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Name: Will
Country: England
You can follow me on twitter: @MCsavedmylife
Re: Stumbled on this (81,787) (81,794) by Will from England
(Thursday 12 April 2018; 18:35)
That's been out/leaked for a few years now.
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People Magazine (81,772) by Will from England
(Wednesday 11 April 2018; 23:32)
I'm so proud of Mariah. When I saw the post on Instagram, I gasped so loudly in class that many people asked what had happened. There aren't enough words to say how happy I am that she's revealed this side to her, that I think she would have taken to her grave if given the chance. The new team is building her confidence and letting her reveal so much about herself, that has been holding her back in so many ways. I also love how they styled her for this shoot: the simple black dress, no engagement ring in sight, her signature butterfly ring, and simple makeup. It's just perfect. Whatever Stella thought she had on Mariah, clearly underestimated her resilience and strength. This team is doing so well in repairing her image and career, and has made more progress in these few months, than everything she has been through since E=MC2.
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Re: Mariah's voice with new album (81,411) (81,417) by Will from England
(Saturday 17 March 2018; 19:23)
If she keeps the vocals on the tracks simple, then she can play with them when live and change it up that way. But I'm so excited for what she could be cooking up at the moment.
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Re: Essential albums: Mariah Carey - #1 To Infinity (81,327) (81,330) by Will from England
(Saturday 10 March 2018; 22:26)
In the context of the original message, which was questioning why people say DL and HB sound similar, the melodic structure in the chorus is similar. Here's where she talks about the similarities. Honey doesn't fall under that category in terms of similarity to other songs.
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Re: Essential albums: Mariah Carey - #1 To Infinity (81,316) (81,321) by Will from England
(Friday 9 March 2018; 21:54)
Mariah herself talked about the comparisons. She even sang the two choruses for DL and HB side by side in an interview (don't know which one but it's on YouTube somewhere) and they do sound very similar. And she even said that they are similar, but only because she wrote both of them, therefore there would be a similar vein to them. As for the GOL, well, I don't know which versions they're listening to, but it's definitely not the same sample by any means.
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Re: Stripped versions of Mariah's gems (81,002) (81,004) by Will from England
(Saturday 17 February 2018; 22:38)
Mine's a cross of Petals, UTS, Close My Eyes and ISB. Honestly they're so good.
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Re: New album title (80,470) (80,475) by Will from England
(Thursday 18 January 2018; 23:08)
I'd disagree about the charmbracelet thing. I'm sure I've seen her wear one in concert in the last couple of years. Whether or not it's the same one or not, I don't know.
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Linner (80,291) by Will from England
(Sunday 7 January 2018; 09:51)
I love that she's tweeting herself now. You can see the massive difference between the team and Mariah tweeting. And yes for linner.
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Setlist (80,117) by Will from England
(Friday 29 December 2017; 19:48)
Ryan Seacrest has confirmed that Mariah will perform two songs, one of which will be Hero. I agree with The Real Deal, obscure album cuts aren't meant to be sung at major events. That's why she sticks with ABMB, Hero, WBT etc. for major, non-fan based events because she knows that people know them and will be invested in the performance, especially if it's a short one. With longer setlists, she can have a little more wiggle room to dive into the more unknown, fan-favourite songs.
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New Year's Eve take 2 (80,005) by Will from England
(Saturday 23 December 2017; 00:35)
So Mariah has just announced that she's performing New Year's Eve. I'm praying that it all goes smoothly this time, but so far, I have no reason to doubt this new team that it will go well. I really love how so far, they're essentially showing Stella how it's done, and how it's done right. Everything has been on point. If they're reading the messages, which I doubt, keep on doing what you're doing.
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Article: What does Mariah think when she watches The Crown? (79,995) by Will from England
(Thursday 21 December 2017; 23:24)
What even is the point of this article?
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Article: Fans upset by Mariah Carey's rescheduled tour dates (79,993) by Will from England
(Thursday 21 December 2017; 21:12)
They probably only cancelled and re-scheduled because, and correct me if I'm wrong, Stella was only able to book smaller venues. This new team know what they can do and can book her bigger and better venues. I'm loving this new team more and more.
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Article: Bryan Tanaka can't keeps his hands off Mariah Carey (79,992) by Will from England
(Thursday 21 December 2017; 21:05)
I am loving this green dress. She should wear this shade of colour more often.
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Social media / new team (79,860) by Will from England
(Thursday 14 December 2017; 01:12)
My, what a world of difference a new team has made in just a few short weeks. Everything that has been posted on her Instagram and InstaStory has been on point and focused. No more odd glamour or drunk shots. Just straight up promo for AIWFCIY and the tour. Her new stylist (and I do believe that there is one) is clothing her well and suitably, making her look like a legend. The staging for this tour is perfect, and I'm delighted to see that they've reinstated the screens. I did not go to this tour, primarily because of the lack of screens during the SSFT but I'm kicking myself now. The costumes are also appropriate: no more body suits. And she's got her first Golden Globe nomination under this team already. Go team go.
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Re: TMZ (79,298) (79,318) by Will from England
(Wednesday 8 November 2017; 22:34)
Probably because Stella whispered all the right things in Mariah's ear, she came with the recommendation of a friend and Mariah is too trusting, despite whatever she says of having her guard up. It's sad that Mariah has to learn this lesson the hard way.
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Re: I'm featured in Say Somethin' (So So Def Remix) (79,238) (79,252) by Will from England
(Monday 6 November 2017; 17:51)
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Re: Karl Lagerfeld dinner (78,991) (79,005) by Will from England
(Tuesday 24 October 2017; 20:31)
Ok, I am so so happy to see this change in her. Recently, when it has come to lipping that climax, she has been doing it with no effort. Here, she's pulling expressions, she's actually making it look like she's singing live. And I love that. I really do hope this means that Stella and her coven has gone, and Mariah can be happy now.
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Sad love songs (78,846) by Will from England
(Tuesday 17 October 2017; 00:01)
It's a pity that Mariah has so very few happy true love songs. Most of her catalogue is "sad love" songs, "wishing for love" songs, "beginnings of love" songs or "jilted love" songs. And to me, it's sad that she has never really let happiness into her writing. It's almost as if she needs sadness in her life, to be able to write deep personal songs. She's not written a true love song, from her own life experience yet. The only exceptions I've ever found are TGIFY and The Impossible but you could hardly call them her best work lyrically. All the other "happy" love songs have come from her imagination, of what she deems love to be like "Sent from up above", "Emotions" etc. What do you guys think?
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Re: Unforgettable (78,239) (78,248) by Will from England
(Saturday 2 September 2017; 19:46)
The one thing that is stopping me from fully liking it, is the echo/fade thing on the vocals.
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Article: Mariah Carey performs in final Las Vegas residency show (77,299) by Will from England
(Wednesday 19 July 2017; 22:56)
Ooph, those photos are beyond unflattering.
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Vegas (77,014) by Will from England
(Monday 10 July 2017; 09:33)
I've never seen her look so sad, so more restricted vocally on stage, than she does right now. It's like she's on stage but she's somewhere else in her head, as if something else is on her mind. Even when she's lipping the climax's, to We Belong Together and DFAO the energy is not there. She's dodging every high note she can and taking the songs lower.
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Re: Adele canceling tour (76,803) (76,836) by Will from England
(Sunday 2 July 2017; 21:50)
Take into account that the majority of Adele's popular songs require her to belt more than half the time. Mariah may record her songs in a higher key, but her songs are a mixtures of belters to softer sung ones, which on occasion can give her voice a little break. Plus you are talking about two very different voices. Adele is a powerful singer, but she can't do soft tones like Mariah (like whisper singing etc). Adele's voice is more or less permanently in full voice so it constantly is working hard. Now, Mariah has lost power to her voice, and for the most part, can't hold a long note like she used to without help or proper warm ups and rest, there is no denying that. But she can, if and when she chooses, sing softly as that doesn't take much effort for her to do and she has the option to play with the range that she uses. Adele can't.
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Re: When you get that check up front (76,753) (76,775) by Will from England
(Friday 30 June 2017; 01:20)
At least she somewhat hit a whistle note live.
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Re: Mariah Carey doesn't want to be interviewed - 2017 (76,631) (76,636) by Will from England
(Monday 26 June 2017; 00:15)
Of all the news outlets Stella said no to it was Sky. This woman. If it was Gossip Cop or whatever it would've been a sit down interview with lighting and candles galore.
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Celine / mixed feelings about Mariah (76,508) by Will from England
(Wednesday 21 June 2017; 22:07)
So, I went to see Celine's show at the O2 yesterday. And it was fantastic. And what I saw on stage, should have been what Mariah should be doing now. Confident in herself to sing live and seamlessly lip sync when needed, commanding the stage by herself and interacting with the audience with ease, funny about herself and funny in general, she made you feel comfortable watching her, with no backing dancers and had a mini orchestra to boot. Best of all, there were screens so you could actually see her. All the focus was on Celine and what made her who she is: her voice. There was no "do you know this one?" or "I'm not sure if you know this". Everything that Celine brought to that stage, Mariah should be capable of bringing herself now in any setting. To walk in and let them know who they've paid to come and see without any doubt. But reflecting on the brilliant performance of last night, to the last Mariah crash and burn, made me feel so sad for Mariah because it's sad that Mariah is not where close to where Celine is performing wise now, even though she writes the songs and has few-and-far good days with her voice. It made me sad and frustrated because the woman with God-given voice, is no longer there and last night did make me feel a bit disenchanted with Mariah Carey the singer. All the stupidity surrounding her with the reality show, feuds, that Tanaka guy etc. is just needless and making her so much less than what she should be: a legend. Last night, I saw a legend who owned it in every sense of the word. Mariah was good, but she was a 46 year old woman trying to be 30. It's bad when she had more dignity, elegance, mystery and class at 20 than she does near 50.
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