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Name: Bill
Country: the UK
I love Mariah more than you do.
Re: MC's sexiest album cover (98,471) (98,472) by Bill from the UK
(Saturday 31 July 2021; 12:12)
See if preferred the snow bunny look of Merry Christmas and think the red Santa suit is the sexiest look she did, in a subtle way. That and Emotions, as it emphasises her great figure.
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Re: American Idol performance (98,459) (98,461) by Bill from the UK
(Wednesday 28 July 2021; 12:35)
The biggest tell for the Late Night WBT remix is her headphone wire switches from side to side throughout the video. Whoever was in charge of continuity should have got sacked lol.
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Re: Albums ranked by heavy rotation (98,456) (98,460) by Bill from the UK
(Wednesday 28 July 2021; 12:30)
I'm so here for this. Rather than by rotation (I play the CDs/vinyl rather than stream as it sounds better), I'll just do my ranking:

0. Daydream tour London (I was an attendee)
1. MTV Unplugged EP
2. Merry Christmas
3. Emotions
4. Mariah Carey
5. Daydream
6. Music Box
7. Butterfly
8. Glitter
9. Emancipation
10. Rainbow
11. Charmbracelet
12. Caution
13. Me I Am Mariah
14. E=MC2
15. Memoirs
16. Merry Christmas II You
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Re: Twitter Spaces audio link (98,444) (98,445) by Bill from the UK
(Monday 26 July 2021; 23:41)
Lol. It's odd that MC seems to have issues with Caution. Critically it was lauded and it's one of her most concise, succinct and snappy albums she's ever done. I still love it.
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Pure love (Eternally) (98,442) by Bill from the UK
(Sunday 25 July 2021; 22:43)
This fan made mash up is really worth listening to.
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Re: Will they have their mum's talent? (98,423) (98,424) by Bill from the UK
(Friday 23 July 2021; 17:38)
If Supernatural is anything to go by, it didn't lol.
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Re: Mariah (98,411) (98,417) by Bill from the UK
(Thursday 22 July 2021; 04:45)
20-something years from now they will all be suing each other for various reasons I've no doubt.
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Re: Morgan is pathetic / Parasites (98,391) (98,396) by Bill from the UK
(Monday 19 July 2021; 14:53)
I don't disagree with what you or anyone has said about Morgan, but it might have been better from MC to have not even mentioned it at all. She didn't mention Stella, James P and Walter got a line or two, she could have quite easily written of her troubled upbringing without writing what she did about her siblings and mother.
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Re: Someones Ugly Daughter's voice (98,380) (98,387) by Bill from the UK
(Sunday 18 July 2021; 17:01)
She also went on a massive gruelling tour between Daydream and Butterfly, which many signpost as her last consistent, great, and flawless performance. That said, she had a week's rest in between each stop on the European leg. By the way, I attended the London Daydream tour and it was one of the greatest spectacles I ever beheld. I took it all for granted at the time, but I am so grateful to have seen her at her absolute vocal and commercial peak.
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Re: Someones Ugly Daughter's voice (98,363) (98,373) by Bill from the UK
(Saturday 17 July 2021; 20:18)
Like any part of the body, you need to keep yourself and the particular vessel you utilise in top condition, just as you would a car. If you mistreat it, then you will see the consequences. An athlete cannot perform living off soda and junk food, and equally alcohol and smoke are two of the absolute worst things for a voice, both of which Mariah indulges in, some would say to excess. Yes, stress would have also been a factor, but she's not still stressed about Tommy and Columbia records 25 years later, so you have to look at the other factors. It does amaze me sometimes that so many fans overlook what is right under their noses.
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Article: Mariah Carey announces limited-edition Christmas crate (98,369) by Bill from the UK
(Saturday 17 July 2021; 13:25)
$50 for a plate, twine, and some stickers? Yeh I'm okay thanks.
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Re: Morgan is pathetic / Parasites (98,360) (98,361) by Bill from the UK
(Friday 16 July 2021; 22:12)
Playing devil's advocate here (or angel's advocate, as the case may be), but Morgan will indeed find it quite difficult now to "make his own way", given how he was depicted in a #1 New York Times best-selling memoir. This is the reason he is seeking damages.
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Re: I miss Stella (98,341) (98,342) by Bill from the UK
(Monday 12 July 2021; 00:07)
I've never even watched an episode of Mariah's World, and I don't think I ever will. One of her most ill advised career moves ever. I mean it's up there with not releasing Migrate as a single.
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Re: I miss Stella (98,333) (98,336) by Bill from the UK
(Friday 9 July 2021; 20:37)
Like many here (and Mariah herself going by her book), I like to pretend Mariah's World and The Nightmare Era never happened. Let's look ahead and move on. Somewhat Loved will be #1 across the globe in a couple of weeks so we have that to celebrate lol. But seriously the Glitter anniversary is around the corner so hope MC brings out the Glitter vinyl and that rumoured Prince duet.
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Re: Fourth Of July (98,317) (98,318) by Bill from the UK
(Monday 5 July 2021; 20:20)
Personally I prefer "boy you're acting so corny like Fritos" and "how 'bout you get the smurf out" over "then you put your hand in mine, and we ran from the rain, tentatively kissed goodnight, and went our separate ways, and I've never truly felt the way that I, felt that fourth of July".
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ABMB withdrawn picture sleeve (98,298) by Bill from the UK
(Tuesday 29 June 2021; 20:57)
This is something I've been mulling over for, ooh I don't know, about 15 years now. In the UK, Always Be My Baby was released in the following formats: cassette single, two CD singles, and a 7" and 12" single. This site's discography has item 2397 listed, which is the second CD single (the club mixes), with a different cover to what was released. Other pics are available on the release page on Discogs.

As we know, this CD was issued with the beautiful cover of Mariah in the snake skin shirt, and this original picture sleeve was withdrawn from sale, thus making it somewhat impossible to ever find.

What I find curious, is that the UK CD single is the *only* release with this cover, Mariah in the snake skin shirt. The withdrawn picture sleeve, an alternative shot of the regular picture sleeve (from the remix video), is issued on several releases worldwide, and even in the UK itself for the 12". So, I sometimes wonder in the dead of night as I'm collecting my thoughts for the day, if the *wrong* picture sleeve was withdrawn? I find it so odd that only one release across the globe uses the snake skin picture sleeve, and the withdrawn sleeve was issued in every other territory in the world.
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Re: RibbonB (98,261) (98,262) by Bill from the UK
(Thursday 24 June 2021; 16:18)
So um. I really like Hero.
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Re: Nick, why oh why? (98,225) (98,227) by Bill from the UK
(Monday 21 June 2021; 12:35)
Wow, that lyric from Cruise Control. Life imitating art.
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Re: To be honest (98,220) (98,222) by Bill from the UK
(Sunday 20 June 2021; 09:07)
I really hope Glitter gets issues on vinyl, it's the 20th anniversary this year so maybe she has something planned, but without being insensitive to the other 20th anniversary we'll all be remembering.
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Re: Worst song ever made? Triumphant (98,214) (98,215) by Bill from the UK
(Saturday 19 June 2021; 11:12)
Yes I've no beef with Triumphant either. It was a bit different to have MC only sing the hook and then appear for the bridge, but I love the energy of the song and how Mariah looks like she's made of solid gold on the picture sleeve. I wish that and Almost Home were the bonus tracks on MIAM rather than the Memoirs copy and paste duets.
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Re: New Mariah Carey era (98,209) (98,211) by Bill from the UK
(Friday 18 June 2021; 23:11)
I love how concise and brief Caution was though. It's an album I play so frequently because of that. If I want to listen to Charmbracelet I have to schedule it into my calendar lol as that album never seems to end. I listen to Caution far more frequently than her other albums because it is so easy to listen to. It's fine tuned, to the point, and every song packs a punch.
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Re: Worst song ever made? (98,194) (98,196) by Bill from the UK
(Thursday 17 June 2021; 23:49)
I always count Beautiful as the lead for MIAM, despite the gap between it and the album's release. The same happened with Kate Bush's The Dreaming. Sat In Your Lap was the "lead" single, but was released a year before the album and second single. But like Beautiful, the album would be incomplete without it.

From your list, GTFO annoys me so much because sonically, it is incredible. It is moody, it has a vibe, it's different, it's sophisticated, and it's mellow but has an undertone running through it as well. Why, on earth, she placed those ridiculous lyrics on top of one of her most original and fresh sounds is beyond me (admittedly it is a sample, but which lead single of hers isn't). Such a disappointment.

And yikes, Save the Day was completely erased from my memory haha. I'm like, Mariah. The Rarities has Here We Go Around Again and original Loverboy on it. You put those tracks out as a single in Japan. Why release Save the Day when that album was littered with so many wonderful songs? Ugh.
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Re: Worst song ever made? (98,188) (98,192) by Bill from the UK
(Thursday 17 June 2021; 11:10)
Haha exactly. There are a lot worse. Off the top of my head: Crapfinity, Can't Say No, Did I Do That, Infamous, Boy, and The Star.
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Re: Wedding song (98,166) (98,170) by Bill from the UK
(Tuesday 15 June 2021; 01:05)
Thank God I Found You.
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Re: Revisiting videos at random (98,152) (98,154) by Bill from the UK
(Friday 11 June 2021; 23:27)
I love the With You video. It's so classy and I love her in those black and white trousers towards the end. This is a great post because I also did the same the other day. Honestly, how good were the Butterfly videos? Every last one of them was a gem. Honey, Butterfly, Breakdown, The Roof, My All. Just excellent and her look then was that of a liberated young elegant R&B queen.
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