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Name: Will
Country: England
You can follow me on twitter: @MCsavedmylife
Re: One Love Manchester, no MC after attacks Brussels (76,054) (76,070) by Will from England
(Monday 5 June 2017; 22:51)
The only difference here is that Ariana/her concert was specifically targeted and it was the people from her concert killed. Not to take away the horrors of the Brussels bombings or the lives that were lost, but Mariah/her concert/lambs was/were not directly involved. Plus Ariana's team, by comparison, is far more professional at getting things done and getting them done quickly and right, unlike Mariah's team, who for lack of a better word: can't. Something on that sort of scale would be far beyond Stella's capabilities and if she (Stella) had tried to set something like One Love Manchester up, she (Stella) would have called out all the artists who didn't sign up, because that's what she does. She wouldn't have seen it as "profitable".
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Re: MTV Unplugged article (76,009) (76,025) by Will from England
(Sunday 4 June 2017; 10:55)
I think Kylie Minogue did something like that a few years ago, and changed quite a few of her older songs. I really liked it, so it would be fantastic if Mariah could do that as well.
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That soda ad (75,417) by Will from England
(Saturday 20 May 2017; 15:23)
Are we not going to talk about how stupid that soda ad was on her Twitter account? What are her people thinking at this point? Also, none of those tweets came across as Mariah tweeting them. They used her Mariah-isms but none of those read as Mariah herself. SMH, calling her team sh.t is an insult to actual sh.t. And that stupid FBF post on her Twitter account? Just shows how ridiculous having a child run your account is.
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Re: Ankle tattoo? (74,930) (74,934) by Will from England
(Wednesday 3 May 2017; 13:09)
Here you go. Look under the sparkle strap.
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Ankle tattoo? (74,928) by Will from England
(Wednesday 3 May 2017; 12:15)
Looking at the pictures from her label launch (she looks great), I noticed that she has something on her right ankle? Is that another tattoo? It's visible in some photos, others not so much. Looks like a phrase or something along those lines.
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WWHL After show (74,649) by Will from England
(Friday 21 April 2017; 17:30)
Mariah's after show moment with Andy was literally just posted on YouTube for all to enjoy. Why bring up Derek as the first question though?
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Disneyland (74,462) by Will from England
(Thursday 13 April 2017; 10:05)
Mariah looks great in that new insta pic. Looks like she's losing weight again, and almost back to her Idol look.
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Article: Mariah Carey fires back at publicist (74,358) by Will from England
(Tuesday 11 April 2017; 00:15)
I think this was the first time Stella's name ever came up. Little did we know back then how we'd come to dislike that name.
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New label (74,345) by Will from England
(Monday 10 April 2017; 21:03)
I wonder if this could be tied to her plan to release stand alone singles, even well beyond the current album that has been announced. So instead of releasing singles through Epic, and catching them by surprise, she can do so through her own label. Could be a term that was part of the new contract negotiations that they won't release, so Epic is protecting themselves from any more single flops, and can focus funding her new album alone.
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Re: Busta collab (74,272) (74,276) by Will from England
(Saturday 8 April 2017; 21:47)
Really wish that they didn't do that (i.e. calling it a IKWYW pt. 2). Lord knows that it will set our expectations too high, and anything less than that will prove to be a disappointment, as proven in the past when anyone has said "oh it's like Vanishing/VOL pt 2 etc.". Mariah has way too high a standard when it comes to collabs and singles that whenever critics or people around her try to hype it up, anything less will fall flat and the song/album flops. Wish we could all go into a new song with no expectations for it to be like anything she's done before, so we're not comparing it straight away. We usually do that after we've heard the song anyway lol.
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Good press (74,109) by Will from England
(Sunday 2 April 2017; 22:04)
I'm glad that she is getting good press for her OMT performance. Personally I think that it was 99% sung live. The only teeny tiny thing that I would have changed is to have not put "heartfelt performance" in the description. That's for others to write, not for the performer (or teen for that matter) to self-praise a performance.
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What I miss (73,806) by Will from England
(Sunday 19 March 2017; 19:03)
I miss it when Mariah wrote sad songs over upbeat music, but you didn't realize it was a sad or depressing song at all. Dreamlover, Breakdown, Heartbreaker etc.
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Re: If the price is right: question for lambs (73,577) (73,582) by Will from England
(Monday 13 March 2017; 01:10)
I guess if it were me, I'd make it clear what my role is. If you're hiring me to be your manager, then that is my job: to manage, maintain and (hopefully) elevate your career. I'm not a paid friend, I'm not going to be your live-in whatever. Why? Because then the lines get blurred between professionalism and friendship. Where would one end, and the other begin? Where would work end, and where would my/your own private life begin? We can be friendly and have fun times, but not forget that I am an employee and you're the employer.
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Re: New album (73,375) (73,376) by Will from England
(Sunday 5 March 2017; 15:33)
An album with just uptempo songs would never, ever work. She's not that kind of artist, so to expect her to do something that is completely unlike her is counterproductive. Also, she did the no rapper approach with MOAIA. In terms of Mariah's catalogue, what classifies as a "crappy album"?
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No more albums (73,364) by Will from England
(Sunday 5 March 2017; 1:57)
If you look at the talent shows recently, what they like to highlight more so than sales, are the number of singles that have been sold. Consider this, before digital marketing, you had the physical albums, where you would get the song you wanted to listen to, plus others that you'd discover to be higher quality in terms of topics, lyricism etc. than perhaps the main singles chosen to represent that album. People used to have no choice but to buy an entire album. Now, you it's like a pic n' mix counter, where you can choose the songs you like and want to buy, but no longer obliged to buy the whole album unless you are a mainstream fan of said artist(s). We have always known that the album sales are declining, and it's not just Mariah's that are low in the numbers, with the exception of those who are currently the "in thing". That's why some artists hold back on releasing albums on iTunes etc. (Adele) and instead release the physical albums first to maximise on those sales. However, that approach would only work for some artists, and I don't think that Mariah is one of them any more. Mariah is known for her impeccable albums (there is no such thing as a "bad" Mariah album, just some are better than others), but they require money from the label to record, print physical copies etc. and promote it. If the label does not have faith in Mariah recording an album that will sell, and therefore not willing to fund the creation of an album, then perhaps it's best for Mariah to go down this route. We still get new music, and not have to wait months, along with the fact that we can hear what and where Mariah feels creatively. What she creates now, probably will be different to what she wants in a few months time. And don't forget this: her last three singles have all be project singles; Infinity for Vegas, Infamous for Empire and ID for MW. This next single with Busta will be her first one in a while, that isn't tied to a side project to promote it, so it may have a different approach lyrically or sonically to it than the last three.
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Skinny legend (73,363) by Will from England
(Sunday 5 March 2017; 1:39)
In other news, if you type the subject line into Google and click on images, guess whose the first few results. Mariah winning all the way lol.
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Re: The stolen idea (73,152) (73,170) by Will from England
(Sunday 26 February 2017; 23:37)
It did. On (I think) the deluxe limited edition one, she did include demo versions of the songs on that album. I think they were studio sessions to phone recordings.
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One More Try (73,088) by Will from England
(Friday 24 February 2017; 1:03)
I wonder why she decided to sing it. But anyway, a nice surprise.
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Article: From diva to disaster (72,970) by Will from England
(Monday 20 February 2017; 23:56)
"Disastrous Sweet Sweet Fantasy European tour"? Which part? The great reviews, the sold out shows, the good performances? Other than that section, painfully true the rest of the article.
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Re: The Entertainer app (72,964) (72,969) by Will from England
(Monday 20 February 2017; 23:54)
One could say that they're presenting alternative facts lol.
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Positive Mariah (72,857) by Will from England
(Saturday 18 February 2017; 16:58)
Here's a little video compilation of Mariah being positive to other artists both recently and a few years ago.
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Re: Mariah's take on the Grammy's (72,809) (72,816) by Will from England
(Friday 17 February 2017; 23:46)
I don't think she was talking about Adele or Beyonce's performances. I think she was commenting on how the Grammy results themselves are predictable now. You know Adele is going to win. You know Beyonce is going to win. It wasn't really the performances. What I am surprised about was how she brought up the Daydream snub, just as we are discussing it on this board, and not the awards TEOM could and should have gotten which in comparison was more recent (and relevant?) than Daydream. Why bring that snub up?
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VOL (72,764) by Will from England
(Thursday 16 February 2017; 23:34)
That performance is now on Jimmy Kimmel's YouTube account. Again, a good performance. She played it safe in some places, but she did well on the higher parts. If you don't like Mariah standing still, then I would strongly advise not watching the video and save us the grief of reading the knit-picking.
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Jimmy (72,757) by Will from England
(Thursday 16 February 2017; 21:57)
Jeez, can't give her a break can you? When she finally pulls off a good performance on TV, and looks great, you call it boring because she stood still (I didn't see Adele running around during Hello at the Grammys yet people are calling it a good performance). When she has a train wreck performance, but had dancers, she was moving around the stage, feathers, you focus on her lipping/questioning her singing ability. People have been asking for a simple performance of her just singing, and she did just that. Yet people are never satisfied anymore. What's wrong with just standing still? Of course she would be nervous, considering what happened during the last performance. Anyone would. She ad-libbed nicely, sang the song without gimmicks, and ditched that gold mic at long last.
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Re: New radio call in (72,501) (72,503) by Will from England
(Saturday 11 February 2017; 15:37)
Lol, she just slammed that phone down.
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