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Name: Will
Country: England
You can follow me on twitter: @MCsavedmylife
Infamous (66,835) by Will from England
(Thursday 29 September 2016; 18:34)
I like it. It's a nice slow jam, Mariah isn't over the top, the lyrics (to a point) are sensual, it fits the episode (from what I've seen from trailers), the whistle notes are sublime in the background like how she used to do them, so they're not in the foreground taking over.
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Re: Empire song (66,470) (66,484) by Will from England
(Monday 19 September 2016; 20:13)
Don't know about anybody else, but I'm excited.
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So sad (65,687) by Will from England
(Monday 29 August 2016; 0:20)
It's so sad what's happening to Alison at the moment. If Mariah was crying during performances, then I'm not surprised at all.
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RJJ12 (65,566) (65,571) by Will from England
(Tuesday 23 August 2016; 22:55)
I recently watched some of the performances from Rainbow/#1s eras and I think she's considerably better than those performances. To me, her voice was stuck, not being able to reach the high belts, not being able to hold the note(s) the way she'd previously done (with the exception of some of the high notes). Compare this performance of VOL from the Rainbow tour to her performance at Vegas. Mass improvement in every way. Just my thoughts.
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Billboard photo (65,343) by Will from England
(Tuesday 16 August 2016; 18:38)
Well, I've seen it. And yeah, pretty much looks like as it sounds lol.

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Re: TMZ (65,292) (65,301) by Will from England
(Monday 15 August 2016; 19:41)
I'm actually curious to see it lol, and whether it's as bad as they're making it out to be.
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I Will Survive (64,756) by Will from England
(Thursday 28 July 2016; 20:01)
Nice to see Mariah singing this song. And sharing the mic with another female? Fantastic.
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Photoshoot (64,727) by Will from England
(Wednesday 27 July 2016; 20:06)
Can't keep myself from just laughing at some of these comments. Illuminati? Please, as if. Haven't we been down this ridiculous road before? And people say that Mariah's the one who has lost it lol. No, it's a different photo shoot for her, it's refreshing, it's moody, well shot and just nice to see her doing something different other than standing against a wall and posing. Nothing more, nothing less. Brilliant articles as well, a hint of the next album is already in the works. What more can you want?
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Re: Essence (64,020) (64,026) by Will from England
(Monday 4 July 2016; 20:01)
Breakdown is a good song, but for it to work, you'd have to bank on the fact that more than half of the audience there knows it as well to be worthwhile. She knows which songs go down well with larger scale audiences that may not be huge obsessed lambs, that know every ad-lib she has ever done. With tours, she can break out the AAO, LB's etc.
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Re: Stella's post (63,983) (63,996) by Will from England
(Saturday 2 July 2016; 20:13)
Eh, they've been saying #19 ever since Bye Bye, which is actually fitting, because at this rate, any dreams of getting the 19th will have go "bye bye".
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My All (63,826) by Will from England
(Sunday 26 June 2016; 17:30)
Loving the ad-libs she does in the middle of this performance. There's passion and emotion there. I wonder whom she has in mind now, when singing that song?
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Lip synching (63,713) by Will from England
(Wednesday 22 June 2016; 22:52)
Don't forget, that when Mariah was younger hitting those big notes, she never really pulled facial expressions to show that those notes where difficult to reach. She always made it look effortless. Look at her (I think) Arsenio Hall performance of "Emotions", where she hit those super high notes as if it were nothing. She only pulls those sorts of facial expressions when she's really feeling that performance and letting it rip vocally, not to portray that she's reaching for those notes. Look at her recent VOL performances, and of course, the WBT/FLAB Grammy performance at the end. When lip synching, maybe she is doing it how she would have sung those notes naturally, like IDWC. OK, maybe it can be perfected a little to be more realistic, but she's never had to do (I don't think) it under live conditions. Perhaps I'm wrong.
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Vegas (63,576) by Will from England
(Saturday 18 June 2016; 19:18)
Why does Vegas need to end, in order for Mariah to record an album? Celine has done it many times during her residency there, and even though she doesn't write her songs, has put out some good albums with strong material (mostly). I don't understand this mentality. People once lamented the fact that she rarely performs live/performs infrequently, that now she's doing her residency, performing frequently, they want her to stop. Recently, Vegas has been Mariah's more successful venture by far in terms of publicity, performance wise (the TGIFY performance(s) have stolen the show and gets her to flex those chords) and (for her) profit wise. She's not the stupid to stop something that actually is working for her and having a positive effect. She's regained her confidence on stage, and her voice is better than ever, plus she's probably in profit now. We know she has a tendency to walk away quickly if it's not working. The drink? Gone. Vanished. Angel Champagne? Remember that was going to be a think? MAC lipstick? Has not mentioned it at all. Films? They take time to produce and put together. HSN/perfumes? Need I say more? We won't be getting another Mariah album for, I guess maybe, a year or two. She may want to get back to the studio, but that doesn't always mean that the results would be worth putting out. "Triumphant" taught her (and us) that. Right now, she's in one place, singing the hits people want to hear (and doing so spectacularly), spending time with her kids and whatnot, and between then can record in a studio and slowly put together an album. Right now, Vegas is working for her, so I think she'll stay there for as long as she can.
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Interesting (63,547) by Will from England
(Friday 17 June 2016; 23:31)
I recall someone saying that Demi's comments reflect the general public's opinion of Mariah. Doesn't seem that way to me. Even the Daily Mail readers/comments are defending Mariah. And the "That Grape Juice" comments? More towards Mariah's side. Demi had inadvertently given Mariah some good publicity.
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Not fur (63,172) by Will from England
(Thursday 9 June 2016; 0:21)
Small detail. It's not fur. It's ostrich feather. Big difference. Continue.
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Re: Lee Daniels about Mariah (62,455) (62,461) by Will from England
(Friday 20 May 2016; 23:29)
My thinking on this is based upon the previous shows that Mariah has done with cameras following her. Whilst she has said she doesn't like it, those shows (E. Uncut and the Charmbracelet promo tour) I thought were very well put together and were interesting in terms of showing us a bit behind the scenes. This show I feel and hope, is along a similar vein and style, just spread out over a few days/weeks (an episode per week?). They keep on bringing up "Being Bobby Brown" and I think Mariah, would want to keep it as far away as that as possible. And also, Whitney and Mariah are two very different people, influenced and surrounded by different people. Mariah is engaged/soon-to-be-married to a man who is successful financially and professionally who doesn't do drugs, Whitney was not. Mariah would not let herself be shown in that light ever. As for what Lee Daniels said, he is right that Mariah has been mistreated by her fans, her family, those she thought she'd be with for the rest of her life, other celebrities etc. And that can change people in many different ways, especially with how they deal with it. In Mariah's case, it is clear that she uses her sarcasm and deflection as her way to deal with uncomfortable situations. Whether that seems diva-esque is immaterial. I'm going out on a limb by saying that some fans do bully Mariah on this board by constantly bashing her for this, that and the other. Her reference to JLo's comment on being "forgetful" shows that she's more than aware of what people are saying about her. Her comment about being more "financially stable/successful" shows that she knows she's not raking in as much as she used to, with her various endeavors over the past couple of years along with music. Is she mentally unstable? That's not for anyone here or her personal life to decide.
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Re: and The Voice (62,136) (62,159) by Will from England
(Saturday 14 May 2016; 20:43)
I find him so painful to watch. Mariah manages to make more coherent sentences that actually make sense compared to him on The Voice. Don't get me started on his nonsense metaphors/comparisons and whatnot. If she and him were both on the show, they'd have to extend the time slot lol.
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Tour group photo (61,933) by Will from England
(Sunday 8 May 2016; 18:59)
Why is Mariah not front and centre of her tour group photo? Why is it Stella and her Mini Stellas? Mariah just becomes lost in the crowd.
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Article: Mariah Carey announces new song (61,803) by Will from England
(Tuesday 3 May 2016; 19:15)
What ever happened to this project?
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Re: Mariah (61,796) (61,802) by Will from England
(Tuesday 3 May 2016; 19:13)
I'm so glad I'm not the only one lol. Thought I was failing at understanding basic English in a massive way.
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Mariah Carey's collaborators share untold stories (61,256) by Will from England
(Wednesday 13 April 2016; 0:32)
It sounds like ODB and Puff was a nightmare to work with from a producer's perspective, and not quite the smooth sailing that Mariah paints when she talks about the collaboration. Calling Mariah "whack"? Good thing I'm not Mariah because I would've not bothered to work with him again lol. And the story behind "Breakdown", BTNH passing out in the studio is not quite how I imagined it going down lol. And reading whom she was thinking of when she began to write OSD is a touching moment, especially with what's been going on in the news. It's really nice to see the praise Mariah gets as a songwriter and a melodist/top-line writer, and not just a diva/singer.
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Re: Tourbook credits (61,018) (61,034) by Will from England
(Monday 4 April 2016; 23:18)
It isn't just Mishka or whatever her name is running Mariah's SM. One line underneath, you can see that she has someone else/another company running her SM as well. Mariah isn't that silly to let a 12 year old run it by herself lol.
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Re: Belgium show (60,811) (60,812) by Will from England
(Saturday 26 March 2016; 0:56)
Engaged, that should say engaged lol.
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Belgium show (60,811) by Will from England
(Saturday 26 March 2016; 0:41)
I don't blame Mariah at all for cancelling the show. If they can hit a small show in Paris, then a rich American woman, married to a white billionaire, with 8000 people in one area would be too much of a tempting target. I do feel sorry for the fans that traveled and spent a lot of money to get to the show, and maybe on a certain level, I do feel that announcing the cancellation of a show the day before, is a bit late. But I like to think that Mariah exhausted every possibility to make sure that the show could go ahead, until the last minute. And when the docu-series comes out, I'm almost certain that this will be a highlighted episode and we can see what went on.
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O2 (60,793) by Will from England
(Thursday 24 March 2016; 21:38)
Last night was my very first Mariah concert. I'll admit, I was nervous, because of what we've seen her voice could be in the past when it's not at it's best, and even the recent stellar performances still had me a bit uneasy. Well, I was wrong. She exceeded all of my expectations, and then some. It was an absolute thrill to hear her sing all the songs that I love (including my first, "Without You") and she was funny, endearing and a true performer. I don't care if she lipped, I couldn't tell and I don't want to know when and where she did. She made me cry, she made me laugh, and she made me smile from beginning to end. A truly wonderful night that I won't forget ever. Please don't leave it another 13 years Mariah. I don't think you've lived until you hear "Emotions" live lol.
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