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Name: Will
Country: England
You can follow me on twitter: @MCsavedmylife
Re: Mariah Superbowl - setllist (like Diana Ross) (72,266) (72,276) by Will from England
(Monday 6 February 2017; 18:32)
That's even funnier. You're telling me, that not one of the 778 million people who've watched the BR video, was not watching the Superbowl or were in that stadium? And that's just the video, not even counting the radio plays, performances, tours etc. of the other songs that Gaga sung. I love Mariah, but whilst she does have an impressive back catalogue which cannot be denied, she does not know how to put on a show that watchers of the Superbowl would expect now. Can you see her doing any of the things that would come up to par with the last few halftime shows? She's great when it comes to her own shows etc. but when it comes down to TV, something doesn't click and she plays it very safe.
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Re: Mariah Superbowl - setllist (like Diana Ross) (72,246) (72,256) by Will from England
(Monday 6 February 2017; 13:46)
The General Public don't know Poker Face, Bad Romance or Just Dance? That's funny.
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I Don't (72,226) by Will from England
(Sunday 5 February 2017; 22:37)
So I've had a few days to process the song and have it on heavy repeat. And I love it. Ironically, the lyrics match a situation that I'm going through at the moment, so once again, Mariah has written a song that accurately talks about what I'm feeling right now. Good job.
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Re: MW episode 8 : Mimi L review (71,790) (71,796) by Will from England
(Monday 30 January 2017; 13:33)
Let's not forget that a huge section of the Mariah and James story is missing i.e. the fight on the yacht that occured between SA and Hawaii. Whatever happened on that boat, could be what Mariah refused to talk about on the show etc. and what she may or may not be talking about in the song snippet.
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Re: Nevermind, it's a bop (71,776) (71,778) by Will from England
(Monday 30 January 2017; 10:44)
Personally, I thought it almost sounded as if she wrote it from both James' and her own perspectives rather than just hers.
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Social media (71,765) by Will from England
(Sunday 29 January 2017; 23:11)
I know she's on a self-imposed social media break, however it is strange that if there is a song to be released tonight/whenever, there's nothing more to go on other than the snippet we've all heard now. Literally no one knows if or when this song is to be released, is it an actual single, is there an album to follow, what the song is even called, single cover art etc. There has been nothing but speculation and all from one 30 second clip of Mariah singing.
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Re: Here's the clip (71,708) (71,714) by Will from England
(Saturday 28 January 2017; 17:27)
Wouldn't surprise me if the clip we've all seen is part of the music video, you know?
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Vodka (71,345) by Will from England
(Monday 16 January 2017; 15:43)
Watching MW, and was wondering whatever happened with that vodka line?
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Re: Record label wants to put out new single (71,123) (71,129) by Will from England
(Tuesday 10 January 2017; 18:58)
It wouldn't surprise me that Mariah has a clause somewhere in her contract, that they can't release any music with her name on it without her endorsement or support. And I'm certain that if they do release music, Mariah needs to fulfill her part of the contract, which is to promote it. Which would mean to sing live and go on media shows. The very things that are far from the forefront of her mind.
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Re: The Truth (70,665) (70,679) by Will from England
(Tuesday 3 January 2017; 1:11)
There are photos of Mariah at sound check and dance rehearsals.
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Re: Mariah's impact (70,414) (70,427) by Will from England
(Thursday 29 December 2016; 22:06)
Not to take away what was a lovely moment, but isn't this the same fan who a while ago, posted about how he asked her to do all these things (follow him on social media/email him?), on top of giving her the diamond cross, and got mad because she didn't do it?
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Re: MW episode 3 : Mimi L review (70,069) (70,074) by Will from England
(Monday 19 December 2016; 11:27)
Great review. I did find it interesting how Mariah turned to the camera and asked "Who put me in charge of this?" which I found interesting because she's all of their boss, not Stella. So it should be Mariah who ensures that her team is working well, not Stella (who obviously has a temper and reacts aggressively without trying to resolve a problem first). Stella is the last person you want to try and resolve a conflict. I'm so done with Molly, I want her gone now. I feel sorry for her because it is so obvious that she's not right for this, she had delusions about what it would be like, and seems to have no intuition or self-awareness. Danielle is fantastic lol.
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Re: Tour question (69,845) (69,846) by Will from England
(Monday 12 December 2016; 22:52)
Considering how she's headlining with another artist, it would be foolish and unprofessional of her to do so. If she is opening for Lionel, she can't just cancel at a drop of a hat. She's got obligations to another artist (contractually I'd imagine) that she would have to fulfil, despite whatever is going on in her private life.
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Bryan (69,690) by Will from England
(Thursday 8 December 2016; 23:43)
Watching MW at the moment, and I like how they portray that this is the first time Mariah and Bryan have seen each other since TAOM. The Triumphant performance anyone?
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Re: Comeback (68,705) (68,712) by Will from England
(Saturday 26 November 2016; 22:20)
I have to disagree with your statement that Mariah has toured very little (recently I assume). She's been performing more or less consistently since the start of her Vegas show, had the successful SSFT run, Beacon shows, Hallmark special, private shows for various people, Essence etc. so this is most she has performed since forever on a consistent basis. Her voice, compared to that (capital letters) AIWFCIY performance and the beginning of TEC tour, is considerably better than what it was. It is 100%? Not really, it has its rough days but she's belting and experimenting with more confidence than she was.
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Ellen (68,656) by Will from England
(Thursday 24 November 2016; 18:47)
I kinda somewhat get why she was less than willing to partake in a little game, no matter how harmless it was. As I recall, after Tommy, she was being linked to any guy that breathed, and right now she's being linked to that "I don't know the meaning of boundaries" dancer of hers, after a very public divorce and breakup. Of course no one is forcing her to hook up with any of them. But that's been a part of her since forever: she will refuse to pick one person over another, especially if she herself is friends with them, unless she doesn't like them. Ellen's show format isn't the place for a serious interview about her life. That's more reserved for a one-on-one setting, where she doesn't feel the need to pander to an audience. Could she have talked about anything else? Yes. But then again, Ellen didn't direct the interview in any particular direction, or bring up anything for Mariah to talk about or promote properly. It was literally Christmas, that photo, MW briefly, and WYR. It is Ellen's job as an interviewer to bring up topics, not just only Mariah. Whether Mariah answers or not is another matter altogether and when she was asked how she was, she did technically answer, then deflected when it became too uncomfortable.
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Article: Mariah Carey gushes over "spectacular" boyfriend (68,492) by Will from England
(Saturday 19 November 2016; 22:22)
What a difference a year makes.
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Article: Performers at this year's Rockefeller Tree Lighting (68,491) by Will from England
(Saturday 19 November 2016; 22:06)
You really, really think that after what happened in 2014, Mariah would want to go back? Lol.
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Re: New pics (68,263) (68,267) by Will from England
(Saturday 12 November 2016; 18:43)
It's the most covered she's been all week. Whatever it is, I'm not complaining.
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Rank first singles (full length studio albums only) (67,314) by Will from England
(Sunday 16 October 2016; 20:55)
1. Obsessed
2. Touch My Body
3. Fantasy (Remix)
4. Vision Of Love
5. Dreamlover
6. #Beautiful
7. Emotions
8. Honey
9. Heartbreaker
10. Oh Santa
11. It's Like That
12. All I Want For Christmas Is You
13. Through The Rain
14. Loverboy
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Re: No sign of The Beacon shows yet? (67,187) (67,202) by Will from England
(Tuesday 11 October 2016; 16:24)
During the press clipping for Mariah's Hawaii shows, didn't it say that she initially didn't want to add more shows, due to rehearsals for the Beacon show(s) along with Thanksgiving?
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Re: Empire and new music (67,059) (67,066) by Will from England
(Friday 7 October 2016; 15:29)
That's interesting, because Mariah Carey Australia posted a photo of the number of viewers, and Empire came out on top from 8pm onwards, with 9.25 million viewers. Maybe worldwide not so much.
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Re: I was loving Infamous (66,991) (67,000) by Will from England
(Tuesday 4 October 2016; 12:22)
I thought I was the only one who noticed those tongue clicks. They're the only bit I don't like about the song.
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Re: The Weeknd (66,958) (66,959) by Will from England
(Monday 3 October 2016; 0:39)
Didn't she try this with MOAIA already?
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TV show songs (66,921) by Will from England
(Saturday 1 October 2016; 19:09)
For brand new songs, do TV show executives/whoever have a list of requirements for what they want a song to sound like? Because the song has to fit with the show, and not completely the opposite of what they need it to be. So could it be possible that Mariah, JD and whoever, got a list of requirements for the song, what it had to say lyrically and the vocal performance needed, the context of which it had to fit, and crafted a song around that? Instead of going all out with full Mariah Carey, with whatever she wanted to write and sing about?
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