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About Bill from the UK: I love Mariah more than you do.

London Daydream Tour Attendee.

Re: Top 5 Did I Do That? Top 5 Triumphant (100,788) (100,791) by Bill from the UK
Did I Do That?

5. All I Want for Christmas Is You (mic feed)
4. Why You Mad?
3. I'll Be There (casket version)
2. NYE (foiled by Dick Clarke Productions)
1. Mariah's World documentary


5. If It's Over (Saturday Night Live)
4. America the Beautiful (NBA finals)
3. I'll Be There (MTV Unplugged)
2. All I Want for Christmas Is You (studio)
1. Daydream tour (London stop, 1996)
(Friday 22 July 2022; 04:12)
Re: Just one more time with Walter A. (100,770) (100,773) by Bill from the UK
Their last time together was actually 1997. Lead the Way was written and recorded during Butterfly but not used until Glitter came along.
(Tuesday 19 July 2022; 17:18)
Re: Thoughts: which album do you think MC dislikes (100,754) (100,759) by Bill from the UK
The debut, as she only got to produce one song (Vanishing), and she said the album seemed over produced to her. She never worked with any of those big named producers ever again (Ric Wake, Rhett Lawrence, Narada Michael Walden), so she clearly didn't rate their output. Emotions was much more organic and acoustic sounding.
(Sunday 17 July 2022; 20:42)
Re: Narada Michael Walden (100,745) (100,756) by Bill from the UK
Thanks for posting that. He's not how I imagined him. I'm unsure if the four songs he mentions includes those he produced but didn't write? Only one composition of theirs ended up on the album (I Don't Wanna Cry), and I Lose Control never made it onto the album (though hearing Penny Ford's version, I'd love to hear Mariah's 1990 version which NMW has).

So, I wonder if they wrote more together? Apparently Mariah felt he was too domineering and didn't like the title of the song and said she would have named it something else. Shame they never worked together again as IDWC is superb, and the Daydream tour live version was great at every stop of the tour (especially London, which I attended).
(Sunday 17 July 2022; 09:59)
Re: Top ten proflic song lyrics (100,746) (100,755) by Bill from the UK
And so we finished the Moet
Started feeling liberated
And I surrendered as you took me in your arms
I was so caught up in the moment
I couldn't bare to let you go yet
So I threw caution to the wind
And started listening
To my longing heart

Then you softly pressed your lips to mine
And feelings surfaced I'd suppressed for such a long time
And for a while I forgot the sorrow and pain
And melted with you as we stood there in the rain

I mean wow. And who else would rhyme Moet with liberated lol.
(Sunday 17 July 2022; 09:06)
Re: Vocabulary (100,743) (100,744) by Bill from the UK
You're a wise lady Stacey, thank you.
(Saturday 16 July 2022; 14:42)
Re: Vocabulary (100,738) (100,741) by Bill from the UK
Thanks for letting me have the last word. Here it is: you're still wrong and I wasn't laughing about her having MS. It's a genuine concern that she has some debilitating illness if she is unable to walk unaided.
(Saturday 16 July 2022; 09:48)
Re: Vocabulary (100,735) (100,737) by Bill from the UK
Here's what actually happened.

1. Terna wrote a post saying he didn't like the use of the phrase "or whatever".
2. Some posters agreed, and then it went off topic, as message boards often do.
3. You waded in and said as she was inducted into the SHOF that there isn't anything wrong with her vocabulary (missing the point of Terna's post, as he only spoke about conversational vocab).
4. Stacey agreed with you that she is a great songwriter.
5. I agreed with you that she is a great songwriter.
6. You then lost your shit.
(Friday 15 July 2022; 21:07)
Re: Vocabulary (100,729) (100,731) by Bill from the UK
I know, the bridge is probably one of the best she has ever done. I love the organ and the atmospheric music, it's so moving, and her lush full vocals on top of it all are incredible.
(Friday 15 July 2022; 12:22)
Re: Vocabulary (100,726) (100,728) by Bill from the UK
Lol, indeed. That was whole point, no one ever said anything bad about her songwriting so I don't even know how Lady B came to that egregious conclusion. Stacey I had to reply, as when I read your message, Till the End of Time had just started (I always listen to Emotions on a Friday, have done since 1993 lol).
(Friday 15 July 2022; 10:41)
Re: Vocabulary (100,723) (100,724) by Bill from the UK
You're talking nonsense and confusing me with Terna. I never said anything negative about her conversational vocabulary, nor her songwriting.
(Friday 15 July 2022; 00:27)
Re: Vocabulary (100,712) (100,720) by Bill from the UK
Yep, and not one of those comments downplayed her songwriting, as you insinuated was the case.
(Thursday 14 July 2022; 15:15)
Re: Bringin' On The Heartbreak (100,718) (100,719) by Bill from the UK
It's a studio version with a fake audience added to make it seem live.
(Thursday 14 July 2022; 15:14)
Re: Vocabulary (100,707) (100,711) by Bill from the UK
The topic was about her conversational vocabulary, not her songwriting. We're all in agreement she is an incredibly gifted and talented songwriter which an unerring sense of melody, harmony, and resonating lyrics.

Of course Crapfinity is the exception to that rule.
(Wednesday 13 July 2022; 21:53)
Re: Vocabulary (100,702) (100,703) by Bill from the UK
It could be true. She may have a debilitating illness like MS, arthritis, Parkinson's etc. but just hasn't announced it publicly. Would answer a lot of questions.
(Tuesday 12 July 2022; 19:58)
Re: Vocabulary (100,696) (100,698) by Bill from the UK
Lol. But Stacey I see people being escorted down stairs all the time and say to myself "there goes another anxious person", do you not see this every day occurrence where you live? Lol. This is a new one I'll have to add to my collection of excuses for the future.

And Stacey I am jesting of course, I too have real anxiety (but can walk unaided) so know what it is like at times.
(Tuesday 12 July 2022; 00:21)
Re: Vocabulary (100,685) (100,686) by Bill from the UK
She ran quite easily in heels at the Madison Square Garden concert, so it's probably a combination of corset, inebriation and (flicks through excuse card index) a malfunctioning ear monitor.
(Sunday 10 July 2022; 11:36)
Re: MC's masters (100,656) (100,658) by Bill from the UK
I think she owns the Sony masters, hence why The Rarities and MC30 EPs were issued. She had trawled through her archive to find all that stuff.
(Tuesday 5 July 2022; 07:52)
Re: Some trivia for you (100,651) (100,652) by Bill from the UK
Edit: Actually C&C Extended Mix was on the Australian CD single. Still one of the harder to find remixes though up until the EP was issued.
(Monday 4 July 2022; 15:56)
Re: Some trivia for you (100,648) (100,651) by Bill from the UK
Cool, haha glad my geeky knowledge of MC releases is useful every so often. I have often thought about brain dumping everything onto a website for future generations haha.

I was going to say Underneath the Stars but I was convinced it saw a release in Australia as a double-A side with Forever. However, upon consultation with the site's discography, although it used the cover and had the track on the release, it wasn't a double-A release.

The Soul Convention Remix of AYNAF is on all the CD singles across multiple territories. In fact, the USA cassette has the rarer C&C Extended Mix, which was only on the US cassette, the UK/EU vinyl and some promo vinyl releases. I believe the MC30 EP was the first time it was made available digitally.
(Monday 4 July 2022; 15:25)
Re: Some trivia for you (100,643) (100,646) by Bill from the UK
Okay I'll bite.

What MC single was released but a video was never made for the song?
Never Forget You - a standalone single in the US, and as a double A-side alongside Without You in the UK and some other territories.

What was MC's first promotional maxi CD for a song that was never released as single?
Not sure how we are defining a maxi-CD, but technically it would be one of the Merry Christmas releases. Miss You Most was sent to AC radio stations in remixed form as a promotional CD but never released, and Jesus Born On This Day to Christian radio with the same outcome. As we know AIWFCIY was sent to pop radio and Joy to the World and its remixes to the dance stations. O Holy Night would not be issued until 1996 from memory. Might have been 1995. If we're excluding those, then I think it might be something post-Sony, so I will go with The One.

What was MC's first double 12" vinyl?
Okay. So two versions of Emotions were released separately in Europe, one with Vanishing and Vision of Love, another with C&C mixes. If we mean one release comprising two 12" records, I believe it was a promo of Anytime You Need a Friend. Commercially, it would have been Fantasy.

Why was Caution such a commercial failure?
Um... best not I answer this.

What recently released compliation is already a rarity going for hundreds of dollars on Ebay?
The Rarities 4xLP

What single from Music Box had a special remix that could only be found on the cassette version?
From a worldwide perspective, none. All the remixes from that era were available across multiple formats, and none were exclusive to the cassette as far as I can remember.
(Monday 4 July 2022; 11:56)
Re: GOATS and Lambs (100,628) (100,635) by Bill from the UK
The OG/day one/GOAT fans have been with Mariah since the beginning of her career. I very much doubt any of us long to see her back in the shackles of Tommy, in fact, many of us celebrated her liberation and cite the Butterfly album as her magnum opus. We've watched her grow and were there buying her physical records, clearing out schedules to watch her live on TV, importing CDs from other countries to hear bonus tracks and remixes, calling radio stations to play her songs, phoning MTV to request her videos. Being a fan back then took dedication and money, so to write us off is really insulting. We were there through the amazingly giddy heights of her career peaks, and during the Glitter era through to her glorious emancipation.

We care about her. We know what she is capable of (BET awards, ICON speech), and are concerned for her wellbeing when she is clearly not looking after herself (SHOF). We are not enablers like some here. We love her more than you'll ever know.

She is more than a meme to us.
(Friday 1 July 2022; 11:40)
Re: BET performance (100,620) (100,624) by Bill from the UK
Is comparing a speech with a speech willfully obtuse?
(Thursday 30 June 2022; 08:14)
Re: GOAT (100,611) (100,612) by Bill from the UK
Indeed. Us OG/GOAT fans know where it's at. I remembered this incredible speech Mariah gave at the BBMA Icon Awards. If she had done something like this for SHOF it would have been a beautiful and timeless moment. But, it is what it is.
(Wednesday 29 June 2022; 11:36)
Re: BET performance (100,587) (100,596) by Bill from the UK
Agree, Mariah looked and sounded great.
(Monday 27 June 2022; 23:50)


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