviews that I've read indicate that a lot if people live the song, along with the general public opinion loving the song. Lets wait for he promotion wheel start along with the video be release before calling it a flop.
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Almost Home (37,240) by Will from England
(Tuesday 19 February 2013; 11:06)
Yes! Yes! Yes! I love it. The vocals are beyond on point. She's found a new confidence in her voice and mid-range. And I think Tony Bennett has something to do with it. Do you remember when she was recording WDTBRFM, she wasn't sure if she could belt at the end, but was surprised she could. And since then, she's just belted out songs like she's not done for a very long time. I've listened several times and still can't think of a song it sounds like and I really like that. Means that she's leaving the rut she was in as well as leaving her "creative safe place". Working with Stargate has just reinforced this fact. 10/10
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Matthew from USA / vocal layering / belting at the end (37,215) by Will from England
(Sunday 17 February 2013; 11:31)
Not really. I think it's just because she's using a high part of her voice (something like HATEU) and just stacked it with multiple layers. She's not belting those words. As for the belting itself, as I started off with, I can't really hear any screeching at all, I think it's just your headphones lol. I like the vocal layering personally, I think it adds some depth to the sound. Since she usually belts out at the end of a song, she doesn't really say the words clearly, as she's just elongating words and adding extra vocals for the climax. If she were to release the ending to say ABMB (assuming that we'd never heard it before), I'd say that most people would have trouble understanding what she's belting out at the end, since it's very much out of context. Once the full song has been released, I'm sure people will understand.
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Almost Home snippet (37,204) by Will from England
(Saturday 16 February 2013; 22:10)
I've been slayed. That's all you need to say about it.
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Mariah's nose (37,197) by Will from England
(Friday 15 February 2013; 23:02)
Ok, look, you all know I love Mariah. But what is up with her nose in that picture (where she is on the set of "Almost Home"), is that just bad lighting or what? It looks like Janet Jackson's nose has been placed on that photo. Compare it to the banner one, it's just become thinner, pointed and smaller. Is it just me?
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George Golden / Almost Home (37,169) by Will from England
(Wednesday 6 February 2013; 19:41)
Ask and you shall receive lol. I'm very excited by this now. The 19th couldn't come any sooner. So with Disney, IDJ and Mariah's team working out the promotional tour, surely that could only mean good things, right?
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Hope Street (37,114) by Will from England
(Monday 21 January 2013; 15:49)
What an interesting title, if it is a confirmed song title. In terms of song names, as far as I'm concerned, it's up there with The Roof and Petals, as in song titles that make you wonder what on earth they could be about. Very excited by this news.
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PJW and Paul (37,097) by Will from England
(Wednesday 16 January 2013; 21:44)
Think about the majority of photoshoots she has done for magazines, album covers, single covers, TV interviews etc. One thing they have in common? They all feature her right side (the only exception being the cover of Emotions). Even the candid shots on the dem babies website feature nothing else. I think it's the culmination of having someone say "your left side doesn't look right" (or something to that effect), and then having all your photos done on the right, may have just enforced that. Even some of her hair styles are done so her right side is shown. Can anyone think of any time when she was willingly videoed/photographed from the left? Red carpet moments don't count.
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Bill/AI songs (36,976) by Will from England
(Monday 17 December 2012; 11:44)
Yeah, I had one of those moments a while ago. I was listening to UTS on my ear phones, and after she does the "sho do doom do do", and there are those high whistle notes in the background? I never realised that they actually continue on for quite a while after that. Never heard them before. I'm always hearing these small vocal moments in her songs, that weren't obvious to me on first listening. Like Languishing, someone here mentioned those extra lines she barely whispers in the background and I had never heard them and just brought the song to a whole new level. I'm loving the songs that she has cleared for AI, would love to some of them sing Prisoner or AIYM. She's included some gems really.
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Number 19 (36,944) by Will from England
(Thursday 13 December 2012; 20:34)
After seeing it rise up the charts (Hot 100), I'm more inclined to believe that AIWFCIY could be her 19th #1. That song has everything going for it: radio play, sales and video play. There is no reason why it wouldn't go to number 1 at all. And the great thing about it? There's always next year to try again to get it to the top spot, now that the rules have changed.
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Huffington Post (36,926) by Will from England
(Wednesday 12 December 2012; 9:47)
Huh, whether or not that "article" is true (I hope it isn't, because I really don't need that image in my head), that's really too much into detail. If it's fake, then the person who wrote it has some serious and spent way too much time thinking about this.

Webmaster: I can assure this article is not fake. If you go to the Huffington Post website, you can see a videoclip of this interview.
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Leito (36,919) by Will from England
(Saturday 8 December 2012; 1:15)
Yes, I think it does have the potential to get to #1 under the new rules. I think there is a Facebook campaign to get it to become her 19th #1, and considering the popularity it gets every year, I don't think it would be that hard to do.
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AIWFCIY at Jimmy Falon (36,897) by Will from England
(Wednesday 5 December 2012; 10:09)
What can I say? That was fantastic Mariah. I really loved this version (what is it, the 10th version she's done of the song?). People can cover the song as many times as they want, Mariah can still knock them out of the park whenever she sings it.
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Mariah's "upper layer" (36,862) by Will from England
(Thursday 29 November 2012; 22:07)
I'm sorry, I can't help but roll around with laughter as to how media outlets are writing/reporting about her assests. It's just too funny for words. The two articles for today left me in hysterics. It's clear that even the media aren't taking them too seriously and just having fun by finding ways to bring those two up at any point. On another note, is it just me or are they (somehow) bigger? People who say to Mariah to cover up: she'll decide when to cover up in her own time, because clearly no matter the weather, she'll have them there for everyone to talk about.
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Christmas tree lighting (36,842) by Will from England
(Wednesday 28 November 2012; 10:04)
After watching the videos posted on YouTube, I'm speechless. Whatever vocal problems/illness she had a while ago, are gone. She sounds great. Don't get me started on Christmas Time Is In The Air Again, that was a flawless performance and she didn't lip. She went for the big note, she hit the note, and she held it. Can't fault it in any way. Someone below mentioned her vocals at Morocco, well, they aren't here anymore.
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