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Name: Will
Country: England
You can follow me on twitter: @MCsavedmylife
Re: Glitter week (95,541) (95,548) by Will from England
(Tuesday 15 September 2020; 08:26)
Might have got no new EP's but we did get all of her albums remastered on vinyl. Hardly nothing.
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Mariah Network (95,289) by Will from England
(Monday 31 August 2020; 00:51)
The Mariah Network posted the interview that the New York magazine did with Mariah recently. Very good read and great insight on what she will be talking about in her book.
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Re: Another take on the voice (95,218) (95,221) by Will from England
(Wednesday 26 August 2020; 19:22)
The thing with writing is that unless you are surrounded by new inspiration, ideas and expressions, or you are writing about a personal experience from which you can draw some emotion from, you will at some point struggle to find new ways to write about something that everyone else is writing about, which for 90% of Mariah's catalouge is love. When you're young, you have so much to say, so many new ways to express an idea or a concept. But after 30 years, after writing so many songs that have been released, and also kept in the vault, can you still write the same way as you did five years ago and keep it fresh? I doubt it. Caution was Mariah surrounded by new people with new ideas and sounds, which is why it sounds so new yet so Mariah.
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Re: Save The Day (95,146) (95,159) by Will from England
(Sunday 23 August 2020; 22:54)
And just to add to the point about her voice, I think she only re-sang it so high, was to match how she originally wrote it. If she sings in her lower to mid registers (giving me life etc.) I think she will sound great, and leave the breathy voice behind/use it less regularly. But yes, between GTFO (which was mostly that register) to STD re-recording, her voice had changed once again, but it is interesting to notice that the chorus and the verses are almost two different voices. Watching a video analysis recently (taking it with a pinch of salt naturally), the commentator noticed she is now more comfortable using her mid-voice rather than the higher, breathy whisper register. I think she could have taken more time to adapt the song to her current voice rather than match it to whatever draft version she had from all those years ago.
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Re: Rarities partial tracklisting (95,127) (95,158) by Will from England
(Sunday 23 August 2020; 22:15)
I wonder if "Imperfect" will make the cut.
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Re: Save The Day (95,146) (95,157) by Will from England
(Sunday 23 August 2020; 22:13)
Listening to the song, I get the feeling that it was mainly the chorus that they had down, and the verses were added later which is why it sounds a little disjointed, if that indeed was the case. I agree with the KMS sample being an afterthought, but maybe using the sample was the original intent to be a part of their failed previous attempt at a duet? Just depends on when exactly Mariah got the rights to use the song.
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Re: Name game (94,924) (94,937) by Will from England
(Tuesday 18 August 2020; 00:56)
Without You
I Still Believe
Love Takes Time
It's Like That
Anytime You Need A Friend
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Re: From the vaults (94,711) (94,713) by Will from England
(Saturday 25 July 2020; 23:44)
Don't want her to rush through this. To think she has so many rough cuts and demos etc. she can take her time going through it all.
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Re: The Live Debut (94,636) (94,641) by Will from England
(Friday 17 July 2020; 23:18)
To be fair though that whole performance was a big mishap with missed cues and having to play catch up on her part. Not surprised it was included.
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Re: Hopes for the memoir (94,570) (94,573) by Will from England
(Sunday 12 July 2020; 23:51)
Well, this means we can have a follow up in ten years.
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Re: Her name twice on the cover (94,555) (94,559) by Will from England
(Saturday 11 July 2020; 23:54)
This is actually a good analysis and one I hadn't thought of. The name "Mariah Carey" means a lot to different people, even herself (indeed she has in the past referenced "Mariah Carey" as a different persona/entity to herself), from different backgrounds from professional to ethnicity to personal. I wonder if she does go down that route.
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Re: The Meaning of Ridicule (94,529) (94,553) by Will from England
(Saturday 11 July 2020; 09:36)
Forgive me, but isn't the point of an autobiography supposed to be all about the person writing it, therefore the title should reference this in some way? Looking at other titles for memoirs, she could have gone down two routes: either have a title that is vague but intriguing (e.g. Life's What You Make It - Philip Scholfield or Handstands In The Dark: A True Story of Growing Up and Survival - Jane Godley or Becoming - Michelle Obama) or she has a title that is more on the nose, tells the reader what this book may be/is about (e.g. Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man - Mary Trump or This Is Me - Mrs Hitch or Eye of the Storm: Twenty-Five Years in Action with the SAS - Peter Ratcliff). Mariah has always picked titles that she feels embodies the work that she has put out, more so with her albums. Yes some are self-referential but there is nothing wrong with that, and more so when it comes to a book. I'm sure she had a lot of titles that she went through with the book before settling on one that suited the theme and subject matter within the book.
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Re: Mariah's memoir (94,512) (94,516) by Will from England
(Thursday 9 July 2020; 09:20)
It would not surprise me if there was a ghostwriter involved. Didn't she say a while back that she was? I have a faint recollection of her mentioning it very briefly, but I may be wrong. Can't wait for the audiobook version as well.
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Article: Mariah crashes "Schitt's Creek" performance of "Hero" (94,326) by Will from England
(Monday 8 June 2020; 00:16)
To be fair, I would have had the same reaction as David. Love that she popped in with perfect lighting and that wind machine going.
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Through The Rain / Make It happen (94,070) by Will from England
(Tuesday 12 May 2020; 09:38)
Another good performance, and I like she switched it up a bit by including TTR. So nice to hear her sing it again.
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E=MC2 iTunes UK (93,848) by Will from England
(Wednesday 29 April 2020; 12:49)
If you look at the top albums on the main chart iTunes UK, you can clearly see that it's mostly made up of compilation albums and older albums. Mariah isn't the oldest album on there by far since Nirvana, Jagged Little Pill and the Beach Boys are also very much present near the top of the chart. So for a ressuragnace now doesn't look too unusual. If it had happened outside of this whole lockdown and artists were still releasing new material, then yes it would look odd. But hey, let's celebrate this moment and see what happens next. Showbiz is just looking for a story because there is literally nothing else for them to talk about.
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Hero (93,563) by Will from England
(Friday 10 April 2020; 23:21)
Another superb home performance. The vocals, the clarity, the tone, all present. Can't wait to watch the vocal teachers/reactors on YouTube watch this.
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The memoir (92,275) by Will from England
(Saturday 11 January 2020; 19:12)
Why isn't it surprising for me to visit the messageboard after a few months off it, to see people already bashing the memoir before it's even been released? We don't know what Mariah will talk about, how she will present it, what topics she will cover, how current in the book she will go regarding her career, what the publishers will expect. For all we know it may just be covering her childhood up to her first deal. Why don't we just wait and find out a little more, before judging it? I know this board likes to do that well before Mariah puts anything out, but still, give it a bit of a chance.
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Re: St John the Divine (91,228) (91,229) by Will from England
(Saturday 2 November 2019; 22:46)
Scroll down a little further. Plenty of good comments on it.
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Re: The forgotten albums (90,779) (90,797) by Will from England
(Wednesday 11 September 2019; 22:10)
Personally, I think that this want to do songs she hasn't done for a long time/not done before stemmed from her doing her #1s Vegas show. Ever since then, she has been revisiting her early number 1s and incorporating them into her setlist more and more. She always played it safe with her setlist but since that show ended, she's been more adventurous.
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Re: Katy Perry shading Mariah in 2014 (90,225) (90,237) by Will from England
(Monday 8 July 2019; 00:01)
She had an album in 2017? Huh.
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Twitter game (90,234) by Will from England
(Sunday 7 July 2019; 19:38)
Can we just take a moment to appreciate and celebrate Mariah's recent Twitter/social media game? Whether it's herself or someone else, her tweets have been on point, funny and tongue in cheek. The latest of her competing in the bottletop challenge is brilliant and so funny to watch, and I'm living for this mini series she has on her Instagram account. Even though she has moved on from Caution and onto a new project, her team are keeping her active on SM in different ways and it's so good to see.
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Pics and videos (89,966) by Will from England
(Thursday 13 June 2019; 21:29)
I can see why Mariah was worried about what Hella and her spawn could say and release about her.
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Royal Albert Hall (89,741) by Will from England
(Monday 27 May 2019; 17:54)
I went to the show on the 26th and I was blown away yet again. Sure, there were some parts that were lipped, but the extra whistles, the strength in her voice surpassed all that. Now that she's more comfortable performing she's having more fun with the songs and the set list and it showed. To decided to do Endless Love was a great touch and one that I think no one expected from her. There was a great balance between the older and newer songs and it all just felt and sounded so right. Cannot wait for her next tour, and to be honest, I hope she sticks to the smaller venues.
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Article: Mariah Carey "smashes every note" (89,691) (89,694) by Will from England
(Thursday 23 May 2019; 22:21)
Here's the video.
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