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Name: Bill
Country: the UK
I love Mariah more than you do.

London Daydream Tour Attendee.
Re: Easy on me (98,754) (98,763) by Bill from the UK
(Sunday 17 October 2021; 10:36)
You missed the point though. The original discussion about Adele/Easy On Me was a side note "what do people think" rather than comparing it against anything Mariah has ever done. To that end, a bunch of people here said it's boring because it's the same piano-led ballad she's been churning out since she started.

Comparisons then shifted to Mariah, who did actually take many creative risks and pushed the boundary with her music (Dreamlover club mix, Fantasy remix, making a Christmas album when no one else was, integrating hip-hop into pop music etc.)

I, and many here, have criticised Mariah in the past for releasing variants of We Belong Together since 2005. No one wants to hear another staccato style ballad from her with a key change and long note at the end. Yet, she insists on putting one on every album.

So, yes, had Mariah released Easy On Me I would be going nuts and praising her, because it's not something she's done as a lead single since records began. As for Adele releasing it, no, I'm not going to praise something that was exactly what I thought it would be.

I don't think anybody is envious of the universal praise Adele gets either. Mariah had her day in the sun and will always be in the history books and a reference/example for others that come along. As will Adele to be fair. I think the point is people are scratching their heads around why Adele is getting praise for putting out the 5th version of Someone Like You.
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Re: Easy on me (98,744) (98,750) by Bill from the UK
(Saturday 16 October 2021; 09:51)
My thoughts exactly. Same old, same old.
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Re: Wish/Could've beens list #1s (98,730) (98,733) by Bill from the UK
(Tuesday 12 October 2021; 21:25)
Love this idea. That white dress needs to come back into rotation.
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Re: Allure (98,726) (98,727) by Bill from the UK
(Monday 11 October 2021; 21:12)
I bet MC recorded a demo for Head Over Heels. The background vocals/layering that goes on in that song is so Mariah. Also the ad-libs as well. Would love to see that on Rarities 2 as I always imagined her singing it. That and, of course, Where Are You Christmas.
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Re: Mimi is also immature (98,711) (98,712) by Bill from the UK
(Saturday 9 October 2021; 13:06)
How any parent would be happy having a 10 year old access the Internet and, especially, the toxic social media platforms is beyond me. Completely understand why Mariah is annoyed about this. They are far too young to be exposed to all that.
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Re: Wish/Could've beens list #1s (98,697) (98,700) by Bill from the UK
(Monday 4 October 2021; 16:40)
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Re: Wish/Could've beens list #1s (98,689) (98,694) by Bill from the UK
(Sunday 3 October 2021; 17:50)
You love me really.
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Re: Wish/Could've beens list #1s (98,686) (98,688) by Bill from the UK
(Saturday 2 October 2021; 18:09)
The fact Till the End of Time isn't on your list makes you lose any credibility I'm afraid.
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Re: Wish/Could've beens list #1s (98,677) (98,678) by Bill from the UK
(Friday 1 October 2021; 15:12)
I love how Migrate isn't on the list.
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Re: Hero 2021 (98,674) (98,676) by Bill from the UK
(Friday 1 October 2021; 09:03)
There's a hero, when you're acting corny like Fritos.
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Re: Hero 2021 (98,668) (98,669) by Bill from the UK
(Wednesday 29 September 2021; 12:53)
Even though there have been better performances of herself, and better live performances overall, I think Hero at Proctor's Theatre is her defining live performance.
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Re: Voices and age (98,646) (98,647) by Bill from the UK
(Thursday 23 September 2021; 11:54)
Dionne's like 900 years old, what do you expect?
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Re: Rarities 2 (98,630) (98,632) by Bill from the UK
(Monday 20 September 2021; 10:44)
Yep she confirmed it on Twitter on that Lambily Lounge thing she does.
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Re: Rarities 2 (98,624) (98,631) by Bill from the UK
(Monday 20 September 2021; 09:39)
I hope that Rarities 2 has the 1993 Music Box concert at MSG as a live disc, and that the concert footage is released on Blu-ray as with Tokyo Dome.

There were quite a few omissions from Rarities 1 (There For Me, Imperfect, Skydiving) so I hope we get those. As the TEOM and E=MC2 b-sides are now on the streaming platforms please don't waste disc space with them.

And please Mariah. The demo tape.
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Re: Something big is coming (98,600) (98,603) by Bill from the UK
(Monday 13 September 2021; 09:01)
Wow. I hope it's a Glitter anniversary special. Remix EPs for Loverboy and Never Too Far/Hero, the videos finally released properly in HD, the album on vinyl, and those blanked out tracks she posted at the beginning of MC30 released.

But it's probably a new batch of cookies or a perfume lol.
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Re: Music now (98,585) (98,587) by Bill from the UK
(Wednesday 8 September 2021; 03:22)
Yes agree. Abba may single handedly save 2021. I had a lump in my throat when I listened to their two new songs. I can't recall the last time I heard new music that had compositional structure and intelligence, tuneful and familiar/nostalgic melodies, interesting and poignant lyrics, and delivered with integrity and grace.

Their music is a testament to their talent, and has only highlighted what the artists of this time lack, with hardly an original thought between them all. A band like Abba have appeared after a 40 year hiatus and blown them all out of the water.

Best start saving now for their concert next year.
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Re: Music Box tour footage NYC (98,580) (98,582) by Bill from the UK
(Monday 6 September 2021; 23:43)
I know right? I have played Vanishing about 90 times this week alone.
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Re: MC16 (98,569) (98,570) by Bill from the UK
(Friday 3 September 2021; 09:57)
Rather than an entire new album, what could work is "re-imaginings" of her songs, like the WBT Late Night version. An album of her re-doing some of her tracks in a more free, spontaneous, jazz-esque manner could be great. Especially some of the really old material she may not be that happy with in hindsight. Imagine turning a song like Heartbreaker into a sultry slow jam ballad or removing all the production from Alone In Love?
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Re: Music Box tour footage NYC (98,561) (98,564) by Bill from the UK
(Monday 30 August 2021; 17:02)
Yeh I couldn't believe it when it came up on my YouTube Bobby A, never clicked anything so fast (actually no, my lightning speed record was staying up until the early hours of the morning to hear Here We Go Around Again the instant it became available). The upper register on All In Your Mind sounded like birdsong, it was beautiful. And the second "insiiiiiide" of Emotions, when she carries up the scale was out of this world.
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Re: Music Box tour footage NYC (98,562) (98,563) by Bill from the UK
(Monday 30 August 2021; 16:59)
Yep agree completely. Even this amateur footage shows a much more fun and energetic concert than Tokyo Dome. I know everybody falls at Tokyo Dome's feet, but I find it one of her most boring and bland concerts she has ever done. Not helped by the audience being a sea of unenthusiastic mannequins either. Plus half the vocals are lipped studio vocals, but manipulated to a semitone lower. The Music Box Tour is 100% live, faults and all, and it's amazing. I agree that Vanishing is an absolute highlight, and swooping into the Morales mix of Dreamlover was a complete surprise.
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Music Box tour footage NYC (98,560) by Bill from the UK
(Sunday 29 August 2021; 13:52)
Hi all, the entire NYC concert footage from the Music Box tour (amateur) is on YouTube.
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Article: Mariah Carey's "Somewhat Loved" reaches top 10 (98,547) by Bill from the UK
(Wednesday 25 August 2021; 19:28)
For a moment I was like, wow, Billboard Top 10 for Somewhat Loved, how surprising, yet delightful.

Then it turns out it's the Billboard Bubbling Under R&B Featured Female Artists Over 50 Who Have Twins chart and carried on with my life.
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Re: Remixes that surpass the original (98,540) (98,543) by Bill from the UK
(Sunday 22 August 2021; 21:23)
Ah yes, the Sweet A Capella of One Sweet Day is gorgeous, I completely forgot about that one. Definitely better than the original. Adds a whole new dimension. And yep, agree with the Bonita mix of DYKWYGT. I also love the Bossa Nova of Butterfly, because it's so unique in her remix catalogue (even though it's not technically a bossa nova lol, but close enough), but it's tough to beat the original.
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Remixes that surpass the original (98,539) by Bill from the UK
(Sunday 22 August 2021; 12:36)
I've been listening to my maxi singles lately and really do believe there have been moments in MC's career where a remix has far outdone the original album version.

The Jackswing mix of Someday is far more organic and sparse sounding than the overproduced album version in my opinion. I will also never tire of the Def Club Mix of Dreamlover, though I adore the original of course, the remix ushered in all those that would follow. I feel torn about the original Fantasy (pure ear candy) and the ODB remix. Both are Goliaths, but the original probably just edges it out in my view. Again, I love AYNAF but the C&C Club Mix has some of the best, most free sounding vocals Mariah has ever delivered. Her scatting at the end as her upper register swirls around in the background is phenomenal.

Another no brainer is the Pure Imagination remix of I Still Believe. The original is nice but Mariah turns it into a whole new song with only the title as it's similarity. The Willy Wonka sample is inspired.

Post-Sony not much to write home about remix wise as she rarely did anything she hadn't done better before. The only ones I like as the "No Rap" edits that remove JD's relentless bleating and interruptions. It's like just shut up. For a change.

Have I missed anything obvious?
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Re: Clark Sisters (98,512) (98,513) by Bill from the UK
(Friday 13 August 2021; 07:36)
If Mariah is singing with the Clark Sisters that will be amazing. She mentioned them on The First Vision video along with the Edwin Hawkins Singers as the gospel singers she likes. I wonder if MC is heading down a gospel route for the next album, or whether it's going to be a gospel infused Christmas number.
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