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About Bill from the UK: I love Mariah more than you do.

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Bill (104,783) by Bill from the UK
Thank you Jamie.
(Wednesday 3 January 2024; 09:50)
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Top posters 2023 (104,755) by Bill from the UK
I still talk too much, sorry.
(Tuesday 2 January 2024; 12:56)
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Best Love Takes Time performance (104,618) by Bill from the UK
Her voice was magical during the debut era. It never sounded as good. Even her "ropey" performances sound superb. The NARM performance of Love Takes Time is beautifully sung. No dubbing, no lip syncing, no play back. Just the girl who wrote her songs in a woodshop singing her song straight through. Wonderful.
(Friday 22 December 2023; 19:36)
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Anytime You Need a Friend (104,556) by Bill from the UK
So I was driving back from a friend's this afternoon and Anytime You Need a Friend was played on the radio. Let me repeat that. Anytime You Need a Friend was played on the radio.

I just about crashed my car when those opening notes began and Mariah started cooing softly. There is something about hearing her on the radio. Whatever magic it adds to the music shines through. Her songs sound brighter and more alive somehow.

What a treat to hear this song, in December no less when only one Mariah song is ever played. It was played the whole way through and the DJ said "she is some singer isn't she" which I thought was a great comment.

Mariah on UK radio consists of AIWFCIY in December, and then some pepperings of Hero, Without You, Endless Love and maybe I'll Be There. That's all I've ever heard. Oh and We Belong Together for a bit when that was a thing. I honestly haven't heard AYNAF on the radio since 1994. Wow.
(Friday 15 December 2023; 23:20)
MC, Ariana and JHud (104,537) by Bill from the UK
Thank you for this. I unplugged my router, gave it a little kick, plugged it in and turned it on again and watched a collection of Mariah performances from the last ten years. She was like a lightning bolt zipping up and down the stage, belting pleasant sounding, in-tune glorious notes that rivalled the studio takes. All this time it was my WiFi connection, what a fool I've been.
(Thursday 14 December 2023; 09:12)
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Appreciation (104,483) by Bill from the UK
Great post.
(Saturday 9 December 2023; 14:26)
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Rockin' Around (Spotify position) (104,393) by Bill from the UK
Lambtrum. That one's a keeper.
(Monday 4 December 2023; 15:58)
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New music? (104,213) by Bill from the UK
That's the remix of Workin' Hard from MB30.
(Saturday 25 November 2023; 01:56)
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Never sung in her life (104,163) by Bill from the UK
She's a singer Matty, so she should sing. It's not hard.
(Wednesday 22 November 2023; 08:12)
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Reality check (104,147) by Bill from the UK
I hate to be the one to spoil the party, but the Billboard performance wasn't 100% live, or even 50% live. Or even 25%. She was lipping to the Extra Festive version and had pre-recorded parts kick in at the beginning and the end. It's the same as every other "live performance" she's done in the last 10 years. Bah humbug.
(Tuesday 21 November 2023; 08:39)
Bryan Tanaka (104,104) by Bill from the UK
Wasn't Daniel Moore brought in after Big Jim Wright passed away?
(Saturday 18 November 2023; 09:08)
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Bryan Tanaka (104,098) by Bill from the UK
There's a rumour that Bryan Tanaka was arrested a few months ago in Brazil for his involvement in a scam several years ago (pre-Mariah). Not sure if it's true or completely made up, but that would explain his absence recently and subsequent removal from her Instagram. Or, they may have simply broken up. It happens.

As for the Christmas concerts, I'm not even going to waste my time watching the videos. It's the same thing we see every year. Like you all, I fear for Mariah's wellbeing and whatever she is battling. But continuing the charade is not helping anyone. The truth will come out one day I suppose.
(Friday 17 November 2023; 22:17)
Mariah confirms she's done 10 songs for new album (104,036) by Bill from the UK
Surely by now the old girl could just finance the damn album herself. All this talk of her shopping around for a record deal is humiliating. She has the resources and star power to go it alone. All she ever does is complain about how such and such a single wasn't pushed, wrong song choices, was told to take songs off she liked, record company politics and blah blah blah. Put your money where your mouth is and go it alone. Tina Arena did so with her latest album because she was tired of the industry and being overlooked, despite being very talented. It did exceptionally well in Australia and was an excellent album too.
(Monday 13 November 2023; 16:54)
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Saint Harison (104,023) by Bill from the UK
Eh. Give me Love Takes Time any day of the week.

Speaking of Love Takes Time, I noticed today that on the Qobuz streaming app (I'm one of 5 people in the world who use it, rather than Spotify as the sound quality is so much better), the version of Love Takes Time on the debut album has been replaced with the single version that was released on the single variants (CD, cassette and vinyl single releases).

Most people don't notice it, but on the single version, the high note during the "feel that you do inside" line at the end of the bridge is pushed way, way back into the mix so you can barely hear it. The album version however has it much more prominently placed. The Greatest Hits and #1s albums retain the original version. I wonder why this got switched? Is this the same for Spotify and the others, I wonder.
(Sunday 12 November 2023; 12:41)
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Saint Harison (104,015) by Bill from the UK
Sorry, I couldn't make it beyond 30 seconds. I prefer male singers that have stronger, lower voices. Male falsetto just doesn't sound good to my ears.
(Saturday 11 November 2023; 01:24)
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First Cheech, then Chong, now the Chin (103,960) by Bill from the UK
Don't ever take a break, you're the glue that holds this place together.
(Saturday 4 November 2023; 10:43)
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Jimmy Kimmel (103,944) by Bill from the UK
"Why You Mad at Christmas", knowing my luck.
(Thursday 2 November 2023; 19:46)
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7 songs one billion streams (103,915) by Bill from the UK
I hear you. The Late Night Valentine's Mix of We Belong Together was great, so something along those lines I could get on board with.
(Sunday 29 October 2023; 22:29)
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7 songs one billion streams (103,906) by Bill from the UK
I think the absolute last thing Mariah should be doing is re-recording perfect 90s songs with 2023 vocals. I'm still in recovery from hearing that dreadful re-recording of Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) from the Christmas special.
(Sunday 29 October 2023; 07:07)
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Merry Christmas to you too (103,885) by Bill from the UK
Happy Birthday Bobby. Hope you have a great day.
(Thursday 26 October 2023; 12:32)
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Merry Christmas II You 2010 reimagined (103,847) by Bill from the UK
But the Bieber version isn't even on Merry Christmas II You?
(Saturday 21 October 2023; 23:02)
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Mariah duets album 2024 (103,836) by Bill from the UK
Interesting. My duets album would be a compilation of existing ones.

1. We're Not Making Love Anymore - Michael Bolton
2. I'll Be There - Trey Lorenz
3. Endless Love - Luther Vandross
4. One Sweet Day - Boyz II Men
5. Everytime I Close My Eyes - Babyface (MC's vocals to be brought way up into the foreground of the mix)
6. The Beautiful Ones - Dru Hill
7. Chain of Fools - Aretha Franklin
8. When You Believe - Whitney Houston
9. Whenever You Call - Brian McKnight
10. Hopelessly Devoted to You - Olivia Newton John
11. Against All Odds - Westlife
12. With You I'm Born Again - John Legend
13. Hero - Pavarotti
14. Yours - Justin Timberlake
15. Got to Be Real - Patti LaBelle
16. Supremes Medley - Diana Ross
17. It's a Wrap - Mary J. Blige
18. Glitter-era duet - Prince

I'd keep off Christmas songs and rap features personally. The hype sticker alone would see this fly off the shelves as she's sung with some brilliant singers in her time. Recent duets aren't good so I'd keep those off too. Plus this has some exclusives like Michael Bolton, JT, and John Legend.
(Saturday 21 October 2023; 11:55)
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Gonna break the seal (103,835) by Bill from the UK
Mariah Carey's one is pretty good.
(Saturday 21 October 2023; 11:46)
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Miss You Most (At Christmas Time) (103,810) by Bill from the UK
Miss You Most wasn't an official single. It was issued for radio play only to promote the album. AIWFCIY went to pop stations, Miss You Most to AC stations, Joy to the World (and its remixes) to the club stations, and Jesus Born On This Day to the Christian stations. None were released as actual physical singles in the US at the time. JTTW was then given a single release in Australia the following year, and O Holy Night a US promotional release the year after that. AIWFCIY however was released across the rest of the world as a single in 1994, and, well, we all know how that panned out don't we.
(Thursday 19 October 2023; 14:25)
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Einstein is a No No (103,784) by Bill from the UK
Especially as Einstein is more keystrokes that E=MC2.
(Tuesday 17 October 2023; 18:40)
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