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Name: Will
Country: England
You can follow me on twitter: @MCsavedmylife
Re: BMA vocal analysis (89,459) (89,463) by Will from England
(Monday 6 May 2019; 00:04)
Well, if you think about it, up until a few years ago, her voice was pretty much consistent. Whilst she may have had nerves early on in her career, she overcame/dealt with them because she didn't need to worry about her voice. It was one thing she could rely on to deliver a show well. Since Rockefeller though, she has known that every single performance that she does on TV now will be analysed in depth by fans and non-fans because it's being broadcast all over the world, replayed on YouTube and reacted to, and if she hits one wrong note, she knows that she will be torn down because of it. Have you not noticed that since then, the number of TV performances she has actually done have dropped considerably to just a scattering of them? She's only performed on TV when she has needed to or has been hired to. She knows that people are waiting for her to fail again, and for someone who has had insecurities all her life, that can mess your confidence up quite a bit, and sadly there is no quick way to fix it, no matter how long you have been in the game. The BMAs are viewed by quite a few people and this year, because of accepting the Icon Award, all eyes and attention will be on her and that's a stressful moment for anyone to deal with, on top of having to worry if your voice is going to be able to carry you through a performance that consists of some of the toughest songs ever recorded, and doing it all live. I mean, let's look at Adele, who true hasn't been doing this as long as Mariah, has openly said that she suffers from stage fright terribly. Other singers who have been doing this for a long time, like Barbra Streisand, Andrea Bocelli, all have come out and said that they too suffer from stage fright. It's not something that experience and longevity can fix. In Mariah's own words "But for me, there are different rules, I don't know why."
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Re: BMA vocal analysis (89,453) (89,461) by Will from England
(Sunday 5 May 2019; 22:14)
I can understand that. It's not necessarily picking apart her voice, but focusing more on her technique on the night and what she could do to improve it going forwards. They do conclude by saying that there are things that she can do to ensure her voice has more consistency, and do say that overall, vocally, it was a challenging medley for her to do. I found it to be a positive look at it overall, rather than bashing/slating her. They say things that have been mentioned on this board over the past few years, only that they have the expertise and knowledge to back up what they are saying. As for nerves, that is highlighted and they do go into detail on her body language as she's singing which highlights the nerves. It is worth a watch.
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BMA vocal analysis (89,452) by Will from England
(Sunday 5 May 2019; 09:53)
I follow this voice teacher on YouTube and he does great in-depth analysis' of various singers, what they are doing well, where they can improve, and he did a reaction to Mariah's recent performance, and I think it's a fair reaction to her voice.
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Re: After the Caution tour (88,263) (88,281) by Will from England
(Sunday 3 March 2019; 15:01)
Lol, who does concert DVD's anymore? Should be doing it on Netflix or online streaming service.
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Re: My All (88,048) (88,069) by Will from England
(Saturday 16 February 2019; 11:16)
That's from 2 years ago.
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Royal Albert Hall (87,956) by Will from England
(Thursday 7 February 2019; 19:40)
Ever since I watched Adele's show at the RAH on YouTube, I've always wanted Mariah to perform there. It looks like such an intimate setting and with its history of music performances, as soon as I saw that she was performing there, I knew I had to get tickets. This will be my third show and looking forward to this one quite a bit.
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Re: Caution trivia (87,262) (87,268) by Will from England
(Friday 28 December 2018; 18:43)
It's Like That.
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O2 show (87,005) by Will from England
(Wednesday 12 December 2018; 17:03)
I am so glad that at the last minute, me and a family relative decided to go and see the show. It was simply spectacular, and we both agreed that it was better than the SSF tour mostly because there were screens present and we could actually see her this time around. Her voice blew us aware and frequently we turned to each other to marvel at what we had just heard with our own ears. There is no doubt in my mind that her voice is in good shape and will continue to be so. The unexpected highlight for me was "The Star", with Roe standing next to her superstar mother. Just beautiful. Can't wait for next year.
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02 Tickets (86,950) by Will from England
(Saturday 8 December 2018; 21:36)
Hi Eric, the ticket has now been sold. Thank you for posting.
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Re: O2 Ticket (86,945) (86,949) by Will from England
(Saturday 8 December 2018; 18:35)
I'm also open to offers from £50.
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O2 Ticket (86,945) by Will from England
(Saturday 8 December 2018; 14:04)
Hi everyone, I have a spare ticket to Mariah's London show this Tuesday coming and wondered if there are any UK Lambs here interested? It's in section 111, row K. Selling for £70, bought for £93.34. It's an E-Ticket.
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Jimmy Fallon / Genius / Memoirs / Caution (86,087) by Will from England
(Saturday 17 November 2018; 10:40)
I'm so happy that she sang it live. Nice dress, not a ballgown, good vocals and hit those notes. Also, brilliant Genius interview and we need one of those for every song, tangents included. I'm surprised no one has commented on the fact that she confirmed that her memoirs is indeed on its way and she's writing it at the moment. I really like this album, it sounds cohesive despite the numerous producers. And I like she touched on this during the Genius, on how she makes sure that she comes through. The vocals, despite being fixed in her upper whisper register, sound very pretty and fit the mood of the album. What I really love is how different of a sound she's going for, and truthfully, the majority of the songs I can't say "Oh this sounds like this, this sounds like that", with the exception of Givin' Me Life (amazing song and brilliantly executed). So far, the promo road for this album has been done very well and we should be very happy with how it is going.
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Re: Glitter revival (85,923) (85,925) by Will from England
(Wednesday 14 November 2018; 20:16)
It's because certain Mariah fan pages are doing a countdown to Caution, and encouraging fans to take part by streaming each album in celebration. Because Glitter can't be streamed, lambs have been buying it instead. It's an amazing show of what we as a fan base are capable of doing when working together. A soundtrack album that almost derailed her career, was panned by critics, was released 17 years ago is now in the top 10 (I believe) of the iTunes US chart.
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8th Grade (85,480) by Will from England
(Wednesday 31 October 2018; 19:29)
So we've got the next track from the album. I like how they're doing this tracklist reveal. Very different to the standard "here's what's coming on this album" in one go. Also goes to show that the TL that was going around was complete nonsense.
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A No No / LE vinyl (85,329) by Will from England
(Friday 26 October 2018; 20:19)
Well, looks like a new song was leaked this morning called "A No No". From what lambs have said it's a good track, so looking forward to hearing it. Mariah's team has already pulled it from the web. And it looks like the team may have made the first booboo in releasing the album, I've seen a lot of fans saying that their order for the LE edition version of the album has been cancelled for no reason, and apparently the price went up. Don't know much more about that.
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Updating the stats (85,159) by Will from England
(Sunday 21 October 2018; 13:45)
Well done to the new team for getting on this and finally updating her numbers. 1.6 Billion unit sales in Asia Pacific? Looking forward to hearing the rest of the updates.
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Re: The Distance (85,061) (85,066) by Will from England
(Thursday 18 October 2018; 22:52)
I'm with Andrew on this one. It's a nice song, but not for me. Right now, GTFO resonates with me more lyrically because of life stuff, and not the happy love songs right now. Hoping that will change as life progresses. But I am 100% behind how the new team are doing things. They're shaking things up, not kissing radio DJ's asses by doing call-ins like she used to, doing something new with Mariah and how to roll things out. It's new and fresh for her, maybe not for other artists who may have been doing this for a while. Everything has been planned on when to make announcements, when to release songs, videos etc. what gets promoted, what doesn't. It's all there ready and waiting. You know that the manager must have a huge calendar and they've marked it all out with Roc Nation on the whole thing. Keep it going.
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Caution (84,886) by Will from England
(Monday 15 October 2018; 15:51)
I did not expect that to be the album title. Roll on November 16th.
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Bad place (84,678) by Will from England
(Wednesday 10 October 2018; 18:29)
It's sad that this has become a place of negativity and just general hate bashing now. If you don't like the direction Mariah is going, then please close the door and lose the key. There's nothing stopping you from leaving and just enjoy the happy memories you have of 90's Mariah, instead of continuously bashing her now and tarnishing the happy times you're desperate to have again. Buh bye.
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With You cover (84,192) by Will from England
(Monday 1 October 2018; 22:23)
I'm loving this cover. It's the most un-Mariah Carey single art cover she's ever done and I'm here for it. It's even featuring the other side of her face and that's a rarity lol. The new team is even breaking her away from using the Mariah Carey font. Excited for the new song.
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Re: Where is the new album date and name confirmed? (84,157) (84,169) by Will from England
(Sunday 30 September 2018; 22:30)
We think the date was confirmed on the "GTFO Airways" ticket that was mailed to fans last week, with the QR code for the With You spotify link.
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Re: MC on vinyl (84,105) (84,115) by Will from England
(Saturday 29 September 2018; 19:34)
I found the MC vinyl, ATYNAF, Hero and VOL in charity shops, and bought MCIIY, Merry Christmas and Butterfly.
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Release date (84,064) by Will from England
(Friday 28 September 2018; 08:42)
So it has more or less been confirmed that the album is coming on November 16th, thanks to those boarding pass tickets that Mariah's team sent out this week. Very excited for the new single, and the thoughts that have been shared on twitter make me even more excited for the album.
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With You video (83,843) by Will from England
(Monday 17 September 2018; 20:20)
Videos on instagram show that Mariah is already filming the video for her next song by the looks of it. She's ready for this.
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Re: GTFO (83,737) (83,746) by Will from England
(Thursday 13 September 2018; 22:11)
Considering how the press release called it a buzz single the day it was released, seems to me that the song was always to be a buzz single. Usually you'd be correct if they had said this a week later. But they've already said that the lead single is coming out later on, this is just to give us an idea where Mariah is going musically.
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