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Name: Will
Country: England
You can follow me on twitter: @MCsavedmylife
GTFO (83,728) by Will from England
(Thursday 13 September 2018; 16:16)
I love it. The second verse especially speaks to me right now. It's an updated sound for her and yet is classic Mariah. Even though the f-word divides some fans, it's subtle and the way it's been sung doesn't make me mind it. It's not like on Beautiful where it was harshly sung by Miguel. I love the delivery of this song, having it full voice for the whole song would not have worked. And vocally, it's a big step up from I Don't. Been on repeat since I bought so it's a good start.
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Re: How Bout You GTFO (83,671) (83,672) by Will from England
(Wednesday 12 September 2018; 01:22)
Get The [censored] Out.
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Re: How Bout You GTFO (83,657) (83,670) by Will from England
(Wednesday 12 September 2018; 00:22)
Not a rumour at all.
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GTFO (83,669) by Will from England
(Wednesday 12 September 2018; 00:13)
Well, it's on the nose but direct. At least there could be no question on who it could be about . Can't wait to hear it.
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Coming soon? (83,643) by Will from England
(Monday 10 September 2018; 20:25)
I'm still recovering from that reply to my last message Fair play, I did leave some things out, and I said it was pure speculation, and I was proven wrong in style. In the meantime, has the countdown begun? Mariah's team posted a photo on her InstaStory with the letter "O". For October plus date? Single title? Let's see.
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Mariah's voice and biology (83,614) by Will from England
(Friday 7 September 2018; 21:51)
As we've all seen recently, Mariah's voice is on the move again and changing. In the past, we've put it down to a sudden change in lifestyle, to her singing technique, the overuse of it in her early years etc. She can hit some notes here and there, but there is no denying that it has deepened rapidly over the past couple of years alone. During Idol/TAOLG moments, she had the flexibility and could easily reach the high notes. Now not so much. And I'm sure we've all noticed that it's sounding more tired and raspy of late. Of course, that could be because of the recording sessions that she is doing between shows, and it's not getting enough rest. However, I would like to offer another theory, and it is linked to Mariah's age. As we all know, Mariah is now 48 and biologically speaking, she is closer to the age bracket when menopause begins to show itself, which can cause tissue dryness in the vocal chords, leading to raspiness and the voice sounding tired, along with being unable to reach higher notes (there's an interesting study on this on Austrian singers). Here is a link to a video regarding this. Mix that with Mariah's recording sessions, her likings for a splash, insomnia etc. and that's not going to be a healthy mix for it. Of course, this is pure speculation and I could be entirely wrong. But I would be interested to hear your viewpoints as well.
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Re: No Mariah? (83,537) (83,538) by Will from England
(Friday 31 August 2018; 23:26)
With Vegas starting again, I think she had no choice but to not go. Although she did send white roses in a form of a cross and a beautiful note.
3 likes reply (83,492) by Will from England
(Monday 27 August 2018; 18:40)
"My fans just want to hear me express myself and speak from the heart and sing from the heart," says Carey. "Some of the record is lighthearted and fun, and some [songs] I really went deep in terms of the lyrical content. There's a nice cross-section of things." Can we not just get the album now please?
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Re: Listening session (83,488) (83,489) by Will from England
(Monday 27 August 2018; 09:59)
She's posted on her Instastory that they're shooting a "secret project". Sounds very much like she's shooting either album/single cover of music video. Either way, exciting things are happening.
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OSD (83,175) by Will from England
(Thursday 19 July 2018; 23:18)
Don't know if anyone has seen this yet, but there's a cute video going around of Mariah zoned out during OSD, and misses her cue by a few seconds. You can see her just lost in the music and just listening to it before the realisation hits. Also a great example of her singing live.
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Re: Something is in the works (82,992) (82,993) by Will from England
(Friday 6 July 2018; 23:41)
Just a note about the WBT climax. I honestly don't think that was lipped. She usually tries for something a bit more polished for those moments, but last night included a voice crack, and it seems very out of character. Let's see what happens the next night.
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Vegas (82,982) by Will from England
(Friday 6 July 2018; 08:06)
She played it safe for opening night, didn't go for the higher belting notes, but overall I thought they were solid vocal moments. So happy that she did CLG live, still looking for a full video of that whistle at the end.
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Re: RocNation (82,831) (82,845) by Will from England
(Sunday 17 June 2018; 19:25)
Wasn't Anti's rollout a complete mess?
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Re: "That's about me" song (82,779) (82,799) by Will from England
(Wednesday 13 June 2018; 22:55)
1) Side Effects
2) Petals
3) Close My Eyes
4) Butterfly
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Drag Race (82,709) by Will from England
(Friday 8 June 2018; 21:39)
Does Ru Paul think that if he mentions/references Mariah enough times on the show, she'll appear as a judge? One can dream.
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Article: Mariah Carey on bossiness, breakups and being bipolar (82,669) by Will from England
(Tuesday 5 June 2018; 23:59)
Despite the sarcastic way this was written, it was pretty interesting to read. He asked questions that aren't ordinarily asked and she was willing answer to a degree.
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Article: Mariah Carey slammed for Christmas tour ticket prices (82,643) by Will from England
(Tuesday 5 June 2018; 00:11)
I mean, £138 isn't too bad. Someone I know went to the Rolling Stones concert last weekend, and the ticket prices for upfront seats were in the £500s.
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Article: Mariah quietly sold diamond ring from ex James Packer (82,541) by Will from England
(Monday 28 May 2018; 00:30)
I hope that she has sold the ring. Good riddance and a little light shopping cash on the side to boot. What more could you ask for?
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Table tennis (82,519) by Will from England
(Thursday 24 May 2018; 17:41)
Another cute video on Mariah's insta of her playing table tennis. She's got good game.
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Article: Mariah Carey watches fan covers on YouTube (82,516) by Will from England
(Thursday 24 May 2018; 10:52)
I think this is so cute. Been wanting her to do something like this for a long time. Also, is it me, or does her speaking voice seem a bit richer? Noticed it during the "9 Things Mariah Carey Hasn't Done" video, but thought it was a one time thing.
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Allure video (82,355) by Will from England
(Wednesday 9 May 2018; 10:09)
Are we not going to talk about how great, funny and relaxed Mariah was? Ok.
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Article: Mariah returns to Las Vegas for The Butterfly Returns (82,242) by Will from England
(Monday 30 April 2018; 22:44)
I love this. A great poke in the eye for Hella, who couldn't even get her back into Caesars Palace and only a hotel. There is a small part of me that is wishing that "The Butterfly Returns" is the new album title. Anyway, will be interesting to see if she does a different setlist.
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Re: (82,193) (82,198) by Will from England
(Sunday 29 April 2018; 18:40)
Once we begin having expectations of what kind of songs we want to hear, basing them on her back catalogue, then that's when I fear disappointment sets in when the album/single doesn't meet what we wish to hear. We ask her to move out her comfort zone, and work with new producers, yet ask for her to recreate her past songs. Can't have both.
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Re: According to... (82,178) (82,192) by Will from England
(Saturday 28 April 2018; 23:42)
And here I was thinking that it was some very weird reference to Winnie The Pooh
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Re: List (82,081) (82,100) by Will from England
(Sunday 22 April 2018; 22:22)
Yay, the lists are back.
Favorite albums: E=MC2 and Butterfly
Favorite album tracks: Obsessed, The Roof, Close My Eyes, Petals, Migrate, H.A.T.E.U., Looking In, Side Effects, Without You
Favorite promo single: The Roof
Favorite #1 songs: Love Takes Time, Don't Forget About Us
Most underrated singles: Through The Rain
Favorite bonus tracks: There Goes My Heart, Heat
Favorite b-side: Do You Think Of Me
Favorite vocal performance: Butterfly, My All
Favorite high notes: Don't Forget About Us, There For Me
Favorite videos: Butterfly, The Roof, When You Believe, Don't Forget About Us, Obsessed
Funniest videos: Heartbreaker, Touch My Body
Favorite remake/cover: Heavenly, Without You
Favorite collaboration: Fantasy Remix
Favorite gospel songs: Fly Like A Bird and Heavenly
Favorite holiday songs: Miss You Most, Christmas Time Is In the Air Again, One Child
Favorite dance mix: Fantasy, You're Mine (Danny Verde mix)
Favorite urban remix: Heartbreaker (Remix)
Favorite era: E=MC2 and Memoirs
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